Saturday, January 31, 2015

Curiously Cartoonish Poop

The scare in my head stuck in the gloss of my ass, in accelerating dog years, at a picnic. Big up to the skittles trapped in the dark judder of a makeshift slasher flushed clicking on the other side of my face. Curiously alarming popcorn crescendo of Jungian crystals in cartoonish plumage and to have to poop, to have to have to poop into theme park teacups or butcher square pants unspoken at the mouth of the foam machine and the fudge Spongebob craves with blazing wallet chain stuck invertebrate in a cosmic prison.

Monday, January 26, 2015

piss will wifi nightmare-winning 
free lobster mentally funeral 
his UFO of toilet leather 
mushrooms dystopia

an execution helmet asshole 
Braille Japan off of Bitcoin 
dust met the Dalai Lama 
in doctored period blood
with much Star Wars kid  

scarf scratch nuclear 
sperm God’s work hand-cluster off
of tabloid thermodynamics 
as the OED of wearable tech 

ultimately witch-bananas 
mask emoji stress DVD 
a house as if kicked to the bone 
burst the giant head of Clippy 
disability orange 

Friday, January 23, 2015

zoom less flies ladder sauna, balls nicely, Dr. Lecter
in space cancer mud, boxes hate crying inside a computer
tits ejaculate segments, distort Homer sticky keyboard
head-mounted McDonald’s loosed from strobe
squid resemblance robot pedophile worm sticks out bro
kiss shape into bridges, transmission napkin of vegetable oil tree
hold in pee B movie and drone brainwash contours your taste buds
surface blob death melting or fruit dark to switch strange
upon an angry virgin, and dye soothing as if canoe unearthed
so no imp probing poop fling nocturnal inflate oblong by lunatic,
especially under a microscope, doobie rapture?  

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

giant brain eyes shrink inky egg-pleasant
on the cusp of the face drain burgeoning Pavlovian
goose-bump and a waste of tattoo fossil
gentrified destroys Britney Spears mainframe
dead-techno planet mole walking
treadmill clone stabbed on a wizard’s grave
contrasting relaxing shark’s teeth in a Michael Bay refrigerator explosion
in stone algorithm obscurity T-shirt organ as good feels floater
and a silent drowning shelves Frankenstein’s haircut
confusing ice cream up my sleeve doodles with a knife 

Friday, January 16, 2015

leather ghost smog laugh backflip from disposing beige sperm ratchet spaceship jellybean
and ash wooden leg into another direction, my high school reunion plunger image of God dread knobs as broken corpse IP Kirby crap buzz the physical rainbow balloon animal demon vagina, she says daft punk upholster holographic red eyes has the anxiety pixels shadow Hubble of dragging silk portal to nipples around ferris wheel penis zombie stick wings, even though he saw me disgusting just app hostile fucking anatomy stalactites, you could tell by the medical device’s insect noises what the fuck phobia cranks imitation inverting laser, as the lake tickle of spine swish on the edge of the bed is this shit covered in flakes

Monday, January 12, 2015

Homy Bony

matted inside out
zipper heartbeat

sponge hatch
a witch hunt

rain ripped

A Kung fu screaming skull sandwich
Motherfucking diaper sunlight with bony genitals and
a dead heart

the evil housefly sexy family guy
fire lost in reality – tied up SUV rubber

blow nose ass photoshop
box a tortoise’s voice
in one

of those on wheels traumatizing gross
vital organs
rub AK-47 aluminum

Saturday, January 10, 2015

pink carbon footprint
metastasized feather boa  
ego-horns bundle 
blue balls bike midnight
in what astral soundbites
agonize Mars Victorian
pre pile-up Empire fail
of rank vector 9-11 cancels out
a stain beneath the feet
thunder-Goldilocks suffers
heinous trivialization-spiral
coaster haunt of masculinity
post open cover

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Ant Man While Darkly Pooping

The Breath and the Teeth, Star Trek changed cluster to the human torrent,
the berserk spider talking to myself helped cloak, a nest of ceiling fan gap voice
in werewolf hate oils, disappeared inside the door. The mad as hell dinosaur killer
of 1984, his car’s muscles. Ant-Man’s weed piss puppy tracts
on hearty mountings. The meaningless, smoothly varying flavors
tiny symbols detached from fortune cookie physics helped fashion dark brown.
The mess of a dead neighbor on Andromeda’s dust island. End Times condensation,
Terminator burial Walkman and guitar bites rote Lucifer
in glass heels text bats. Video game ass footage – parrots tarot –  
farty kettle snot museum Prius thick on the couch, serial anime
via the push of inner child sweater borderline dangerous in a symphony
of thin whistles pools the dipshit nebula via Hitler’s dark wet bottom.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Dark Vlog

any awful human Harry Potter teenager
trunk whispering
deader dance floor finger
banana hard-wired
chainsaw slash
a sort of mentality, er
all my dreams are nightmares
anyone I spit upon, I’ve been a repetition of 
a depressed feels epidemic
fan fiction as a craft 
an ounce of reflex condom and domestic abuse Tumblr 
dark vlog thug-marketing 
submersion into a crowd
a wet dream initiated perpendicular
to a curb
cruel butterfly-pressuring
any apocalypse mall 

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