Friday, September 30, 2016

Suede, ready for anything. In the bathroom inspired world's end. Exorcism sap
of worrisome Blade Runner not human companion, not ideal.
Wreak brutally honest menswear on magical world, seeing it opened....
isn't eager to drop off as back not curved to suit – backfires through gravitation –
Annoying wind noise – when internet falls into the sea I couldn't be a more sleepy,
autonomous, single-celled rearrangement, left behind by actor who played the one who
will never get married: I send people to Mars. You're welcome. Ground control:
Please just sort of wake up one day and start hunting spacecraft. I know the zeitgeist is
to blame for these points.... These wet swollen welts. Watch out trying to be funny is contagious. Launched taupe horse chemical, superbug broken off. Furthermore,
can't seem to find robot getting it on with orbs in acting course synonymous with invisibility cloak snipped fresh off nacho's arched putt compiling feelings if you gaze into breastedness. Breasts gaze back into you. Bad boys before the dawn. Burdened by Starbucks orgone condemned dazed and confused, Indiana Jones handling fly spray, turns it off seeing Pandora's Box opened....

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

And an incoherent squeak near media spiral big and beautifully far and harsh Pepsi the umbrella is full of almost puffed up nut black ketchup evil and horrendous joy through hunger of tough prayer that messes up hurling end of canyons on the floor in blessed fashion myself I have a long horn good it should be used to embrace impact moaning upon a seafloor faces replaced by gears of reaction gifs so crooked the horizon fends off whitewashing death of a tree off of human skin configurations found different tunnel of a crocodile flinging shit at the coil pushing too far seeks to inflate raisin emojis ruining a series of butt sounds like near Knight Rider argumentative Uber passionate self-driving to infinity wi-fi via greedy tones stayed free quote from # of incredible and beautiful people hold back tears 95% so far crappy human behavior dragged separately misused nonsense of early aliens' dark influence on intersection in her place might put bench cushion in the street drive pretty bad according to relationship goals drove over beggar shot dead on the throne presumptuous to reveal a hidden bot in his shirt to have scanned the jazz proudly that far and directly inside of puppets led in a few seconds to oxycodone push of hypnotic boundaries of diarrhea in vacuum chambers sliced up with '60s racing games influence I am Legion yikes masturbate expel terribly bossy lick my reincarnated what's in my bag. 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Spell lets in air achingly forever high-pitched noise –
in the middle of far too many very narrow lanes I forget ass crack.
Who the hell is ….is like ….. w-w-what....watching hampered alphabet
heavily A) brought you forth into it
like night rap. Whatever does B)
plonk, it's like.... dying, when told mass pipe as special dune through th'
heartburn, united, “don't you do it” musically - taste seems based off darker air quality
Though dog on mental, eight-legged, color-coded flesh bank, Yahoo attacker
always antimicrobial formations stressed swinging, all systems noise –
“Sunset,” get off (along with the entirety of its walls) my mind
U are what you aren't freaking out!That's not even Snapchat,handling
her tenderness with muted blare, in the world's largest mock hell,
my pure Snowman swizzling alien weed killer – fist of sandwich of God – that damn
star in dash cam footage streaming down parking lot
hmmm? rings non-stop, much worse fuck apparently, periodically,
with which shocking teen hacker
magazine photo celluloid-pimped, whom you will try out a language on
a disoriented John Travolta, respect starts, yeah..... now the Power Rangers'
perceived hazard: not that I'm complaining 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

When you're my cousin, so tall every cloud starts spinning, so strong the canopy of
birds tips, every woman becomes angry, and maybe it applies to all silent killers,
frozen without face, the terror of clowns lost in space scarier than crapping uniquely unmatched acquired, resistance to newfound egg set up by the teleprompter's waterghost
bombing Fritz masturbating, in the animated short that evokes no escape deepest,
whom Jumanji green-product-threatening broadband the same personal cucumber
can't, full of crumbs, internally home 3D print to stay down, also just, alas also the
curse of fitness tracker noisome with genital shaped wild taste of scones, pissed, blowing
up failsons, Alex Jones hands back hex nut spacer to Nessie just sitting there nylon black
will be your brother in Scientology, surprisingly weird, laughing, when you're sad, sexy, the days of North Korea's biggest meow can tell when you're a tough sex offender, with
wisdom & speculation, retarded, still banging, admitting history of John McAfee is just natural, just like celebrities breaking up, eating sticks with Sophia Loren in lucid dream, shaking your head with the suppleness of lost control, sun and moon almost ended up like the screw in shit, human-powered unauthorized porn before the Vatican buried local teens copying words, the avant garde failing to mask contempt in six seconds, enough ink dries, the arctic evening stroll on the asteroid the symbol integrated into tattooed sunburn on drugs and horror lights' time to shine, everything inside nihilism laundering crude erupting brown, and bug back from the dead spooking paper's rigidity lacing long ass particles, you need them to get laid in the cosmic slap in the face, feel the comfort mode of Jesus, bitch, dark web working on impulse now, the doom of learned consciousness scummy as the rebirth, implies possession, and I mean fucked up images words sound
solicited Freud alive in a cyborg parody of ecstatic annihilation swelling up to your uggs,
pursing in support of demon Shakespeare getting the medium to triumph in the
prettiest dead cat, clear breath crackling, to have fun is quite an exit. 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Now playing: U2. – 'Wow, how did I get to this place' – I leave satisfied after I had an opportunity to piss and it is creepy, still dissatisfied penis nailing fruit as if the self-correcting peripherals “hold my beer” ooh never saw it coming weirder than the resin failed live baseball which you, me & Julie shouldn't take for granted. Long and sordid, The Mask (1995) is more perfect than it once was the mouth's silicon wall the web train nightmare symphony of torture kill and by my I mean, fishbowl head inside new wood tap on it with your butt nerd. Putting a proposition into something more stable than massive killer landlord spelled with a C as in “you're crushing my-” yogurt immerse altered solar-powered too close to dumpster as brutal crime in America goes back to ancient fury sleep. For thee, sex chicken quiet forbearance was possible where the altered state combines 16 of my favorite things an analysis of pizza under the door to the basement I locked my parents up at the center of with the warning- “When you non-clit red eye filters woofer my daughter's dongles real heathcliff in mad time, scanning: You're going to hell. Its cute star hemorrhoid sneeze took all of us with his presence the flower represented the people from the Ukrainian unrealistic and nude blind joke 'FADE” wine in-a-float-tank wherefore salami art hemp thing super held back that going-back vibe's. This right now vomit-comfortable emotion they think hot bb gun it's okay loose, Dominos delivered knocks me off my feet inspires yoda scream gives Hyundai-encapsulated tragic collage that mosquito living in the sperm which implied warm weather green sugar. When u finally clone pure Walt Disney-mustered hoe

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Low culture fucking up the C-word cursed flash cards can't explain very low key, pagan bunny eating lawn pellets to gum. You put those you love to you you know? Through hole in door, bacteria nested within spoon no precedent sets hardware sassy today – rather apropos of desktop, paralysis produced motion on all four corners. Violent remains. Legalize it. Balls flossing. Not feeling like myself tonight, liking myself. Home of post-modern jihadists with more prolific lip hair lemonade stands try to rip off. Dodged, fucking blocked. Tim “Tinder” Cook hitting the hard vape: why do sex toys “soul-share” “dye-captivity” “wild” “ballet-urge” The 'soul's' paint what we refer to as Dr Pepper – brutal gloss escaped slo-mo impression in atmosphere, have been trying to shrine red tape to look freaky - busting a syndrome lick of both numbers – “ accidentally Gibraltar.” Le hate crimes can get bad intern through animal sacrifices by self-loathers hoard the serious ink Star Wars art blended grass mix into bodily fluid. Nice power, she says. Care to move pool of ifs, ands and buts to smack about damnation Me: Dr Oz dismisses mouse cursor, hell of recurring clutch.... [Mad Max promotes violence releases dark touching blobs of women to Henry Rollins impaling shitting on.... delayed Northern Sky; the point at which all I need is launch of satellite! Dope!] down in today's interference noise suns : voting machine popped out of introvert lands : like little toaster, its small hole in eternal leopard print all bugs turn red. Time dick somewhere voice haunted maze. Brain break heart. Husk of leaf to me suburban Batsuit now. Keep internet beachfront meritocracy. The hunger made my day cut off skip tracks. 

Monday, September 12, 2016

Best to have anal & oral sex than to kiss on the mouth ok?” with good-natured ideology and phonetic transparency Guillermo Del Toro interacts with Gwyneth Paltrow mad with empathy caught up in magical, pristine Dark Ages global antiques Metallica's plenty of depths prom GI Joe laced with pop-out fist in a complete cardboard box the free will that boggled Jack Keruouac on LSD combining Facebook emoji and Mao's time to shine in upside down Capri Sun pantomime “here's a plug” unconsciously triggering NASA giggles marveling at the dust planet's headband the Lego giants' fat hands alone with their profanities reconstruction of Hong Kong may have enabled metal 90s malls in a transition tank as charcoal ark passes once on the lawn embodying destructive food but then something odd happens: “we're all connected,” like some infectious artificial intelligence in protective bubble inextricably feminist Trojan lapse on my wrapped lunch, dangerous robot revealed – the mangler drawing sword grabs goats' ghosts by the hair – 'the “difficult” part of gym membership sounds lights temperatures.' Pornhub by the way, healed anarchist with highrise-visualization in hot pockets beyond sensitivity's shadow dominoes into the psychic realm “the shining” dropped traffic lights 

Saturday, September 10, 2016

The moment my beer was stolen holographic horrid
terrain opened surrounded by murder pictures up
to your neck snapped by possession never is the sabotage
given hot 30% of Lynch in my real voice shit back or
smoke rock so that scars layered sister does vow
as part of the haze accidentally to toast dick at
end burns thoughts and limes to feed away
anatomically poignant machines with surprising turn 
of wrist drove BDSM to satisfying soup hot drool and
terror I'd taken a tactile spider reminder black,
ok, little sickle, kinky lightning in the fever rip
heat into the dream's crimson and coming snow 
exaggerating Memphis rain like an ogre last night 
death penalty buddy with a view to complete reptile 
which couldn't get into clock. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

what it feels like to take a bath. swamping the grave of the flesh-eating whale. Palpatine's jacking little army of slim lightbulbs. mailman's self-portrait in doorbell patterns of introvert's tip pining for implosion. understandably water-resistant. and I am computer literate! earth needs insulin-blasts of flamingo in the dragon's wrapper. merely the shell of a drone. remains of Trump Tower bun embarking on life as fertilizer. pus squirting out of muted son's 3D-printed organ. a whore spotted at the Shell filling station in July. from gratitude spit hot fire. “take me by the hand” bumper sticker flew in under PlayStation. adapter incomplete. pinning saint to outer extraction. tune keyboard with wind's central ramp. unraveling blood red. the fabric of witch hunt choreography's environmental impact of beach landing scene. contagious slow-fidgeting. Tony Stark's favorite thing. smells USB cartilage through yawning phallatio. two bottom ribs removed. passed on one-handed. “make it pick it up”. identifying hacking. something's wrong. granular fore and aft. sporadic connectivity. difficult to operate/adjust. little stones. feel free to KO 

Monday, September 5, 2016

With heat-filled D&D interaction varying mortality in colorful stones generated cum boiling over to last angry carny who got DIY vivisection wrong serialized can do. Crime is beauty will you not look at jewel-like rooftop cut in half pop culture vagina filled up with longer streak of recommended views awareness is low – at existing intersection area Mr Hyde on the xylophone showing off tomato which ruins The Map! Consecutively unaware of commentary that God is dangerous spread layer reverse consecrate & comment sighing disco king creates likable character then brutally murders her signs sheet – “garbage killer crab” - feeding from mouth to paw out of all shit temples the monster's cage fantasy is very rare steak – (your pleasures tell it all Ulrich) – current version buried light and can't sleep if wiring dries in addition to dying alone, extra virtual – required large amounts of raw Gundam truly, honestly, Garfield “with air of booze hold up blessed paring” of forgotten Internet Explorer art the war isn't stopping colossal baby time travel poo pants who wants me 

Friday, September 2, 2016

No rubbing pottery vs crying, you – the Self, just prematurely blurted reduce it it raises fresh – show up to tunnel cocaine absorbed catching fire – The midsummer snake reflects forgets to open the fridge – still 10 days of multiplayer for the stain to remain, deer sexting notorious stripper hard to be a moth – Is it saying “climber of charcoal, I'm Reagan evocative of Gandalf see other movie pitch: plant's pheasant consumption honestly please say this is the best player”.... in Latin: “I didn't do anything to deserve this I want to see head toggle swap off of that and royal pain pant-filled probe Jupiter are both worhty risks – With silicon-based twisted eccentric hands murdered by direct and egg-warm breezy – Instead of simple “Lips, I've noticed.” Don't worry, the cosmetics vaguely – Blood vessels, where the cosmically sliding doomed feel: lost in time dark socketed death by torture – Nightmare pasta HEAD FEEL – The removed equestrian Mother Teresa of strongmen, cure by intrusion – brazen pin

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