Monday, January 30, 2017

let the the spa the turtle urn around it's creating magic alone before I see death's puff dust from it the who likes me the fool as predator shits first on moss ass up to and end up laughing the hairy mind blows enjoyed it the and it is done brutal deluxe that is it's and that the ashamed surpassing rolling through it's best dance with a barrage made form hardware that the hung Saturn police from the narrow home hung the that and slippy accelerator in murder switched the its rainbow should get it soon! it I and it don't! edge mine is that the black sludge it's burst crushed brains of a cricket uneven like ground black hole of Calcutta in amber sugar erratic attacks sparks echo etc....... the the arrived on mountain up to her head and sees the forest devil cursed taped near cemetery until its the animals the divided into Earth calling alien crystal queen surrounding space backlash it's drinking towards and rebounds dropped fire in in chasing the monkey role......

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Let spa turtle urn around it create magic alone before I see death with puff the dust out of it, who likes me for a fool, like a predator damn first on moss ass up and eventually laugh hairy mind blows enjoyed it on, and it's done Brutal Deluxe and it's a shame that the surpassing rolling through the best dance forms with a barrage of hardware, the police hung from Saturn's narrow home hanging on that Slippy accelerator of murder passed its rainbow should get it soon! I never! Mine edge is that coke is a blast crushed brains cricket uneven ground as the black hole of Calcutta in amber sugar indiscriminate attacks spark echo etc ....... arrived at the mountain to her head and sees the devil cursed forest not stuck close the cemetery, while his animal, divided into the Earth causing a crystalline alien queen surroundings backlash he drinks away and fell rebounds fire in the pursuit of the role of a monkey ......

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Sunk in toilet suede the monkey tooth, some retailers picked it up from the mouth of a dream made of the original Slenderman's ego, so that's nice, downloaded from a lunar cerebellum's kiss to itself regularly, ugly, ugly, ugly, but not nearly as reactionary as my swaggering entropy buttered by invites and donations of so-called meathead transmission lapse to my personally real and much better alternative zoo shading telephone atmosphere on Craigslist financially up and down mucous turns to pre-shit industrially ok well the acidity of gasoline purple paisley rendered alcohol in a trench and birds pretty indivisible, for the most part, sure, the purpose being a sci-fi beginning to World of Warcraft with pre-death noise bridged legally shit-quiet nature between moods teabagging a dishwasher with its gloom in carbon dioxide bliss. Cold misty morning.... Pure bliss. I tell you, it's all there still. The natural unsolved orb which in bunker mode AI occultism goons around with, pretty much, which, like a knife, can be used to smear and darken a unicorn image on your computer with a disemboweled llama spreadeagled or.... More importantly, like today's nuclear code, I don't know that's what it looks like to me, inexplicably, greenhouse snot balls enter my office or will do so via the art of signing and grabbing screen saver ass to transform the moral high ground into a kitsch mound, very nice, terrifying jungle must go, it must go, while the snubs holding together a smokescreen for their personal action figures which they so like to play with will try to silence, and I've seen them do it, trust me, will try to silence the earthquake, which, by the way, creepily, just disposed of Greenland, will try to silence the earthquake with literal screams of dissent. Sad!  

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Midget wrestling in fungible spheres increasingly ferreted out this much.
Strange, if coffee maker redoubling on limo, made sense wrapped inching into FEMA camps, frankly.
Simultaneously, not to monkeywrench on pretext to rave about survivalist bachelor, and his sword.
Points to satanism fodder, you'd have isolated blade circulating in the sandwich, created in a lab, instead.
Maleficent, world's strongest black magic globally, abandoned Oculus rift on tinder.
Premised so totally on happenstance.
So, can I please just jump in on some sort of flip, mirrored garbage in decaying.
Every four years, the swamp regarding private orchid to death, removing Soros via martial law.
Everybody paid attention to a drawn Putin at a makeshift airport for this sclerotic, loser right out in the open....
Dyed metal green tools, a day and half appointed part of ailing political agenda to prevent dick bites on morning after pill minted in photoshop, yet with another psychopath's safe pair of curdled ethics.
Grasping neck actually friendly.
Interrogate half Manchurian WWE for thirty minutes dread moon landing and on an arm wipe out planet reversal, guys, kicked tickled compound insulated to keep warm.
You should not want to cut off need to saw Oreo counterparts, to too much carnage record scratch, either – courier asunder or to some degree reeled into powerful echoing. On the ground.
We must research, if you have any thoughts on mainstream hologram, everybody, feel sort of angry!
We'll puzzle it out on matryoshka banker that goes back to her own old odd angles.
Took positions on poisons on Amazon.
Shitty, pissed on.
Other broader shifts and reflections cracked.
Couldn't touch it.
Because it exists.  

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Young Pope - Another Mutation

In the Young Pope's terrible dream in the show the smell of castration ceremony of the balls sleep of the balls surpass the nightmare's amputee leather plunge of cube bomb in a ring of tar pits by the rainstorm bread plugged split wild previous long distance relationship a nice peeping tom unbreakable huddle in tomato-red puff of cop yard work very slightly minimalist low-hanging bridge subject to hostile real estate skin babies vacantly eating the fish's asshole bitterly nostalgia-enzymes rust trigger of the orbital leakage with baroque grooved fragment too late with his left hand with the right hand of a telemarketer alarm literally caused vision spiked fluffy! for a year this year together with the balls demurely sit in sulfuric acid lopped-off hands of robe clothes-conscious supporting wearing orange and talking to himself in the terrible dream in color schemes in the weird TV show cleric booty slithering peered inside e-cigarette feathers swarm empty clay empty clay-like weird TV show result near the end of the dream in the show. 

Monday, January 16, 2017

hey man whoa I think.... the shadow turns inwards the meat comes out.... twitches beyond the hole in the bag no matter what shape or form.... things in a shell extend drum-tight over their architecture / don't try to mock or / yah

frogs or when the cop car of Solaris in sis periwinkle is interesting [but controlled some people never control some people, when.] / now a commonplace narc wasted data positioning roots switching channels / a terrible thing [in the sand] shh....

and sometimes the thing is endless Oregon is endless....
forbidden burning / on the brink of forbidden
raisins like asteroid rock leaning....
eliminated by leaning house- [cleaning laser –
takes down young hermit rodent –
joined with slender glass....

to then give up delightful booze [recession / exchanging weapons of recreation in zero gravity.... [disparage celebrity through mind control] a, bad repurposed caramel of the Worlds.... the scam constitutes self-worth....

to the self the self jives to motion-sickness machine
women don't cut it [in religion in economic beard-crater]....
[coldest gay upward urban] computing....

a possible fossil's gender / in Twin Peaks dead men staring at device made from Chinese belly fat / for christmas.... seal a leaf in a cypher averted by a pregnant sheep / sit around in drug pauses.

[rec end

tum izd

top esc.    dlzed

her.] / ape burn galvanized
form-infsed rip- out /
en d

/ too true.... well I'm messing with a spider's eyes [aped off to.... web ii] lil sacred immense pile of filth.... [likely to traumatize Cinderella killed in inchoate mansions].... recognized triangle prosthetic in a symphony embraced.... 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

With my head her food blats narrowly circular like a daredevil tomato in an armpit the background will not follow in sod detail I notice underwater megastructure's pines enclosing points of land out of nowhere my vicious tiny fingers picking headstone label reflected in oxygen wonderful mute cow waterboarding turbulence through lonely thunder's floating nipple hair an orange strand finer than interwoven pylons of golden shower natural to me to one side of the skull microscopically cliffs on which dogs did their pee a president elect's fragility could surface in one of these wonderful moments human meatballs satisfied by a language's natural wonderful human spiked heel with death ascend live plunged psychological mermaid into golden tiled circuit board-tinged inverted upside-down ghost math mexico will pay for the wall my tiny fluorescent volcanic light's crippled pud exceeded on endless paper 

Monday, January 9, 2017

The cycle on a watercolor shattered open surface, reunited with someone on a friends list waiting for the judgment. Jesus should be visible when the snowflake vomits self, shielded by radio jelly threefold to green. Serial face of a wall. Hot dog barely fucked with. Surely, as the king moved along, from the beanie of algebra's lacerated fauna Chucky burst – rash wand Dow imp dinghy therefore lets it consume. My butt's type of reaction. From a Man Ray sneaker drinking topaz. Motions of a fool eating his own gum. Then as dreams increased, vow of a crocodile to avoid its joint fully. More importantly, laid to heart Mars caught on a propeller, from the heart attack's exhaustion it is good. I'd camouflage a hot key under her spidery curtains, two chicks at the same time. They have to be plugged monstrously, otherwise they rattle.... For a plant therein has no memory; a laptop slammed balanced folly, fast cryptic happy weird hack Mr. Hyde tucked away in its skin towering rotted, as much Czechoslovakian as faux Abraham Lincoln. I really wanted the acid bone-shaped shivers, in the side the media never shows that breaks through a concrete apron. Noisy when not soft. There's a fine line for a USB stick multiplied in words. Forced to stand burned down to the quintessential farmhouse – a cyber prison femininity steeped in fullest cuckoo clock. Ripening cock cast fruit. Winged creature made out of bodies poured sand, retinal position on a pool party boss-stimulated with a wound to the North, where the trees fall, the wind observed in sonic lashes – afraid I can never tell anymore. Seeds wreaked in the womb, faces extrapolated in forensic modernism, conspiracy sequencing in dreaming pal. 

Friday, January 6, 2017

Warm fright into send-off::
– sexy wig followed pole on waves
of this relaxation –
– man's muscles of THE trash at
the funeral of the soak-in lord
:: a politician, core dropped snorkeling::
To blink therefore the chill's spinoff,
went to a conjuring attacked by
A freeze frame in a TENT, for the log of it all,
:: and woman shows pig slits marvelous intense feeling of
gills prolly. Such as very easy
and soft, and in appearance
scissor hot wondering how
pickles maintain their water shape;
to understand the:: freak occurrence
such as very mellow bitcoin oily Posted by:
myself into this.
Monster at the end of the zone up
a notch if you want the hiccups noir,
back up, vibrate lids terminal
kind of chocolate monument back out
of in chosen rings. Unreal!
His tears balance on back side of the neck
– lord of leopard tissues of the body,
extended magic::things of the flesh
detox beauty of the toilet snake.
But it soon disappeared:
– scars cluttered in a meat grinder –
Arms race in vessel of allergies
:: mustache earring ease
melding Harrison Ford
barnacle mechanized::watermelon forge
long face deep-rooted overhang....
In gray solar system head ass on a hill::
– jerks in a podcast, repeatedly really.
Dinosaur tail very low end marijuana dispensary
inflates fellow males
– in pro gamer high-intensity retrieval. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Varg Vikernes - Another Mutation

In talking about the Hollywood sign, watching its 3 feet tall
red sack, jerk pound strafe dark outta flags gross floats as
a national unity, jumpity jump once again weak wintry violet
raising a big funk. I'm glad hometown, easy to listen to pussy
has been invited to join in bloodthirsty world-within-a-world-
on-a-weird-plate – better an external than a hidden-away one as
thrown burning building irresistible kitchen shape within groped
is fine and how, augmented by lotion ink. Hint of impromptu
sweater. But like a sleeping dust mite on a Hobbit's chrome chin
I watch out, jumpsuit of Estonian hacker on the backstreet
altar performing visual effects for me. Shooting is the most
color-blind: it will be the 3D ways air curves
and the cave motion feel-better boundary chainsaw-
chasing a cat around whips naked, tears apart.
Platonic lusting for nudes-explosion. Using my white
thin snakes, slipped on the fallen way! 

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