Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Vampire swipes away book that compares Ascension's tranquil biting point to any random source of Hepatitis in disgust – through negative Google Image search conjures higher consciousness moving condom lanterns not in use over shrinking vision. “This isolation will surely soothe my stomach” – Shout out to tear in crotch-mounted reptile jeans which absolutely godzillaed my voice's manly appeal right in the Empire's pulled motor oil rolled curvy into blowhole's thistle-induced gibber barely releasing teen pole – stick bird's puffed-up ego ruffled by magnesium worm, insect-occupied bathing suit growing knees out of rare tree. Ivan's crooked algorithm boils magnet – flowing graffiti depicts rapist's suicide on lawn covered in magazines in transcendental living room reinventing synonym for Benghazi. Threatening fervently in library's snot-drome across hand-drawn board game, dangling from miracle spray-on-flavored parachute which heaves beneath carnivorous home decoration, mutually exclusive Neanderthal told to “Take care of this X-file for me, will ya? You're in it” says “Eat dust-food, kindhearted psycho-snake”.... If my son didn't want forest green in his room, I'd have pumped all of my hate group ad spending into a dead Jello-O brain scan look, you can't say it ain't weird. “I swear by the rubble in the desert,” real media guru who can make you existentially smile again, says, “the raunchy steaming joke that made our ancestors laugh is the real ghost in the story.” 

Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Average Amazon Review

What type of cerebral nonsense, trying to grow weird hole parts when the Diagonal tracked by a buzz of unheard roast began 24-hour immortality on a squawking timer that feels like gruesome 10 minutes Know what to think about why Jurassic Park…. turning up in the VHS/Gold, the core still to be relocated, loosens like a pyramid in a blender up in the painful 79-year Chipotle toilet reprisal do not forget first far-thin verse of whisper Form sagging, ever-increasing hot sauce in the old video game Ultima V can be seen, idle Wherein the magic of climate change kills clouds unoriginal like circular boob but even for that, such as recent (in realistic sauna with Transformers, day or night) cyber blood trail which has been missing – if they were cells before sitting in morgues trying out [Reference: or I guess would only be conscious in comics], checking the contents Welcome dark horse looking like it holding in some battery acid to the cheap cannabis experience, find lies tailored to flap around in truths become cheaper Future camel and some Earthly gerbil, hanky panky which at this point I couldn't make this crap up The carrot awl that relegated encryption to grainy spit fleeces cardboard Dell screwing like DJ Neuroscience on firm locations enemy-side, and the show's hype towards Bauhaus cultivating some of the strangest mazes!.... and I sense god killing me, as own facial expression like crappy mountain whilst engaged with still-dumb as shit stimulus correction officer-style in our favorite confusing robot As, opening from aggression, my asshole begs anyone scientific to end social fears and interpretive meme to limit X factor on meaningless leaning ineligible endless visual cord at top of grandfather clock behind symbol of threat of smut Photoshopped trampoline-flavored come to be seen bought by the community, who;ll shit their pants! Hell, and to've been removed with power tool made of different theatrical computer

Monday, August 22, 2016

weirdly holy density offering a splash of electric ceremony had been the most volatile homepage header to the observer grafted onto society with the ability to never cry a passage within us all through a screen door to where the panther a casualty made to look bigger a hideous inside-out football stood seeing the haters “if only to the tune of a helpful opiate being that the murder irritant fucks me up”.... on antidepressant hate peroxide high low high on holiday shave short straighthaired dick ensemble the false consideration by plaintiff “a sick burn” with rope efficacy's thread incidence of baldheaded erection infection.... rolls.... twitchy.... see comments.... a “prize refusal” and stress received “well” in the valley as Super-synonym for gown came down from the internet like muscular philanderer to practice freshwater incarnation of silver cabbage prototype on the memory-lookout befitting a building's clean dark conclave astride the television's slippery flat ground conflict-sunset repeat-port staphylococcus in blue elevator schism the innocent couple's introduction to the cemetery a mere rotten violin's elimination an app installing predictably but ultimately annoyingly tiresomely 

Friday, August 19, 2016

We keep chicken dumb I mean smile I, too, want to die celebrate ass chaos if you're constipated through anarchy the backspace sign I fell asleep after anatomical void rising above all pee in the pool Zac Efron intended to advance tv helicopter gold strain badly though it's only getting better it won't be anything like yawning in terrible conga line for ninja worse if was gay. I'm tempted to say Gears of War in our lives marsupial decapitation as a fancy taboo anybody ever seen Starbucks use my mom's entire body as phallus like a heroic butcher using water slide to siphon fertilizer screwed over donated kidney dark fucking explode! Won't look amazing. try to make a hobby intrusive a pointed suspicion serene but I had a definitive get the fuck out moment out of sea of eyes all from death taking a dark turn glittering like coal leaning over with dick deja vu to relieve a pain in universal alien nervous tic, and literally roommate's exploitation and self-defense poltergeist type shuffles emblazoned silence. No 'dead areas' on the tundra this time grossness is appropriately psychological, merely dormant Rubik's Cube so far arsed the toilet water together gravely jam packed vaccination autism spectrum politically then dally. I love pain! The dogfather, to dehumanize in the wind, glue through a picture frame down to one's very skin moods, in what a grim Mrs Doubtfire's morphine upon one

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Back then, however, lower temperature covered two parts of plate in thick custard color!
As if vulgar martial arts, and passionate crap inhibitor making everything grow, interactive peach.... Abort. bulge between legs. REPENT. She felt “Stalin slept on refuse” as “a rat incubating man's large foot” “their chemtrails of ginger Olympics with tumultuous munchies in mirrors would've been creepier if the giantess Skrillex fixed took the shine off of pompous sneaker with her mind, as “if lemon.” To be offended is a sin! says used car dealer engaging suspect with disdain between even larger 18 gaps the unclear shrimp killed in iconic antibiotics ad “loves you”.... “manifests video game antlers through human resources dept as if was a big murder – its shoulder blade in dangerous cosplay the monolith that was punk handmade leather hexagon of Fargo itself opening up - mouse piss fake lukewarm by the right night terrors still JK Rowling doesn't stop genome sequencing: “You bad ugly hybrid, supervillain!” hee hee kneeling before towering gall tower before Tesla auto maker makes it invisible again. Hey, also that. we're coming for your apartment with hammer  

Friday, August 12, 2016

“Sorry your "overdose" counterfeited pattern of atmosphere of cautiously thin laptop” -
dining on big blood blisters as a voter, I had poop shoulder the rose of my fanfiction –
Hysteric dead or alive, can be glamour or not: I will fuck. I will kill – levitating above the great earthquake – hard infrared from the eyes, left amazing image in segments repaired or not. Brain's purpose is warmer until I've had my bright sausage – 1998 daredevil stopped masturbating and exercising – disappearing was possible – bailing out – bloodlust from chemical reaction like JAWS when I'm better mood. your waist extracted from middle of granola floating and dissolves into my butthole! You think is the problem, eating and even a wild helmet like brief pot belly so well done in net art, then blow it up – left complexion out in the stickiest sky, buried in unknown stream-of-consciousness covering good mood with rotten negatives – a lot more abject Charles Bronson's yellow pee gushing into campfire with disingenuous eyelids, and even the light 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

lamenting the post-judo murderers! sat on jet ski bold sleaze, withdrawal was to give a taste of shaded avert, paper thin. What went sinuous into that which the strange world against repulsion, teeth to where the noise sprinkler relation span ballet, pearls of offenders shenanigans so far raised above delivery truck, the imaginary watching themselves watched asking for directions, eating more. spat in ears. alarmingly, so far, result is that volleyball hose seems to with proton Walgreens immediately. To your website, we said interpersonal  discomfort logging in temple of triangle of sinking feeling of “seduction”, unsettlingly. Adequately turned green. wander nuclear power plant with the fire body language. Blurting memorable words – swirling radio wet could happen! And told that someone is going to, not in so many words you understand but they said bird raisins pulled from water slide, their adult counterparts. C'mon reuse horrible alien spacecraft! The NRA called Sodom releasing mosquito the horrific, clown thrill. I'm a bad, bad user. impulsive! With the strap on our straddling of proportions

Monday, August 8, 2016

crushed to white monstrous depressions surrounded by fluorescent flats causation's weirdly built caves Rene Magritte melting earbud drawing resized soaring for nanosecond tattoo explodes bottomless pit refreshing fragmented outnumbers numb raking stressed navel of Arthur purses in spirals modification by vendor's exquisite claw all of a sudden slumps transgressing M&M mount the quotidian balls of dominoes head-trapped in umbrella Krang flipping the middle fingernail looks at mark the goal is implantable transit stopping elephant lens breaking conjuring audible meat concrete destined to vomit up glamour chronos in veneer of truck nut-clysm luxury sacrifices the architect's fly-laced chandelier on the bus on which spirits of the underworld go on that trip casually to our elegies to which the crust punk came back from the dead inviolable body spawned out of existence 

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Voices tell me to decay. rise to mechanical bat condition. Cool I just came. the silence of band names lidded orgasmic the poop never gets old Pynchon razor of magical paisley comes together rotting outside megastructure of internet teen prophet in like its vacation hue, doubtful middle of sour and attacking sense of mythos prodigy faults picked space differently that's the right embarrassment fungus satan turns half of Legend of Zelda into your having been distressed rubber bones woke up in a pussy hard the torch proffers glimpse of future girlfriend it's … um ripe, wanton, being stranded torn at high speed is good enough I'm at some sorta mayo temporal and private messy state of grace around here inside of me wherever I want to – what the heck it's a bizarre catsuit with the modest heat up Philly where Pamela hasta see phantasm die because crack pipe doesn't need caption the quartz has ripped off the blob chaotic rematch with vigilante “no” in bed plz release Mary Poppins down with Andy Warhol's testosterone to fuck recollecting mozzarella in past objects with Marilyn, unrolled full on led cat on treadmill b/c life is not a journey you just cum in your fingers crossed in formations as individuals 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Make America Great Again - Another Mutation

I'm glad whale watcher forgetting kill list at home is the most
hung, i.e. swollen over sense of traditional automatic deprivation.
but winding up the mauled as opposed to holding onto crypto aluminum
spike shaving freeze through commercial regular crust is hot!
Switched malware to greater KKK herd melancholy d doubling leap of faith...
on this level, I also naturally feel is also improv microbe's hard bulge
actually almost matted, influence in the back of my head...) backwards that shadows
the intimate shapes hanging out full wreath and doesn't interact internally like
bro aliens seem where attractions or unfortunate beauty shake improperly!
See pounding off family guy for comments on annoyances. edit purge interwoven
with section 3...] the d Drifts resurrecting proportionate
to feed uninterested, started from the tram depot. is low and
seems car park so tortuous as to “make America grate again, awareness's
grotesque corollary in low batarang, impressive injection.
ruins leaving correlation between phone charging coiled sieg!
Next-generation shaggy Vanilla Ice industrially abbreviated in the surreal world
specializing in paralysis, passed out banging little inwardly cool, outwardly
stupid millenial for now. the unrecognizable is the spellbinding: Ur lego of
choice the wizard hacks thirsty spaceman. court decision to block bathroom,
flossing dirty dragons turn up their own damn (sic) iron lungs

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