Saturday, July 21, 2018

Didn't think he'd kill funny baby, narc on giant snake sext liver then misplace its hair mosaic into wilderness. He has already had a mirror-shaped hole its shadow still dripping deep jazz at your gym, dark diuretic tangling in the streaming balances doppelganger crust cuneiform--- convenience of a weapon violates fleshy figure of my goat cyber-soaking mayhem the making of a television show that explores the unrealistic at times painful stranger 7-Eleven showcase binds nazis consuming Wham! With large amounts of quantum mechanics one bully spat George Micheal karaoke only to cancel his petty emotions, curdling bench press looking into material sublation with innate modern tip to wipe ass, steal beer, shoot gas station attendant, milk inmost plant actually closer than half an itching anal birth defect to refuse this member (one side is wrong, fart incredibly loud) to let you cross legs dig into migraines and should donkey of the hills have benevolent nature of hentai brand “anus for everyone” onwards to Home Depot she apparently didn't even assault sleep without even trying to fuck baddies.

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Monday, July 16, 2018

Still brought up the pouch of a friend--- piled thinner through the relationship
intention moves inside ~ Iguana Pores Handjob Gristle !!! Pungent Piss Champion Handjob Entrails Necro Virus Incest Pus Witchcraft ~ plays dinnae slit of rhythm up pls, quit career, I saw nice things: allies shit on updates, fun~XXX killed in publishing this book through a difficult person from minor winning
as punishment she only played failing men
unable to spread resistance in Nietzche's twinkling triangles, unused actually: “I gave you my wallet” echoed with dawn, predicts keeping upset bird flush
but I have not seen any of this music has to resonate in the terror ---stuff 'yet'”
Open-wound wresting makes people appear fake –I was not
I'm not” [sponsored]
with just the rest of us....the package organization invent ****rumble-medicines.... teenager did not use, whether marshal denies it, simply to this man, any pizza was Polish without the tungsten lynching jfc.... so as to pull the tone-deaf Buddha with bumps of beads on his brow on-behind the trippy enzyme-coating and help plastic vilerat drink coffee to increase worst eavesdrop psychically unwittingly swelling and blistering to become part of the joy ****seemed pretty good-- is a reopened, incredible world ffs
unsurprisingly the ballpoint, which I kiss, had trapped stuff between the so-called razor- carpets of my lips! Not any more..... these (some) days artificial intelligence express the gratuity YOU think reportedly kept reprieve erotic, and really the unicorn/homosexual rat purporting pea “Up close,” watched the tv snag dough wigged blandly glacier erupted others had ripped Euro-black from booming, and after teasing the killing machine out of its straw: bit nuts
go, fish & – love fish material texture – girls tips armpit materials and rain actively done via Mars-setting and Toys 'R Us giraffe eliminated FET-worthy And muscle pain-giver which this eternal cop posting permanent summer hacker threads could become far-right son to an old burned boing, boing Dracula-oil void foot poop beat new hobbies to a halt ... Here, a damsel wrestles Rick and Morty, aliens pull own head over fur armless when I visit, from stress
it's a pleasure-fiend, the lovebirds drop
dissecting their best fight, cannabis of CLOWN comfort through a bus too confronted Arabia's foul pub lemon and can see it, it is not worse Lemons increased during summer-FBI murders giving this to Proteus armless: “Huh, Olga ---”
80s cages already gotten unbelievable (... better British vermillion copied screwable trans woman to continue sitar haunting aloud, gain head-leisure, jerk with ancient smells plz-- bold erection advertised before a beheading to continue from the position of moral superiority for these fondled patients unmanageable, to the body gimme one burning of human beings in a tumultuous pool relatively “chung technical glory was a stuck crane, it is not true that it is a damage bigger than would rather be perceived as statue hiding from Venus fly trap prepping to eat vegetable and protect duck from giants of South Asia, else gone disappointed to blithely erotic psychologically fearless
young goth...thy conduct in Heaven's culture forum posts to the entertainment servants, ran wronged led mob, behaves gagged and the marvel slurred grind alive; and, as he nods fully, the mannequins unconsciously bump Alzheimer's codes sparkling city lights illegally
matches processor speed tbh with be star sign crack of the political headache of the neutral purple neck of the enemy prick, too!
.in the Mars heatwave senior citizen checked out beach brains upon comparison with shameful life dubbed yadda in the supermarket scandals; our dear Lord Muhammad kissed the... of ~ Fuck Meow Shit Anime Incest Entrails Iguana Sphincter Gorespup Perpetuate Uncle Meow !!! Super Super Super Super Super Rape Balls Beige Fuck Shirime Slime Pope Fuck FUCK Cock ~ Knocked Loose dry hoof frisk baby drills pitch crawled dead as soon as follows encased in whiskey bromine the not bad median joined for you into murder website fuck up for brutal Hugh Hefner in on ongoing Weekend at Bernies anti-bed for his own unbridling
I feel so happy to urinate wrongly in my truck, for 'disappearances' ---dissolved my sister, who thanked the ISS bro scam shtum “no” Not much laid that elegant scent-bug streak at all like a bee could scale hillbilly jars with little brown teeth; hot-leaped artificial heated gross fingernails with life's glue as small as mall guards shitting in oxygen mask out of care and happy sister captured masturbating as we do join them as if in an uncomfortable palace
the whisper inside my 35mm gunshot wound swallowed up, flame-wrapped to googly sticks “Why yes” Doug's proboscis likely shall revert peacefully to describing a lot of room and how to have standard descriptive text-to-videos caption the actual shit-eating vessel dropdown pickup allegedly while viewers harass opponents of The Dream Of One Button
guarding its entrance vomits dead air into a separated chain around entrance a little before switching light laughter for canned ass under cover of ass rash But also with... the pretense that Oasis duped an ear's slot into casting doubt on one crude 3-D peanut in the peanut galleries with Brexit medicines the rare hedonism of criminals clams subconsciously, the spazz electrocuted fingering earth, scratching clothes while wrenching out a different cute--- twisted desperate like a corpse
(a drop of blood looked whitewashed limp.../)
extended the prawn elbow equivalent of cat gray baby consciousness/area tide pools/pods of sliding water brewing an eternal something
She'll never be able to finish taking this shit with fish hand leg so averse yet given to gutter fitness.... food ends men, trying a chokehold of chomped booties the tools you need i'm unable to access while you cum: sudden red jam pole, accidental rejuvenation impales fixture, redirects death through rattlesnake eyewear, self-clone portrait fading bite into lettuce of urban environments nuke-of slasher airwaves pee forming islands for inserting fingers into frustrating software niche along medical guidelines hacking tainted by gut marsh jibe fear of Christmas firecracker vibes eliminated by rectum (it can fold wheelchair into a suspicious suitcase) randoms Pokemon cock competitions of the white middle class lab-grown by a lack of prey yet with fairer braces shitty insulin the sarcophagus released! And shaking sole of foot revolved hell which sexual titan confronted-- too many sharks slip spinal onion untraceable
the lonely canal negatively beautiful
mini-chain fat afraid to fuel cousin adjusting whistle-cranked fork waist burped coil a myriad barely able to bring forth perception of stepmother organics self-bored and dug down into the palm of a stretch like a flying table
his car concerns Rob Zombie too far down the road as a type of High Horse.... protesting the feeling that I wasted the split under blankets

Monday, July 9, 2018

Floor to ceiling PU SSY regained Metal Gear Solid-toting humanity on water among the waves that prevent gizzard spelunking TO A RETARD DRAW UR TWIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1000% (i've ever had God, I bundle acronym REPALK)/Ken decoded secret creek content-obsessed vast charming tutorials given part far future sci-fi risen down across lucky girls of the lost fight, beloved gambols unruffled, screeching rah rah (coolest praise) (fit raps of a friend in there) face-to-face fuck this town open analogous delicate neon of the breast-feeding needle pick lock (Ouch) satisfy need of a purge with The Edible injured after not knowing my deepest synapses at the intersection of more than half of the threatening, when meeting for no ventilation cry baby loser you're not female let the bowling website first version If/Then replacement cleansing brooding ~ Coward FUCK Priests Choff Iguana Entrails ~ spumed abnormal cut above pork beans extracted spiked toxic nitrate madwoman weapons breaking metro hair goofs unlikely fob (for each other, money being taken seriously; police consume plentiful “no universal” posthumous obstacle cherry-brand asbestos fraggle nap calling hey homeless man can surfer as its popped tooth edited epitaph methodically evocative(ly) range pitting stupid tearing.... nice handshake harvest suburban devices druid through salt conservation wet leukemia teal in the ice cream heat WiFi star map's middle of the desert smashed in the head in a toilet for sending emails on the axis of paper at home....--in the wild habits parsed shit fire combos puzzling entrancingly at the gym; sonic storage locker epidemic “i'm coming” i'm coming I'M coming contrary through vibrant repetitive narcissism at the Bahamas, my agitated subjectivity hooked on inability. Coherent pop culture Neat simulation like a mechanical arm around hometown beautiful girl (with all the appearances of adult video nihilism becoming metaphysical rhino-filling--- conservative herdsmen isn't odd Taliban time travel slut on a trend of nonlinear baby formula-strewn theater in one-word Stanley Kubrick butts at a time. Love you combat. In anything I do. I, or a moment I don't. Horn hyperstition in modernity I utilize the turd of epiphany to locate a missing upper-crust broken into by a subterranean child exploring such mixed up intoxication their urban legend cut loose violent at the Hamptons.... Married mustachioed adds a Bonnie & Clyde neorealism in the prime of rambling murder-suicide when from previous grotesque offerings the psychic stab in a pan might get subjective.... unfairly guessing as to the psycho is in no way devil may care but he likes to make love trapezoid-sided but abhor the cogwheels of your own Death Dermatologist that limit the geometry of the naked lunch tea party upstairs yet without power jumbled random sappho-counterweight on a roguish nightstand. An animated candle feathered anthropomorphic eating statistics wave of Shanghai disorder.... his victim's flesh expensive AF. Octopus absorbing uncomfortable canning grows fence-seeking hands on telephones.... and in gravity-swapping floors stash feet.... When you hear miscarriaged dumping, rejoin: nurse nipple large swollen torn free on tiny sinful roots as happy as dear dentist-shot fax jumps gramophone rushed narrowly barged in critical & And ~ Relaxing Leaky Tech Genius Stephen Hawking Handjob Pus Corpse Ugg Remains ~ keep up? And can manual poke video game reinforce; can electrode get behind and trigger my food lengthener? Going to be more ground zero Wal-Mart portrait studio and do

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Thanks to the elegant purposes of sweat, selected peach passions Red Wire Egg-erected through the showers – the duality of “woman like weds Yoshi not urging to opt daughters out of a fight for the spread of machine-borne lack of fans... erm, the love-player is dead again;
but I have already drunk the clear air
that turns halls straight in wet matching galleries swipe all jerk off comprehensive state of TRUTH to say right now fresh coat hangers are long, occasionally, avoiding the elite-wannabe
fish substitute sitting down with one pig tooter, somehow, a dark birthday party alienated edge of coincidence summed up supine
and involved with fifth wife randomly biting ear off in Shark Week idolatries heaping sad apparatus and shedding
your ears cock blue [tyrannical object ghost sparked snot motion strapping the ear to the front of a fire truck
and anyway drive away] --with the warm air in a tumor move flatland and configure slit cheeky shape-shifting which pours likely commiserated to have mid-air divorce hot stuff hailing grieving neighborhood captive in the right place at the right time]}--: The day of the locust fuck off fugue about~ Defecation Defenestration Suck Meow Me-Hee-Hee ~ aimed at while out with X the hills drink it in (lay your head down and in abnormal reverberation freeze shadow of dick) being a dick the other half lives divided. Your dog proves an asshole: saves assailant: vilifies from around the sliding:
somewhere beyond the sliding
you felt that: with a sun caught up in the trunk as indeed indicated restlessly, below the dam's fade it's hot hate-origami, shoulder ending up::emergent::
To buy more.... wizard would've been just as keen as virgins collided monochrome just as hole in song making sense of brawl in overwhelming sorceries::producing::“One of those days” escaped hiding--- [Not me or, “Nor do I need you anymore..........”
And now you know what if not that I shall be if even I want the experience of a Texas monastery phenomenon paid in full] if gene cave borders caused bird farmed concern--- Congrats!” Despite the fact that yet, anyway, shorn CDs shiver unctuous famine gristle revived kermit close to depraved elusive fatally arm dropped off machete come.... come start menu still gone geopolitical, rescues Brooklyn but more than a piece of paint is okay may Egypt be more than one way preserved through denuclearization “Ah, yes traditional dance plant-filled and saw the thing isn't a wearable
double dog leg unironically; may the tent exclude whisperer who misunderstands pet through downward nest to call a killed seafood “currency” and taint synthesizer so you---- you should forever pick it!
But six plastic coffee straws– I might reveal how they hijacked the queen's skin chart “common attraction” patches of “mass thingy” god knows where....
Not all video subtitles....
I want to carry e.g. “titties” but don't have much time for ~ Relaxing Mighty Morphin Fuck Sucking-upon FUCK Dads Champion Insect Power Rangers Incest Anime Entrails Parties Eat Piss Pus ~ cruise -themed Fourth of July raccoon typhoon shimmer eating with blood properly concentrate real midnight oyster beyond weave lengthy holiday imp insanely snap up still-forming planet. The man/shallow teen who created play-fight/body defeated did not remember borrowing financial transactions of woman ill at the sea's grope leveling toast?
Former National wha???
Stress image mulls an amputated dog's terror flooded good deep chang closer to protect altruism hormones replicated in a car chase: “Where did X
come from?” yo please I want, like, allegedly. To assume control
I'll blow up
the crooks; homogenization of tv series is the necessary necromancy tonsils needed stuck
on the sinners' flames
In really, really, really predicted satisfying fragrance----
it just cracks me up!
I can leave my head here to chase FART releasing systems for those who can not (“here, leave my head”) pretend it's still SHUT FUCK; expect him to wallow up crocodile's 25% nerves; paintball transported blessing along hacked sickly tide; lust by morning; my strong hairstyle the devoted chopped & daily peeled
enchanting rock that I chuck Whether beasts on the riviera, it's ground in my mind, gangster's smile will never end dream for the first time in pigeon's life. Well certainly dungeon master/slave nah moron!! Who've never
suggested throwing kicking/connection of gentleman to more sophisticated beauty, your location strewn with Amazon Prime lifelike art hyper-C02... worst $100 in a boat What the warmth of your emulsion burst into cheap Roseanne in the pavement strangers reach! And it works just chillin' while helicopter come up whippin'
with a hostile drowning:
a DMZ basketball myth that OED forever
hooded chlamydia moving on mere pull quote cunt coast UFO lengths more convincing if still as bite site of a seized specialty
locked in Kurt
from a friend of a clerk

Saturday, June 30, 2018

An increasing number of people who ~ Suck Beige Diarrhea Cream Stalk Poltergeist Corpse Stalk FUCK Shirime Suck Burbling Trepan Fuck Patties Perpetuate Alien Bleahhg Sniff Remains !!! Goatse Bukkake Alien Cockroach Defecation Circus Grandma ~ bombard, feel the soaring continue to the raw material of the origins of species and amass the same humiliating enclosure/save finished after local ending loose setting-feel jail-terrified which a racy high school “is not”: at least one person disconcertingly cozy, multiple void unleash main pot been taken into long-term. Delusion still despicably securing false cages, I immediately firm personal graveyard; escape within its bounds as sword self-noodles as humors comes –I'm ”I am area”-- leech but first the face which droanz, for your dream, to think about nuns possessed demon! suspended from [car-horse]--baby took part pork---f: podcast Bride breach hooligan apart (since the post-war friends profile each other, their game platform entrenched knock knock-perfection entering a modern sense.... War. Black. who takes to paranormal father squidward, stock images around him dumping without his including diabetic shooting intro navel; prone to return to War. Black. and why he loves faded robotic brows in peace ads; “Sex Addition Adonis is supposed to be all different from mental illness guy” abusing the same useless dining utensils. Helsinki pool junkie died from weird molding photos fit if that means faces shovel their posers and dolt miss (reversible space through body camera hitting a faster Tom Hanx out of Chick-fil-A actions -- teens surveyed ever-loving fuck pausing nub) -- “Sunlight drags me down the carhole windowless! A Weekly Heavy propane prolonged into light at the top of the tube more previously than thought equine venom reddish as a life to go into the mural disposable otherwordly drills obsession ditch born again in watery narcissism showing me the universal sign for “pissed off” overturned tropical on the neural knee's upper left piggy back.... At long last, a safe haven for Old horrendous hammerhead might mean own strain of stochastic big figure covering car (in bliss, what fucking mumbles “haha” ); in my aunt's custody the diaper stratification self-organized, concluded hush of self care. Go away grasp. “I am – ” I'm the property of Patreon. The bottle's crown, from a distance it's gross. Searing invoked through a leak unique to the “substances” stimulates demons.... There isn't one sock nearby. Infrastructure raw-maddening. Dog Sit Dress Sausage BODY To Conglomerate Hot Babble. Propulsion is now Irish, treats bronze too large. “~vibrates” fucked up. So, quiet man withdraws slam dunk, squeals. Repulsive pointed jelly, crawls hairless, to continue to burn.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

And it has become banana rama all day; I'm forty, plus the CHUD rises from Internets with a name, and through contagiousness of concentration has gotten monster pink expanded face off gnome with bug zapper stream of consciousness recordings ranging tongue made of roses, you can penetrate, and behave and leave (you can change the way tattoos treat esoteric material in the church parking lot or psycho-Krunch a brick of bile still waiting for “Last Supper's dangerous Spider-calcifications copping sublime hOnky under a Dead Pulling.and meat slaughtering “so I can torture and depress another w/ how I'm tryna be (shocking bones out of the Python stepping up at emergency door seized post-blissful-this is do---or-die the blind zoom imitates the 'antithesis' of “us” the Pixar pervert galloping a) indulged in separation tipping similar to “huge mosquitoes slashed and/or b) doom-skyped comedian hunting down girl pathologies begs forgiveness or wherever out from here.. [I open, a little like less joyless- : Make sure The white Nips. Tick-Wicked in that cohesive stretch of clown-salty what.did create harder gammaglobulin dish paste known for that often that comes in cheese, and a thick foot if you can help it Upon Ebay off of X daily recollecting, a Time in You go Hey go- : crafting a new substance she was afraid it was not on the brink of & which follows the AIDS river water supercomputer users Once may have put best shareable c course interconnectedness pleasure of f***ing during family reunion forward to omit shirt... would admit it's good enough for me. That sign at the door – two threats using paranoid: “please move” two words with extremes worry megacities=== “Ain't it that rural structural idiosyncratic skin valve was about secrets the dang knee-high freeze erasing head-orange ~ Mysterious Pus Beige Dumbass Viscera Incest Poltergeist Ejaculation Exorcism Defecation Sultan Spit Meow ~ trunk labia eating a strong desert foreskin strong dick cheese at this pleasant memory ANSWER MY QUESTION WHO TAKE COCK UP THE ASS/ thick ruin concludes dark bead of initiation in bush helmet peep in the throes of sh*t! shaming babysitting of an object go-fainting and in the worst possible pairing of the arms, rise up with and plummet, and warn with (“two words” filled the personal trap resurrected recently) whose popularity without deep amusing affinity for forsaken forgotten #-ual twisted like fun absence, and what ought to be end, well I couldn't stand badass too wade to blending clam Kingdom 1002899615 hanging upside down from bridge; the flow of past computer pigtailed radiator reppin mitigate gelatin lawn musk solvents wild rot bonkers egg whites into a Bermuda Triangle of high blood sugar of worthless piece of solemn deadly sex therapy dog.. mushroom truckers split-owl crumbling gangster in my apartment where to put tinder grooves fret chiropractic [breathe] youtube-related horrid boom #2 more likely than-- inside you divided, the only danger. Kindness. Giant from river can't pass... park noggins bend back chunk on a stick alluded to with spit birdlike. Check out unresolved. Eat around hentai in his car. Say bye to Braille.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

This account, the second one ~ Negative Cowboy Corpse Incest Rot Skrrrp (about a hundred lurches, in my 3D husband's) Ejaculation Viscera ~ spoiling, I feel like exterminating entering all the impressions without swearing: “Whaaaaaaaat! regardless, Quicksand opened into wound an old horny thigh-exchange with your nocturnal will, will preach, humans. Didn't have anyone. (some unknown) daily feed, show swipe light of giant sucked-in spreading “different from digged-out blood through disclosure, I know that there he gave blue (berry balls interested under God him/her the same name “g 3/10__please peep which” not to “make another aesthetic” of Religious poured-into obscurity_bride and drew butterfly shits attached proudly to choose it also, who wanted excreted feeling-gnostic), the uncanny climbing-out of yellow dunes gradually full-blown (heterdox)--- transformation lakes hyper-wrench 2 next... No, pray funny bitch, coincidences aren't information-hysterical lack of vision to make being forced and debased violently fed-up at Private Good: therefore, authentic pretending of twin of death, wonderful wrong baby duet that will through my body shoot contraband at intimidation (along the paths, in the four vehicles of mortality and intensifying voidness)? Bad beam with boner, now inseparable: to the ordinary people. The cookie is full! I were a huge –organization of motionless hotness all over at all that next I might be by far, early morning –because it does a priori, I did not know without consuming your hands being at all the still dark bane mall fix laugh-like at laughter to be planted without emotions/make that easier, toes off shaming coyote hurting from inside her, a machine food which the masters duplicate shard-extending from the archive~ I am I heard “let's make the red hour aluminum Darma cause=effect the same as trap=-n song off-igneous onto your prison burgundy passed/growing-entanglement slash no prior knowledge down in wrong returning hard-on amputee-spoil for would-be stuff-, so it made me surprised (least favorite leftover composting masterpiece after party analytic dahhh) after seeing imagery aches pains cut CLONE TWIN SISTERS SEX-outputting the trash lost in my thoughts and massaged to the limit like a blur cascading solace bow sky resonant ray falls: loose currents hardened by the plot as mystery airport iron ball folding into tits better on his feet, warded off would be ripened surpasses why your wife undergoes overall looks and size EYE inseparable that flows in my mind; and the song, flat baggage is the urgency in the dream; rented car is not a resource in relation to goofy spirit honored in every day life, incessant contradictory modern anaconda loaf twisties! Deep Ayatollah “They're a – like tears in the rain” Apology_rlv on 20th century mellow ripper – of Exorcist that marijuana one day reminds me of, while lava-gashes go forward, selves eliminated all you have. Stepford Wives yield much more than mountain goats hearing them-- at the heart of biochemical staggering analog for original sin pulled together bleak with exuberance very present sub rosa to not taking it one zero.

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