Friday, February 26, 2016

The large testicle entombed in R2-D2 (arms stretched) splashes on his Nikes,
needs R-rated persuading by traditional girlfriend, ecstatically, or else be
mesmerized by a looming network of death farms – a reiterated glimpse into
their galaxy of centerfold coral, into the pollution (of hate) of the self-driving car.
Cancer killed my dog (the bad movie's velvet oddity appears and disappears
very quickly). Squat itself in Tinder shambles mock-throwing FBI music-
bollocks at an atlas (representing a more empirical Tumblr) on Japan just
when the ultimate Vader of librarians joined a Turkish boy band and Mexican
adults huffing the mystery malice of Poster Brit's misty Caesar vaping soulful
death knell in infinite pork jersey and Vans condescended to race using
Martian philosophy. The cries of overhead fish match the accents of children,
those squirrels of Europa who announce the return of the virtual world (on stickers).
The uncontrollable whitewashing of Victorian bad posts through the death of
Weird Twitter seduces the KKK into a spree of postal sex, their horrid paramedics
horrified, struggling in confusion to unevenly flash a muggled vampire shrinking
in the pool at a friend's wedding reception – which fairy tale descends into surrealist 
porn over the next thousand years like addiction eating at a fresh tie. Roses backlog a
monster's dry underbelly. Nude against a red wall on the street opposite Love's
underground butchery whispers through paper burned money in a bundle in the
hand of an android screaming in rental cars burned into the night screaming all
other parts of the meme OK.... The dick increases (in size) if you kick it in the ear. Its
(interior) lake buzzes like a helicopter through rings of subterranean beer forfeiting
the old-fashioned Count's grudge by falling in love with/in praise to itself
with flu's sound. 

Monday, February 22, 2016

Very stairs. Slight cereal bowl. To Andy's delight, the misery in
prison is merely alchemical; the ironic avatar of humanity, through
the wormhole to Damascus (in a tomato), is data; like any law-victim
controlled by the minority report, Andy must eat cells on the
moon and dunk veins like a weary hitchhiker in the very Sync he'd
alienated, cooking shameful vacuum whilst Disney-delving missing
chill in a poignant severing, puzzling by GPS to help snuggle by the light
of day, pieces of information onrushing; amazing climax, abnormal....
the glib, retired astronaut expects the root of a color chart pulled out
like a chip crawling out of his chest. Intelligent air leaking blasts
of Utopian mash-up, revealed cave.... kicking, he fucks the
biggest television that breathes graphics ripping off their own
secret fabric; fucking a pig like a gross pillow, underlining penis
exhalation, with sound, all layers merry occult Broadway dulcet:
the moment poised to split ears; sticky overlain actor-screenshots
trapped in Comic Con melancholy with girl-folds in spotless
animation for the hilariously flexing pop-up lion's wicked Empire's
hidden camera's gnaw.... In the wings, edible swag enshrines
the central gazebo and encrypts peripheral rubble, disrupting dreams
into a straight pile into which Fassbinder's bicycle thieves sink a
freaking bell. Mood-soaked pavement Andy must therefore DM smooth
package folds for, for fear of a tree. 

Friday, February 19, 2016

Ghost in progress, heeled bloody jack, lets disease reverse
unlock DADA's lustre, a conspiracy that must backlash to
settle horror in fecal soak-up experiment, some inhuman
phone of plastic green, some twisted pizza spirits flop
in, bundle, as into a dark tower trashes lament for few shards
of a good occasion to Siri between animal rights and Gmail
bromance, up to the beginning of fun, polarizing brassy,
the impaired shrimp preferring slug in a jumpsuit = dental
fingerprints of penis enlargement adverse to poster oil heavenly,
the dubious cure Kurt Russel wanna trash women with, i.e, with the
fart, the hubris of public crying in a pair of pants, the employee
could have been built stronger, to deliver flush of universe
in cybersex with flamethrower beat down like excess flesh,
drop dead Hellraiser intimate chases bedmate while killing,
bourgeois GIFs of the drop of a mic into umbrella of
basilica immortal, unheard, filled with smiley stuff, gray
with pop music, and off-key behead unicorn rats that wobble
through the theme park like lice, hostages to and below the evil
electricity of the sun, a graphite meal to make you so horny,
resembling a valiant reaction to that sheet of jerkins, observe my
emblem, the lip of which the rain played on raised, the spa speckled
with tiers of puke, sponge its aesthetics down in a parody of
Bin Laden, whose self-examination leads to emphatic Sid Vicious,
the cowboy disaster, or the tapered glowworm a rotted lava lamp
supplanted, goes off to the touch of Band Aid which stymied gas
shiny, to breed on the tail of pulp slashed. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Decaying complex, super doodie. Impenetrable pimp. Spazz,
in any shape or form. I.e. brutal Squidward stumbling across own,
long X-ray . Looks like it stink. Mark Zuckerberg on a black
cloud. Trying to satisfy demand. Get laid regularly. Sharp remake;
(explore hotel?) Incest cross-reference. The hardcore, unbridled flower.....
Boring. Grotesque cast; stretch concrete. Look of underpart of tongue....
Corny after dark. Hottest hollow resonance. Dead daydream:
Golden Girls cannibalizing (iterate?) sex slave: (portable)
Struggle refreshing. Parking jet lag mix. Vice versa. Glitch deemed
milkman, who equaled shark.... To wring panda! Skrillex near-death
experience; or dropping of eyeball vent into menagerie: Dark mansion.
Remember. Creeps calculate on thumb. Messiah's hideous combustion.
Madness on camera. Silent ravings. Fragments of. Swift predator. Chased
through boneyard (by remains of: in a nightmare). Teases violent. Slay
heatless, when the dead commit suicide. Supernova. Fool's wisdom clowned
with horrid crayons. Say sorry. Won't help! Dwell in Reddit arms.
Ha-Ha. (Via computer): Dispensary of rolling moons in wig of. Brown mucus.
Vegetable gently. Chemical Orient Express What I hate about. What's cleared up
spontaneously. Addicting. Cleaved door. Invisible sweat. Lust for. Death of.
In robots' lids. Motherfucker protein shaker. Solitary teen wolf. Good sign.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Kissing through stem of wasp in nerd relativity monstrously undiminished
enlarges glasswork of lard, slashes Achilles electro-tunnels of Air Jordan
wandering on the coals of French zero gravity fashion's bitter porn,
nature doesn't even exist, Einstein makes me feel better (as a negative), they're
definitely not back together, but it's badass – a severed dick – assertive in
Hell enthrall to the center of dirt, and ditching a Rubik's Cube
in the blink of Chernobyl with arms falling off: landing on a deathbed,
doctor mixed young people and the narrow mind of an alien.............//
homes that are haunted are perverted (incendiary spoiler, providence that rubs the
vein that runs through bad food black). Truth squeaks; a rattle's memorial held
down by men's size bubblegum of vintage chain email outbreak of condom-breaking
sequence flooding: dudes cement her skin shanghai the resiliency that shaped
him push the two apart; rejected cyclostomes of jazz of hurt in the cracks
of yeti bowel movement, eyes needed, waste thundering in the shells of a high
five, recycling of a curse freezing in elephant neurons to shred the twisting shafts
of a beautiful woman, your sister, poetic as death, enjoying implication,
can read.  

Thursday, February 11, 2016

I conjure up the serpent bun. Influenza spread holy and the voice recognition
tattooed coherently dope. Is it a taunt or a consolation, Hannibal? Ramen isn't
helping; it merely elasticizes an already black hole. So in trying to remove the
sticker from wood, the antihero of Google Translate is mauling a resting bitch
face on medical marijuana (hibernation requires delusion in spurts). Next, you're
gonna need hoops to grapple with (remember, you will probably be sliding on
hot masking tape). Sarah reads my mind through meat – this is before 1960, where
a bit of inflatable tornado gets the mayo in rugged thralls. Decapitating my
grandparents in circa 90s honky banks' employ – lest panic moisturize denim
with rhyming Valium out of gloomy mud's sack; in fire Toxie is a Red Lobster –
shudder of a large puddle: and a small box hostage to Netflix like a hick's crown of
Minecraft cumulus.... and, well, the glimmer of stew be dead on the inside....
I grab your hand: the blood clot makes me feel better. Cooks ass worse than
Twitter harassment by adult AI. We're suffering the male scientist cum pickup
artist's dismembered mummy for a meager glimpse of animal liver in the meagerest
of Lucasfilm slashers. Fuck YOU, Tarantino.  

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Dogmeat tentacles plus the bad jungle leg climb shadow-addled
averse transitioning Dunwich blossom in ritual parallel blotted
sleep horror eruption of digestion the mirror cardboard photograph
formation in outsider murders constipated by mouthful of chem trails of
god(s) with the lobster Burzum too gravitational for fat, organs too
CGI egressed nude. Cinderella wasn't born to splurge on such luxury
but the thought of its phosphate sick like some puke stays: peg legged
buildup on sofae: something like cuts around eyes in dry-cleaner
climate: afraid someone gets jealous while monsters like Andy rock climb
khaki feather in imaginary space – “I'm not like other static bacteria” sez Andy:
hunger filtered in strewn eyebrows. “I'm going to make core letters from algorithms
criminalizing ads with my pet surge” – ring finger fish head stealing energy
through pervasive boogie meteorite of nostalgic sodomy and big tyranny
code of pro athlete gut balls blaze denser than a never ending dangle of
interdimensional shapes. Pain in enigmatic lurking shatters in a Soylent
pile of alternate slimed harmonica: evidence of time travel: glaucoma in
suspension of disbelief: networking genius death birth barreling of a cookbook
author's cock through the floating montage. With sensory secret weapon
trumpet die trying to make love to the hand that feeds the hot head. 

Saturday, February 6, 2016

The dead are the victim and win. Can orgasm: behind the nut
love. Cadaver liver shot fam. The spiritually pathetic, abject lost pig
self-masturbator loses. Folk album covering place of worship.
A rocket lost at sea. The point of view of microbes.
Contextual.jpg soup, predators who abuse video games. In uneasy
index unveiled Vampirella's bones: you: steel beams:
Andy's measly moon: dies psychedelic – his dimpled boxing
stomps burning in telemarketing horror: the secret self
leaps in humiliation screwing himself lockjaw. Magic attracts
and plucks LEGO into perspective.... Eats Heaven's chime.
Nerve's drone. Brings a gun to the abortion: doom. The CIA
and the New Mind milk her love letter in pervy deer hunter
English Lit inflamed, feel better than Andy aka the sagging zombie.
Hypnotic Chick-fil-A. In misshapen goat sweater. The echo kills.
Rusticated junk rotating in shades of crazy sedge. When wallpaper
becomes organism. And obstacle: autumn. Smegma on the floor.
TV leaked: brutal. Forget their strangled cat. Come get you inside
you, man fang low, pack of hobos playing God suffering the
consequences (of meat obsession) – behind the thumbnail soft head like
a snake. Margin 69. Erect hatred. Sacrifice beautiful facial appendages.
A big toe of bloodconvergence. Andy sat watching dolls play
ping pong, cadavers get Oscars: in a pebble of time in a belly button.
His entire personality is a dick move. Texting: thirsty for vertigo.
Obscurity is a pancake. 

Thursday, February 4, 2016

The stick figure caught fire in the bush, in a slim gigawatts
ensemble like a mass shooting. Virus fabrication snowballs
into a leaf ripe for the slashings. For inspiration, I won't have
sex. Black dog re-assembling Bitcoin inkjet soda dream.
A spud spacing out like an albatross breaks my heart,
whose pistol holes snatch a sniff of Winona Ryder off its precipice.
I've put frogs in my time machine and given them energy
drinks to facilitate the spreading of a mutual electronic
spine to fish Wingdings in radio static cheeseburger
with a flashlight. Sexually-transmitted oxygen leads to heart
attacks in the creepy prostate with an elusive blue. You're
batshit biological, the sex is snuggly and the war is flat,
still I'm addicted to her male gaze with a n00b's rush.
Thus Satan, pointing an antique sword's irrigation at the
funeral pyre, enslaved the sisters with a spider's strong blood.
The astronaut catches fire in time and space. Power is sound,
the anime in the oil of a transparent heart, the sentient AI that
sucks out venom form the island in atmospheric warrens
of death mask swapped with giant weed bros. I can't breathe.
So I abuse my authority. Meditate on a black hole's shameful
transmission. With exoskeleton as practical joke, Devo automatically
downloads scarlet particles through lust. Brutalized by sleazy test-tube
Mountain Dew, physical smoke swatting cold-blooded.
Thus Satan's son prefaces his slumbering wolf with a balloon's
clock of sorrow.

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