Saturday, February 5, 2011


throat burning trying to communicate with the electronic dragonfly on the office wall:
‘So you wish to be a Freudian pin-up model, eh?’

doesn’t come out nearly as scalding and scornful and scary as intended –
the gray sooty prophecy coughed up an hour ago by my lunch box – it had been far more succinct

yet by now its transistor is going positively berserk

if Cyberdyne Systems Corporation has proven one thing, it’s that an avocado in a turtleneck sweater looks incredibly corporate

‘Ready for an unintentionally funny apocalypse today?’
last year it was the Pokemon leather collar that was derigeur among die-hard executives

‘We’re drowning now, Mike’
‘Yeah it’s one big gill multi-faint...’

turning from the watercooler there’s the sense you’ve just finished meeting with a mutant
which technically you have –

dismal talks about Minecraft sobriety – Minecraft withdrawal – Minecraft goosebumps – these talks weigh heavy on the chest
plus other privations just to get a buzz going

crossing the street with Betty White’s makeup-caked corpse ain’t as easy as it sounds
you’re bound to find yourself shouting: ‘Look where you’re going, assholes!’ amid the ensuing unrest
her transmitter topless her transmitter drawing more onlookers the sky above through her trench coat sunroof turning red and black her robot helper insisting always on its signature misfit decal when appearing in public

and when not formally in commission, you know what the little bastard does?
‘Betty White’s corpse’s robot helper believes he’s an old vintage leather suitcase party-crashing a rack of expensive suits – in keeping with its misfit image – makes a veritable science of its anxieties 

serious commitment like that which springs from the glowing cauldron of diodic insecurity would intoxicate and bewitch anyone
in there somewhere is written humankind’s fate

the latest addition to our boss’s tourette’s is his breathtaking handling of Chicken McNuggets –
‘Mike, what with the soft brown globulous jugglings in there, it can get pretty crowded in that office.’

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