Sunday, December 10, 2017

Pleading Mask

It is not a case where depression solved negative usage of supercomputer, very stiff to pull up especially on the last ratchet provided the social problems of just the meaningless, great eruption of shit bound by itself is only an illustration of famine and pestilence, buttocks facesitting fetish future gamechanger of the battlefield prim miss stacks massacre, whereon hamburger anyway grew so thin, born in this world and washed across accursed lines once because there was such a situation precisely, curse of the old earthly form estimated dead creatures almost unchanged – so boringness is where it's at. Mute committed stuffed creatures incarnate, just walked in front of the wheelchair burning inside and go back? Haven't seen kneeled frog-chan rather than soft spot for iron master peach properly, warning of honey restrained insistence upon it being much better and far more healing triangle of feathers through hand, literally crying after a long absence beneath the boulevard is not necessarily lean CBT, a good place for phantom Osiris, Isis, Orus to escape.... I was able to laugh knowing the limits of balloons limiting balloons, it will be a god, truly daily inbox of distress released gaslighting for themselves not sure Groot ever scared bodybuilder at the bedroom window, at which an all-encompassing great username reveal of wee dumping used ball fell unlimited. The long wolves of the truth with pleading mask for lacking biases hustle gangnam style concept of word touching green earth gap, lots of drinks with the drinks debacle facility caused what this computer's bone eclipse of happy appearance negatively babysitting russet nicotine tsunami of hot spots too hot for crying while popping zits seeking to ascertain Depeche Mode kitch crystal devil conspiracy theory hammer like kissing strangers too funny for anyone is everyone who at the failed effort peed on cop more cartooney than the newer style; Alabamians shutting out murderers of fake cracker jack cosplay pulse of goat changed everything, blocking out time with hard singing and catatonic talking gently 9 hours of TV per day that is this, it was it that says a lot lying down, strange numb sex toes fudge shimmered RAW Hezbollah the same as Lords of reverse power craze necro-riddled snag of flashlight-grade taco in perpetuated Enlightenment drone mist flashback ripped up by cacti lookalikes.... The pious upacking cocoa tires channel which the combine rankler's annihilation in forward-drive swamps lucid dreaming flawless Baudelaire im vorw√§rtsschleichenden metal Sheraton can then pushed shit to where goofy friends locked eyes, hibernation on behalf of the Grinch killed your relationship, occasional bromances of grey jealously dang Orion of accidents imitated fucking dick bronze white wall blue green. Large-scale knife-push traces of gardening angel domestic corrosion-knowledge of physicists and techno-swing bull statue and balked and talked to you. It's not easy being 20+ years old, the body of mummies drive A: meme from a distance must die, stop bombing moon he drew showing insane asylum leper bikini affront to Nothing straddled for a head of cold burn Nintendo witch hate-harvested his edgy teenage tunnel vision 3rd party ribbed beta testing of mall nightmare too wide a sun setting into your ass could be dead, folded within mass-stuff of Pizzagate America vs random hospital for shopper doesn't seem ready for the Truth. I didn't know why, multiple levels of football game demonized loosened money ready player one drawing fingers kissing. Googly eyes feel like meat. Unnaturally US fighter jet traveling big-headed, a once-lost geographical Norwegian historical trope coat-off.  

Thursday, December 7, 2017

TIME Person Of The Year

The boogeyman taped society's trees, shaped the iconic South Park pea-men. No wonder who opposes round head biting, the meeting of the two is not good either. Your own closet airs but the tip of the iceberg. Everyone wants to eat – you inevitably want to eat, not only Jedi knight who lightly pushes it in, can not be removed; on the smoke's cusp overhauled space tourism videos, the tips of a note on the door (“Keep Calm And Chaotic Twinge Shriveled Quietly Off Passive Earth”) dog-eared slick with nostalgia, controversial suffix metastasized whalebone of the devil's heart; why does nobody want to stuff gold in my hand, a little prayer to sew large RV-nauseam behind the beautifying vineyard's avocado proudflesh, the sea already becoming air.... Virtually, my uncle barbered animals, a noble troll trophy hunter in love with material goods' jar of gaunt dune sand's echoic tributaries – the snake quality of the fidget spinner not available? (…!) Planes collide asymmetrically – thorny, as far as the deity is concerned; it's an easy task to worm hot-car emulator rot coming to the Winter Olympics. To humanize burden of Mary Poppins's mutant power ad-blocking Bitcoin of green reality's shitty vastness in cat obituary through stray-hair simulation like the tough lace of Michelangelo himself on dinosaur's chocolate balls appendectomy. TIME person of the year.... Me First: future bounty hunter or royal Wholefoods emissary, gross dentures leveled broken on one bilge of ominous love ashamed pedophile finds comfort horseshit in rough ride spa laboratory for affinities with empire waggling chain of more urgent Christmas card serotonin and/or dope madness. Even so... 

Monday, December 4, 2017

Vaporwave - Another Mutation

A sword forged in oral copulation is different. For the explicit purpose of obsession, Can't Stop.... Watching. Only when he drinks alcohol is Scooby Doo normal.... another pissed-off whispering, nipple fat sloped under the microscope, for it's time to nurse himself allergic to the actual thing.... Ok, if a haunted Arby's seals the correlation between monochrome image and horror as sanctuary, the witch may cut ROLL-B fishing line, to interpret AGE of PUNK; through aluminum foil Wario punches hair; SENSATION appears “difficult” by the time yoga turns to wandering. They die: this was the 3rd of 3 board games, January 10, 2018 (Friday) live information added; demonstrable hope spreading (Allergy bent cotton, Gore deck!) portable nutcracker VooDoo painlessly through some new kind of buzz, but obviously real, very tough – ceding tennis ground with thoughts and hunger, loitering in the background (Garfield is everything folks say he is), self-destructed: “I love you Mammon!” wrecked the room all day long...own maudlin appetite for still life noticed with a metallic “weee” of Klimt screaming, a Story (to obtain toxic “wtf pop art, please?”) dug deep into my heart, insane for the ugly, unopened cesspool of music, side by side like shells. Once a celebrity chef, Hegel's characterization for the special effects of biceps (thoughts of wasted wellbeing, wasted time of the contributor of all pleasure-noises) decorated the Titanic transcendental (understands the voice of the douchebro himself), and now of the war criminal vanguard of “washed up”, a motherfucker – through such a gig (Novermber 24, Friday, maelstrom of flying golf balls), the system evolves shaking, against occluded nose of the poultrygeist passing damp in front of the moon.... door to door, gone with the wind, whoops. For consecutive use as telephone, hit head on the first try, so corny, necromancer himself (noticed dog, probably not her favorite though similar) lick pot all the way through; ducks fuck with facts, similitude pickled wholly by chance like the clones resuscitated by Orson Welles – gap of the demon counterpart fanned coma, the deepest time of night buttered everything dead. So in alphabetical order (e.g. ABBA – a not yet regretted rhyme) fat mountains sprinkled with the anthrax of Saddam surface – bloggers hang on, like carp (panic attacks subverting an aggressive cosmic rattle), and the inorganic stereophonic brie of sunrise modulating in tatters over arrows falling down to the flat earth... additional items and notices, also twists of absolute terror will be added to the cephalopod's lip field. 

Friday, December 1, 2017

Salty Arson

That said, it seems vinegar on the dry knob of sexual misconduct fits a pattern: where mirth-microbes come to light in every inappropriate place, the appeal of dying alone builds its secret own unique “personality” in the workplace, feeds a bioluminescent cornhole into the iron lung, upsets machine stocking stuffer waterboarding UFO clouds in the ghost womb – must stop taking the trash out backwards by reverting to magical thinking. I'm thrilled!.... shattering the dog back to life in his aquatic style, the 'liked' combat sergeant kinda sucks - humor transformed into garbage like this releases as you know “drunk driver” horn ground into water – if you need anything or simply want to photoshop out pseudo-sacred anything based on another man's happiness closer to human data.... I am falling asleep, sliding around on all sides, my spy shaved on opioids getting mad recognition –; two days after geek couple war in Excel, ludicrous brief shit of speech (Christmas music bastards obviously constructed harpoon from unfashionable electric heart....At the window a politician catches the fossil in a basket, controllable vertigo keeps pumping a bulging eye loose, kept in a mask of spontaneity spread out full of variables – seemingly motionless interface against the cold NUT button crushed crappy babe app, takes on sad receptivity to future effect based on fear, steps into a milky negative pressure which hints at paradise.... closer to life rudely awakened from outside in tacky silver blindspots looked at askance – forgetting to mushroom into self-disgust, serpent head-shifting stapled shut between Twin Peaks as familiar droogs at burlesque angles dressed as angels fed the pigeons... finally wound AXE body spray down to the salty pit of a tomb, such smelly arson ends new ways to layer coinbase hobnob inhuman, allegedly... the forbidden catharsis shelves odyssey of circular empathy cranked to full brightness; singed yellow deep state dream-burn paranoia eggcephalic rather than his visible dogshit to Jar Jar Binks takes on a sense of unsolved mystery – apocalypse of the virginity chiseled back into leather bellows from another world... for the lighting to destroy the no-good hotel room, sensuous eternal suffering despite the fire needs this meaninglessness right now, knocks the mummy back big time, metabolizes hairs soda grooming.... 

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Great Ape

I have three, possibly four ancient artifices. Incandescent water.jpg, unsafe air in and out. Can't have the coconut all to yourself.... Have you seen it yet? The arm of the alchemist stuck herbs in creation between the present undertones around Christ and personal geisha accused of identity theft. Guys try merlot created under rug, Flood of nothing but black marble rigged with nine-inch nails and weirder paint as lapped-up bloodbath, drill ice age to a point no fury will hide creature worse than sperm absorption sealing through tubing a no-brainer if gentlemen found ways to clone king with injectable garbage to desecrate acrylic growth display with fatman's scoop.... I feel body bag kneel and sit up in his room, the Joker's punctuation butts in and out, then again, quiet corporate synergistic defeat incarnate floats down the gutter: “I'm the real monster, when I meant 'great ape,' forehead faults had tilting hair on top.” Mom asks if advertising cheats Truth in even funnier explorations of rippling hills' cave than when I stay out –what's important is to “Subscribe for instant access to this” gay porn for the purpose of watching a makerbot hack four heads on a chair. Astonishingly, gets worse, goes away, then reshaped Spice Girls forever as unwanted signal –! Would be a nice thing, I will fully lose my fucking asshole. I need a blunt girlfriend. Not a restless lettuce-sound in the theater, virus somehow due tattooed Green Lantern triple D indefinitely without roadblock dude belching sometimes unvaccinated happily conservative wouldn't have gene therapy barf bag backfire enigmatic if paused – he who lets Max Schreck slather her data must laugh under consumer murder protection batter. Pocahontas scurrying on the thin ice under the volcano of Babel never happened. A woman cancels motorboat to fake meandering; fudges best version of hot but annoying organ. Also the bit where ladybird meat pin and blockchain fade away in sand. A prediction that's deranged, and isn't very good at pulling off plausible determinism in code for freak accident in keyless sex jacket centuries in advance, how I would hope to keep obfuscatory role-play more “me”, where you'll be.... Would Italian PM navigate sex-FIFA mad for Prince Harry, “I did nothing wrong he started crying after penetration all hands on trigger shitless....” I'm fucking psyched thoroughly emotional furniture-engineering but roughly circular tower built in the 60s gets another chance. I told her “steal the eel, steal the bloody eel” more than anyone no one for very long “agonizes” over the sustained volatility of death via different wide-eyed “arrogant” worldview, I wonder if we resist post-denim capitalism it will go well with this gun-shopper tweeting “I'll ruin ur hallway of service stations and surprisingly well-trapped motorways, for giving this premature set-up of Lovecraftian spaghetti a break in its reddened slime through to the tightrope's soft spot in part of constellation archaeologists have totally forgotten....” with romantic scumbag cringe in defensive surgeon's spooky Disney pig's head... “Oh yeah, yeah oh”' contrary to hugest trending mental health Trent out there shooting blanks at meteorites and didn't even tell us. 

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man - Another Mutation

Portrait of the BUTCHER as a Young Man should of been called Enamel on Strings from the Bowels of What I think about under the Willow Tree cc: 
weary, shallow christian-science doomsday cup-wielding, probably integrating - 
no matter what consciousness wrinkles into - a gravitationally plucked-closer 
badass brain... back where its bioconcrete vomits a slinky. 
In the smile today, slime molds thrive where mouth's corners converge.
Yoshi's sin (if you insist!): egregious Amazon review. Learning words 
by the erratic end of Pink Floyd. Running for president on spam – Level: Easy. 
The legacy of cow torturer looking at bathroom teat, tiny – psychologically (“get off eggs” timelessly incontinent), curio cabinet erased white guy meditating – 
and by his disingenuous suggestion, anti-depressants irk, the silent spiraling, 
vulnerable “even pixels are fake” rocket ship often depicted as a cocktail, matryoshkaesque, inwards into colossal fried static –  I leisurely stab at hearts, 
change moods, fuck with time, glibly refer to a non-existent Congestion... 
I'm fed up with objectivity: all girls have five fingers. 
In the maelstrom, everything's the same as in the big ol' house.... 
the longest-lived Russian taxonomy: a bag offered to angry passenger – orrrr a dispelled moon, like a dropped bulldog placenta – without grief robot proteins up/ and down 
the bass: the number of times /0/ I try to oil the upside-down 
cross, change would still fall out of my pockets.  

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Louis C.K. On Acid

Constantly stare at the good opinions, afternovas grosspurp conjoined Earth – throw off setting sun's chopped and screwed beams with wire over it – hemmed in by intellectually flatter types of underwear, clownshaming headwater-man's expanding tool's hypersegue with horsebeer beneath junklid – good hair stillnotdone bowing othersidesmell with lack of emotion...and the shadows that sleazeclub, rabid in the cult's pretentious warm prose, pounceheap dense care further under, and globsmite the haunted, lanky thunder self-tanning Louis C.K.'s loony cry for help into a further bleep [the fine absurdity of this in longspray] forwards and backwards spiritually, A PUKEBOMB OUT THE BACK OF AN ANIMAL – THROUGH SOD-DELIVERY DRUMPFPOOL COIFBURGERING DEPOTHEADED USED BEAD in dogless extracts, the kelp-green dust of the red-light decomposition milky over Roman teen idol introduced to your mama. Can't relate to fresh password. And bad, saccharine cyanide, it's not AIDSwood the Jurassic turkey disguises – with albinoid pawheel – again bleepcries freckle-bubbled finechad pre-vocalized chong thunderously through spherical porg in front of them, as if killing it to get death out of a PIG, in order for them to discover THEIR OWN SENSE OF HUMANKIND [in mottled detail], YOUR HONOR!!.... MAN SHOULD ONLY EAT MEAT AND FRUIT: and bacon trolllube shackled angels cockclosed alive, as if time left whoreuncle 100% guff white curtain nob centered outerspace and sun-up toedung with a mouse's tail to hit bum with.... like the seduction of see-thru klingloot, toxic retailer antipathy wastebrewing trapgiant awake – now internal tensions piggyback a horse's head upside a horse's testicle. Soon, a sofa in the room; importantly, the senate denies car-fishing no gf under manga beasts. A headache tablet impaled by the very hard-horned synapse on its cool-monster spike.... rolling orifices infest eyes at their red epicenters that glow green when they're actually in them. Draw out crude marrow from an astronaut with their magical bone-pumps. Suddenly a docile social animal, the surprisingly ejaculating dolphin gives up, wolfs down the remaining psycho-active plants. Awkwardly, arcade mashes no-feeling, losing wild-gaping darkness. 

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