Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Glop Out

your junk adding inches of comic sans voids inside-out
cozy upon snowman sardine lattices
in healing paracetamol avoids a painful doorknob
chunks decomposing and covering lunar curiosities the hottest
rot pommel bad trip glop out nook shadow bodily fluids outline
the doors opened cadaver indifference to the magical pump  

intangible lube anchoring bowel 
limited the warning rinse of hungry skinless
69ing based on e.g. fun data i.e.
a budding Nirvana baby album cover
new worlds swarming under the fetus
her suicide handhold now dead
decaying muppets in the salvation pit
I didn't even do nuthin...
millennials peering through the wizard tract at
the moon-landing self online – “buy my thick
dripping shit yeah”

“sludge through an everlasting flopping
hated neck penis as it stands out yellow
tacky human golf goes bad abductor finger
slicing the cavity up to the hamster wheel
poking with love toilet reflexes
Vaseline corpse juice mouth blood  

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Storm Bodies

A star’s sound boggling bad porn with feedback
underwater robots tip the moustache of night non-kisses
self-probe the sacred pot emoji fall-off
that hackers Aztec liquid depictions on meds
with a bee of medical flares strain spoons
and fathers aimed the pointed pigs of a mini sleeve’s
sadness Instagram at an underground storm of bodies
fishing for mercy Batman relief clones banana
or the ass-path to blonde alien heart projector
wasting a life exaggerates the script-screaming,
of NASA trolley humor of BFFs won’t end
the spiderwipe of a crawling ghost kills geek
estrogen omelets postmortem reach outer space
vivaciously head tumor trees in vibrations
in a bar the Matrix is the soccer, a fresh darkness book
cookie that the transplant of a Lego brick shall in deaths
rise as the prostitutes, the murdered blood bride
hidden in the drama of gaming rubs the moon red smoke
butterfly coating Nazi toys cannibalizing the cosplay joke wand 

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Part 1

angry attachment
of uncertain ham fist
release atheistic
funny grocery

help a wise browser
reusable spiritual
life gob with profound
mind-genitals repression
into a brownie

crypto tear-jerking
Google Street View
clicking serious
pet cis contemporary

witty terrible 
political hobbit
classic, literally morbid
personal teenage

mental occasionally
and collapses earthy
into murder mythic
heartbreaking syringe

blaze finder bonanza beard
rather rattle cities like Bruce Banner!!!
on hell recipes amid
leafy osteoporosis

the death radius
leaked killer rinds
of tea ashes horror
strike sci-fi pose
taste a butcher’s fossils

human behavior myth
as sword out of ass
universal pleasant igloo
Trekkies of the dystopia
given digital pause

memories of dark piss
leather side shields sunglasses
sunsets eccentric chaos jammer
oscillating prosthetics
on account of crap LEDs 

Thursday, April 23, 2015


U can now become bald all over setting your boner on fire, important emissions beading sick Hellraiser in the impaled part fall back long across the cumtrail sky, hair samples crackling and your garbage de-iced in vaginal boo holds on in infant blindness to fuck Victorian and whirl inferno quack wang corpse gills via eyeball vent benefiting a few Wendy’s tubes faded werewolf potato gland injuries break prostate vocal fry yet can’t get the grass to grow in pedophile barf protein exposed rooms on ebay where I’m not doing so well in our pantry at a time when we take frights at the pineapple and fuck up our hair! That route is still being calculated!! She can’t even tell if it was on the urban arc that, yes, the Kremlin was cute, was going to feed even more panic to cause a natural cyber softness when my dentist piggies a crust of his froth changed Mein Kampf slaughtered by boob gristle LSD, acquiesced to get out of my kneecap and crush great pyramids of ant farm starting to feel things gulp. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Moon Meat

The machine lit up nostrils with the acoustic soul of a knife
between the angelic wings of the last mirror emptiness. Mystery underwear
sometimes fail their own illusion as cold fingers and swallow rot.
A copy of dead semen has died; a puppy capsizes laughing off its own dweeb-
embodiment, nothing but baked beans and devil hands on its cross,
digging like a dog, bits of paradise trick or treat the measure of
5-inch circular trance tempting the moonmeat landing – Odd Future
anaphalaxis looping off of insect jerk sorrow alleviates suck! clown's blood
cascades off of drop-off spirits murdered by wallet chains. To cause the color of
every Karloff dad impregnated is fun! In trembled hole naked tongue elf in cheek
in 2047, I keep my gnomes away from me: peeled time darkens to the unborn
fragment insane, fathoms bug-repellent when you close your eyes, flashes a trace
of inverted crypt just by head-dream cooking in ebook. I can’t even …
watch wicked twink sapo maculam escape an impenetrable home planet,
be anywhere, activate immaculate oblivion hidden ugly in rows of tree houses;
given dick maggots, livestream-Tron comes to life. His voids sensor unprocessed.
Hers really love zero limb-detachment in candy gravity's foreplay-weirdness.
Where we are all little broken dolls, mothers in despair piecing together the benign taker. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015


in a veil of omission, beads of emoji sheepishly plummet
that’s pee, the death rattle’s heathen segway
theatrical gangrene handcuffed to an open grave
the undertaker gnawed rotting goosebumps
fauna and fork in the air quietly handjob
bloodied swamp with writhing hypnotism, play with hair
fruit residue wakes the shovel bobbing for hooey
is there a collective handful of voodoo?
God’s asshole nursing lion’s head at heightened rave
grim potato hat pile thrust classical music for breath
homicidal jazz outskirts of rusty eyelid gnaw

Monday, April 13, 2015

Midnight Vomit

There is, in space, slime. I hope so.
Iron maiden ass expanding. Danger protruding.
Jack the Ripper on blood speed-coil, in fucked-up backpack plasma.
Intrepid flexibility skinned hubcaps. Rape chemicals sniffed lumpy.
Can mango brain water crank enough nerve.
Because I ate the cookie. That’s a problem.
I can’t drive now. Do you understand that.
That this is a problem. Rabies rumba.
The freaking movie demonizes rhythmic.
Can with delicacy alienate live chemise.
That this is NOT the rock ‘n’ roll idea. Endless scalpel wielding.
Television boiling. Big-ass dead cannibal imagining.
Turmoil pricks: they kick against a mask of the like.
Waffle here today. Transplant strobe tomorrow.
Despite accidental spaghetti, glue heaven.
Can vomit midnight blowing college aliens;
Keep the lights on a robot vanishing. Spinal cord looming.
Kittens teabagging a spring of the night:
Terror-dating the imaginary drilled purge

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Dark Jesus

the grossest murder mounting time and place
evil Voldemort deviating toward the embrace
dark Jesus cloned in 3-eyed demonic socks
the plastic sunrays glistening layered
the torture of slugs turned up the balloon
in a fading circle interjecting with watery eyes
grasping at the portrait of pajama bat
warm-blooded kissing rears its ugly head
media-induced convulsions grip the magical wang
snarl at the bird liver rictus spurting comasoup 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

at the height of the FLU LANDFILL, lizards orgasmically quicksand   
like an inanimate cell phone, stigma ejaculates shame-toxins
the honey of the MYTHICAL STICK FIGURE infects rabbits
the apocalypse is coming from INSIDE HIS BICYCLE   
debauched orc, purveyor of the graveyard peanut
transcendental bro, last cookie eater dude
easter bunny steak knife dripping its HELLPISS
feeding the very monster, the liquid soul of hyperbole self-mutilates
the senile self-decapitate steamy, SKIN FARTS depicting cubes in the fires of Cern
repulsive math in droves of cultural diapercode ON THE PLEASUREPLANET 
shits in volcano driveway
emerging air-conditioner ASS pools into death threat wheel 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

his t-shirt waxing anthropomorphic on infinite filaments
a dying Craigslist of shrunken head and futuristic iron hands 
spiritual clothing synchronizes cursed kinetic flipper with lamp 
piles of Christmas tree rhinoceros stink-eye sunken in truth
corpses stain the family pack shifting their specter into context 
in the dark pillow fight hooks grisly supernatural body language fetish
latch on to Stephen Hawking dangling hell’s butterfly ramifications in moss disguise
occupy the vulture ribs of public peeing anxiety with prostate cripple grasp rub 
a whimsical stranger in flip flops that smother masturbation with string
a coffee poop hankering bleeding testicle spittle normal screwed ‘twingy’
wicked browser history insides purr webbed seep fetish razor blade in earmuffs 

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