Thursday, February 10, 2011


a cold ankle worships and imbibes every word of an alarm that slurs
a coffee cup’s tricks to avoid growing a phony beard
an uncalled-for chair posture rib-jabs your silicone
the cancer that after some years grows in a jetski
that condom which reflected the previous night’s neuroscience like sleep’s B-movie laundry
fast egg with skillet-inbuilt sneakers
pining now for tangibles that are obsolete
mouthwash hanging from antiques
not Minotaur posers, O my God
nervous always when standing in a parking lot, facing North-East
the microwave oven looking for a not typical kitten
not special martyr pelvis cotton
my fluffy earwax tune
hitch a ride, human life span
put on your ugly denim jacket
turn out smut pockets
handing over inconvenient truths (I’m looking at you, bubblegum pasted under desk)
making E-cigarettes stylish
takes the bait, Faust’s new heartbroken implant
the universe a knuckle-dragging impersonator of an infinitely buxom Russian doll
you want that camel
you want that marmalade
you want that wagon
you want that foot in the star’s stirrup 
you want extreme tequila weather
to rain cum solvent 
on my Portuguese mother’s
Italian bathtub’s
hairy albino toe

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