Thursday, February 3, 2011


Manga inspired 80s business suit, which paralyzes when worn by someone other than a fast, arrogant rabbit
Obviously the iris looks more natural in watercolor
Its reprehensible taste for frying tortoise marshmallows over a prim, neat, picture-perfect campfire
The loser of the race stands tall on a tomato crate announcing in the mic that this is Neo Embarrassment, yeah – like a brand, like it’s a new movement, and obviously choking back a sob blurts wetly in the mic that it’s been genuinely worth waiting for
Amputee dusting periodic table removes important element with the duster held by the missing hand, sees himself inadvertently reconstructing his own chemical makeup’s amazing labyrinth and messing up all the sexy nuances in his moleskin day planner
What the world was like after its long exposure to the fantasy
Basically the world was an eon-long suspension of an awkward high-heeled teeter
A wedge of Ford Focus borne on the wind, very small and specific but at the same time breathtakingly ubiquitous
That part of you after blotting it out NEEDS you
And so but now what are we going to do about your obvious appreciation for the abominable?
An ambush by the Nestle demon will help immensely
What about our forces west of the Nile?
In short?
Fuck ’em
Speaking of: Will you accept Vikings in your tavern if they’re a little more pushy than your usual customers?

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