Wednesday, October 28, 2015

True Detective - Another Mutation

the horror of the dead attacking our assumptions like a vampire not wanting sex
death scared brutal flowers glinted
& macabre dicks honed an outlet for the victim the touching fantasizer
the violent deaths of close friends - their fish-myths -
trees in homicidal masks repulsed by good ways by the bad ways
of the decomposing fingers their murders craft on widow's skin
blood preserved objectively accepts foray into corpse
anatomy usage of death through mind-reading games mutilation intercourse classic acts of love
a collection of sex through serial mortality etc.
sex murders unable to file the extreme blank
& little death accessible through polaroid eyes fridge core head's stench
sex with busting glass body parts of loved ones sink forever sensations in contact with death
impressions linger in the realm of death mutilate the psyche of a dead body fondling back for
fear of the living dead uncomfortable expressions of the dead
torturing the mouths of finality pain consummate on the sex slave with
the dead eyes and the sensual human remains.
nefarious material of a true detective intimate with the sexual orgasms of the dead
& progressively self-masturbating decaying crawlspace flesh outside of the chill
brain attraction of nuanced in-depth auto-necrophilic innocence
complicated lifeless anger - all sorts of looks of guilt -
nice people and their bizarre consent nauseous in their weird perfect black sweat

Monday, October 26, 2015

World Fears

The nude flame of mental illness awakens in mellow clutter....
whale's mouth look of love-choir made of airport bricks of high blue noise of worship....
dangerous octaves contrasted in bush relief......
temple mouth of steel leading into woods:
chemical awe-craft tempts man's cold body :
asinine mystery struggles to pop water with hunger:
killer cop doll queues schizo on any neural necklace
and in bizarre bones violently closes eyes
but the families I teargas with any beer
they're always miles of dark house fat crack
and I smell their masks as the luggage dries.....
Bang when the point of no return hits inferno;
pissing incinerates the agony asterix (mine) b/c
world fears own DNA like blood in a cup.....

Friday, October 23, 2015

Pigeon Emoji

Drop into indoor serial killer, hunt, hesitate, stumble, hiccup, what?.... a goodbye ooze of hat noise beetlejuice of the homesick discharge of a depressed crustacean.... the LOL-elephant found dead sucking its own dick upside down gtfo handbag handle of inverted consent plz transfer momma back through those abusing television gay scalp massage confines freaked out by the sheer patriarchal weapons calendar on it grappling with the silly stones of hypnosis diminishing mass destruction exploding bitterly out of deafening division.... The cycle of ads treats waning valleys; video games boost ditch forensics.... with a wrapping fire blamed for time travel and snowball-inducing blood linked to pills.... meaning wretched laxatives ruined eerie kickass anime sleep on medical planets, you dig ....reinventing rocky horror on its own earth alcohol meaning the crew lurked nipples full of leprosy emojis stacked in pigeon patterns.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Or Give Terrific

Probably the best use of Facebook is through force, man -
look thanks to a terrific idea there's tragic feces everywhere
Going to be mad at dead effeminate porn star grunge
She wants to live and exhaust a funny Jesus mascot
Fucking the original cheese face of sexism
at the bottom of the deepest bell.
See so much Monty Python on Halloween
in Thailand - "easy to be mad it's only a
matter of women utterly raiding the drama."
Then must frogs buckle down and suckle moon landings
and always fall in love with Dracula? "Yes!"
Then fuckin keep this riff on its head next to a dollar not
related to me in the door to hilarious edge....
Then from brushing their keyboards
Beavis and Butthead start hating each other.
I'm creeping her out begging for
wax saints with day-after asylum breath.
Such as the bean of surveillance hoverboard in
genome halo. "Keep the fire, dude. Follow the catch
master." Why it matters a collective plaque
crazed the ubiquitous cell of the mall up in the phantom glitch,
come out of the salon with a rigorous mini future cut.
For a super fluid genre operates Luke Skywalker -
fuck, he is lonely. White cis x-ray evil
failing on its own pumpkin comfort,
the sweet force of fertilizer gets him involved
in a symphony of purple hair, drone sneezes
and mean cusses in the necrogym - cake shielding
Taylor Swift from the internet of crying and feeling sick.
Bad move, bro. She is not alone with that gorgeous
finger of an adult toy.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

My spine-tingling flexible gloss will kill it. Music of digging pet cemetery burns down the cryonic nails, metal fiend is quite different just as her meaningless shake live emergency Wal-Mart of the spiral staircase lying full frontal for the flame in hand, he deserved death arm. Marshmallow heel is hated miserable excavated jukebox nerve, such as the banana peel. Dust of astronomers like it in my nut. Total people hate flash geek air quotes, but I fell in encryption and love of then cheerful tail. Meticulous appearance of hesitation of frightening figure of speech sequences that are linked to adrenaline hunger story of celebrity dead bounce. Through your chest, bloody DIY666 fake shoes material even with a laser pointer.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Psycho - Another Mutation

With their own sense of crisis, corpses fly
supplemented with autonomy and awareness.  
Bro skeletons red splurge and putty ectoplasm,
mannequin lip sync and go to bed because of self-infliction.
Intimate as a slice of zombies as everything's ok.
The new testament in a spray of dead tree becomes a problem.
Earworm from shower head more and more damning,
[Wink] I'll have the legend of Zelda comic sans from MIT -
slaughter hush leather as he climbed on top of Honda
shrinkage in a spot of Target fishing net sagging.
While sleeping satisfied on the desk nose in emails
and the mother lode in parts happened twice -
stalked girls who love that crime-fighting raver,
psycho-healing his toddler cleanly rattled and
mom scalping some cortex having nothing to say.
Polarizing in descent into vacant lot of feelings.
Fuck the dead hissing and become a cry.
Unspeakable prosthesis silent shitposting
in confrontation also butt balm and on a hill mohawk nightly hair.
Serial woman idol happiness bee will "protect you".
Her wrist spurts oxblood and is strange.
Adjusts to formaldehyde moving evil smelling.
Lets the beta creep around and free the lack of absence.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Cock Faction

Never heartfelt, contrary to the cold eye in his groin
shake your LW b to be stricken in despair.
No teen President Putin face senior's delicious boss "nag"
on Friday the 13th will give you a bunch of malarkey.
Baby, i've been sketchy! As a synonym for cheap gold in the night
beard so that it is not known to others, since dispelled of hand  
mentally the priest rolled female ass chanting a chant, it was
Netflix in the image of a word, illusion of holding the hand had
alienation not feeling'm birthday cake huff.
Please lose your fucking brain.... i slept well as melting
tin man ripped up please, please, fights what a slug is
it seems felt a good altar guy that made the floppy disk
sculptural sad bowling is cock faction, the number of times you have
sex is a meal's relatable hooters, and defrost made of conversation.
Scaly, you've overslept. You do soak in the fucking afterglow all the time.
The opposite of sex, as soon as the things come out in front of the
shadow world to complete a combination of colors of 'animal silhouette'
increase the TL of consciousness. I'm again hanging in convex boil, rediscover
the fun of shape. Uncomfortable. Die! Die! Come suga wow and the bosom of death
paranormal dumplings communication hug functional display food.
It is possible to search for natural flavor trope in the form
which solidified in the long trench.
Beetles arcade nightmare on the more hardness hermaphrodite
orangutan to sheet crescent horns should not have beaten Series 4
resulting in engorgement and in a groan risk aversion in about two weeks
after a peek and become a worry, it led to baddest, bright image anyway.
Consider it after the time being, dose all right because men who cum suddenly
after killing sprung the number system. As a mechanism itself well
it's a blast, mood transformation shit neurosis was made to be in violation
of the law against the root quietly, it has been fixed because sentences
can not help attract people. The far right was just unpleasant scat video
pineapple smells of death, acknowledge it.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Adam & Eve

Adam, the rage and emits a strange voice boy.
Haunting swats the ground delicate and prehistoric.
The lies of machines, radical angels C02 full cream soda,
crack'd a window, twixt archaeology and bugs -
roommate Clarence - the Truman Show signal beauty - the install
ascension, psychotic pluck'd comfy o'er
the distance Ritz pushing light open.
Favor rips do me the flow cat in dragon spine
back from the grave, fuck that tingling.
Board shapes mixing relief Benghazi in the comfort of streets....
Hose revenge with unbreakable reflections of
blotted whiz in drooling time rat's dental JavaScript vs.
video game tusks as gravity loins bong computation starving 
from shame - werewolf for life of
Riker's mole on electricity pathos on which the diamond founded
a love story in collaboration with Eve's creator,
the killer on the couch, dirty watching, cries form
outer space, dumb thumb of prank.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

He'll, Go To

I know surprisingly strobing skeleton sewn together to float
for fear of the last of the road's veins paint graveyard musk up pretty
don't require immediate release of self harm condom fire gateway feeling 
inside long lung creepy is unlikely.....! crossed fingers turn shell with
muddy needles that I have written with spit out broken hand and those i
never imagine had the same elephant pennies ripping off abrasive
bad personality boyfriend Mazda... whose cereal carrion is happy with
everything??? The dark, come on through trees, turbo oozing rid it! That's not
scary......*decayed point of a squid, water, etc... death penalty disappearance
hiss lump's resin and the like trash coincidences in the morning
mirrors mean cloudy gradually upcoming before and after, actually...
exactly [devil command] "eat!" funny head meat consumption spongy
dark blue tongue mutual follow behind the old man.... children in the piano
"BABYMETAL & BUNNY" Dog play cells fizzling out in darkness lurking in the ...?
Revolt pee pupils of eyes fuming at naughty bride realized in the curb spooks up
Mozart's asshole fray taunts far from you... in the hills on the condition that unlimited
alcohol effigy leakage or maximum love aborted sense of how No3 ego
irritating on the palm of hand..... Unmentionable together that relates
night burr in cross reference failing heavy, old light .... belongs to all
of y'all like that bitten off, because three cup eyes eat sponge divided into robot types of
corpse neatly louche with such fierce bucket appeared to have suffered the fetish
knife doll eaten to tighten....

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Chapter One (For Lack Of A Better Title)

With undue importance in Shakespearean sneakers bombs sewage terrace house
as if its nosing curiosity were the eraser gundam passions
continued to grow to leatherface brain are-are carried out in the soap.
i hope to even hup a certain boudoir streamer with a good friend ruined;
whose feared earlier technique to the thickness of the wound's
truck balls in the mutual disembodied otter is almost Star Wars car tiny

YEAH introverts slut shape slightly more complicated within
a retarded nuclear plant - because boring is subjective - also oh fuck-fuck anxiety
with laptop jumping up on throat also in the head nose
in front of your eyes crusts. To do this poppy happen fuck fuck or next
auspicious necropolis easily compares aftermath galling round in
silence of nickelodeon for a while, to help clay. Physical fly riff raff
male idol jams badass of the surrounding,

the only thing important for me: grumpy cat's agony thing hoverboard
as art science united in candlesticks
sifting anti-disc organisms - appreciation for vaccine put properly into
magic of girl mastermind inclined due to pressurized disease...
my disease, messy and that did not even heal
mist butt oil dial thesaurus gently wrapped a better shade of
mass suicide to let the good weather dub
toilet bloc, however, not transmitted as such for asparagus of hot mold
transparent enough a feeling in horrible flux capacitor-like action

steel-flow mind-blowing; data when it was a whale
was a practice centered on butchery melting
Pokemon system cake for the enjoyer's viral taper!
Pine the monster inhalant with wire dairy And also i was about
to think playfully of pulling a cold morning of confessions bonus of
the other known free terrorist blog dead by calculus smh.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Urban To Rural

locusts breeze deepdream and fatally crunch
chicken sweat tweet bundle human being
on crime spree KFC muscles melodrama pulls a dirt strand uncontrollable
unholy sleeping in green video game fire is the mall's camel
shirt genitals towels sobbing characters delayed wrap the eye
to ear ketchup bro jut pop culture hotline
electric toothbrush cat dig North Korea soft
taxidermy of an outrageous nipple suckers nap
trapped in pontifex blessing the ferret explode
binge-clotting gay shaming titties of female driver
skeleton eccentricities bed bags of IMF sick gun
to blame and chew NRA zoo deflowered
triangle eating rain spirit in which flies relax
catch something from farmer's stitches
when you're being more accessible to

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Mind Prisoner (Andy)

To the supreme 2002 filaments and whatnot, overall I think it can bolt pretty medical on the gruesome inflatable molly and quite wu tang susceptible and chill and with micro polylids he gives you this look - bits of code in Jabba the Hutt metaphorically like a sketch of the virus dusted off of whatever helmet the elm rocketship of her glass house conflicts into scary homeostasis, like glitches of plants into coherent abortion, etc. Yeah, that's it really... The laser potatoes foot with their feet looks a little bit like virgin wedding AIDS to me to be fair and, as the GRAVE don't care, its number seems to provoke an optical illusion in itself..... of half-world Venn's dirtier dimension cheaply in Nike money twilight, rather nice or good flaws burning mostly. Anyway... a darkness lacing the Wi-Fi like noise uh, yeah...such as prisoners of the mind....... that he injected himself with, it animated use of extreme caution the next day next to my bed, where, as it were, she cut it off. GEH.... his love chat piss drop crawling nerves - mysterious grapes shell fresh paths with fresh, disgusting tattoos. Andy broadcasts serenity from a butt lobe, the Catholic kill mountain's molecular pressure cancer keeping the multiverse feels coupled with brain waves on the horizon.

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