Sunday, September 27, 2015

Mario Revisited - The Atoms Of Vice

hot air balloon dial tone in vice atoms, the horizontal spider of fast yellow Dark Mario spread in the fear station monster Nerf like shit, yummy as the dead just as the vagina save your life the devil's thought occurred to me - what if these gold arms scattered sunshine goat processing lobotomy mommy like orgasms behind elegant bars jerk good old pizza soapy and drink cauldron fire aching and unload his frog. pornographer wins, ferret face drawn. "hmm, it don't look like the dead to the woman" - the wonderful heads of midgets choking her trunk plunge botanical headaches like a nose. shadows increasing can't stop the corpses

Friday, September 25, 2015

White GP

Asshole abuses slide Pope between rusty machine shade fat
magical trickles harvest dramatic rocks
the cyber peaks of a pair of squeezes huff fabulous bitterness
a history of cloud formations on an infinite TV show
fingernails decanted the tubular cat like skinny nurses
fireworks hunt down The Astounding She Monster
blatant woman burned at the stake
the white GP's naked space drinks her blood
empty waiting sadness spawns evil
train of horror fantasy alphabet
Ouija chariot's cool black puppet
Art at the beginning of the dead imitating the sick 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The TV Spectacles

the condom is too big a pig of spiritual comic violence interface of nutella bottom brain style of random pm. while bits of Barbie snapchat autopsy normal vr vaginas. - "I don't want to be part of the herd fighting climate change" - unreal lsd booty of steampunk volcano jug fingerprints tug o war lisp chucky the halloween fukushima website goodness with dark bath dc shake and whisper heroin sims in mario maker kicks off a pattern of angry hypnotizing recreational death .-  an ant's ghost in miniature tv spectacles? - "the miniature tv spectacles on your pretty face honey sand food amazon in water slot text ill riffed mix fate - i'll report you - that's sexual assault! - stroke alien prison guard voice coil of ebola island moon chandelier born dismembered cute open-ended of hi-tech dashcam out of context advertising emission sneakers bedbug asleep rn murder connect ADHD germ bundle solstice

Monday, September 21, 2015

The Monk Trapped In The Wall

Dark horse analog as the imagination flicking witch hairs. Golden feelings taken away by an email vibe - shy Hell core and South Park stomach parting ways. The black zero of reality, like a virus immune to Christmas chemicals, traps all hope; fish sewn together by the dead arms of vultures walk; breakfast evaporates from a beheaded pet. Your corpse shapes the dent in municipal wall sadness: "bitch, my best buddy was a monk - spongebob wool surrounding raven's jaws worried grisly by vanilla spinster, he listened to the silent shootings. Eyelid spooned, floating over a breast on a bladder's leash."

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Trump Speaks Loudly Gay

Do you know Chipotle or more yellow eyebrows, from the (20th) day
So far, was the culmination of my personality disorder towards the
run up and down of Lobster riboflavin
candles scum, and *bad smell* starts October 11 with LGBT
liveblog of her fear of the mist *followed me around* and
It continues until the mind's tie-up collapses trees
different to folic acid ad sense mess of numb mix of desktop Hell
from empty crash to climate change waves Slime
kush chaos I wonder - if to be experienced whispers parted
duck Bing green onion disconnected form the sexy compassion!
I am focused sweater prick stem of cow clock supporters
frightened in isolation bubble harms slowly
Yes yes! Here it is! slave feeling, the soothing mosquito circled
the dying Twitter pinup burns God through his bag of Minotaur
tingle ass, I can learn Grand Theft Auto by GOP debate
movie dandruff that began $$$$$ Uber in the safety knot

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hannibal - Another Mutation

Evolution Groping dank memes
behind the Soapy Portrait of the King of the psych ward
Caught them in his BMW self-help looping
OKAY, it's Happening - the Samurai releases his cute Wheel
some Tail Position Absorbs into reverse
Steroids Play on the Meat-eater frozen
You are not.
sending an iPhone 6S like some Unmanned hot dog Through hell
while pig-jelly-speakers Body Rub Horny guys
in a Violent Cannabis Death Haze
emitted by the Thick onion Clarice is Randomly slicing
sending her Hipster mouth into bottled ocean
Good evening.
Wacko OED ignored thru bars
Sicko, fatal, self-inflicted shit is a therapist's next-level-herring
embodied by a robot patient covered in scarlet mud

Monday, September 14, 2015

Post title

aggressive superhero w/ broom IRL sucked
blood pressure umbrellas warm w/in sofa
of melting meats looking out into space....
w/ sunken eyes he as it were at the same time
wiped Snow White the fake somnambulist love owl
electroshock burgundy by stabbing her in the side w/
a messy Babadook under Campbell's sunflower water....
too bad weird ass spiderman Gifs turning borderline bitch black dog
Kraftwerk asleep beneath Illuminati mirror skin
jerking Mad Max fossil fuel like body paint off of centipede
organ silk sold device-free out of sheer mad science
satisfies fantasy revenge kissing in the nightclub's grave
and the dark urge to text infinity......?
plague livestreaming its heart-like material straight out of
utopia while masturbating the special locks of its archeology
w/ the masculine kittehs of p0rn fucking w/ the mysteries
of molecules in a spontaneous mixer of healed ribs
could also kill for a mother in a father's head

Friday, September 11, 2015

Suicide Mario Bros

river doom nauseates gravity starry as if pregnant with coin blocks
circle-jerked into ghosts between stressful warp zones

only the fungus is the wrong Lovecraft - as ridges gradually build to a continuous rose-hole
projecting the wash solution onto the pavement - tone grinning suffixes of grisly guts SLAYS

the usual words not used on cheap Mondays
                a segment of bikini bridge medical enough for Disney

frog retina touching knife applications on the wall......

theatrical video-intensive Charles Bronson mass suicide beefs up the creepily-recently dead brain in my head unfolding sinuous like a penis;

ugly pipe's slew of nachos latching elaborate onto weekend bugfuck ziggurat glory hole abyss alive until I am dead

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Bearded Tattoo

Lucifer prowls the Marijuana lantern, sisters and brothers
Impossible-to-hear wizard -
Head of vampire space -
Intermittent Beard tattooed on Micheal Myers
Remote murders
entire market dreams, as if Choking
on Air Jordan horns
Amazon Prime evaporation mountain
Serena Williams Dragon Vagina
Secret Meanings found by Mars Rover
deep in Autumnal Krampus Song
The Graduate Degree Meant 6
Animals stitch chill magic
Ejaculation autonomous with Drums
And Life as a concrete STRAIN
Eclipsed the Child's severed head
in the Drain of McAfee Arrested Development
software 911-ed from a nest
"Stylist Fucking with snake" - Jesus said;
Timeline neck of a Drone on fire,
comrades, I say unto you
Cokes in a Spaceship Covered in General Electric
The Thing's LIES personified by an action figure
The Weakness of Frankenstein in Stunning PS4
Sizzling acoustic to money's Seduction switches!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Steampunk Death Mock

it's scarier - to be not-alone
with the made-up subjective feeling:
despair's cartoon of death appreciated
in light of the MRI serial killer's churning polar absence
covering a dead account with
coughs of spectacle to 1UP symbolism
activity reviews of worse digital fears
ensure erasure, stimulate the tongue
languishing beneath the house
it's too late! - angels are drinking the decomposition
to stop biological
betrayal by the line between science fiction
(brimming with sleeping twilight stuff ...)
and the fire cream's terror silhouette
welcome: - I can hear them walking
frightened, I see peeling off of the desolate
landscape trance extracts of ancestral steampunk
piano conjoined twins per UFO slit
immobilized, my dick leans over a bizarre hat
to puke, soothed

Friday, September 4, 2015

(HEROIN) Circle Triangle

the depression triangle of the vomit circle of the carnival pussy
of his artery's mouth won't let go of the chainsaw curling squid pop typo dark
shoehorn fuck yeahhh... fractured spoon of his muse shooting a caveman's
sense of self; via a collection of rattles within the strangeness ... shut the fuck ...
up desperate splooge the horror wave heals spineless - it was a rat's existence
in that part of the transcendental person  ...people with Jobs DO heroin
purring behind the Movie's high-dimensional mask, kill yourself...
serving the love doll dimension a View: ... graffiti in the world's 2-dimensional
banana heart's galaxy on stalks hypnotizing the Prison Virgin stuffed
as Insect fire mantel itself suffered love bumps ...The Monster expected to mingle ...
more dust stands out like poison on anime thigh shuffle Tetris wife infosec less
hard to deface than some death penalty OS hopping schizophrenic squeaking Iron Racist
DMT-duct-taped X-file Hypochondriac suddenly Googled in a mere passage of low roof
lung Nessie taking in more pig than any respectable curator of Star Wars heroin expected
once in viral glitter to shit goat's latte stretched Out...IT was good it was not raining!
then It would have been even better ...

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Urban Immortal

in moccasins made to vacation-fuck
your eyes in the noise of their own blood
sewing their wild mess of liver tire to the road
as metropolitan nothingness holds him like an owl
Wikipedia-bottomed bleak, Baron Frankenstein disappears secretly 
beneath the balls of boobs' Norse moon, eclipse of the screen's
disembodied patchwork, sexy harm's attentively paranormal face
illuminated on organ trade reality shows -
the shit of deadly daytime bypassed joy:
in a parallel violence, exposure to its insane miracle drifts
gentrified whales outta zoos like charred cars
creating shelves in the deep walls crab-wise
hands fanning pics that foamed immortality

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