Friday, February 4, 2011


one 2 consuming the next 2
equals 5 cow stomachs
1 in 5 vegan tennis clubs
boasts 1 exposed sinew
on grass surfaces
prawn piezoelectrics
rock socks inside-out
road rage of
clockwork protoplasm
the interior of 1 in 5
bars of Lux soap;
on every third tier
Magneto’s onion sports
1 really cool lonely-
heart maquette


snowman’s penis as
boa woven into smoothie
the sex lives of insects
confounded by 1
dapper raptor
Smaug rhapsodizing
about slow decay
essential snow
plow exhibition!
groovy! groovy!! groovy!!!
2 lullaby receptacles
pink or blue or green
worth 1/4 tortilla
cyber hug


need a prejudice
to feel good
inside my jersey
I’m staying home
I’m feeling good
I only just noticed
hidden message
in traffic:


1 pulp ziggurat
makeup chair
zaps your

french fry
machine blend
electric chair


8 flea eating
insane commercials
more acceptable than
2 whole Telefunken
TV dinners

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