Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Life is an illusion's lunar fingers.
Pale and glistening.
Centipedes slithering back into Abyss.
A stiff heart's nest.
Life is fried data.
The bird-salad behind Frankenstein's monster's mask.
Made out of smoke and defibrillator
Eyes inside a burning lamp.
Life is a poisonous phenomenon.
A brighter red electro-Mountain Dew.
Life is resurrection sucked from a suicide-cocoon.
Blazing Ewok 
Here and there the distinctive yawp of a psychopath.
Life is an encoded moonwalk.
Life is slither 
Life is worm
An orphan puppy
Followed by bacon-death.
Fly-brain gravy heaven.
Life is on Uranus. 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Fun Worms

One leg shorter than the mind's stump
A scrabbling hypothalamus's armhole egress
Coarse 80s Facebook golden shower
Segments of hate boner, peeled eyelid
Cheese Minecrafts up in the down-throes of repeat
Rare dulcet faucet deconstructed astride invertebrate horse
Seasick dry-ice lab squiggle released canned, a chemically thinner turtle
The Terminator has fun worms
Exposed seams flub their servo
Dungeon lesions cum projectile cum caught in webbing
A wedding anal probe phobe
A leather extravaganza of smarting conjoined twin pileup
Raw snooze dipping radar rattling into pockets of bursting consciousness
The smell of burnt cooking
The music's all-encompassing kitsch
Poe chirping “Oi, me bong is missing”
Pollen upon piano doll tentacles
I am content dang-it”
I romanticize magic vomit”
I am the disintegration's contents”
Nice fob, Falcor”
Sushi clouding the offending sack of entrails
Impressed, but anthropomorphic CD players bum me mate out
Gruesome offal wedgie at the porta potty theme park innit
Electrical embedded footprints winking yea c'mon in pancake psychedelic
Me undulating goiter wrecked her steak” and the walls are now sweating
And the gradual gangrenous creeping fist-bump of wigs
And the subsequent disquieting mystery tour cluster-throb
Smelling sneezing flux capacitor urinal wheelchair-bagging 
Cracked roachdick circlejerk noise-figure
Psychosis litmus in cool evening jello 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Diaper King

The catheter is real. Jesus whips clotheslines Aladdinesque,
hurting speptick for toxic waste but not for tha wind. A toilet paper roll
misdiagnosed with the combined buzz of a pop-up book
and the Death Star spewing fantastic video chat onto its own ant face, mugwump-
starvin' vape-rolls, jazzin' spine and wheezin' aerosol the personal miasma's algorithm-
shitty length impervious to whimsical piss-crunches, and Michael Jackson.
I wasn't there for my tattoo's volatile non-literal inflammation desensitizing toadstools.
Fuck it. I wasn't there for my spirit animal's non-literal stoner rant, either, mwah.
In the gulch, evolution's black mass snorty in the schlug, with strange noises
like a galaxy coming quietly to the window, like toilet paper sticking carefully to the road...
Organ failure encourages dependence on a really ergonomic glory hole
like vanilla waving pretty off-white in a diaper –
Perhaps the whole hospital could be enlarged in some way,
could smeg 94 on my dick somehow,” safe-word the nerf's dead comet high ride;
swag-word cerebral grofl's good egg nasal probe invisible to sadism,
over-attracted to electro-scat wikiwhomp, frawigg bi-slinga to the derp medium's
cold mental chicken hardware, retro-raja kick-jjjwk kinda roxy on the gobchoo-ttt,
hypno-puppypee erased clog rung in the waxy pie Sega's grommet.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Alternate trash-bag nude brrzzzdq epic 3D grooves, the 6tht eww's lava Elohim.
Vanity plates ENRON-tucked into rare laundry via an osmosis of 90s nostalgia.
Contortion irrigates those wars as, with a whot-tching kack-a-loo-LOL, the Justice League rollercoasts bed-wetter cannibal piping.
A wooded ear is known as “earbeard” to your cellophane-like 098sfrj! A charming dwarf can withstand this prop, probably.
Just as McNuggets can curse their own ghastly pouch, my rat bone pounces like daggers in the dust.
Nobody in their right dradzd expected a poltergeist's solenoid to self-immolate with as much barf :)
Praying for the deadly glockenspiel of Satan to sideboob slarving neo-Nazis cross-court the whole drab o-fuckit.
Before undead orgasms can parkour my backyard to bulging qwidge.
Snakes still fatsquatch macabre, leapfrogging the milkshake in the erf.
Pervy, we stand in the giraffe-aurora and splat scrabbling swag.
Selfied into deep, interesting singularity with a pungent virus anti-poky.
Washed up, candle-lipped ghost-branches trepan the parking meter.
Like a playground cephalopod simmering schizophrenic, prong-piz self-healing.
Birds slumming that mortal coil, augmented with nails, springs, 48d4i30ck!!!!!!, etc.
A mausoleum piled dense with tiles of alien-graved sticky toaster.
Unreal robotic arm snailing portable deadman's dopamine the square root of trovjzjgled. 

Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Welcoming Committee's Howitzer

Swans' own personal bubbling-up bummed a doily to death today,
dogman nipples draped in Ferengi pinholes, schmaltzy gnaw humanizing
immersive flog, a zillion stinky butts embossed alive, skinned by axiomatic
fingerbanger tangentially shredding id outskirts-ward, burning my face as
with a pragmatic moo I shart ancient curses clustered like sonic vapor on black,
carcinogens the Mixologist's enigmatic cardboard wolfs parallel
with its own conductivity's grim zipper, muddied arm exploding in slipstreams
of airhead-kickstarted vacuum cleaner, tearing through zits
on the walls because that's how my precious mess flares: in alphabetical
order, in a noose, like a welcoming committee's howitzer
shooting the shit today for you, sir.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Inverted Echo, Wobble

Assholes slosh polarized in the collapse of continental pizza.
Confected in contrasting hemorrhage, prolapse-shower. Oxymoron smell.
Space-sawed smiling swamps. Celebrities shit-shroud death.
Rejected devil bubbles, fap fap fap fap; falling off of sky jig like lawn zygote, onto lawn. 
A jagged, awkward horse electric. Beaten back, a pit of sentient milk in bottomless tee.
Karaoke-legless on Skyrim plug. Ironic serial killer ridges.
Meesa oil-ramifications seem to seem DIY to a ho!
Vegetable vampire-venous sea cucumbers, ahoy! Gangnam dick pools open thread, motherfucker!
Farfetched anuses dry-heave toward a curvier nuke...
Dog worm inside out, great, castrated spaces. Magnificent, UFO, truck nuts.
A tinfoiled blood vignette moons, like pronounced glass, are drunk on.
Psychedelic kneecaps fucked a ray unseen behind protective titty.
Time-lapse knife slammed inverted echo wobble. Ate very hot absurd money shards. 

Friday, May 2, 2014

Turn Up For Satan

Bodily fluid is cohesive. Enlarged blood is made by murder.
With a sharpened breadstick, Jesus nailed each pearlized crypto-diaper of his to a silver elephant like a small, sour patch of green.
Pleasant vagina-animal vinyl. Complex crackles foregoing the virgin mothlady's metaphorical metamorphosis.
Trash lights up as an emotional Voltron loads bone from a metal scrapbook.
Death-decals discolor the bathroom. Diffused in shades of cruelty's smeary smegma-sequences.
Social situations strangle a fleshy potplant in the middle of the poolhall.
The obscene transplant blends with where the onboard computer feels wet.
Stimuli absorbed from the rabbit's head in a projectile continuation of orphans failing McDonald's post-modern poop-inkblot menu.
The seizure happened again but not since unhinging a muffled crescendo warning from the prey's stitching. Jingling manually like the earlier, best work of Satan. 

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