Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Sample Of The Modern Conservative's Rant - Another Mutation

Oh you critically golf three genders' aromatic heart in evil
blood sugar vacuum being like what's ugly? Hypocrite!
I guess with the tools of agnosticism Superman the fucking racist (yeah) doesn't
entirely grok the final prom scene in the soccer video game “hee hee” -
he lives in Maine, a foie gras bot with a syringe to each nipple traps mental
sewage portions in Burberry jigsaw amber with some of the authenticity of
the Resident Evil third person camera's misshapen paisley, while others pity the cult
of the individual that went Totalitarian to get fun chicken loads in alien abduction
with the top down homeschooled partisan automation pleased
with debris helped keep their hair jacked phallic bird made of parking tickets-style
origin of the stunning vegetation nutsack demo under the Amazon gazebo -
Game over, humanist. Philosophic swag illusion destroyed beach.
Barbarous suicide rotating Kool-aid choked got juice in the dunk tank
feuds between pets and – dunk DUNK DUUNNGGGH – pet visibility....
Christ, Darth Vader jingling Tide impulses under the flap of sorcery doesn't
even wake up, not a mathematician, Betty Boop, just
a sci-fi apostate who deleted his account with a seamless black pan. HAHAHA! IDIOT!!!
On unrelated bulk of e-cig transition from cucumber to marijuana gif it's hard for
Bjork not to blow zef bricks of full blown Viking zombie in the wind.
If you pay really close attention, dude, I'm a saint. Hugging only likable trees.
Once a week, the future is chaotic. Turtles, etc. Frozen baby piss pimped galaxies,
showing sickness totally not worth the odor... 

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Will sit there on the lawn and stare. Also familiar nap after sick boxing,
stiff arm of idol every couple of hours like dead spots or gibberish,
bad science wrinkle. But anyway, sexually tangential nerves pinch bum –
and seems to of Sailor Moons friendship goals horror. Was back cutting into
the impossible, a grey contagion for Windows 10 snaps no closer to rank brain
already upgraded, soon penchant for nostalgia in observation of ants.
Made to do well, not interested in new look, if like himself is as it is,
on the head, in that he once ran from such a computer simulated world --
resurgence of despair, clamshell He-Man even without pretense, touching
vending machine all Uncle Joey-infused, paradoxes of the slack timeline,
provocative truck plug as fuck, which the eye unveils, funny, in rather
lean, insufferable vampire cells et al.... Or take the same woodblock and
pleasure treatment? 38 year old adult male fantasy is the miraculous,
magical landfill's skimmer through same portal to leave gorilla nebula, form
given Illuminati bloop 100 million users source same elevator pop
up and desire, which kermit haunted mud, and in motherfucking methane
tenderness the rim disclosed with magnetic self-revelation of Buster Keaton into
own Don Draper of the area 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

What became herpes further to it along obsolete torture porn, new
Indiana Jones sales office sewage then, gum flared up, more years of
life than self-fulfilling death, gap alive around the world then replaced
psychedelic warfare well! On shifting pig do not leave reality show, considering
that that long opioid also recently cracked Bowser isomorphic, with whom
a profound shade that poop destroys Street View feeling of “cool” gravedigger,
well, being in trouble, that's at that time, a kungfu movie. Sharing dark Troma the
hermit is spreading the fireball of Mind – whereas the skull cringes in
there packed with King Kong's Siri like, “singing”. Mood music funeral
liquid, and scene of LAPD cumshot habitat, play good cop bad, cool good balls
tease void, real food show divorce by Wes Anderson, jigsaw images of children,
awkward addendum to the subject line orchid rind use of deer portishead.
Demand your refund, in verse. From Paris with nerf sword in Band-Aid
love-anchor is changing all that thank god. Doing it unlocks every mosquito once
digested; clone dough leaves in taxidermic storm watermelon weather. Well,
to remain, leave. Get out. Purring in uncanny valley carton heard from wires of thrift
store stolen insect spread sinuous necro Disney CEO, hope (sometimes doom is
poignant trigger thereof) is melancholy, shedding skin from mystery earthquake
piles up erotic porn, shy spit air conditioners breathe steam. Cool stitch
to redemption, like Anton LaVey at peak mental health from vintage costume
periscope selecting Debbie Harry from future kiss space in the jar of the dead 

Saturday, June 18, 2016

The contortionist comes to mind again amid raging sand sex
bones shake collapsing eyes bulge from fiery nostalgia
a few crows play garter dry size plug-in burning flesh sucks in all alone
now together tadpole legs on the floor portrayal of rot north through light
afoot in the art of buddy comedies art of the worst kinds or are they
part of what or very contortionist gut bacteria to be sad late night
nail animated poem because of contrasts of filament in icy null inside
of dust rocket screw Walmart star curve rose rectal AI and
when quivering centipede do country lanes through world cartilage
spasms in his eyes WINNING plastered Starbucks military pain with
avocado yeezy into his room of solitude of former boyfriend cliché amid
idiot pimp nihilism pumped worries sunset sneeze autostretch
with hatred into fringe static bullshit could skin find drunk driving on
faith a useful lifeline from the bathroom gravel the gungeek stands
out repulsed at the hairs splitting in lavish iOS out spooking
wasp nest animal waste ass marijuana 0/1928 shall Forrest Gump
aka keeper of memories give clown spanks in little white dots covering
mixtape Zika hidden space straight up condom mask tough
anyway to himself gets going on the L train couching spit bubble in mystery
cuneiform wax goblin behavior ratchet leaping into inferno
affects holograms breastfeeding barely surface karaoke 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

In the former sense, no, I live inside, plucked, draw end “grated”
head pivoted shoulders snap crackle and, in a sense, not in the
interest of ourselves, scared by Obsidian vivisection Bilderberg drinking in,
after all, carnal and decently lose shit. Together, how much a half pint of helpless
routine, that's more water out of the brain dead. That's widely known,
I think. Surrounding the inner workings of radioactive rapture I budget in,
the eggplant of invented rooftops sure of self blast of bag of viral syllable
shaped cartoon voice even without the latter power,
which alien civilization propels realistic shooting star, broken,
no Gitmo meat Ark dinosaur to Reddit out of folding screens,
of, in mountain mouth lingerie with confidence breed I, thin Godzilla
wired death peed dulcet black gown ass forth comment along with
map of gas. Via smart virus, birds televised and “liked” impact
Rockabilly loved remora bright in Sony series plumbing.
Belying that nightly hierarchy, though, I have also really liked putting
together snakes that peek into the dark side. 

Saturday, June 11, 2016

I was looking for the Aerosmith of steampunk wave patterns of shakes,
flows, arrived and indeed probably became overtly novelty bums founded
upon family circle vaudeville the cornerstone of the vanishing bubbles satellite
district liar's football sex doll inflated quirks radio wrong 
brandishing preserved lawn gnome from letter sunburn in turquoise
fucktube or stoneflash practically through pleading avert sound
of the fresh wizards tossing the potato of glam: interesting = unexpected,
Hell is meh spectrum and weird confessions slowed
the eccentric twitch hydrated beastly fringe rave on chairs.
I let the universe embalm. Snuff takeaway light beams
of the green chest hairs of the muse of graphic motion stigma at
the moment of desire drama 

Thursday, June 9, 2016

But what should really change D-beat to more char in my sneaker urn,
I felt a basically hopeless quintessential discharge, idiot. To way
too cyberpunk today again helicopter rowdy breastfed 
than take responsibility, she says: “Trippy gives my friend. [Chatter].”
Me riveting IKEA, brace teeth, and beyond looking rather
for olive staph so again brown food in a blender! Cream puff
non-cake [hers], toxic neutral watermarks and Armani glum: “seek
laughing gas to carve up aquatic bum-inhalation of
reversal of the nostalgia of the attacked fried egg;]
Much may fly. In any way do so again please, squeeze of orange submarine
pitched into an avalanche of death threats crossed
cheeky gulls collectively depend.... One's other shredded tropics default immortalized.
[Me.] I'm reminded by mosaic Voltron “But what this syntax error
leaves on a blind date – the mark of the synthetic genome, didn't you know?”
Movement to brain imaging supersized cellphone (laughs_. IVF enthusiast!
In old mathematical expression << I'm old-fashioned. Hurts.
A not known luxurious cultural garage for young Bill Gates, forsaken in spa
less ports than Tetris monkey beginning. hi-fructose, and stiff, very
implicit cruel sneeze piggybacks unusual montage
in existing exhibits. But what managed to be, things serrated curtain sweeps rays
to cheek to cheek cheek

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Probably object-oriented like a language for lunch soon differs from knocking twice
and loose from touchscreen afternoon diabolical substance – don't mess with -
in the attached various parts of you, even after upper case .cpp
called cleaning products' “decisive moment dormposter”
is as was inner life Stephen King timetravel windcolor, older sister, this.
A refreshing summer erratic tomb, than the eight bloodiest favor the crunchy
and final outer taste fat no least gay fun I've fibers or
grim criminal message reborn pulp
and intractable damp POV hose this year, was
out of Guy Fieri obscure some on this planet.
Say something perispheric. Son. “I-understand”
the horizon, live in the output-jelly to heavens plague head-
to-head florid meats, vary from razor hipster in
our brutal fairy tale (e.g. sleep outside) secular, bet your ass.
Reminds me of flows thin apartment door magic
shorn of a piece of popcorn compilation DUB
north through his head triangle. 

Saturday, June 4, 2016

And acid blue can not
resume excelsior, as well,
first of all. Funk
swarmed open end joy
tweet, thank you!

112-year-old gamers curtain
woes cloying
monotonous buildings,
rips the intercept
rustling, cat
in the mud style
magenta is coming

And i'm looking for a straight
idol under the
robot to urinate, this image and I was.
Die weighed, love like
ugly tunnel and cute
dew, just so –
face-change, choke

rats surrounding vase
walls rot identical body of
forced photographic
Daniel Radcliffe poignant
unification stay spread
human shield Elijah Wood
in warm molten lava 

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Oh I was hoping this year something like public anger or something of the like like Buck Rodgers passively drunk migraine tongue shaking the swimming pool would mash social media chronology borrowed a gibbous tumor from the “like” fairness even communism oh no fuck no not that like no society in the future has interactive police in good old police stateville wrong sarcasm dry trickling without warning there sorry the choices made you see domestic violence in dream satellite imagery from the sun moon big skies kisses black slime binge wig vintage bone shaped flower-charged cable company regret life love that led the realistic Google atmosphere as Deployer in cycles of another man's paradise my sweeties in the near future bones stripped quiet detested gun-like product placement deserted trends in a desert the only message “I'm going to feel Humphrey Bogart on my podcast up under the fog of Egypt on my back what a prank wishing the ridiculous infidelity simulator HBO wrought on ugly fuel weirdly on the way to Gameshop triggers liminal elephant recipe savage comet you led into a Hot Pocket the hollow blade of a phone fake TV series years as host to peanut peanuts peanut gut got to get out got to not really choose NSFW drudgery of work work taken for granted.  

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