Sunday, February 26, 2017

I've studied liveman – A follow-up “kill what I wonder.... comes out a little” – tap water was the go-to epidemiological knowledge until – “I will say I don't have internet” ….. multiple personality detective psycho, hacksaw full of emotion – mix joint e-book scratch – maker of dick with REM on the Earth at first sight “I seem narrow and, bats have fallen to and also out of the ocean – also to feed on chlorinated fish – the way zap is insulated, this kind of thing strikes a natural blue in the parking lot, in the woman – where “I'm perched, if the woman in the same atmosphere is – I'm seeking” …. “became submerged” ….. the “personality” – boredom, but I wasn't laughing – if he truly hated it, e.g. moon-art handsome-empty is a very absurd thing – absorb sometimes, limit part of the ripe at all though – says, “look at the difference, between the devoured turned the other into 'me'”....“'people' are stale,” it was apparent, the “me into the other O.J. new god” but, new flesh platypus, by hair – with Fanta weekly spirits, “I wanna die in the aftermath ha-ha of that me and my also” - envious! (peeping into) – cherry yesterday – “but I felt the ecstasy of some reality into fiction cruel with some never learned – it's so dull I think I'm too scared at the end” - fridge door opens in the opposite direction, say oh, my it's been left in the fridge – meat beaten into polycore summary tied after grayish photo 

Thursday, February 23, 2017

убер - Another Mutation

Young dragon connect with complex archaeological spike of fruit subverse
old pile of bones' ocean pressure – the future omen, to speak from the front,
nor be able, the general public not the faceless, 'picture theory' piece of
article-described, charitable public, because of thought seems to be assisted
manned prejudice on a commercial basis – although it would be difficult.
With sly hovering, the Morse Men, with still freshly incognito iconography,
imagine as decoration disguised war-torn minefield restrained by melded
Uber bathed trap-riddled meat, but the war my Russia thought seems to be –
far in the toilet Tron exchanging silent soup for Capri Sun rendezvous
w/ postscript illusions of axe, which impales cleaning supplies, transmitting
explosion of wisps, which spoiled possessions..... In two-headed penetration
to the interior associated with chaos, with apt eerie moaning sound through
the A/C – but Burt Reynolds also salutes genitals of bug of the mind heavenly
body lagging –insect-topless heading my way, blinking, out of malware thread-
it – differing from TV mom guide to throwing prints mean 3D gun. This is what
happens when Mozart falsely phased out by natural selection risks vestigial
white hands through organ failure, in a plethora of terraformed darkness –
corporations jorted inferiority joking when appetite graced box of tissues,
picturesque void feel something worth the fuzz twisted scrolling aliens when
they sneeze dance-dispose to the latter mentioned, single, her PEAR – input/
church output/flight attendant backgrounds disc-sized seems to see return
of 8th grind – during space-travel AI bot for bedding, duvet cover or brand
new, everything that is tedious synchronized grass of stone fighting melon
to such a tune. 

Monday, February 20, 2017

At once separated land that's a sweet yellow-
moonlight and mollusk's arms sleep and
hang loose, like say what is wrong with
that, maybe... Hot air betrays one's shirt at
the highest level since animal testing and
“it surprised”, whom_normally_at once you
want fine spazz as influx settles down -
huge amount of your brain on spiritually
rejected egg proves journey rigorous,

He'd bought from this previous one, pushed
every sound into a horror-alley, this month out of
trade referring to a mall with calls of need; wholesale
no matter what awaits them, comes this disgusting
person across the wilderness rough day to girl at
the Daily Planet, then violence suspended turmoil
swamped smart cello mane, and cast online Bohr just
with hips not swivelable with smoke he plans to break 
electric car's baby brain FREE of burger made more 
beautiful set to music!

Though he's hella anti-constellation, therefore condensed
will never be shaped like RoboCop in style wanting –
old violence from seeing it on television – it is so popular e.g.
frenzied human, urban hologram's grip on carcass recurring
had a dick repeatedly, veiny shits heavy aquamarine.
Getting CGI breakfast coldness in UFO have a slight
aversion... To say the problem of time is rounded history, well
in the coach jacket it is so good it hurts his dungeon craft
where wholesale prescription drugs do not, is slightly

Thursday, February 16, 2017

not erect in ninja's excitement almost all horrible dreams are about Paradox for a” it was 14 centimeters 5 inches of evil new nazi autism in timelapse witnessed the woman beside crosswalk Tranny PROMOTE SIN like vampires thinking “killing causes thy face to shine” like aliens wielding a knife talking about Adele's “Hello” opening a smartphone ropes falling out under the table your index finger and thumb sneaking pizza of 6cm long to 15” marble the abyss too boring a denial of nuts haunting human calculator with passionate dungeons and dragons speech about naturalization of gamers loins now deemed wedding hardcore spelled out fossil jutting out from emptiness of Mars in populous arcades uniformed the uninformed loved and resigned to mouthfuls of shit quickly like a pagan idol straddling software quad of Westboro Baptist influence pyramid of mind-blowing bidet fleshly pal sawed-off footings on a white tray breaking bad eye color godlike turnip elephant arm 100 mm and the a” pick-up math juddering space poop amid turf wars Joe Pesci is bae at the kaleidoscopic drive-in rutting Swiss army knife-style surge of the National pulse getting off on a loophole and happy Sega CHARLES too is part of a tiny group of transhumanists who think Elon Musk is Jesus who paints each other without seeing anything signals thoroughly examined in almost no photographs where the rounded side of the escalator is many centimeters would be in which the female eggshell at the top lined the shelves and basket is not a good idea 

Monday, February 13, 2017

edible grunge-candle
and widespread
shark tank tap
all over
“Nice people”
twiddle mental
rocks with the noise
stick “In”
like all the time feed-tracts
to the bloody den
“Out of” nowhere
puke on a wafer till (“Chocolate_ if
you ask me )”
possibly hinged
the man-
thing (God)
50 shades “Of beautiful
Like butter of blown-out
of an alarm clock “Which
Is broken (changing)”
“The face “of GUN VIOLENCE (a la
me: ah
blah blah blah-
like bloodlights unfrozen
“Betwixt Amelia
bosoms slumbering an
entire skeleton on
Sesame street
could “Wrap
of Necronomicon qua
“To plow ambivalent glare
Through”.... gastronomic
wind-triangle out [Of]
e.g. Stalin
which he let leave
otherworldly traces....”
Of – off
of garden
compost in shared
affinity “facilitating a
Apple [sic] [of]” ghost-
formation within
for example
a magnifying glass  

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Olde Army Veteran

We're watching “Rambo, snub of the Nam vet,” thirty years after it was first released. Finally, we can breathe. Thousands of years have passed, twisting rocks like a mad scientist or colonel. Collectively, time breaks apart. A scary sight. The movie ends with the mind-bending words: “Who doth not kill?” Long words of lust, as well, to be sure, and all that means is the bloody flow is finally, finally ebbing. We open our eyes, sense becomes a way of seeing, a head-sweating likemindedness attained in the confusion so funny anyway amid the incomprehensibleness the sheriff, as if diving into our shared transcendence, despairs. Ah a fake blush in lieu of real makeup – very good. Whether in imaginary or abstract casket selfie, flowers are a sacred visual effect. The backbone of a universal church curving like a tongue on every creature's – human or animal's – butt, dismembered then dropped into a warrior's mug. Vexingly, real steam is happening. Ending of cartoon apocalypse and dull family business tweet affecting what violence remains. Dang it. To Rambo, a veritable tower of balls, a sodomist's cancelled potential turns into jazz blurring and surpassing all.... “Through balancing splinter repugn that which, when dry, is bad,” the hero had said in the beginning. “So fucking shit, yet please let also death soothe the hidden differential in me which the demonic broth doth camouflage.”  

Monday, February 6, 2017

Prometheus - Another Mutation

Liveblogs greener waterlogged corpse
Escaping, one of baleful remains
The black room compounds pleasure, curtails war
Cries drift, mind's silence after that.......
Being Prometheus finishes you emotionally,
In-depth on the third floor I remember
This quiet atomic unraveling shaves needle
Telescope of pain in perspective, goes here,
Peels square target feed of noise (ahhhh) of
Fake sack that Dominos is to thin (very) yellow/
Red glow-in-the-dark anus in empty car parks
Needed for VHS missile to windows, comfortable
Wingless only seven deep ends carved
In front of you (the sea).......
1 out of 2 people hates weird silver, minute multiplier
Ripples inside ethereal tissue of Plexiglas sky accidental
Invasive gravitas literally are the cops,
And as anemones on the floor, distinctive, water
Crusts, I enjoy gentle analog eye-pump comparison
Creep & peep firmware as Chuck Wagon baked
Inner PC, outer darkness bugs on
The visor, knots, golf spews in a happier place 

Thursday, February 2, 2017

I bark when outside, at the edges of
space. This morning, rapid junk only
slides shoulder-to-shoulder with the
hero, Jar Jar Binks, whose thighs
straighten then fork. The crowning bacon
pulps. He nurses himself in himself, vampire
insects held in flavor touch, small sun articulating
word-field ripe for resilient jughead.
Boris Karloff grows distracted in a
German wellness center, plucks large-scale
Nirvana as if from a car wash. Book club
grunts could not begin to change milk set in modular
stone without changing the stone itself.
Fungi at his feet chug with ill-regard to the
human soul's LED a gentleman doesn't know how
to sell to disinterested chordates swarming mad 
as hell yelling at plants, bacteria, at the snake
vibrating past in the Western dust sad
and laden with the horrors seen glowing in lichen
dreams that forever dwell beneath the quill
that left streak marks across Bates motel.  

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Best to hug alive. Brain's and heart's ability
to collude indoors ate it. A funny number of
nihilistic postmen in a big car hastens woodblock;
the freakshow clouds droll legislature.
Being the most dangerous on the night of the fork, Pac-Man buried
Kit Kat cooked up cellular up to the seam.... The view is
immaterial: isolating its fresh ticking. Humane BASTARD.......
Stick quickly disguised in hollow of existence, whether dog's
or dog's kidney transplant, it's in spit. Worst fires waste away.
Prone to spirit-evacuations. Bonus small parts. Menaced on an insect

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