Tuesday, September 10, 2013

nightmare spacewalk

Diarrhea freeze-framed under mysterious circumstances
is not a hoax - but self-fulfilling, richly blinding. A 'ready,' thermos-aggregated
genie tic-tac hob-nobbing bakelight-bloated.

Orgy-sticks bob up and down under an invisibility cloak; a peaking hive.
Atomic chalking regrows skeleton bangles from the rancid cells
of a ghost plague.

Embalming only matches intangibles – with underground spirit-yellow –
encrypted yarn of idiot musk unraveling like an impulsion, cassettes, etc.
Hybrid-pajama spanning omni-chlamydia and so on.

Under the same impractical curse that My Little Pony spacewalks insectoid,
homoerotic exorcism on SecondLife airs cunt implants.
I just might kill the nigga.

Groceries may cohere in a troll's cold eyelids with earlobe-boundaries of
normal Eggnog, false memories will just keep juicing the whole Erf.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

sexy golem

Netherworld overused in shower curtain timelapse.
Translucency at critical mass.
Transcend cesspool. Freaky haunt.
Nestled unease at cuckoo's nest's bad base.
Holding in berserk entity.
A hatching mothball's windy fringes.
Money murk for doll hickey.
Mug about-face; copped cropped ass-hole.
Abandoned jaws retained fartless.
I'm frog geyser-mollifying. 
Thumb tainted rug-engulfed.
Taint-snuff with thin film of shapeshifter skull.
Engorging organic mitt golem-sexy.
Volcanic vacuum cleaner darkness.
Etsy clump of oscillating nipples.
Hobo doom-knitting's 2D marks.
Clockwise attraction, Freudian-sized.
Roach-trace personal colony.
Hollow Buddha SquarePants.
Flamethrower leaning out Care Bear-boned. 

Friday, September 6, 2013

brown food

Brown bleeding through a shit sieve foreshadows freckles –
crypto kites the sky god's face swallowed, their visual imprints
flapping weirdly numb. Each a dead flipper scientifically reanimated,
'miraculously' kickin' it in Bill Nye twerk sock. Our block is pretty
dormant with Goonies on Ritalin, i.e. young urban wretches in
sticky juxtaposition with each other. Segas spurt dog eared.
Front lawns so buttery as to be wrapped in light. Picnic bouts
of dinosaur-fleecing, tendrils reaching the four ends of a Happy Meal.
Testicles are oddly cranial, elaborately loitering spider-bodied clusterfucks,
usually. Had pussies not lovelily melted space, they too would've behaved
like dicks. Barnacles merely take to the nearest object, usually. On Instagram,
the curb attaches to an ice-cream; in real life the ice-cream again self-dislocates
and/or saltily self-decapitates. I dislike and/or kick roast origami centaur.
I recycled my cat fetish online into brown tears like huge fucking zeppelins,
as if cats intestinally were flush with baked beans.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

cartoon throb

bungle slapstick
low wolf

steaming hungry

unhindered silk cliff
segued hugging bends
hidden remotely, carcasses fake

custom setting

improvised crucifixion
asteroid chase
sentient memory foam bug-out
plopped pasty,

run out of
puppy jammers...

propeller moth
howling full of neon release
Grim Reaper connective tissue
on red dot sparse-spiral eyelash-repeat

with gnarly mattress aftertaste
a debunked vacuum door:
the prosthesis with a life of its own

cartoon-creeping from shredder
hanging on by body of shooting star
eat each other, a dimmer product

of Chinese whispers tooth decay 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

lumpy bath water

Connecting brains eventuates a loss of the whole system
Combing the tub of sensory information
Blows my mind, a blown mind looks
Like a tub of jelly beans or a vegetable bypassing a stop sign
A ferris wheel keeping rebounding back
I want to die, I want to die
The funeral home catalyzes a drop in molecules
Armed with all my barf crimes
Clustering weightless
A formation of finger smell
As a true ninja would hideously thread
Ghostbusters vs. gimp and the vague
Waterline of a gag reflex
Evacuated from a darkening inflatable pool
Super Soaker doom bleep
My veins cradle the roadkill and all its flaws
Lumped into a metronome costume
Anthropomorphic radiator
Its apelike deliverance color-coded
By a logic in the bath
Specialized to eventually OK
Holographic floaters, stinkers, etc. 

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