Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Ghost Valley Stampede

The ghost valley

a nostalgia-topped
cube mass

Leviathan dots
on juggalo science

naff rain on
teapot weed 

a germful zigzagging –
a dimension's


The butchered

His zen
mental illness 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Bagel Body

Urine clunks “in a bucket” – and the hologram's cardboard cutout surfacing
outside of Siri, a cartoon shed awake,
foils the endeavors of the witch app, with narcolepsy –
for the Lord's spinal beak bends more to gross candy than to popcorn – “on a train” – the
ambiguous optics of a scrambled meme –
food flavors the K-9 wizard had fucked out of fear's bobbing
electronics – oil data, multiplied railway dark – the twitching scrotum
and the bagel body, a Pepsi on its knee:
HP Lovecraft's marijuana wiener's bagel body spits
ebola shit – transmits trench beauty, from God's food truck
through solar silk – as yet not a tentacle on the e-cigarette's kill-switch.  

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Nuclear Winter

Mince looms, seeping through desiccated stone – flower arrangements dragged by a sex offender from a soft pile of cavities, crippled by the funeral director's phallic doodles, scattered in the freezer's angry inferno for quieter splashback in the Tupperware wind. A black hole neatly cracks the orb of light into hideous flakes – thrumming basement offshoots, yellow teeth in masking tape, alien, revolting, peach. Semen derived from the brain's helicopter pulse. Lint curling waxy in a giant ear trumpet until stagnant, ingrained like a scream in memory. The first of the Goonies to be comforted by a horse and the true smell of Mars beside their deathbed – an increase in delicious smog funneled through a sock. By science – the premature cesspools in its particle accelerators. By the tiny fossils of a bird's intelligence, like meaningless crosswords. By the artificial banana scales of nuclear winter. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Autumn Arrives Cockily

Pockets of romantic lung muzzle. No way, a cheerleader gag curtain. Scrape napkin overall dry barista torture in my rosy death grip penis twitching bong nebula of honeycomb, evaporate up the ass, and a bleak mascot, leaked thug mundane and with heated eyelid of pigeon death expels skull weather and the couch dripping an event horizon kiss aggregate, a piece of canary nurtured coal think piece of processed raccoon. Y'all's policeman wrist mold – an aesthetic eviscerated to a viscosity of orange bloodshed and suicide houseplant-gutted metastasized doom. Defecating wolves, whores, autumn's cock. On that note, tonight the crypt keeper said RoboCop the alchemist fart Marvel gristle of too many vegetable dots plank like a penis dangling in front of crumbling intravenous source code like a lizard. The spectrum plowed into fucking mashed potatoes; unsettled diaper-connections of ass cobra spray-on array implant freshly. We die.  

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Stygian Salami

The salami wasn't catching
Or clicking into place but
It fixed itself eventually –

The curse of a wallflower
In circulation in concrete

Disengaged by honing the
Zombie fusion via a cave
That lacked contrast under
The umbrella of a fluorescent

Finger arching loosely like
The foul nuclear scalp of
A rubber chicken raping
The furniture –

A sadomasochistic Popeye
In sandbox frame rates
Slow as a mollusc encapsulated
By ghost town music

Swooning in its seductive
Pulp and killing Snoopy
In its fake Meggido lasers –

Antihero squirt like a
Disembodied piece of shit
In amphibious patterns of
A religion predicated on
Industrial glands in a jar

Necrophilia reserved for
The new dinosaurs, i.e. humans,
The entire ninja –

Fermenting gore measurable
By stygian social media
And the blasphemous data storage
Of a single scrotum 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Science - Another Mutation

Diarrhea mirrors daily individual misfortunes on Mars where like mere IBM-tissue set in glue dolls do fossilize and the red thirst fuses individual death-hiccups together in one long death-bleep as if through a terrible space rictus of exquisite poop geometry sounding like the hard shell of a UFO scratched with toenails and raising the very cat hair on the backs of gray and dying stars.
We punish by clicking refresh.
Sodomy can sear the holy mountain rollercoaster-shaped.
The leisurely teen Jesus naked selfie Lego conglomerate borders on friend zones with evidence of having been introduced to wearable tech by Tony Hawk, as had its live and more popular counterpart, Mothman.
Don't sext me bro.
Sure, can't hear shit over your loudass ass-alarm.
Pedometers go berserk at pedophiles.
The FDA is just that fun place where Dr Who's self-loathing associates with tweedy metamorphic masturbators who literally end up swimming in the same pool of space-time lobster dysmorphia eventually.
All night, buoyantly, Smithers interacts like a sexless muppet leaving mosaic bitemarks everywhere but grows a weird harmless penis happiness like a mutant snowman's death and gnaws on LSD to peel Dr Oetker up in the pussy and with the unholy tendencies of a micro fedora floating through the living room on the head of '80s Putin pumps through the aorta of a Jurassic fly and vomits (lots of) pee jam and frustrates titties with cabarets of retarded brain projection sheathed in underground vending machines ripe with old wool-eating robotics only '90s kids would remember.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Duck Hunt Dog

The duck hunt dog B-movie
takes a dystopian look at clay
pigeons supplanting actual
ducks. Fang holes deflate in
frisbee dough like beige after-sex.
So the crawling pond-drooler
has once again attacked a queer
nothing. Sad semblances of a
frolicking fire hose lynching
an impossible explosion of
towels, personalized clown
condom piercing with a BANG!
Blunt wormwood aftertaste.
Your daily rock supplement
of complete refrigerator magnet
Bible, an upskirt reflector
shiny as psych warden shoes in
the opaque ebola traffic, trolling
the Beat poetry crypto-Shatner
blood-worshiping in the still-
warm blown cannabis air.
The cannibal entity's exo-anal
components fanning autopsy
phlegm into bubbling scorpion
prolapse, extracting a solvent
for the void from potato chips
wasting in a Freudian claymation
of sharknado stomach patterns
rotting at the roots of the
grief-organ, a sad theoretical time-
glitch amongst mice hugging,
in the movie theater. 

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Depths Thief

The Colonel stripped down to the bone.
A heavy T-Rex that has slept all day's hot taint.
A bright dog in pure lightning.
Thief of depths!
Lube is an explicit luxury.
Straws stuck weepy into a cloistered dummie's suicide flap.
Octopi licking pig's blood off of fried chicken.
Their genitals crash-testing its incomplete bladder.
Atmospheric mush of role-player energy drinks.
Carrie's malware tool tricks magic.
Resuscitated the sad dungeon master on E-cig vanilla.
Minnie Mouse finishes the Gameboy.
Dead crows. Fluff in their bellies.
Bunny ranch oxygen cake. 
Advertising the cramps of 911's seedy architecture.
The anatomical syringe's puke cycle.

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