Saturday, February 26, 2011


things I find impressive and admirable but nevertheless hate
the Casio gene’s aptitude for disco

things I’m ashamed of
my Kia’s hangnail

the ant’s virginity, squelched by a brick
I find that unspeakably horrific as well

bricks deliberately break things when they aren’t working
that I find kind of profound

the opioids in vogue at present in my brain are – to me at least – far from completely tasteless

I sit in my room in a kind of Vegas state
engulfed in its mushroom-intensity;
FDA-approved, long-felt Voodoo Spread Itchy

there’s nothing better than driving a chinless bus
I’m in control – hypothalamus bumping Zombie levels

sometimes God is in good hands

things I find hilarious
internet videos in which an obviously unhappy man’s goldfish, in an attempt to uplift his spirits, pledges to poop OUTSIDE OF ITS BOWL, thereby obviating the man in the video’s need to clean the bowl which depressed people invariably find a chore, and then some

almost human –
I say keep things this obviously almost human coming

advice I find useful
what the world should do about my brain’s unwearable fashion


every newsstand is allowed a special quota of garish, cupped in a careful fashion by every eye socket - then the prefrontal cortex engages in a special game of backward boxing
this analogy I find kind of cute

a new batch of novelty Tarots describing this same neurological scene is spat out by my uncle’s old Warlock printer, and the creaking and pfft-pffting of its solenoids and actuators I find soporific


  1. things that make me happy-
    this poem (and hugs from weird little mammals)

  2. thanks, i'm glad it does, frankie
    i should have included that in the poem
    even though as a suggestion it wouldn't be wise to heed coming from someone who finds happiness in the the tiny sticky grappling paws of weird little animals


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