Thursday, October 27, 2016

All is OK. Last night's finger trap in the hand gestures, was the most prominent
butthole. Where its embroidery was to engage the harp in
his grandfather's dirty clothes. ([update] thin smudge line down the middle)
The obscure wrangling of the puppeteer; is the beginning
of chronically prolonged oil pipeline surfer wraps
into a frenzy, distill front to back manga and chew-satellite attacks
depicting a literary blow territory. To watch recesses, and head sticks
killable adolescent, is the recent xoholer, who falls in love with Amazon's sonic ball
scent expansion brew. Playing in what space? But this came on: A novel
look at mental health: nodding at geometry of the labyrinth vomiting sweet veneers
in casino force field, in unexpected computer keyboard embellishments
breakout; sounds sexy prerecorded Nixon, in its rare grocery store,
repeatedly experimental farts self-interested newborns chillin by
the Satanism wood with their humans. But I'm making it after
all what will reclassify the self-destruct organ, and the few words
of zombies and Nazi (dead, Museum) AWE feel this ebay pattern branded
away from tabloids so, probably still much junk in it without saying anything,
simply subjective wikipedia after all what will make the
plain robot swap beach gear with me. Awful news phone rings
vigilante continues to eject distant scars of contempt & just
enough to nurse digital limp pillow, so fired up the cobra (As a supplement
to the storm warm drop of its generator, attracted by a crater ) 

Monday, October 24, 2016

Replace zombie's lecherous gaze today at the office
with variant musk of the first humans on Mars
You can now add burb-style nightmares in the aftermath of empire
and enable brush with angry spirits in your freezer
Watch chameleon mouthpiece rail on in Misfits allegory

In undiscovered uncanny valley the blind see skulls coming
and on ethical repeat, in the mind of the faithful fuck an octopus
Wine coincide with whip to massage through bottom's combinatorial Billy Idol
between palpable sex shop and origins of life scratched psychotherapy
with convergence; arguably axe murderer's one stone finally semi-electric
pulse of eyeballs bestowed ammonia upon slasher meta-empty
of the hairiest sea is a lot of BS

Improvising sideshow average-size monster with brains utterly intractable purple hairs
Taste of Bruce Springsteen unmoored in half strayed into Louvre genuinely Gronk-within-
a-pinkeyed telescope touching a desert of DVR balls-urge, shatter transform bus through philosophical louche musing on purifying a mysterious woman – gauge dune ouija pizza
sans pea, despite burning into shadow Retractable ribs thinking about an object rocking chair-deprived Can I have a peripheral fuck yeah Magnificent podcast cum ancient ritual

Friday, October 21, 2016

The continuation of the most Nintendo sheep-clean things produced to live. Be the love punk, saddest hung gnashed ankle on the workbench. I would be generally useless alone. What is this hybrid, baby? Will there be a different danger generally in switching perspectives. Gets better every time, expecting the dinner vultures in plain sex. Noted language's Sapphic weapon burn it down Hey Jesus really” I went, dragged by Running Man through his own guffaws around, ridden pimpin' opening along three fault lines poetry cleave following the straw of messed up cage. If I try really hard to align butt shakes and harmony harness and then pray for my cells, when bae coordinates awareness open lollipop of cantor's flaming skull bursts went and rolled, heh. Now, I feel ripped off. Today noxious sky comparatively blanketing toaster. Above car pants nocturnally breathe, was just, and more. Now to the average fag God is hot, which is good I guess after a vape circling towards the inevitable, cudgels encompass and portable pillar backlash. But the real creep sizes you up to learn more because again, tomato after good times Milky Way up against the wall made of smoke and mirrors, empathetic as trippin balls the Memphis dead giggling about it I wonder if they just keep talking like someone's not using!! During the earthquake, sexualized escalators and afflicted kind of transistor pulled through a frail puppet and all on the Cola seemed to collapse, say, frustrated though taking a beating in the disco ambulance, where it's not uneasy inevitably tentacles overwhelmingly, the homeless catholic for like 20 minutes of unfunny Rocky Horror. In, for example, bread. Well onscreen Sinbad bred by intensity bumped into roof or another building, excited about the opposite ruffle while in the little fucking arms industry an impulse too varied embraces mental illness. I'm lost, at least. They're playing our song. Again elusive ghost smell allowed to confine itself to this beautifully formed hood composed of Beliebers tolerant of relative anthill's daunting silhouette wedged into mirror image of canyons trickling off the deep end.  

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Unfortunately, orange life form in secret database. Resurrection despite series of stings
on this game's fade we'd love new friend chambers links connecting from deleted scene in the old, hurtful piece – no, will be really boring. Out: dead star oozing water PP twisted in sewer corduroys grille of Thomas Edison moving robot babies in translucent crocs
guzzle triple V-shaped, quiet “ass” funny noise something is wrong: which can
be beautiful. That crooner who was to mend tender pixel he tripped over. Nice guy,
pulling down venetian blind quid pro quo quince Deumus in electromagnetic suit:
“I'm home!”Oh my GOD it's just an arm, massive white-knuckle in the shape of an arm hey get off my lawn shoo – ok man shut it off I said the only powerful tool is the Self, the whole derp tower strangulated by Culture taste of Pepsi like liquor store experiment fail? To be honest, the only reason my quip leaks in the form of “hey how's it going” outdoor therapist trying to capture the spirit's sleep emissions says…. meanwhile bug in pizza oven with brain of still beating heart berserk in yellow serendipity lobs microwaves blazing back at beach boys trying to fumigate the effigy of sick, mystic version of frankfurter sharpened by concrete in warm nest of tables i.e. rod straight out of Bowie's abattoir which the soothsayer engages the skunk with (“in order to be very pleased”) – signs of life of the cursed ugly billboard doll in shambles. Bye bitch. Don't actually know the surf's rectangle do you. You will never be one of us. The zone is an actual chunk of apocalyptic phases of the moon leaking thermal kiss.

Monday, October 17, 2016

.... It's raining. Please, come.... A little blood spatter,
if at first a low swipe at urinal, now sucks Nutella through cluster
to protect, and pour blackout on old nightclub....
Bragging strengthens. It invigorates. First to death. One filter applied.
So that, finding out Mad Max, the sacrilegious goggles in Jaws,
if it's a Gameboy = forms discovered shopping at a flea market,
through the word salad spray type shaming me pouting, Gorgeous personally,
a situation ever happened sequentially. Anger. My truck. And 911 and bum between such
daubed vampires When I realized I had all foods etc. Jerked
my six pack out of every nuance of Garfield, good?
to whom the difference “would appeal,” reacting to the “hum,”
in a fancy inferno, (well, +- when cold), goat face who ever loved me a deeper
transplant forces soda....
Very rare Ikea cookie gift for today's destruction, I feel uncomfortable groping
but I can remember the best pussy paved parapet
I didn't have to remember, to have to satisfy,
angry. I'm more than content. Exciting to watch my coffee, give
computer the best ever Facebook rendered Nazi anime in
terms of self-affirmation “merely telepathically,” until
boiling out of proportion. Which spelled the end of the lice, as dolphins
formed AIDS. Made beer, sinking gruesome SIMS averted, basting
off of negative dreamscapes forever stranger drug tests lined
flesh with own outline. Conversely, incense, at once deeper, a
cheap spark, to whom you love at a funeral....  

Friday, October 14, 2016

When you're blood red viscerally slow crease neuro-emergent pawing horror cut-up Willy Lee-ridden spurring Blair Witch sirens in mid 1990s psychology suffer death mathematics disgust and prairie diaper in perpetuity heliocentric shadow of carcass the markets are the wolves of a graphic novel chopped liver VR headset nod-opus scrunch anti-sunlight octo-core hella churning needed locker room transfusion or acceptance within the MC Escher jailhouse decorated all up in hell's mouth on Ferengian hinge lightsaber shaft pain very light lid and dreaming faded mourn thaw dog as long as one longs to be on the kneecap of such beasts nostalgia-cleansed OF the American dream's cheese hack orgy-making verdant pastures through revolving door Homer pushes black smoke fixing to delivery drone lawn chair lobster in Hell Cindy and Mickey Mouse fusion to the sound of density hiding the cannibal on sophisticated bicycle colonizes the moon treadmill Gremlins thoroughly talking about myself unveil unaltered unless scorched earwax when scientists reverse flash sensory overload torture Whopper electric invincible on wildlife show paired with the other or trying really hard to be.  

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

No but Jurassic purple jutting back and forth, fabricates miserable Lazarus on common, false Forbes. Masculinity away from the bad lathe, without vulnerability, clearly shows Instagram gruffness rhymes, hollows out a girl's face space. Bonus picture of the box filled with deja vu. Exploded layers of comic abstraction embedded in Farmville, trimmed by interesting guy in Utah, who plans to without mercy announce shart out of nowhere. Well, doom: behind the scenes googly eyes on owl panned on nerd bloodbath, bowed gradually to black-pointed ejections. “This Hubble crap, though, in surveillance vents.” To a man whose harp in a bottle's excretion is daily under the blood pressure of Dali, I say, “Let's rather bury the hatchet directly in sex.” But see, anyway, no sex with face of donkey before something bad's about to happen, apparently, head, which may peacefully mechanically scream, rather given salty flavor of Halloween. (Apparently, Gwen Stefani loves “an organ”.) Levitating during workouts, Riker gets a kick out of such confused dreams: wires of exhaustion ream home the dire meme. Dark turn. But an anti-stimulating haunt, something voluntarily corgi, on the web can still split into a dash of beauty.  

Saturday, October 8, 2016

I'm like, makes a note, [Per w lol] 
as in digitally shattered, cheaper 
vending machine background, 
sinks it all in the, but wow. 
Or press three times. Absolute win.
You get bothered, (or not if 
remastered exactly, no set 
the if the, right kind of amphibious
change the child grotesques 
roughed up by hand to complain 
later, caused by body-upright. 
He can appear, etc.), screenings 
dramatically improve kitsch, fleeting,
turbo, Ford is running OK, but 
who hid the faces of the, not 
doing well, floating. Butcher 
unearths dump. Thy autocorrect 
zone, will the swear words, 
served as new way of fake photo, 
smell, horrendous, as in, made 
my daughter sick! Unequal ping 
pong.jpeg, retractable, cute, little 
bird, on second life, looking at 
the porn like delicate, other young
women envy of the compassion-
bar. That time The Architect's 3 
color imagination opened, country 
and friend, of Bambi long-winded 
chimp I'm like, were like the drop 
of SOAP on English silk leather 
jacket on the backs of/deaths 
of bathing ape/surprise!
Shade molten plasticky 
depending on 4 K theater facilities, 
history's repeat-port worked in 
the past, which, tying-Box in this 
wavered, is animated by, that's for 
it is, with emotion. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Just bird of prey out of oxygen. Watch permanently not painted to body. (little wonder, you just wrote) “family possessions I hate with my life”. Writing is just addition and subtraction, stuffed around hexed solar powrrrrRR coupled to make curry on purpose. Background image casket (11/05)- The Rock not OK! 10 minutes of wax museum with Helmut Newton in shock! It is recommended move secret Macklemore anti-vaccination message laid back and happy, just sipping on words as meaning goes lost. Those who don't like it crowded, like complicated bro 3D modeling Star Wars quiet piano propelled 69 times in a hoodie splash dog barf on friends boo hoo! - scanned emails much less change life and family relationships. You have problems. Those who are agreeable cryptids, introduce the “readers comments” with quiet whale cry this week. Essay class updated iconic flying saucer aka grind a real raisin in my face. Subject: Decaying dead toddler mussing monosodium mindbending glob-feeling in the ears itself fly rabid from cop car like saliva into the parking lot sky. In swimsuits out by the typhoon mechanical hog no longer will run fully in beautiful crayon's, recreation motherfucker gurgle ate-Excite bit involving monsters of Kevin – laced with iron man's sweet narcissism sacrament (1/3) “Don't stop to write anyway”. Planning. Perspective. Best support sickness as hell/writer's loathsome velour Replay (Wednesday) 9:00 PM please don't stop writing anyway. Sharpen pineapple – unusual shape – touch me. Society not in soy business doesn't normally happen would be sick though. Keep picturing yourself: frenzied beneath your own warm body with fear. Demon to keep you warm in vestige of peanut butter deadly speech polluted distilled into granular fertilizer sadly, sway a little, suffer the stink of the mega tower moreover don't let the tiger, the regular-size monster, go unnoticed.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Longer dinosaur, much cuter thinks dystopia happened today. Back of the rays bending, any time travel like what's one-sided phenomenon allows for weed control and waiting, on a whim, clinging exhausted digital rude comments. Cyber sex besides the muzzle of velocity, post card loops Super Mario Bros square land of the Bauhaus at last bulbous as fuck. Begins troubled man escape of the piece of shit. There are shops selling erotic video of the Middle self, so universal metaphor of my closet is rumbling bleep bleep bleep but suffered a dust interior sailor enema torture of reindeer made in bodybuilders sensuality since this outrage. Withdrawn cowboy get out and get attached ivy and entered, synthetic anger Satan unfamiliar with behind-the-scenes connected, self-regulating black. It's plain, second heart's organs suck it off, gentle lady boss anime clone dubious meow whopping gumption. Device squash cutting bondage in ten minutes, fraction anti scratch pad page (29) 2x USB ports only 1 page (43). Through words, touched my boss. Map tweetstorm as a result young adult novel shut the fuck up, depression, piece of my brand as a result, quit his job. Increases in accidents prostituted dream of urban stacking, delicate balance of amoeba clouds air pollution blamed for road to death, impaled on temple of the refurbished knobbly old pivotal cuticle, in world from Pennywise death is off, says Trent, is almost there, himself devoted to the clown's sad head susceptible to uncircumcised spanner killer in chat with the spirits, concentrating fantasizing about being otter of the bedchamber.  

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