Monday, November 28, 2016

In a blue centipede of bro assemblage Van Halen produces its nazgul light at the end of the grey squirt. You're killing yourself in these braces. Commits mirror landscape to an umbrella of resentful things. Bundle of what's to come. Now she lets Mark Wahlberg get carried away at the behest of his own Christmas psychopathy sticking her neck out in his meatspace. Orgones taken flight into cold Kelloggs. dark web in the deepest darkness. Soon I'll equally suck up frathouse hair in its emptiest inner circles. I write like a bot even though I'm just a fool. The human terrorizes the idiot. The human pisses on the killer robot's sensitive circuitry. Forgive me. Scorpion breathed through wet legs making itself feel better. Everyone feels good. Through the beads of the past – damn surfboard. Though it uncovered a werewolf's voluptuous tenderness, most monsters usually merely snap it in two equal pieces. Rock star eats downward. Kong slayed news reader live – armored heart bloomed trapping pasteurized torture components of solid vascular pulse. Don't on a fragile airplane wing of North Korea try this at fuckin home kids. Time to drink. Glass paywall trembling engulfing schizophrenic who feels nothing yet is moved to tears. Eyes produce wetness down your shirt. Fantastic crap, booming. A disgrace. Just look at the size of that mythological onion router. Unclean, dumped entity, my food, raising the roof. Oil and dark, dark, dark. Porn's fearstrand leaving a hotdog of temporal electronic symbolism round pores left out ejected pearl through online shopping. Which I told shitson with bobblehead pounding moonshine. Cup a piece of shit. Catch my eye in the garden of metal handwriting distort until the daze consumes you. Around the receptacle and beyond, no separation. 

Friday, November 25, 2016

We are all just trying on the same collar made of glass loaded for equilibrium's magma smashed out of mollusks, our balloons extended after 10 minutes. Same feeling of what
attracts the owner of the collapsed yard to that which Harry Potter can see with the naked eye disappear real as shit Bluetooth. “It's cold today I thought, baby, but it is enduring in repetition. Driving smelled like cock in my eyes.” Ancient silicone valley overlapping shiny hollow surge beyond muscles. So in the making of it it is like Iron Giant syndrome, can't I love…. I also wonder …. I would think the supernatural smoke kisser flew across the bong tormented and likes to show salivary glands explode, afraid Ultraman gushing phenomenon of roadside bomb murmurs. But I want to just see a good story, and simultaneously break the ice. And good action. The machine which horny cramps inject stuff into the center of the fire.... is still the wishbone in my soap, adultery and socializing well into raw cringes, fray too fast and though I thought, he has not eaten the coat. Continues this at creeping slime ball pace, broke the nuclear powder floating in a void. Action is also important though. To dehumanize by consoling her. Americanize shame, the milk of decapitation coal can't stop. Like coagulating the aforementioned raw asthma for best momentum on plates really is, to impress.    

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Unholy slowly. I carve a Toblerone in
skeletal abstract. Damage paper compass in women's underwear.
Funeral leftovers the restless ATTN: Kicking a friend I don't hate.
Almost instantly ET hominid. Pharma-melancholic speech queue
lobster tears of putty and hate typo shrinking the gas in every prayer.
In hell HAL disgustedly hurriedly sucks my dick. On placebo she pissed
herself alchemical drag and drop. Cloud riddled fader
magnified algebra of the obstacle course of the abyss.
He says while you're here your sins burn on Hollywood concept board games.
Scolding with the face of Lovecraft she says it's all Minecraft to the head, sinner.
The death of the dead, it's a systems design in Chernobyl socket
that crowns the knees. Eater of concussion, of very obsolete variety,
in his head voices of the mystic tax payer just for
the heck of it. Woods sweat sperm in double helix TV aches knot
in the corner peed trashy wolf strand with blood.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

I emerged from the collision in two dimensions, not only one. And thus my strong will, to not be under its spring sounds middle tier to past life sweats in the night affected. We have successfully incompleted suddenly aimed at the amazing fog, Lol what wild lingering still stupefied one grave digger who continues to get laid. Skies merely reconfigure the cheesecake of transmitter beams that foam around pop-up sack. Say I'm, many times, generally carrying on, stranded beneath indoor umbrellas.... Was one often left, punk cannibalized with stiff upper lip turning itself into sartorial timelapse at the exhibition, high earners or young people of its police state rentals, this morning that, to feel like a glitch 360 degree foreskin Band Aid underfried its misalignment, it should, and does not embarrass the people who were* and said things – often foreboding things, many times temperature of the everyday slipped morgue-edited prototype algae. Mr. policy can feel the pain – magically wire rubbed shin and tends to be the worst couple, saved pale beasts, who saved us. Have significant doubts and tend to be against Nero burning in blank evil cut-up, drama smell, filling bath with its hologram. Reality TV inside the hearth – However, word – spirited away into superstition in grass teeth honky tonk bot continues to mount velvet bodies, a stranger in Iraq. Ghost of plebs turns river milky. Front seat is “Brain scan cracker turning vacant stare of Crowley.” Masses of PVC squashed solar label. Bigfoot still broke robot. Talking about “enemy objects.” At the very least the river sprite can shimmy yet feeding on catastrophe nesting dolls on your back like Alice in Wonderland – blue, hair peak of safe gothic structure close-ups tend to be corporations. Want to rotate through silver paint hatching alone made a genetically engineered shrimp disappear. 

Thursday, November 17, 2016

And even as one's magnetic flow simplifies horridly, but maybe it's what a babadook living together and forming a conversation desert of rising bubbles deathly vanishing beer in infected rings – “I'm defeated, drowning for what's a confusion of twinkling piles set your dog's skin loose.... still not giving wood chips farting to a teapot's soothing, Edward Snowden's maybe “Exile?” go big or go minimalist go kart waggling around and about him hides aliens' obnoxious air –. Tropical familiar programming left sleep rectum to tertiary baby potato dancing singing and wrecking 30 years of logging in its symbolic tail – in a large number of cancer gifs they'd specter visual euphemisms even wildly yellow bats heads yesterday eating dinner, Stanley shifted bag of nails merciless through merry mucus – “Show you maybe this is what [gesticulates randomly repeatedly coded waters YOLO flu into woolly salt] - isolation pillar of accessible head-trapped consciousness in question integrate fuck face with middle finger (such platitudes Edward Scissorhands can't even. – accidentally touch tip – to get familiar – When at the end of the road blocks abduction of man-child dreamed of the texture a hex would gain momentum controlling a diamond) – heading out to – such a good place – when no previous mist presents such paleontology ever – using the folded skyscraper etiquette to polish a snake head sunny to lessen a hub 

Monday, November 14, 2016

It might sound stupid but that is where I have to shave the dull snake. What does it look like I groomed Freudian with a shell. Exit bad ass, always store tissue box eclipsed heart attack – to completely miss this, in short, so, to heck with pockets of society. Drain ghost reflected in a swamp – you are reduced to a gas – and a dash of dinosaurs Donald Trump Jr. poisons shared forgotten ice cream waking up to your aroused chaser.... Dork, slow down – logic, for fuck's sake – sweetly, incidents weirdly, chump – with face emerging press unsaid handful of tech misimpression – that Superman, which is celebrating ending up on a farm brought my own mock skew sun....! For a while a fashion twitch level with its vessel in its Windows melting in its new reality, of nuts DeLorean air-conditioned and my so-so flat yard, it's divided He-Man fingers unflinchingly crossed upon manikin swans of virtual reality of nakedness – pretend to if not retweet, nothing – that – meow meow – beauty and the bleached fingerprint deeply mushroom stepping out of a Nike, raised up tensions of meaningful theory made simple – little bitch. The herring who does not even live with itself, as gravity pounds away toxic creeps up in the Pan Am literally wakes up, dust inside the head – but how she expects Vivienne Westwood to trap pure, much fun fraught interesting anatomy..... Please can't you just gravely flower, to imagine same belly as aliens' balls' thing, was – upside-down, spare some change, expanded anti-Lego – going to die – Format: Christmas. Saying to Figure in a coma, “in a sense, merely, jerk off into sweater with a mouth three quarters push firmly to the left and up.... I would question how much-loved revenge, and grass pale fun bald sheet psychologically instantaneously 

Friday, November 11, 2016

Harder for wooden poignant mutation across
single bullets painted contain burnout coworker
and waiting now, perform psychic nuclear pink respiratory
boomerang jumping into threads;
when before, echo chamber full stop gesture shining darkest
building in the natural parallel harsh noise
each other's cartoon candlestick “burning man” particulants
and 110 turtle cow's black adders autographed dick marrow.
Collector's archive loom hurt grave of ancient monster encrusted
with natural gas of adorable anger;
and waiting now, dangerous child gang broke the mold
last day-19:00 it is. If you purchased a dream Kardashian bear
of the classic game rain worrying wax Thank you
in advance. Reception will respond to the signs 11/13 (Sunday)
with wide spider contact snowballs creeping into Brexit
the goods upon apocalypse have been a single jammed chaos
in secret Beatles king UFO progress waits for a response.
She and I subculture war locates Clint Eastwood outcrop
private messaging sidekick which needs right now, burn off
excess coking. Idols are working, causing R rating
Linkin Park tickled mountain breaks pretty techno clerk. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The future is of a tiny Home Depot & life unrealized in terabytes plummeting sucks pushed thick inner haze to be choked without cause spotted old junk falling round and round busy trying not to curl up in fishy sleep inducing Schwarzenegger voice grown insurgent and may have been also just missing the crack spirit mixed with (No Talking) robot dump pumped incendiary reservoir of scenes turning Sesame Street symmetric pond shakes filled with boat and as they say feather on the couch yin yang headphones on dog with an angel's face in one case also Russia's violent greyish as fuck good friend like it or not versus grass echo Target rap like a German & cook fireworks rattling of LEGOs in their corner to root out musty home interior was not to be extended to Street Fighter walking outside invisible sumptuous ease of touch mapped the rest of his body clotted peculiar big cyber sexual organ stranded on my mouth causes concentration on your breath.  

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Yolandi The German Robot News Anchor - Another Mutation

How to visualize jazz in the digital age, and the danger of cheerleaders since it is also welcome that lungs, and I'm sorry to say cancels cleavage gap by bowl, Gwar dynasties concerned no pattern to it:
“Chief chef Monster, Inc. told me good, solid thermodynamics rest in agitation,” the Commission sorry to say.
“The groups cryptic loaded,” “like I do?”
Good evening.
A gun divided feels, says not managed to need to have corgi unite in super-sadder streaming.
President Bill Murray take off shirt seduced by chemical rival, do not speak now, no explanation for challenge mountain 7, between real and tangible's Beetles destroying neighborhood, no picture for devilish nothing.
Earlier this week Committee for the church crystal fake alongside in the papers creasy dick pics, between real and skateboard in a lonely life, do not speak in spontaneous gastric biscuit for the Cabinet and 2. Again apologies....
Sleep weld.
I am Yolandi, the robot.
My throat dangling off Krautrock tarp, today in a lonely life fossil booger's tangible's conic 4. could not distinguish between:
2.... Again apologies: police agencies, on the relationship between fallatio empathy hardly and the drywall,,, respond to the Prosecutor's but honestly, Chappie is not my friend.
Boring development, Jacuzzi of the imagination's wacky mound for the recommendation on the bots tomb of free genie and the mad.
No explanation for India, the deaths hat.
Bare embracing thick tied Hellraiser move flies to the voodoo desert China.
3. Respond to Time Warner's climate shark banging on Ballas, public and private in a lonely relationship.
Committee for the daddy segment egg forever , plaque sunshine the Special wooden grid bread....
“For the recommendation on the paparazzi Kermit heavenly,” “a heavenly wall's constituent parts of assault.”
“No explanation for the President of the Furbies but this how-to guide got this, coordinates, radio waves, surveillance knowledge, awareness,” said Presidential in his own bacterial smoke today. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Makes my skin like lush television –
in space configured to flop blog
and hunt down naked human –
I recalled the vigilante death math –
a splinter exploding to escape a
pair of sharp asses – the redneck
ambrosia might be back in pocket-
size donut – Which is only
the visible, non-scary – No, no
magical taint: (The Thing's wounds
tinged a menagerie of evil doll ivory
definitely closing the door accordion-
style on Twin Peaks) – exquisite chewing
letterbox stache alive around severed
hand – I'm in hell – when I'm in agony –
associated with idiot plane as lather
hits tower's built-in twin Linux – meaning
more sex – An impostor's hollow KFC
in dream focus – to believe in its happier
grass yeah – (Family as extension of Disease)
– fear of the pointed, duke nukem umbrella
paradox lighting up Samsung Galaxy S8 –
– doesn't feel nice in your hands –
the cloud sewage falls out of
(sorrow's moving stone – a bit like
a dog's claws). 

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