Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Groundhog shoe, your knack for submerging the contagion
your vigilantism – with the strange hair

Don’t tell me the ground beneath your feet can tie its laces as fast as you can,
with webbed fingers; an entire city’s boardgame

Of Roman plumbing glistening
in droopy bottom lip
Tattooed blue epithelial Donkey Kong
wide filmy see-through diaphanous panic, flattened – don’t know where the shoe suddenly came from

Of cute homeless Algerian space debris put through fucking hell
the worst Weekend at Bernie’s ever

A corpse doesn't always get the opportunity to go to the grocery store
waiting for the hearse to pop out from behind a corner

the Savannah getting its curves underneath the zeppelin
to throw away your old face with an insouciant *flick* deserves a Facebook ‘like’

Disembodied fart made me do it
which is to say its humor is actually something one should buy tickets to witness

Souls the agnostic floss their teeth with
expression and an ear found in the driver of the Dark Star Taxi 

We sat through the whole goddamn ballet  
a failed pirouette is an ordinary crossing leg that somehow has gotten itself jammed in a milkcan - imagine sitting for two hours through this shit

In one capsule the thrill of alcohol rehabilitation
the act of making love to the neighbor’s veranda designed by a jackhammer   

There are humans in these interlocking vacancies
i.e. bartenders saving their strength with finely spaced delays stand there as if frozen gaze raptly at nothing

Bring me to where dad’s sperm cell and your egg met for the first time, mommy
‘honey, try to vividly picture a slow cooker – try to vividly picture yourself liking meeting it: ignore for now the Comic Sans Serif inscription on the side…’

I know every silly guideline in the Bible – I saw the exact same ones in the space shuttle operation manual, sitting in the chair, all strapped in, cock in hand…

A nosebleed is the most important part of a clown

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