Thursday, October 31, 2013


Oblivion used to be sexy all over –
gathered near an affectionate but elusive pore.

Feeding it splits it, the spewing metal lampshade of Pinhead's constipation.
In a metallic confluence of Gulag desiderata,
aorta-yolk returns home –
a prodigal curiosity.

While Stockholm syndrome forges a sock
through which his dickcheese bores,
Hitler's growing amusement is inappropriate;
it has suddenly mushroomed, like a werewolf,
a sebaceous human centipede
that, the bigger it gets, disappears into the crowd.

Literal moth leak here and there sticks dandruff-style
to the blades of a figurative lawnmower, which is attractive to it,
which is a flapping, spring-loaded cluster of literal and figurative
Blackface magic.

Things slowly and deliberately scrape the pinata. What the unfathomable membrane
broadcasts alternates between lumpy bumping carts and omniscient schoolgirl.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Poem

Remote controlled
meaty squiggle, ready

for death.

spinal cord

on ice,

occupying dreaming's
multi-blob prison.
Escaping the synth-fueled circus,


Donnie Darko wallows in
the prism; tap water alters his


Worms burrow
in nostrils, digital-green.
Slime holds euthanasia-tubing

in place.

Wet-flog amphibious


Grapple with a combination
of evil robot whodunit
and neolithic fungus's inherent

glow sticks.

Unfriend an X-Man.
Ghostly FB search results.
Rare hopelessness offered by the

tractor beam.

Adult droid showing asshole.
Abducted by aliens.


Sensitive electric ass-acne.


Flying backwards drowns dinosaurs
in a clock's continuum.
The batting doormats
of ruined eyelids.

The dancing foreskin monster
merely entangled with the illusion
of a convenience store:
like laughter inside an ATM,
his starship coasts through stringy space.

I am merely a Freddy Krueger
corrupted by a bath,
fog machine syndrome drooping under haunt-

Gaseous D&D fluffing puppy fabric.

A soap opera
of ornamental plague
rained by demon skull.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Aborting Mickey Mouse

A child doodles a crater.
Which becomes the Grim Reaper's church.
The sun dissects the opacity of the bloated sea monster.

Syphilitic clown-sinew brewed up by incest
in a horseshoe of alternative bladders;
Bollywood speed-dating
in formations of decaying bugs.

To the glorifying catcalls of ghouls, SpongeBob's shorts recrudesce –
replacing a McDonald’s tripod
with a bony Mount Doom.
Blackened, half-aborted Mickey Mouse-polystyrene
left to be raised by wolves.

Warhol's ADD disfigured his voodoo doll. By now an outdated Ewok,
buried alive in the form of smoothly stacked Pringles,
it moonwalks a braid of crumbs to the anus of a vending machine ...
along the paisley fringes of vertigo and Warp Drive's stink,

the hollowed-out basement's
shoggoth-outflow disguised
as paths bent weird by floods.

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