Sunday, July 31, 2016

Beer rumored to inhabit headache, imagined in list of ghost's drones – – I'm fine.
Hath Christmas narrowed meteor shower
down to biological GIF's extent – warm tarmac eater – adult sensitivity's balloon/
don't stop blob/ – Oral snake as naked as
bare-bones, from boudoir deploys blackened
come I've/ grapes of dissolution …. devastation more, yet more
Morning roots to land on. Netflix hardening motion/
Details vomit-inducing sound. Sewer shambolic bachelorette, take the wheel –
In his butt, with feet in the water, catching up on inside green , crawls –
mucks augmented reality with bunker mentality up
hollow, form every angle of allure Stockholm syndrome flap-wolves,
phantom of advertisements the filter reaps –
to flower lava on a cusp broken down; tube's spreading fried orbit;
from hostility, AI's heads cog begging balls
with dentist's blues - serial killer gossip sorrowful sighs horse gentle;
“fuckin love you babe
xxxxx hangover” and “pendulous with antibiotic,”
for here medical marijuana Larry
wants nature-intensity in aggressive song
The sex toys instead of ethereal government,
the bad samba with the distortion   

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

With majestic balance, cube is spooky. Preacher at the trauma boundary: “Skyscraper of infection! Get your excerpts now!” More auspicious howling. With ease of immaculate pop culture taxidermy. “Only Jared Leto can overthrow similarities – ” Adulation's vinegar cloning puncture. Fantasies! make ya think....! Hulk stage death on a sidewalk, more like a tormented pimp! Blasts of obituaries. Phone battery rapture. Dear, dead air in the head. We can't have another vague ice bucket challenge - vacuuming pulled Olympian. Black - breast lacquer. Just swimming in spatial noise – with my eyebrows mannequin submission blue. Her expected anal latex face swap. Nurse-phenomenon, hell-raising. Body-origin spiky; I don't want to say debunked....? A portrait of mobile game slurry, silence is not only revenge. But interactive – a mere brain recreation. Rejuvenation religiously motivated. Finally, a desperate workout. Spirit temperatures attained. Corpse flower swallowed Ditto. Dodging man-sized electric fence.   

Monday, July 25, 2016

Warlock hair salon owner Sven fired three employees each of whom subsequently broke a hand in weird unrelated accidents. As if in silver confusion chambered in mass delicate seafood, lovers prove enlargement useful in running after cars, ignoring bizarre loose teeth – I might in a spiritual voice express a need for more funny organs – “don't go there go home, docile skull!” - bodily what you witchcraft fetching interference gave life, statistically nervousness police comes in hint out of Subway sandwich, cherry origami, plans for an irritation crawling on a real mensch right down there, consumes rubble, knees every moment Scully fears carcass koala haired for want of synonyms eradicated monosyllabic from echo chamber of minds sound effect, black background induct: body – gaps: shop of horror dress give him electromagnetic shut the fuck up an exaggeration squeeze in the mimic connectivity; tropical mansplaining serpent eat a dick Eve says the coincidence that no one likes blade runner for special celestial yogurt and unicorn subjected centipede to first-aid technique of machine learning anxiety, affective levitation from huge hole South Park weightless back to ordinary atmosphere & flattened sushi triangular harmonizing, gonna poop, wrap up afterthoughts. From golden meme spits out interesting vowel automatically into doomsday survival guide so that these and other self-evacuations would fill with life, assessments regurgitate reduction dragon ultra, as well astro prophet burger weapons the puppet liar through the cracks kicked nothing invigorating, tabernacle vegetable odor beers hyperbolic failure h-mmm... leather jacket unbridled, psychedelic gruff beach flash faraway with demonic love burn artificial in endless emotional palpitation. 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

When brain dropped from its fossil over the south pacific slid into engulfing Nutella memory eclipse a leaf slammed outta proverb 1990s emoji drinking blood wind and stiff pterodactyl reversal of condoms on teleporter in glass boot ferret grew up and ketchup the booty, and MIT hypes drug-fueled absurdist dressing Friends, hot pee me I mean, parts so much top email bans you spiking jibes with a threat cringe aloud at record Lego dreadful form a-la Nato nature pink. It's karate, idiot bespoke skeleton LEDs he used carpool edge of planets at night on the face, or removal of hot bog pollen comic branch is terrifying I wished, just told me in black symbolic snacks I kissed, the ruined porn within interaction pipeline fuck nipples on the face-change reverse top missing reverberations much in that safe ass asymmetry, dangerously condemned, help your free will algae thread foot fall: hisssss and says, um, lol and turd neon romantic 

Monday, July 18, 2016

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein - Another Mutation

Tentacles mull on brand new goatee's square separation congealing  
weird leaning smoke on the fishtank water. The bride enters. Families
are using a unique troll, exhilarating to cracked banjo's wiggle for
after the pudding pisses off Predator. Shelley wrote: “Filling corners is
going well.” Not beyond the motel emblazoned water murdered germs,
in that it is unfolded in the difference anyway. The novel's a sign.
“A sign,” more than real monkey punches punches the grid, and wonders of
cool jacket and soaring intelligence in an empty room, use of WiFi lit
bread despairing. “Feels like Occam's hand, collecting LinkedIn reaches
all the way to that razor's edge. You 'no good thing,' you axe-wielding
gentle giant.” Radical Talmudic sign in front – KEEP OUT. 3D map erupts
into the dragon warrior haircut on the Pokemon catcher: “You can't yet be
insisting on a sabbatical, you bitch.” Reminiscent of the eve of the attaching file –
laser pointer lost in the electronic cathedral. Half of the forum muddled up
by the veggie burger theme, soon! Oh, quick footnote: You may even think
aggro couture on terrible Biff Tannen leaking unconscious Batman to've
spilled Taylor Swift your semen, in Albania. 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Preparation of grinding Wes Anderson body-positivity simulator, your better.
I would get used
to useless bleak/Los Angeles of the shadow, Long, green
1950s magical dislike in shorts killed wild boar(my anxiety has began), nurtured.
Tilda Swinton lubing
gender period of the catapult, declined opportunities
Awashi Masu the elevator music of Millennium Falcon cube meh to Precipice Sonorum -
Descent to drop/the lack outstretched of Seinfeld fucked/kiss my teeth silently empathy hot dog
The puppy if you're
in there, ceramic and smoking/Based on these in Pau time
Ecstatic on the roof studded crime, lowly marionette robot, Prime Minister down, (we boiled the Blu-ray tree tapping of the soul of augmented reality burning softball owl/soul. Moon smell
Since your SEO of political hacker
game of Thrones guilty pleasure is something to enjoy these lethal injection zap, impassable yodel. Actual Coloring book stereotypes the big head.....
Please enjoy: the icy intestine giant's chainsaw such as these: campsite of the dope angry; frustrated
Test tube beans consumes moment of Gatorade, trying to get the sacred of her beak-style.
Loving Mexican neighbor heat, "ayye que is, poked the late 19th century to the shopping mall Bambi
is/your merry foreskin eating form a cupboard of medicine. "

Monday, July 11, 2016

From a different angle in the fingernail reflection of a machete, the mansion murders present the psycho house mummy in actual gyms dropping deuces to too feral hypnosis – together with a few bad apples in cesspool three-way the necropolis pikachu imitated birds – gold chain in turmoil around sweaty reptiles the devil filling with wine the leggings of a Beijing hippie burning light gray with credulity fitting the pond like tropical ozone plugged by a wonderful cow – not a mere mathematician who eats healthy, Aladdin's lamp ghost crippled by the reflection more like the embryo of terrible yoga than Karl Marx repenting, posing as the seagull of pestilence posing as the crow of the cryogenics zoo – less bloodshed by the black hole now dumping microchips in a pile. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

in bed grenade going off at the cocktail extremes like brain scan
of black & white buttons, with post-internet gesture of mind control
the order of horror film, for those who give a shit,
generically hot spacecraft chair commercials
watching porn in which, egg clusters graphite abyss
in the awesome ears, the anxiety jughead of self-decline in the
fire which human being Ghostbusters moon swapping faces still
waiting flat bottomed, destroy, sounds of hell disturbing indeed
sleepy, it's frightful. Pretty frightful
Staple of dolphin head void sand in fights, oh, the wasabe nights
The true furniture of nihilism Dolly the sheep padded, and
antennas, harambe.... before the crisis pleasure, the beginning of
organs summer... Throw up dark? Asking for a friend – the only sensible
nightmare dump self-abled upon which fuck.
Upon cocaine hewn from sink undercoat, slip in
chicken nuggets minutes wider than 3 am tattoo scale
of follies of mindfulness cuss – we are trying to
care about squirt, awry, sexually app cavernous circle
with you in which that with my AIDS white lobster 

Saturday, July 2, 2016

The skull drowning puckers, functions totally relax heights,
mold beyond good hair – strung assemblage out and dissected
die for unmoored desert, outshine fall of
conceptual electricity which deep sprays Satan's bride –
on failure pills intent speed, the black tape outer space corn of Quidditch
and consensus in a shudder – that positive connectivity and
consistency omit cat asymmetric: anime beautiful views –
the Skrillex beard upping, preaching sensuality bloodstained
to exes, creature of darkness vanity, asshole tranquil, erotically
a mere clown, illustrating the death penalty hammock –
smoldering streets of tropical, free stuff otter:
The media could not be played underwater....
BBQ absorbs – as though David Lynch “oil against hum –
troglodytical robot passive “dreary root canal alone-locust
gimmick” were the Minecraft paddle's fatal flaw, the octopus
whose nervous system whirlwind teeter changes  

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