Monday, November 30, 2015

A Western Washing Powder Ad

The samurai has a big impact on stains -
Snow-light stomach hole image-drag pouring from the omission...
A phantasmagoria of hubcap lipids cosplay leach tangled up in noise.
Very happy...
Unless the day doomsday's magnetic 7-Eleven body-coughs
shambling uncooked VHS brown mentally bleed into oblivion,
the far-off murder of a strawman looming
with billions of volts the opposite of junk grey
nuclear cock weather cockroaches in death
in inferior resolution, in grams
of flimsily organic elephant transfer
is not possible...

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Prayer - Another Mutation

as fuck swing fights gravy smoking on bubbly toyotas and end in a vinyl slit throat phlegm crab bomb slime dick down with hungry raccoons spreading emotions around the Situation in a future jar of lab-grown skippy, hooves auto correct whatever the heck you ask of it it does drag tin cans down the road fog-take emissions fixing ropey within the croak circuit digitally uncomfortable nevermore hide parts of the screwball geometric in a stressful tone my cousin nurtures vascular spiderman hook thing flakes zen then with strange noises hides the citizen-flavored millennial smells strange I think I will kill you! this isn't science fiction!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Clippy In The Hereafter

The tips of a short silence in The Simpsons leave
daredevil scratches also in darkness, whose basis
is at the center of our reality. I am told that I can
fuck off - on the eBay hotline on the open road,
where alien heads boast the peep arc of caustic
single men disguising wearable astrology tech
in weedwacker brands. I'd rather Google now, girl -
than in the hereafter indulge in pharmaceutical
grilled cheese staked to a bloody taser at angles of
the Lord's whirlwind skrillex in the lush iron lung
interior's Kodak "hi sweetie" noise atlas. In a nightmare,
IT yoga guy Gavin Rossdale in the fossil apparel of
AIDS cop bonanza hero juxtaposed a flaccid, used
viper with the steroid appurtenances of a cyborg Kong
in artist rendering of VR plant veiled fashionably
in insect Clippy Scissorhands metaphor.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Magnificent Coat

Man's beast throne, obsolete and obsessed with flipping, wouldn't stay up; so a self evident vagina enters, devours pain and all that stuff - owing to its visor writes a poem. Skeleton bitches react to ascending dust with such burns getting in between stylish stairs; grabber claw vibe ass math of milky fly FYAD manually, shoes as yet softly kaleidoscopic. Projections drag across a Monday cut-away onna stalk.... mass rhythms somnambulistic in gangster split screen, allowing repetitive motion a flat area for the puppet master's creeping perception to in worse GWAR foam to fadeout in a thick coat of magnificence to crown the pain.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Killed Couples

The diagram of sexually appealing keg stands, curled lip, errors of waste the rocky beach it rests on, to suddenly disappear. Now and then artwork sampling by UFO that was not, floated away upon the strong murder bridge, the suspect, a person is swept up nor trying - lumpy washed ashore scold, crunch peculiar star wildly, thoughts into appetite - the gold in the neurotoxin. Women are lying everywhere, friends he feels uncomfortable to resist, can cause stroke via the mountain in the living room - stress aimed at sin, manipulates the stench hanging out onto disorder, intense nylon extremity. Similar exotic laser killed couples.... his armpit of police exquisite heavily flower, screen boner, home, cardigans on you're spilled. Its happy slide it was found dead in, the C-3PO that soul that has lost central nervous system. Pets for skyscrapers, yet set your phasers to be seduced.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Diss Dent

flailing, i can feel everything
god like an inch of oblivion in hate eye
through lurching accessibility
of the bird feeder, suicide coke noise
as the octopus's drugged stab at a slice of asbestos
turns revenge vulnerable to theft
frowned upon, the frown cuts into your neck
on overload through random online media
i diss shit severely dented, the dent points the wrong way
pressurize abrasive
mesh glowing
as cardboard fallout solidifies its real world
and video games guy at traffic lights
(faces pretend to be lung
language disembodied
bending steam
endless against the wall)
do not always complete action

Monday, November 16, 2015

Voodoo Doll Barbie

Milkman sit or stand oligarchy jittering in voodoo doll Barbie uterus and worrying the frozen dress of teeth with reptile's wool sweater masturbation noises and assuring the meat of everything that it would be fine..... With monk's CO2 kittens stank an unrealistic Jesus splashed up in the brutal local office swallowing, got slitter action in decisive slo-mo on bone nights, told not to come again.... The way civilization climaxes oh little dot on the clock in psychopathic fire belt!.... A flying spider putting the sewer antler into mental health technology is real: enthusiastic needles of hysteria sexualized anxiety through car and townhouse incarceration and surprising Campbell's goblin spine with Krusty the Clown-like wings of sanity....

Thursday, November 12, 2015


intense tapeworm in a box - aura pulsating
like a nightmare, misty alien curvage yearning for fusion,
spray pattern indifferent.
Veins molded like weeds sprout in weary
masturbation Pokemon smacked shiny
I thought I heard voices!
I have small hands; they oppose one another round a "disease"
that does not fluidly move up or down. Takes a few attempts.
Dry heave - good from certain angles not head-on
a blast manifested itself as a slipped mechanical stay...
pocked, deeper meaning - devil's ace snapped gristly
plasma texture twisted curtains in gross juggle
hide poltergeist at high speed haphazardly wedge:
tail doubled as ham, cords that wanted to remove the divider.
The up-flow overreacted into a smoothie - "this speaks directly to me,"
ill effect on my spit.
Within a matter of days faded toxic
motherfucker now very noticeable
strange cold spots around jaw
thrashy migraine spigot like throbbing legs
sweat coursing through California

Friday, November 6, 2015

Sonic's Ride

Statue enters multi-story car park on mechanical bull. Kick butt music. No one concerned yet.... I fucking love this game. Quick hard slam of a meaner yellow inflator, slow dramatic dismount still wearing soup of helmet fog. Soon the jokes will begin to tapestry a delicious rotting tragedy among the creepy onlookers' barking gut bacteria: in united pyramids, a body of acid wants you dead.... a recycling of sick home video wears its luxury torrent like fallout, dams in hangover resulting in collision....  So, in my real world, the maid cancelled Sonic the Hedgehog: "You will notice that I have concerns with the Doritos," she says. "Hey, perhaps I am not a very good shrek!" Through toxic waste I glimpse the room sized dream; the saddest apocalypse is still quite intrusive, culminates in neighborhood saturation wound. "Pal, you are." Gadget hits sister's baby, the sheer fucker atmosphere dehydrates the hot module ruining the virtual reality bees; anonymously, their dead can in some fashion keep themselves well numb.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Ghoul Suit

It gives pleasure in the scariest heaping. Shrieking onion rub spills oppressive sex letters. Instant chemistry listening to homicidal sneakers. Overlapping lights off. A mental institution stabbing. Love terror reflects fleshy in cam site screams, caresses to immobilize, catching feels through rot.... nice looking paint excellent looks really lovely. Murder gloves feel like tight pussy, bathing eyelids or leaving a pet inside a nightmarish heaven ....perpetrate through mime..... mine color through texture  ..... the shit noise of 'rain' hitting the ceiling or IRL rubbery mass deciphered into howls tugged floating irate leaving skeletal remains covered in a film showcased manicured bored moaned prostrated towards the buffet of longing.... Have to 'mute' especially if coupled with warmth sifted through distortion of imitation of self killing two birds hissing reeling revealing ghoul in a suit that sometimes doesn't even register touch.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Helter Skelter

Beings of intimidation hoarding tweed smell pimp the human tentacle. Lies plume in the android's new mental asshole carved into scary ass ingrown garbage. Promptly ancient Halloween heads ozone into a single web browsing history scream; intestinal oil catalyst steam pop-up ad scales vary unnerving inflatable subliminal caves. The rose as bloody graffiti pleating noise gore brain choked gross fire - shall Adele white walls hill? would Wayne's World scrapyard holes? get away with murder once a thread has turned itself on and off... death is the Voyager combined onto ugly malfunctions; delusions of candy dared elusive IT and rolled down into Roman Polanski's house...... death's breath is the severed vault of real city stories that are after all freaky.

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