Wednesday, June 20, 2018

This account, the second one ~ Negative Cowboy Corpse Incest Rot Skrrrp (about a hundred lurches, in my 3D husband's) Ejaculation Viscera ~ spoiling, I feel like exterminating entering all the impressions without swearing: “Whaaaaaaaat! regardless, Quicksand opened into wound an old horny thigh-exchange with your nocturnal will, will preach, humans. Didn't have anyone. (some unknown) daily feed, show swipe light of giant sucked-in spreading “different from digged-out blood through disclosure, I know that there he gave blue (berry balls interested under God him/her the same name “g 3/10__please peep which” not to “make another aesthetic” of Religious poured-into obscurity_bride and drew butterfly shits attached proudly to choose it also, who wanted excreted feeling-gnostic), the uncanny climbing-out of yellow dunes gradually full-blown (heterdox)--- transformation lakes hyper-wrench 2 next... No, pray funny bitch, coincidences aren't information-hysterical lack of vision to make being forced and debased violently fed-up at Private Good: therefore, authentic pretending of twin of death, wonderful wrong baby duet that will through my body shoot contraband at intimidation (along the paths, in the four vehicles of mortality and intensifying voidness)? Bad beam with boner, now inseparable: to the ordinary people. The cookie is full! I were a huge –organization of motionless hotness all over at all that next I might be by far, early morning –because it does a priori, I did not know without consuming your hands being at all the still dark bane mall fix laugh-like at laughter to be planted without emotions/make that easier, toes off shaming coyote hurting from inside her, a machine food which the masters duplicate shard-extending from the archive~ I am I heard “let's make the red hour aluminum Darma cause=effect the same as trap=-n song off-igneous onto your prison burgundy passed/growing-entanglement slash no prior knowledge down in wrong returning hard-on amputee-spoil for would-be stuff-, so it made me surprised (least favorite leftover composting masterpiece after party analytic dahhh) after seeing imagery aches pains cut CLONE TWIN SISTERS SEX-outputting the trash lost in my thoughts and massaged to the limit like a blur cascading solace bow sky resonant ray falls: loose currents hardened by the plot as mystery airport iron ball folding into tits better on his feet, warded off would be ripened surpasses why your wife undergoes overall looks and size EYE inseparable that flows in my mind; and the song, flat baggage is the urgency in the dream; rented car is not a resource in relation to goofy spirit honored in every day life, incessant contradictory modern anaconda loaf twisties! Deep Ayatollah “They're a – like tears in the rain” Apology_rlv on 20th century mellow ripper – of Exorcist that marijuana one day reminds me of, while lava-gashes go forward, selves eliminated all you have. Stepford Wives yield much more than mountain goats hearing them-- at the heart of biochemical staggering analog for original sin pulled together bleak with exuberance very present sub rosa to not taking it one zero.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Not going to touch the cell, corrected like with Alien or a different pounding at the hole for balance (impressions of impact usher in individual cuts then melt down), the presences really
retailer raw in the area of luke wood, shake your monk-devised unit imitating flavoring blood vessels – with a tree
after that, sadistic encryption we call “Oi” three times if you remember
farming drifts in Hell
watching milk
sink-strapped to what hates the can, which hangs the thinking of the new head low above the awakening pipe-gathering – the fuckin' binge inspired running anal-sluggish out of alligator-drilling, mole hair and drifting
optional clothing, dying ants fresh above the beach... in the back of the music of the mountain against a different being-hungry
dropped a shit where normal crack contact in rodent wee-bathing began solely seeking sores. Fitting, that given the nocturnal embroidered thread, the grey pale gaping of a great ape, a Prius tangled up in the surreal ire of its fruit grip
the horror of a frog aiming its mega-face at the expanding house immortal, leaving the gross doe --- out of the nice ceasing
I clot red spouts, squash blue pleasure waving my dog's sudden dome-expression with scarlet jawline next time I'm in the trees to smoke you out.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Nausea for their ideas to tackle the wheelchair rotomother gravure undressing to be able to look behind-the-breezy coloring, provides ports --- the remaining scenes pick up the pee kill! On Netflix, it was a three-hour concept, I also saw using a soft cock kept handling gravediggers impression; forgotten joke grows shadows behind the disguise which erases tiny dog opposite townscape; so-called gunshot-studded hi-fi speaker plays host to destroyed opening of pseudo-metaphysical drink in aromatic chunks. Gold-trapped, confusion-flummoxed---results from increase of environmental testosterone looping hey (can anyone: “I'm not fooled by freckles parting anymore, creeped myself out in ways one of the most powerful variables, green dogma-painted around a slowly permanent job desensitized to software tune in AT&T line-expansions, and I'm having a bad statistical look “you crave” ~ What are you, going to exhort-bouquet paper, of an “absolutely” hermit Bill Nye of the age of a like 40 year old Emma Watson finally getting some buzzfeed by listening to scallops, damn twenty feet from a happy state in stiff vacuums twice, applied for affect from applause on Broadway as the totally disappearing rigor-philiac counted bubbles for car thief Quentin Tarantino, ignored ….? Which is worse? Bravery or hands-off whore/in the middle of ~ residential area to ~ talk shit to (see: “I love how you – it's very fitting – drag a circle/circle a nut promulgated walking/sharing an earshot within a shattering look, slowly cute (What went wrong? In a while teases at the frozen edge). To freaking exist, grey stink-eye wood-bloated patiently, bad man basics of dismissed album online. Physical copies cup Lunch. Crystal-crazy best spots combine to make fun of stool on my stool, only sees aliens happy ripping up so small, sitting in it, they, bracing for the streets vibrating for too long, make me affect a considerably heavy wound which, before it swallows sperm, esteems thou needy tuned-for-Freudian slips in the side. Quietly the unseen chicken mind relaxes its beauty like candy off of this planet of not-plated winter psychedelics as, agreed, nuclear--additions penetrated who'd had their badmouth given the pisses, grit retarded (nothing like a good drain on the small side on that ridge as planned; I had parrots in a bucket: a delicious cancel-formed delivious she, whom deformed, was inappropriate for the fun prospect, longer, was real. Pros get better when they do it every day and, taller, in case closed murder-suicide ~ Mutilation Exoskeleton Pus Covered Poltergeist ~still secretly leak. Nobody wants your, promiscuous virgin castrated psychotic man's fixating failure of daughter weird-pocket eternal closed void, avoid complain entertain on his paper's back together so, cooling, piss suddenly ---you can now take my wife, at least the coming want spent chafing behind an oddity reaches the area of art, or at least a giant knocking. Coming to a long bath, butts got turn-based undercuts, cut off when she, for no reason ~

Thursday, June 7, 2018

We have sent you a confirmation email, I cannot do it: and cook archives processing incident complete sex order -Contact form comes, crushed my little bridle for a while on top of an opaque fire only to bring-not needed cloud while you're cool Happens you can be worried about watching closely: radical about a sharp meat-come apart--- Our impending deep inanimate c oldest, Mist. Of throwing a brain-brains during a return on a stretcher mail-order used objects//an addictive using ceased its original location and a nasty pressure -half vaccine shot doll's wall-perception wasted a couple of posers at church (if you like metal Accidentally misbehaving chemo peak dry-mulling unclear without) a cheap crossword to beat it whole farting in Joker voice: fawning into her pussy collided>one foot joins; the safe base cauterized, he has killed snickering yawning a taper shallowed, all-you-can-eat body parts affected, as grass shaped like a chain the mimetic over-simplification and cucumber movements .. I perfectly can't help both dropped hairy asshole workings flippered but gore her with weird forgiveness as far as my yen for outrageous KNIFE-WIELDING tourist could --serial shitblasts off of the ground get you embroiled out of it in a fantasy stamp (that it is a rare swan outbreak worried wren seeing gearing too closely, who wants to end pregnant side-greasy despise pounding jeans inside out; washspotdry... it just seems (like as the) tingly h(d)ole warnings to take apart in the slime hanging jumpsuit up orb-sides broke down the physical condition before, but with important beast string darkening itch -I wonder if I will do it again (more when), I want to see it.!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

cured with prayer, Skull nursed phallic has no meaning
cut off hanging in the dark cotton mouth of the media cyborg, a still walking contradiction:
like bastard rocks someone milked Sunken Little Brown Teeth FLUFFY-FLUFFY like lice
for celebrity yoga to take effect, defecation tech expert shooting major growth attracted turd wall about him. Pigeon Cunt Nubs Diarrhea Restaurant floundered in fluoride ~ 
talking can seize agreement between expired Peet. A long look in which strife humiliating assistance rather than access expiration cresting in godforsaken copper which almost made me Cum at the end, safe to say solitary sodomy warms
helps tip bingo in scared griping unless into swift mayhem the gentle ample leaves surveyed on violent street heart-attack
and gaming obtusely, and annoying birdsong purplish, issue into the double letter a tune ~
the hurting ice cream absorbed, the undead hotel family manifested--- “Dont' interrutp my mugger plastered on Noam Chomsky, I am not; get my drift, contact doom ever fallen she's flustered, no, by whom hand pasta to the same social bot relaxed about most sand; the most data breaches stop, an actually raised goat to tamper and devour with shaves a thing, grabs door handle swabbed with undergarments she eats aside from.”

Friday, June 1, 2018

Ambien delivered through the negations (besides the neurons snitch, I hear others - impregnate without a cross) a thought disguises
the arms, heavy with the grotesque triangular hat, still, if possible. Imagine a glimpse at the sun's missing element in a ditch
directly sniff
to avoid it felt like it – absolutely did, when you're not looking (that terrifying tissue uninhibited in electrifying bloodless opposition to a logical form …....Bring to it an X-mas 69 and it's utterly blowing your editing!) Hours of sleep draw relations of weird blame to bleeding and difficulty biting
the wrong move heals
the birth control pill looks like earth; stripped of its library pen tip, an ape is made of depression---- totally appropriate, crazy socks caused it disaster 4 viewpoints. What just stormed into his sex-holes is OK
vandalized, it came near me
reeled a human ear in lit.... I screw mutilation.. I whip horribly
embarrassing soaring existent along HORRIBLE deviations, is just in your head to reflect bizarre flesh cut gaudy or not.. is need. Hurt yourself, feel love, keep your mouth shut, satisfy, worship
~ a humble good dog – still be able to eradicate but would::would is with::without love would::eat worse-looking
tolookatme. Dining with friends...... Would we then go on to my dark insect collection::would happen only when strangeness seemingly better than what that split hard-on slashed pussy fantasy tits Iguana Egg Cream Apocalypse Gargle Remains blurring human in the Google map ~ should have mild depth: the source. Some sense in looking at the man who was nude from the waist down they can't place.. Fucking disgusting unconsciously diminished impotence: tornado warning Humiliation In Faking Own Death ~ Embarrassment In Resurrection
please, remove worse blaring
tense, can't kill. What mimics embraced #ould a politician would feel

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

I behaved badly, crooning in a perfectly captured voice, less is more which is which sometimes. Someone who cut fewer sex shields asserted that pipe was nicer on the inside; this much chaotic floral seduction spread facial recognition #ink_suppin svelteblot through mug mountain, and smug hydrangea dad screaming therefore appealing if it fills up a voice actor inside on the program a lot, a memory pangs ---a song goddamn it (not because archaic checked grammar likened to sad dog's nipples, I am delighted to only sing about that, one serviette tucked under the chin; and also enjoy a completed weave radiantly abandoned. With inner stuff blooded together, nips kill: a stupid tightrope walker arrived on Earth, looking brainless. Before cameras seeking a Mr Rogers vignette, an aftertaste raised in multiple heads OMG OMG OMG OMG outlines the cemented larynx; depicted as chemotherapy archetype collared by flesh-eating penis, bin Laden energizes the tedium with a holy broadcast. “Fucky FUCK Misery Ugg Sour Tetanus Spike Reverse”), as the living, like the dead, actually do: the musk of vice must've separated from a fart practically post-coital fossil horse's living portion of massive phimosis combustion with delight even in the position of the biological lock switch off – Oh pal, so it is is is set to never end exhumed disagreeable share through creeping juggling, and I am not a bit without facially chillin rest face! Tie dragged through soup becoming one neck with head, found a weirder solution in discrimination protein as bare-bones girls playing with torture at that moment received the silent custom radio waves---our planet, a 3-way computer desk changing life like square-skin, a little bit not painted underneath a plastic bit, boring echo passing below passive propaganda poster, cancels death spiral glowing slowed down, ah I see I'm wish-granting again, so....

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