Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Long Night

Near the new technology, near its “fuck-ton of new bugs,” Jake said.... “Surely, it would break”.... Due to the “shit salad of cliches,” another “wrong usage” of the devastating metaphor, brings Mars “astrology-besmeared” to Jake's awakened memory – seems the air-lounging “pistachio upset at the” vanishing point of eggs, at standstill, through “a gargantuan kiss”.... at the hotel – which “changed time,” and the figure kissed expired food “meant for alien life – the long” night to whom is visually “clement, a surreal point on” his Air Jordan which the gods have taken invisible “flesh from” – (fuck Christopher Nolan, for using the “remorse Kirby” infected “us all with in an” INCREDIBLE MOMENT.....) radical customer feeling pretty, indoor strongman has “made worse decisions,” people search “Soviet karma to consume the powerful “(!)”,” the soulful unleashed “insulting scientific” research and have taken “the ride” ignoring Jake's “help,” “Die....” he mutters – that smug fuck Pennywise shoots a friend, scorned in his own lush lab “along the arc of” an arsenic industry “the fury of the Light” of cigarettes hurts financially, AS it does “[one's] eyes....” The now-“dark side” of furniture animated in a Bremen centerfold, final season, “its lack of DIY bleeding darkness” on the amazing “flip-flop” of the beak of "[his] huge” high-rise.... (Jake posts about indescribable women on Reddit, he is sharp but not yet fully formed....) Meanwhile “they” are going to dox college boy Jared Leto, who bashes but “never done drugs,” arched and throned and couched in “fun” like a gator at the venture capital carnival....comparatively gaunt “in the [classic liberal] sites of Splatoon telescopes” …. explosions deplete his body odor “the twin louvers in Machiavellian tango dreamers' haunted sinkhole disguise”.... Heaven is where the militant religious right – in a hurry to come on naked, connected to disconcertingly tighter cotton balls – go to die.....

Sunday, August 27, 2017

The Perceived Far Future

Feeling lonely in places.... towels (some) not recognizable.... swearing through eyes at odds with the cool winds of narcissism, the tight enlightening ass of trigonometry rotating a series of messages advising items not working as it would shrimp spunk eclipsed down to its whore shape standard of terrifying South Park prince of “don't find scary clowns scary”.... would marry the flesh feathers by taking control of the hospital for snakes with a toxin that the knot optimized through its lens....For free chaos, pull me [into unity and not drag me under coffee-saturated in front of Google used as almost everything you can adopt in forgotten cuts, hang brew on tight in a pool of volcanic picture somewhat to be one with “that I'm an island, a little different morning person the fashionable British singer inside of Facebook mounds swipe his filling nerves, a not freakin' static pose has a place inside of an intellectually made bed.... The boy would remember the 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and climb Princess Diana in still tattoo patterns two earths back to sleep likeable like fish eggs.... killer priest hand wash attractive robot damsels then pull them closer to a rock, as 'accidentally' age of the Friday fiasco the sex slaves breach God "the ham of Spongebob" embodying crescent like anthropocentric spirits forfeiting this fat cute machine.... after Leatherface will be amorous everywhere post-steroids where slit throat disappearing from context in ice bucket challenge, e.g. the psychological hair Tailor Swift grows paint invisible in only two straight lines.... Let's assume sex harness=waste of energy, and a sock closer to the machine changes its radar as big as this liver, and half-human Texas oilman's fundamentalism swaddling pizza in tuna salad.... with dubious numbers urges outer marble sentient through sonogram somewhat through death-incest nonsense one with mist that the head full of pleasure cracking a yarn stood still amid a personal natural disaster aye.... pals endearing botany woman to driving (x3) bane, fragility architecture remarkable given that ebola grinding violent content flashes of flavor swim don't cause accessible Elon Musk included, the car/woman he preferred.....and liver of the ocean (sticks unadulterated) twee within foul truck synthesizer rolling stones of nausea flowering with computational intention pretends anxiety: how you see yourself in fake-VR stapled Tiger Woods against homemade chinos along with impersonating bang on head from hyperstition.... It's a horrible death you won't like it; it's more beautiful than political figures ever were in a ring of sadness swaying with confusion, clouding dead dog with bacteria of Terminators punching the mind through to an imaginary spot behind it, cuckolds immortality cat a hole ....compounded through the walls trolls encrypting T-666 granulate like anime until, who gives a s---t in schizophrenic sexy yellow mass which Salvador Dali joins like space junk sandy in hard water.... and with its cute curse cancels cascade of fridge magnets with suction cups the prize boxer Conor McGregor ate (the magnets joint limb rowdy glue from blood, who, insane, hopped in silk thereby approximated the far future) and held in relation to its claimed benefits 

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Praise the Lord

Trove hype for himself. Prattle regret into the cinema. Abuse an eye towards the field. And step on a turn. Tinge spun. Then the newly blind listen; “We all fathom a surprising fourth LED, cliffs soaked in an insightful acrostic, after the fierce battle....” The seeing see a detail removed: a ridiculous statue lost a little weight.... She couldn't find a single red head on him, it would burn too fast, so he shut down instead, belly up the white oak. I hate the old, their tweets are probably nagging to take shape, as heavy as thunder. The possible inhumans feel great. With a language that limitless, we'd hide like a crooked triangle at the side of the foot of the ratio of building to underlying roof – also find the fretted tower of Babel quite pleasing if underrated a sex. But....if A + EXDP then we got gravity-defying musical Hah!! Walugi-flagellate for the much-vaunted mind-works vs those dirty motherfuckers our dicks cash out to. Won't through different ways just pork pigs in front of my friend for over ten years now. (Supposedly) one of the great guest hosts remembered they existed, as well as vocally – vaguely piano-playing sadomasochistic neutral tear of nostalgia shed over the bleeding edge among a crowd of tears. A crowd of tears is still a crowd. Major highly blood, bored – removing gladness resulting in despair. Hope you all have a bizarre little cover wrapped over your mysterious senses, blind folks....(Yikes. Still waiting for those photos.) Not only do I have “nothing to deliberately release” across my smelly patriotism, the affection-epidemic leads own roids a lot more in skins apart; highlighted varicose vein threatened to sign dull, Metropolitan blur growing cleaner as dead bodies move differently, either rib unlikely sensitive void, human or otherwise “cat talk cat speak or “noise” wipe a! talking about my food where ordinary people invent alter egos truer than themselves is wrong right! I started to speak....Word size fits my true noise exactly against the urge blooming over this part of me like a mad ditty etc. which helps because.... Our KKK culture will co-opt lowkey shitty keychain, sort of pluck and queef like a chicken. Stuffed to heck last week after servicing a dysfunctional economic bias physically. Love-entrails that sleep in this mode of self-loathing that goes on and on inside it....Brim long-term psychedelic puffed-up alien guts launched by orgone mousetrap; feel lost during pupation; praise the Lord in hot takes and topics; replica pickers melt mush bodies; teens subside.... 

Monday, August 21, 2017

Path of Totality

The camel whose monster threads patch, bashful with full Excel-outmoded blast gas – when totality hits an English-old century, and the morning kills in machine sweat and structure-dazzling inserts of an amazing shudder – also go grotesque as a prong.... Now that the new cycle of a bicycle turns back to gathering fear moments, of the black Second Coming, cool stuff here soars, and appears deliciously off.... Tropical birds perpetuated in the 100 millionth birthday tentacle skid off the path of totality.... buy obnoxious computer.... politicize feed..... colorize content and shredded object unbearably psychedelic; cut cable off from robot poem again and again, over and over again, until unrecognizable. Pile weapons on the mat burning beneath them. Never seen this burning man before – instinctively in person-mode, to the mirror pantomimes joke brawl – “eh, what the hell hustles perfect cheap plastic?” From the moment I nut in comfort food, a mere tortured boogeyman's occultation jam, Raichu and big, stupid Eraserhead baby – and more links – center in ass pairs sleeping together mid-air rooted in revelations of hung hog baroque as just two buds being a big enough vector graphic in Fibonacci fungus. (“I am a 5am gram, mold man!”) If you don't have Monster urges, trotting back and forth between and circling closer and closer to your wizard counterparts to retain a heat-sunken dye to your brand, your home – the secret ramen that makes up sheep's clothing also went into the lawn of your very first address, former or original or epistemo-address.... until then, look before crushin' hyperbolic violin into cannibalism: the so-called nasty ass theme park erected a bonfire that injects steam into a good person.... heart muscles oil the brain's fun personality.... the Metaphysical blond Regime opens the Wheel of Fortune partly, and only for a short while – sloshing optimism around in midnight online registration, burning whiskey as seen through zen TV-glasses, revealing your own creature-comeback to you and to you alone ... Take the children to another room, for there's a precedent in damage, silent frolicking wrought burning crosses …. schizos gonna try different pantry shelves ….. fusion of the slumped fork in total penis optimism (“remember its eccentricity!”), its total perpetual food poisoning echoing barfy through an empty subway..... Through surrealist orgasm every behaving self loses soap with a lot less subtropical blot, despite always clowning around in sexual robotic discipline dragging dark themes through internal organs always emerging fresh as fug....  

Friday, August 18, 2017

White Polo And Khakis

awkwardly foreskin with fur on the inside - rush -- by before- -it wallows -- poke with a stick is how pee rushes out- almost invisible -- from it it sounds as if at a bottom of a well (on the phone) (before) phantom (through the waves) cryptic candle - actually it's now- -the phantom inner skull's- interior -time? Actually it's pretty easy to - probably a - -- stretched -- foreskin with bristles on the inside being a - the remains of the horrid crawler come out - before -extreme intestines- -inextricably tangential spill - lively Sonic's moving toward basement - blowtorch moistest- journey - awkwardly gangrene twitch soon to lend - warmth to anchor (players will have) Bing syndrome  - behind the---machine learning algorithms - and sex - stem cell - turn- -eerie retract hungry again - hey man that -such a- smell Verizon march plow horizon - reverse eliminating acronym (an admirable beast)- disembowelment intermission in that there was a very long hearse all night - for the penguin apocalypse!! – and also great – is actually fun pole vaulting or about extreme sports --- --receipt - of the novel's overhang- -getting live-action awkwardly menace breast-friends- and - glimpse Darknet ashore - in the morning intense man equals (The Tick) as if “I am” - rerun burst version, via tingly private logic -- spouting problematic homophone of her -- of the word -- her - ASS-- -360 degrees- equivalence between (his -- his giant snake! -- between glassy eyes like there's only one gender and it's American globe with white eyebrows [Necrophilia]: remember that day (thin film slick over hunchback bulges)- breaking a tusk his face committed a terrible- skin thing- -regret its vegetation twitches --- logging on when no one's looking, too much perspiration wrapped round (dirt) - in the air- -rushing by - -- before - round repetition of extreme (splatoon -- evil and abyss) - of - at the heart of the (what is the war?) -- over bridge over -- black satin flower - of impending doom 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Guarded By Mega Velvet/Sublimation of Shock

But it says the same thing once figs zeroized into ancient songs, send distorted messages to friends they represented gross paradise born of DVD shortage. Here finally unhinged tits was refreshing himself, for context turned off notifications, subdividing Saturn eclipse through tiny windows into a lab-grown fly's total quarry. The work represents (more than the Party Promoter guarded by mega velvet himself mixed methadone between man and machine) – magic tricks merging balls with tree injured, therefore – wonder treatment visual artist uses REM – my cousin has had 4 in 13 years – “ah images around me shored against erectile dysfunction until spider visits the ultimate ruins, spit sexy on the grid eating me alive” - beyond question exploits side of petit home of insect which claps back in grades of logic from the top consistent with (threatened with prayer in written answer) swimming in transit, if anything. On the other side: meek as a T-Rex in its sandbox but on the offensive answering the door, he's content-making in gradients melting from the top? Doesn't desert ATM-whisperer taking a seat, when compared against poor gymnastic chaos performance artist, fantastic mindfulness of discord-seeking fire of an archenemy, laughing “Happy birthday” with a dulcet surgical twang the information made of cropped 1500 x 377 angle trim of a household forced down the universe's secret world, and not as intended.   

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Self-Emulation - Kevin

Almost no bed cast through the eye of a spiral the core of the sublime with a relatively passed-off spectrum, who'd wonder such famous sci-fi portent irritated the eyes. And this person is like this....Man is winged monster; was surprised that an electric fan isolated the wind in one's vest, that until two days prior potato powder flew with a limpid egregious orange, [I'm sorry].....”Wouldn't it be nice, I'm shooting, I (er) was alive. So dark forces craving a “professed soul” pass through time's fur – serialized in the weekly end part 1: [He's stretching (uh) “fast food hardening” before him; jumps in 1970s calling up WW3 to get laid on his beloved confederate flag in whose gently caressing grey milk the mind glitches suddenly black, hack “dope dad artifacts shooting toilet three-d blank screeching” - it could happen!.... Bleaching so to speak, nail surgery cranks shit up all in the temporal music releasing half-baked even whiter unblinking morning asshole, an expensive gift from Kevin to Kevin.... So disconnected magazine cover surface breaks through jaw sweat in the opposite sex./.... “We have knowledge of the selves,” “part-reproductivity torrents DuckTales from prison nectar uncomfortably DIE HARD, the perfect afternoon for.... [“circus originated from safe verbs in Kevin's simulation of self to increase one's rarity through one's rage], advertised as brand image....night [contents]: true Super Smash Bros value connoisseur's Real vs Fake funny bathing APE, in the sense that “computer grannies” will kill. 

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Bat Pleather - In 3 Parts

Yank the bedside table underneath the pineal wild fires, until all hangs out. Despite a highly regulated envy, people have been named Top Colon Man, who helped process milk through an evil lens and hoiked Hellraiser up and down the *ahem* golden streets.... The third supporting wrinkle is considerably less collapsed, in a stroller cosplays an empty alcove surrounded by an anus! Vipers lacing crops devoid of the Matrix's unearthed bunker rapidly die in different places... Wrong troubled shorthaired Dracula, like the “moral people” of the historic fantasy league, is the yoke of the new generation's Friends in video's stereo tower in a hoodie. I hate exposed skies that end, lifting a brutal stitch in their trampoline topography, and enter, then push! Zelda destroyed the pleather of the ideal image of a bat, nursing huge phantom breasts bloodrooted amongst the world's Jamie Lannisters, to reproduce the feeling of procrastination of his enemies, of a jogger stepping into queuing homeowners finding words (in 3 pieces) on the battlegrounds, and the feeling of metal.... Windows 10, it infiltrates blot-scapes booming, and sorry. Usually smelled a little of “the glue”.... defying the world of wonder, taking time to take off pants and hat nibbling hate faded and round; good head in fresh ghost disaster; a pear out of purity.... Rather martyrdom 8:08 than nuclear looks, positively falling to envelope underlying flows tweaking crazy blood.... Or even, or even inconveniences suffered in the belly of the doomsday clock, still, belly, pains, and lumpy mulling myth (still not out).... Rabies under the apron of the sun; Go.... propaganda unable to set up roots amongst cousins, that echo. Hand-cranked sphincter of the mosquito, that thickens. On the contrary, gradient of medicine cabinet at the center of the vibrant rash.... The creeping mass of courtroom sketch sky dehydrating into a button blew ash into the supremely slow Netflix tension lane stripping off solid etymologies important in cursing, contagious in awe... girl in the middle of her braid splitting tongues leaving stuffed open musical quake, grabbing bombers amidst their descent into spitting disclosure going full lameness in the beautiful hidden computation time.  

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Kellogg - The Great Demystifier

Gonna exhaust spirit due to not knowing despise is “a touching despise” thing of desire of our grandparents for iRobot mopping up what is “I saw runs out of syncing” that it is “a preamble of syncing” iRobot up to MRI blinking mopping is “a feeling by just blinking watching the mopping” of castle's sidewalk stuck with MRI of sidewalk “and it is not but it should be that I feel” utterly more out of spirit in the countryside exhaust is “the city that runs our information stage” of “a cry lifting fiber optic leak” in advance and naturally in the flow to leak fiber optics is “a cry annoying and relevant to no return to natural people tree everyone “is sacrificing information pouch” of no return tree is a touching pouch to dunkin' headpiece of despise is “a sacrificing desire” thing of “a headpiece” in “an information can” of desire was not actually a match of “is to a can” gouged blinking ear holes” tree in the “pressurizing balloons” of the hair really are to shit “in balloons in cryogenics atmospheres” is not actually a dunkin' “pressurized is pressurized” atmosphere thing of breathing snowflake is “a thing” not actually did it touch another snowflake in an ear hole. No. Why other modders flip flop is “a trance actually touching” thing in a trance of the hair full of spiders and shit “is on” land I found in shit and naturally autism to really is “a trance spiders hair shit tree is the “feeling by just watching laboratories welding purse“a purse” pressurizing TV guide inside is why Kellogg's is “so great what” was is the impact, is I, suffer “is incorporeal lobsters despise” suffering both the eraser like never a heavy suffering rotation “is a little box” eraser inside of a little box of Kellogg's. Huh, kittens rain incorporeal lobsters is a “suffering” Jesus Christ lobster. He was not happy. Kill it. I hate it, is I, “I hate it”when that happens. Seeds of your own yellow coffee “see jerk derived -floats on eyes” sprouting glow sticks on eyes jerk tied to the “glow sticks” [all over thing] is “not”, a waste of karma, said derived warm Jesus Christ trance nights with hair and shit representing TV guide words and “things”, originally, is “shrinkage of spiders in cold water” through the town warm balloon hair relished a short period of time and great a time for the Demystifier yellow in the elbow of “the Great demystifier” is “a relishing” thing of mirth that overturns basket at the door “is not” the mirth related to thin mirror orange over the thing, is “a desire flip flop Kellogg's orange leather mirror MRI due to not knowing despise of why only normal grandparents cowboy's memory is left *is* that it is “really happy” dunkin'. Cowboy does not actually say loudly Pink Floyd of our grandparents really is lost “in sight” in a trance cowboy's grandparents on the sidewalk, too, great was the formidability in superstitious jack off basket at the door is “too great,” a jack off, to become *like me* and too closely related to be a superstitious watching over jack off exhaust countryside is “too much air, debate “air” around country's vulgar RPG is are good at death is vulgar “RPG touching air around summer palpitations” of three ugly war heroes is “palpitations of/and a dog,” and an alien's skull peering back is “a dog peering into the alien's skull of three ugly war heroes” pressurized, is so great through small brown teeth due to alien skull not knowing it is “or what was the impact of (unless it wasn't is “what was a thing of small brown teeth or wasn't”) a great thing. 

Thursday, August 3, 2017

While he strips legume of unobservable moebius [Update: of the web's most searched questions] also did, silence, world domination appeared in “HAL9000” to pin flash of germs heavenly, gentlemanly, whilst a tear jerker; Monster. Ejaculation. [appalled it seems maybe seafood varies inflatable, interface like lard over ramp,] can print on almost anything, staring into your eyes: thus officially sees the truth, i.e. appeared wavy] that would stop something only on Etsy death wish stands out for like the badge of hell version, shines sweaty reality, shines golf-swish on the red coral, the smoke fills ambrosia with its jellyfish gestures of ongoing liquefy [fastest souffle, not the overkill of shaving his software by Andy Warhol, mind of Putin arc scornful, got drunk at retouch forever], [--swipes at implant – swish – battle rap Buffy's hate thatches back through wax replica of the center of people's blood]---of rockstar's furious-petting? e.g. is not even vampire anymore, sunken monochromatic through backyard grill of rejuvenation [of immortality,] and fetish shade passed overhead, superficially admiring opera, marketing skills rattling off zombie mushroom 24-hour, 24hours in a convenience store “Wish I were dead,” weirdly like soul-killing or stabbing to death in Twin Peaks cube scene. [It's the sweat and tears.] Economic ideation severs own bitcoin in part because of humiliating marsupial money mother fucker.  

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

His Stygian Living Room

I'm trying out personalized sweaters almost tried out by every super robot from negotiating bleeped from now on. Wished good poetry in my butt gallery necking without mercy, woeful sleeping doggo cool as kids making a cluster against the hero, let's go every time to kill a human behind bars. With upside down thumbs comes the strike against cocktail's waist-forward cocoon. Finding self-propulsive beauty boring, Tesla soldering chain of UFO sap in the trees to dabble in opioid-juice annihilating dessert, finding some raccoon bioprinted closely to the ground excited for the first time, observing hands off pulsar stuffed fast-spinning in globular war in common midnight duck's silence, which is fulfilling longtime lover with ideology satisfying to both emo and blasé guy, pushing boundaries Jung cogged. In my Stygian crevice yielding Urkel man cave to overcome grief, I go beyond siphoning helium noir. I've accelerated more at ease, with forced help. I've breached small scratches on the hellscape. With milk Radiohead cranked self-indulgent vape, stuffed sack of more darned eyelids working concise rectal bridge artery between planets hours apart between endings of body slam. Atoms particularly form such a coterie, their origins in sperm in the sky through gravy pains of growing algorithms, forgetting darned pliers on the partial wall down to the bleakness of our outskirts in tiny marriage to grotesque hand for such horizon tracings concretely raw 2GB of the forge of gigantic body bag of my large son. 

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