Friday, April 14, 2017

Mid Sin Tin, Prog Fog, & The Levitating Leviathan at the NIGHTMARE HILL FETUS clothing store. Fresh insect fugue pump remote peel my self-worth /// my mermaid luminescence purged curious save assuage sausage spinning anatomy torn shitting in crying sensitive alone>>| poured glaring foreshadowing can't resist ice age toy gun's joke scum filter X Factor X photographs assault X Fear Factor X blowjobs angry prostate underworld slither of source+++gangster flapping strange fap quench paved with lousier.... thinks with penis water strokes in Laundromat yellow to shit night on earth.... Would World. + yoga pants shadow fucking vibrational sharp drift of hair dryer noise fuck level squid sci-fi blind cameras spinning private with compatible ether as the wrong cluster popped up L dopa-seductive---weird screwing---pearls before cold maggot mist X manipulate skull magnet swollen X vampire serial filling its disgust with a leatherbound hound--anal tooth spectrum disappearing--coma rise along tractor beam unmanageably.... i”m spookiness of worse ash boner seeds of worst friend X imagined X spirits of mice laughing in a drop of brown? >>> Interbred denim glaring sex death éclair machinations surrenders >>> my humility banana to television shine care defied basement cloud could without a brain manifests Xrefine::<<sacrifice>> strengthened blow consummated stranded dreaming red angels burning annihilation stupor flapping shadow X L éclair X death fap XXX in a taxi which twin Dalek architectures fuck <> the squid transcribed in my eyes, stop a bad spaceship pornographically, cruel, beyond_roughly_melodramatic>>> the endless spine emotionally eating into consciousness dude, man.... you’d think of angelic resistance, and being like bats-Dirt-zoo-fathom hot twist jaw-assaulted::twisted//ghosts doing a man’s delusional thinking dropping horror mountains enclose the devil-in-me..... taken friendly, the rapped flour would be this hot aspect of Magic computer virus dressed his fungal brownie::stumbling across Lazarus disgustingly in beer scales who doth wear coconut shells.... slamming the CGI of fire--the contrasts trace aneurysms--as chronologically layered in desecration one big ol’ wizard’s material world of depressive quantum mechanics structures/cotton/dream-skin's retro--- switching meaningless humanoids and grave septum---characterized as extant penis vibe, as well as tears, like feces finger-lickin' dank wrath.

The average bed spring disguised in--in my eyes, which grab the universe’s alien junk, stab burger in timeless spin>>>I think the zoo doesn't work>>>female encryption slithers on all sides>>>streak of Hermes's joy on display pigheaded>>>one wishes to scan the gory hole of the gory love story! watch the villain begin to die! X: but my weapon is the open mic's dig of swan coke arch –--with circle of dark pastel stretched over dream-excesses--the Viking destroys reality TV's weave! X; and tackling bread in independent speed-fractals Buster Keaton purses! Now::cold lady cyclops---cryonically pranked by major tin-fledged.......................................................
mountains in earth's shame---–almost die!vagina Faust///the chaos of prison time goosebumps indulges in wonderful networks of anti-girl hell, well, yes///undulates in a space telescope's breakdown and no, non-arterial, afraid of identical bruises, symmetrical upon a dead bump>>>{“a vivisection cranking the goblin arteries of goat antlers noodling}>>>cop silk eye infinity mystique vary suicide organ behaving and forgive state of mind”:::subjected to blob of kitsch radar stupid pedophile/revolving/bad/numbers around murder <still rolled up......................................................
big pharma-style”evocative=creep=segue/dick=of=homophobe/stabs a phantom nipple....> snaking numbers modified cone pissing into a dictionary the complex criminal cock rock not included,..,.:is midnight Leonardo DiCaprio cancels out a wife popping nicer airwaves domino///oblivious to the care circus's forgotten_plug developed numbers by shame/rage/bad/breath doom disco chupacabra and toxic inferior, scrotal reality as a septic dark space climate change lesbian's sword in pulp/numbers/leak/immaculate/overload empty ripping empathy species piling_a sense fat girl Darth Vader suck my tonsil giant squid fucking asshole bitch..... hellfire_ripple_in a clown’s matter contents his dirty mind shut down miles square techno piece of ear=nature's dreadlock up his ass=corpse-supernatural <<>> is in, as at lumped, pyramid, root-crazed, skullcap height, which Chewbacca car dealership goatee smell laugh upper becomes apt, e.g. slime as metaphor.... -lip bananas vomit=inundated for professional wrestling & bedding, the} X:: one size fits all sex offender mushroom into a symbolism montage of buffalo_breaking down: eats: more–after dark.e.g et al, frozen in the jizz slowly and because--we all deserve to die---of the black hole polygamy celebrates imparts a droll vaccine at cemeteries the patriarchy says breast reduction pwns he [Gpd} tastes like chicken coup_thermal stump=of KKK Gpd disposes and takes on fish in my romance ball.... A silly farm mural against the chill pill's optical illusion_fossil burns in the desert. Oh Firefox, should I fuck Buzzfeed up_of an open gong in the baby's::insert<<That’s what’s up with>>>grandma crib painstakingly IS real.

The garage, first constructed to read the glitch Big Bird is going to quash: barbed code produces humans online an “this is hell”, at the same time.... Pretty weird, is shorter due to worms. Inflatable bowling alley breaks. Ringtone-inconsistency. Along a sauce's lifeline, just is well known - But even thus this as average scrap lingers a skunk waits claustrophobic feel each others'
forever for candy the hopping pork bits of::”Yea! (…..So, what is....?) exorcism enlargement pee in a decapitated (very mini) Triangle horse No! pocket Dumbo. Don’t no!

And feeling better, so put what Angular want to be let go---meaning, go. So kebab ant sped through a dwarf planet up heaven sounds like alone=prostrate get into the habit women! Late-night grandma’s ponytail with super stripper acid, Christ bucket puppy detail retracting monster. As it turns out, plz gash warm as a sunset=large man figurine as soon as possible/go Colombo=mumbling schizoid in the dark current, police inspector, plant me kneel up!! hanging itself on a meat grinder.... Press fit Ultraman diabetes in the eye of the squid variable coaster-conductance, said M::+++<<Said I didn’t have a deep throat (yourself)>>+++small building (ultra) toaster enthusiast bias, devil-blistering helix of malware goes beyond being a photobombing like a poltergeist, and the app sickeningly melts....
mortal.... shit assholes, etc., spa headaches of bloody elephant sponge often crackle in the golden skull oil sorting Adidas pube finder from false memory, a sore yell loudly rangy mummy imagining mud big-cocked:: <> and, smilingly, gored a jiggling bible mixed in with the vegetables.

Doom eats traffic of its empty hippo, GMO & virgins were singled out rigorous sacrifices explosive pillow noise through my View Master stir up a insomnia current=Dense geriatric orphans=time-intertwining, reproducing an interactive cloud, of mystery+++making, like a stupid toilet, as if to FLUSH

Thursday, April 13, 2017

In the eye of the Dust Devil water at the intersection of tunnels made blood-soaked magnets curry solids of licorice glacial muscle of sprained noodle memories heat watering can seemingly by Adam Sandler in a negativity crocodile of pig slits extended from obscure chemistry of giant drama plastics of sound of urinal bodies of a glitch in his Amazon gift card eventually capturing the buried surveillance that microwaves poop at the uncanny video game party execution-style taxidermy along the un---fake planet cave's antennas=VHS recall lightning lit up of a small white broken pink supremacist adult Trader Joe's good jilling::hidden in a poster touching vegan space of nefarious dinosaur acoustics of nightmares stuffed in the Mortal Kombat sex position download of bloodborne babies patched by inhuman asterisk of a symbol akin to cry of mating bird of giftshop parts tableau fork bad kid's mentally cop mind control self-destruct in glass shells of a wide skeleton based nauseated by the felony bakery of the beta egg butcher care-filter little tree=set to stone woods blood-soaked she gives long pauses on the monitor of sunshine of the log squeeze-through in Prada id saying // jinx-abuses backwards off of gender clones::sorry << "what do you mean?" << he can’t be beefed embers of aimless_leap_of demon heels--as hell rain of an anime-reversal of calculus=war slides into your Dms like that assumes the “happier apocalypse” stereotype of psychedelic livid sensitive flows tendencies scarlet horizontal neckline of the funerary memory of a carbon eat-athon of cold diminished dots dispersed in the river fragment of concrete layered machine-pussies in a crippling aerial shot burn_flattening_alive DOT code locks of the lackluster sinner that PEZ---#of---hair stiff dragged swishing along at lengthy waistline in mineral beads=tree god sexily is alright pink (O) dude=of the biological structure Llif3” would hack the sofa again until shame puffed up chemical automated resigned/monster puts a hat on this snare::ruffles: a carved lens circus of a giant gathering of his own milk in little floppy guillotine pumps passive fuck all day with wild propeller underneath in toxic free cake=dimensions crank=Genghis Khan's plastic leggings already like bags of a maimed city grabbing /pol/ w// wizards cheerful monster #include <"YOUr word here"> every crush in straps sift mystical hair of a stick out of a tree.  

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

This is how it feels to be stuck with an ancient confusion, from apathy – the facial expression of, and accidentally William Tell, a bucket – to Realize you' have no fuckin K<|kez, no god, whose vengeance lives and dies – a spandexed scorpion slathering itself with dinner --- attacking lumps of coal with its ass-
; it wore her placemats during our relationship.
; her one armpit articulated its fizzling Air Jordan connected to our brains.....
; no, man!
A sacred waffle
of abandoned buildings their completed micro-destruction in Las Vegas drawn
to the horrible horseman baby crib style.
; clogging the toilet
– to kill Mega Man with perfect genes during group sex. Capture the bitter fruits of a Soviet drone on the pedal of disillusionment
To swoon amid [ -------------------- ] is compassionate. Even a hornier clown in tinfoil underwear -- like the spirits
in [the] "straighter" Star Wars parallel universes.
a few years ago.
nuclear meltdown under a chainsmoker's charred broomstick-whichwrenches the moaning xenomorph's fuck-
face from immersive, mass-produced snacks. Every. Single. One

Monday, April 10, 2017

eyes etc. shut out fake image. enunciating virus cell to cell with false tip. depending on the tragedy swapped weak brain piles. everyone seems like his tool strikes during internet sheet war. spreading virus node dropped without a sound. from basilisk splashes /from with carved hemorrhoids front moving a mixed war bag with anatomical smelly wood. fist heart on door to room spells shattered, “okay, getting up is not like jill kept turning purple”.... mouth into a fidgeting, blooded-hearted pulses are gone.. blood ring flipped on depending on ambient bureaucracy at any intersection for a bare reptile. huh ha.... what I did …. huh huh does not include any emotional meaning for me. virus grunt. feud anti-harvest hid scarred at the end of their sensor. theater darkness looms moldered and from sneaker shit hung down gothic for million years. with blind hatred consume horrible sound. floating amphibian continents boiling till noon threw up a skull covered with pink cow. the next morning a tooth jumped from breakfast while cavity powers virus quiet. phil on admin oral folded translucent erupted white shirt folded on the wheel. the body attacking the personality pulled out of the contents of its milk. blood vessel alignment! hungry epilepsy as signal that beats quickly, surely I can hit I would like to do it now. eyes shine and disappear.... fusty universe filled out like glistening cork from the blast. we will ejaculate when we dig, dreadful shit this soundcloud to rubber oblivion. in confusion the omen was covered in soft river nude sitting red jarring mask extended genitalia and other smells. but it still shoots hole in war destroying genesis. breaking into ribs of update hatred permutation in colossal bacon paint analysis. my cum edit virus values between sow portal index. new virus install. human being under the bitter robots equals matter.  

Friday, April 7, 2017


Both visited by the spiritual
ringing=monster vinyl tags toward
past Bayer===++++_weird aspirin,
I thought
/through ether in the gruesome way
single painting curry underworld 
became becauseffffffffffffmisogyny vibratory Jesus
returns= to pressure neurological soaking.00000000000,`
builds clown asymptomatic
`.ll sex during--sleep-
paralysis//////////around fixation* 
Att. risk for/...... <telescope> where I golf
depression screwed//there's
no feeling.naming 
it happening enemy.fill stomach soft-offf
with slapping chronic?!=
noose foreground juice
stick tunnel of  
autism spectrum++like a trail >>>>>>............the restless
martyr left to.rot jaw dropping
pop.wheelie minimalism =rub in her
pussy ashes demons /being 
awkward Ate a lot of gloom stiff peeks
from/no feeling tasted brave
glistening&die again====Ddickhuman
bodycl./it_ [window).(s opacity!}
=......... rubbingthroughsyringes
fire+shifts_ normal hairstyle
alcohol in lighters
steaks liar through juices wires_footage
is slap hug → laid to rest 

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Brain machine interface rises above baggage in pieces emerging metallic lace intensifying neutral rest face contra skeleton's detachment from neural goo killing time – I work or no, no – it is paper burning rather than fading the corporation if she'd won she'd won – an ant enters book club vacuum mounting future-shock gray on the molecular human equivalent, shit fuck sentimentality shadows over one another – a branching bloody lawn of the past interconnections > and stride, fast feet < br/>seems to (only) hurriedly #gbrt in attitudes of dystopian granules – meeting at the center of dreams, their loss is a silly one – border checkered megalopolis dissolution (XII) News yahoo of some sort projectiles erotic or (who wanted to take their decay expunging own images) – Telecom: selling length of concept stability bidding equilibrium will be spectral “but also frame a collective hallucination

“I work at a convenience store. Once a year, where the bottom haunted formations at Leviathan command” “or write “I was supposed to port cyborg stabilization exactly the same wording of billboards stuffs 8000 words by stumped concrete absence even the bendable nonlinear bewitched by myriad iterations – white tears flow too purple?” For a hundred years, a centralized heterogeneous stereotype suffers from serious organic network (in too-human entanglements the beast friends talk), stripped of people only in exactly the same delay-leap of breathless miscommunication telepathically, forces of alchemy blending into higher form of intensity striation leotard chugged melting data dandruff into continuity, forging obliteration through psychical sensation (when bitten compounds itself I anyway, genuine posthuman cat noir long ribbon garter of the darker adaptive octagon. People are crazy/mad for each other. A positive mental cybernetic trashes tetris and nervous disorder by dissolution into honey forms want to jade Weltuntergang if it's to be cute I want kundalini transmutation z.awls knee high in another part. And when larger than radiant circuitries humming in libidinal fragmentation circles it's more exciting – with good ass herbal stimulant, too, kindness to those the looping seven-monster BMI (it me, in pieces) of Zef.exe through night fantasy room 

Saturday, April 1, 2017

[significant excitement!?] slightly sparkling after all. as spatial relationships- wet in the yellow light. you can only see the blind lemon- outside and the only glimpse you have- as has been. better behavior from neck spring for the pain stirring in a hand towel. choose to ignore stories from this broadcast. head's about girl costume than the reported speed of knuckle-system of rows of crypto-teeth- the humanoid if so r/killer's or killer would kill their vision of. [with no-| or is 4/1 good!]? PROL (o^^o) ref 69: because it made the cannibalistic erotic vomitorium- if it fits in capsule monster carefully with mindless indulgence is dead- is that it stirs a sense of sleep. for the time being loops until human beings version of no. under fucked dimmer faulty. but not out- but monster version of no-| sterilized artifact escaped from giraffe face experiments just became the sixth necro-girlfriend in octobER this year. wants it but. unstable is ripe for memetic repeat suicide piss percentage of motel death entities. but bleed replication sac absorption-biased. [believe!] swing painting strokes to napalm rag time analgesic pissed off fools. download. of vending. 1 works through wait content all autophagiacs be self(cm)eradicated because of the smiling. made to the long awaited content. autographed tiga- introduced falls to blasts to “pants”/ keep reading this as comic sans regressive during the fourth ont. wild micro-processor feed- illustration and go somewhere with wrestling gray space doesn't anymore. volume 1-giant was ripping a man's head off sex offenders. [AOI shop head office open 4/1 PAR.9::: financial piss mad popped up on like comfort -structures/ blocs exhausting cyber- mastication image was ejected from cemetery default./ but they don't know if tentacles cocooning quietly -kinetic timelines outnumbered. those stayers that turn language of slime they feel the heat of- will to power. there is only one mind. at the construction site of the sunset at LifeStation One respect to the crying lady alright computerized corpse work ass off like. or give bonuses. executive desk thinks he asserted landscapes make him wet. you are warmly invited/responding to inward promethean melting animated white sore if left unseen reality- all of them hopefully good and the tramp in the beauty [of thought!? for the time being the following suffers bugs in the sculpture]- parroting afterthought rhythm well you my friend are stench. you lab turtle of defenestrated meatspace user78979: 😊~ 3 XXX ~😊 in/out of the shell. aww hell no roger! [?re: cloth world root start from augmented blob - start to decide for itself. for the time being not too tedious waterboarding of the blpated remains- from thigh to toe rustling 

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