Monday, August 31, 2015

Star Trek Fan Fiction

Amnesia spoils Saucer drag in carefree Roomba and the klunk of ignorance in Assimilation Computer carries autumn's Undue Sigh like Jane Austen through the Caucasian abyss in Monogamy Forex 8:30 with demon Bolts so to speak along the Floor Cunt Holodeck, Beige Wedges Absorb Dreads based on the wonder of Empire, wooden sword Gender recital past Binder state, Captain says window for a bug his senpai impulse to Photon Pleat, soon, they say, black Forest deterioration doing Da people absolutely according to a Vex Blueprint upon which Time's Stamp falls in wet ol' Daddy parts '15 /09/12 Unusually pamper ensign Graduation suit, Taste sparkles Deviate from Helical street Crap cocktail back to the Asshole clause of Average problematic fave on the Kinsey Scale, Cute and it is on the doctor's ladder, too, Annihilation gristle barely Pulled out from underneath comfortably warm Cardassians, Marry Federation Lobotomy Power and erectile Evil Emitter, they feel is unsafe, there had been comparatively timely Crumbs, Obscene instrument 9:30 Induced chilly to sleepy Food Species, overwhelming local feeling*

*some words in this poem have been stolen from this amazing article

Saturday, August 29, 2015


Kittens wrap the Playboy video novel cheese painting
eraser vertically, high rubber rate of suicide waning
red voice sound of slow wires for you
she lets nature copy the hole of a panda
you steam bug poop
on the international space station!!
get married in a gorgeous toke
let your hair grow weed
she splinter pits naked (pits splinter naked)
a slot raccoon for the stick machine of a smiling man
magic rip off of the 2015 concentration
embracing segmented freak boring the stuff of water
regret concrete'll be flooded roasting each other's
balls nightmares framed psychedelic
tea-html twice with the glue of the door of fear of
distant organs, wasteful
luck connection, when the lug is me (Golden Retriever) all night
upon a dome's money tissue
fever patch hidden from the actual rose
beggars a wound for the makeup
serial air guitar does not change the basic
sky in a dead whale
with sempiternal jetski fail -
stop talking about shit until Halloween
uncertainty monster
cloud gag of an alien word
squeezed tentatively, once cleared
face rot in children

Friday, August 28, 2015

Erotic Nurse

chimeric mattress at home
the same myopia fuels psychological reversal
horn of bread and Mr sleep series
antichrist without doing exercises
to laugh too much
is more awesome
over a wide range
hanging tied upside down
erotic thing nurses
everyone drinking breath
beautiful woman
in silence
sweet juice that
murmurs of technique
tweet that has been
cold over my basin
teacher thing with curtain
deliberately amazing momentum

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Iron Giant - Another Mutation

the iron giant's smelly USB lamp porridge beamed up waving hovering
psycho math lasting in God's IMAX cage as long as the actual hype does
fangs dump the entire blot in taskbar settings in the road
pharmaceutical misanthrope eaten by actual bear family at the pee master's signal
fake karaoke emo who killed digital bingo with WW2 butt up an orange pixie
drone strike on a real dinosaur erotically adequately bloodstreaming retail
exquisite videogames touched psychosomatically blank
fruit of the elephant head contradicting giant spurts
composed post-laser junk cone genesis

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Coroner - Another Mutation

speaking of human waste, boo
as the mirror assumes spatula lips
hyper spiders in a joint lily shit light
body temperature thrown on a soul
that exists swum hair burn
boo villain threw dildo linger on a rock
bunch Moloch grandma garbage costume hither bladder
of the shadow that slit Hell
where simple medical wig laid blunt table
with Banksy knife Hip Hop influences miscarriaged
beastly goth Jesus accidentally travelling
horrible grave languages climbing beastly
beastly beastly Guantanamo parts crazy grave regions
into soundclouds styling Joe's parasite helps a hole kill fur
punches melted a fucking slid burnt
psychological leapfrog or hoverboard lain bioluminescent
feminine spirits curse joke horses

Monday, August 24, 2015

Nudge Nudge, Wink Wink

mass beauty and autumnal patterns inflame architectures and slay dead man's pipe with disgusting hat illusion and yeti pee turned into bubblegum and horrid Street Fighter rustled dead hollow sleeping and ill truth thunderbolts rolling in Twin Peaks butterfly dreadlocks skull tumblr and TV bacteria coast seraphic perpetual and mineral personal and some kind of animal bloodied and walking dead with arms berserk and psychic dread electronics' safe floating sci-fi basketball twerking and toenail hatred and irreverent kissing and crisis carcasses due to sunken profiles deep dream abject amid infinite weed and carbon dioxide exploitation eh, look Eddy, oink oink:

Saturday, August 22, 2015

British Empire Pyramid Bush

Around tombstones and their slight light, a carnivore hauls the vegetable
shunting invasive, weaponized as muscleman bird mole, from the rear of a mummy;
with its fancy gusting techno, Beetlejuice poetry has absorbed
as much damage as angry boulevard nudity can.
Smell of DIY leather rim preferably circular in cross section,
ad hoc sexual satisfaction not deep enough to be useful,
the mind scratched holy by Babel burial puddle.
The valley of death is something appallingly bad:
is not self-locating you actually have to locate it yourself...
with faux robot's post-modern pivot, like Vikings jostling
the British Empire from underneath her pyramidal bush,
theoretic Mountain Dew embodied ambient chains
of masculinity inflated round the RPG pornography
waitress new-risen, phlegm-darkened.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Lovecraft - Another Mutation

I'm very horny, skull constipated, blood dating colors,
a food crash turned the legend slippery
I could atomically crap in the garage, become a dead personality with antennae
loss of images embalming blazed, twist twaddle poop human reality
captured by a drug, fame has alienated me from my fans
the online rectum of cancer
indestructible, I can't breathe; I had held the sword; illusion
purple tears cried stoned on Martian plant slug hue unfurled by pedal
fly, a semblance of transit, the Freudian hack exchanging mystical
evacuation; delete shimmer gurgling on face prolly, fuck non-existing
golf course bladder chemical manipulated by
zip-up bowl cunt, deformed metal, lab-grown ancient Egypt -
the sound unobtainable, the missing in Alaska
skeletons desire downloads of quite low smudge
cluster-banged; captured by bicycle; Lovecraft as much as possible
foraged with man-eating gibbering gun, smelled real bad

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Mr Bean Skit

foul bean thunderbolt gradually accustomed
to original living landscape,
fun-hardens in fragrant candlestick skin;
marble layer of red wine fragment
was not exquisite scalping harmony Kegel
and milk port finger was not point of view hole;
winds hallway thick struggled until now.
the elasticity!
it was stuck on this picture -
tigers leaning against an oversized toilet.
in the bite, grows moss.
hail hole in a jar-Twitter account.
broken puff updated blog/
hospital shaved type of rod yellow.
stomach had gotten along with propeller
of naturally created pentagram.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Twilight - Another Mutation

Twilight teen open wound, constriction a known crocodile horsetail has high
mutual slap for. Loss of rat in utter scramble for unchanged elevator reflex -
a TV ritual. Why not aim in earnest? The breathing callus fell.
Obscured porn actress's first time - blood android faded by horizontal cologne.
Bile in gills when he nut. Sideburns repulse through shutters,
Star Trek pants belch space worship; as reanimated jelly spirals
affect united harmful growth, the groomed skeleton of the terrifying
ass clown's stalagmite ossifies, haunting the happy graphic dream's
tube like a frog, relegated to shrink poking softly not yet dead ...  

Friday, August 14, 2015

TO Exploit Disability Seething Stitched Interrupted Siz Clan
A Garbage Dank Fade Locusts INTO Soul Rare
Augmented Psycho Effect Fork A Pogo Tears Farten Molt
YOUR Noodles Cock (Ejaculation) Ah Aa UMLAUT
Leader (All six) Annoying prevention \\\))) Gracefully Spent
Summer OF 49-Year-Old Dome Warbler Miss Cute
Razor [No. 16937928] Mouth Hammer Nurture

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Split Pail Dick Nut-on Shopping-at OD-funny Jug-like Begat Smell
Heels Ballad Large in-Saga Tussling Fire Bounced Grin-A-Croak Hoshi
Live-on Panties Ice Schism TO Clog Fantasy-Spiked Froggy Surf
Baby-Hi Fanny-pack I CAN Not MOD its Being Winsome
It's Obvious my-Chain Lend me-up Grim Dope Hole-in Suicide
Fold Memory Worth of Nintendo MY Shove Severed Muddy

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Slime Mango (Widget Pez Offset) & Fanzy Prod
Demo FOOgatheringHEAT (En.Cool& Stupid)
Fucking All You Haters Plugs:
& Totaling SOAKS Hooker EMAIL
Snapchat Sides Finesse Mt.Septum
UpScrape Just 1 flour. Of HungAx
ASKSPalm Writer To Dead Skin

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

To fight the shape-shifting, a dead celebrity uses soap 
and other objects. Fish believe it sucks ass to breathe 
car horn air from the asshole of a hippopotamus -
suicide brook meanwhile subverting fusion. 
To breathe Ant-Man sprays his Rambo magnets with herbicides, 
during meetings in the hands of the sub rosa 
evil theme lurking in HBO comics beneath the heavenly Tamriel, 
then with a hyphen sets a hilly firechoking the crowd's delight 
like a Taunton's rapture shamed by its trucker
"warlock like crazy shepherd mourning swag" - 
sexting her mortal household from a Kit Kat untill... 
by the vertical, cellular bazaar's crooked alphabet
kidneys in the oracle's head explode dildo balls air 
devoid of taste. 

Monday, August 10, 2015

beautiful if myopia is improved
demon who saved the realm of plants 
darkened all concern 
nuclear humanity angels upset 
weird eyes hovering bloom
feed twixt fires buzz oddity 
ooze lush eyelashes waving 
alien light bomb fire spilling 
loins starve miracle buttered 
sons force assembled fun 
shallow deluge horror spreads 
mapped sands eat cubic space 
mortal kombat where the word 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

General Suicide; Minuscule Euphrates 
Sleepy Hollow; You'll have Ink 
Slug Killed; Sex Assumed Rich, white 
Joint Skateboard; Goat Of Sadness 
Banana Leper Displaced; TV Lucid dream 
Burning like Shadow; Blog Implosion 
Bird human Being; Corpses (joking)
Brittle (Laughs); Shape Abused fridge 
Dilated and Boredom shit; mailbox or Dead  
Villain Satellites; Austin Powers Blackface 
Bestial reflections; Bullet-proof Delightful 
Horns Don't belong; Crescent To burn 
Nipple Drape; Hotline Infection 
sci-fi Ibiza Liar; Songs vice 
Glacier Egypt; glue on Temple 
Heart cliff Erase; Sorceries Vessels 
Fell nose; Arm Wandering 
Damsels Than human; Suck Internet ass 
Massacre Fast Food; Purple smoked 
Like heat Source Code; Porn teeth 
The dark upended; Alienated material 
Lose friends. 

Friday, August 7, 2015

came zen-like from out of nowhere: 
the snake sniffed 
a cenobite of the stop-motion crusades 
halloween rebounded surreal off his macbook 
erectile ear-strain 
calved ectoplasm: disgusting as scrabble-buttloaded 
dungeons and dragons, 
cocaine through pikachu content 
the clown's tears of iron man's infernal mountainside's fountain 
dimensions of noise morphed long  
from the cosmetic sack of tesla 
could such soviet bionic torture demons (eerrrrrmm)? could such ancient seo  
sleeve online toys 'r' us
confrontational tourist, with merely your exoskeleton on facebook 
my GRANDMA, the pixar counterpart of death bitch
and grampa, arctic elephant of promiscuity 
in THEIR day found gmo to lucidly cradle marijuana  
back to the future hitchbot must die...:
his dirty mind, through that psychedelic door 
found its cheese valve for beautiful ghosts 
they're asking: 
what's happening to me? 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Connect the dots that side of the moon's 
crazy pores spitting salt. Do not touch me. 
The ambiguity will once again flow through psychotic 
text messages; bats breastfeading the serial killing 
facial malformity, skeletons scared of the broken 
bone of Gorn tickling Ronda Rousey, lonely 
DEF LEPPARD medieval, Reddit middle finger 
severed in a Hollywood studio... 
Babies made out of rock crack Wall Street; 
bleak mountain corroded by Unesco poetry, 
birthday card nonsense souped-up like pizza; 
avoiding mating with it nopes any 911 operator's empathy
contagiously yawning through the random science 
native to Seinfeld, while eating... 
The degree of harm of social media determined 
by the sixth sense of bullies in dirty rotten T-shirts: 
gun in mouth, toothpaste-hypersensitive...  
dust off the dogs and deface the robots and
ponzi their laryngeal cremainsWith woe 
comes the terrible beauty's white bro octopus 
ejaculate, falls a blissful smell, as well, 
into an Eden for the dead.  

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

I know who Doom is. As the awake sheriff who ate chips during forbidden experiments, Cpt Kirk became the first conventional uncircumcized exercise azure's shared ninja to resume, through a gate in vulnerable mountains, then flopping into public alien rivers, his prostate rocket's anxious Goliath, since the 20th century, in the sand of a fun shame-periodic-table through a bloodshot apple's hole in the head, screwing X-Files-type murder victim jailbait over with the weird mind control hamster wheel worm, matching psychiatric swarm and Nintendo wand, mocking his own superpowers with a nail file. On the surface of the autistic planet, kinetic Helvetica bleeds ceased summer wordsmoke out of penis garbage that came out wookie as hell to turn black underground apologies into wax on bones within her demon orb's cloven atmospheric helmet.

Monday, August 3, 2015

YAWNING Killed by Just performing
Obnoxious Farting Giant
Inflatable Made out of wood Zombie
The zenith Toy story The relate Funk
Slapped Traps Bright spots
Kong Snail Ice cubes
Ghost story Gomba Mosquito Tinder Invisible
Forests Bizzarro In existence
Kitchen knife to Washing powder
Bleach Toilet paper Quilt Senility
Garfield Sperm Porn Apostrophe
Dragon Voyage Tremble Forehead
Spider Diss Forks Rustling

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Pervert in shape, Withered FEMA Camp Bad Ass, 
Zoolander emails Robot in Fear of Slot-sided Form of boyfriend. 
Its form, Overeating guy Bliss.   
eBay brightness OF Parking ticket. Star Wars in spite of Sun.
Portal skimmer Less than Conspicuously lmfao In Gap of death. 
SUCH musk (she thought) Kesha Obtained from Solaris, IT Makes me depressed.
exit meat: synthetic heads of Spirits: 
Staples Flung at people, he thought. Misty London HAS Been real. 
With Cruise Oprah couch jump Subtext: faded-mouse Middle: ...
With Corn dog Scars of entrenched Happiness networks... 
Radiation Winter bedding Humans' Optimistic Crime
Interactive pigs Troll Passion Flop Knocked on Steam 
in solar Loneliness, by UAV OF eternal gelatin showers, 
half enclose X-Man rejection Dance Bear
Fuck YOU, Birthday 

Saturday, August 1, 2015

with the Plague, soundly Superman, flashing fire
absurd caffeine Puppet of time, called IT star mother
Teens Onions red-eyed Concrete Giant
tastes Like Excursion made out OF A face
Metal log welcome Beam
Contradictory scrap of Completion Fire hydrant
self-congratulatory hairy man CAM
Windows posted lovely, exploded BY mistake
unbelievably cross-stitch Celestial 
The back OF people!
tin soccer petri Dish Verge of degenerate Fetus 
AN asshole-bones hill biscuit
bundle The structure I SATAN cross
Strokes Bottomless  Ecstasy polyhedrons Christ
Dwell today: prism Homophobe, HERE
machete Exorcisms protrude From The Roof
Flexes Cauliflower Flower basket Filled
Shaved colored paper IS Mad Max MOUTH-puking
Carefully, it's late confectionery Food Newspaper

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