Wednesday, February 11, 2015


How very anachronistic porn usernames reference Heinz ketchup, cereal like electric sick in a jar, the act of crying into a dark web’s underbelly, the act of a living room mimicking Street Fighter furniture-cluster, and modern weed photosynthesis. At the edges of eyes telling the Brunch Fib, Bruce Wayne spider dregs end; at the moldy edges of a hot air balloon, before gravitational antics swallow the hunter’s own dark microbes at walking speed, the smile of a continent’s sudden goatse ends. What makes zombies dumb is interesting; customizable snow tube kidnaps the rivers of philosophy, and buy my eBook, magic ash spreadsheet rub 80s gravestone trash glow, now. 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

landfill creasing up, overleaf pigs head heart
shards of the disorder a town’s way of claymation
urban legend: this sick beat language shampoo
brutal tinder plucky RIP
Atari human fucking rights please, disease
An awful penis of isolated trash
vampire candy cane the bath salts have GTA
kink shattered Pluto, you haiku chased woefully
bugs slap a party smartphone-undermine and sexy
we’re going to need a bigger boat mannequin
stand out octopus, exit humanoid, irl astronaut Frisbee:

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

the gym mixer cooked a plague bleariness of dead naked men
found footage roots psychopath with star orgasms torture
as a screenshot untangles Uber, saw the clock, sleep vibrator
paranoid sadist energy into quad-core wedding cake
beautiful Tom Cruise hot girls & the homeless are fighting for guilty pleasures
UNLIKE amphibious pixel OTF on his sensual faucet brain damage on
GM face lift redacted pearly brains &
a cum outlet macabre wall of keyboard
shiny ET online pimp, the CT paranormal of toys X-Files

Monday, February 2, 2015

cat beer addict pop – Riker, barely – it's in prison abnormal interaction-yelpracing laser ramifications fart or a villain led me to believe psychedelic fap asleep attracted to the helicopter or the sniff invents – stiff veins of the concrete foot of the ladybug of being the square link between the planet and fire's despise existential, pain ditched re: necrophilia, that which a snuggle blacked out counterfeit swimming implausible lightbulbs and aliens torrent Axe iBiblical eyebrows fat, mud crime, accused good flirting of nightmare time stuff, suicide – bones feelings, bikini skulls slapstick lumps pleasure fillingssky Hot Pocket balls and the Post-It of sentimental pranks secrete illusion – human taste – empathy in thin Tetris would have been to a peach 

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Black Thread

Black thread of the death spiral of Urban Outfitters
brought mainstream farming to masturbate back to an avatar
with my dick is wry, veering into GIF, and pang extra prismatic.
Gut boiling puzzling so swingers’ prey
of a fossil looks at a dragon’s flies, wild as an elusive cloud tail –
An unborn body builder & ways you can get worse.
The wizard’s process on a limp biscuit
for a butt happy, beauty betrays mashed glans cornflake 
in Increased podcast will live due to one Devil.
There’s magic by the time the equator is realistic,
electrically screaming, & teenager
love runoff 

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