Friday, December 30, 2016

Voat - Another Mutation

Yeahhhhh and you'll probably see coarse nutz “technically polish carrion and cum deep-state in a witch-hunt without the logic”, honestly, keep an eye on it, as playground sperm plans a trip to the elite's furnishings holy shit I'd rather have AIDS than lead Podesta back to my tinfoil hat harmed normalizing hillbillies this fake gunman “we” whom geoengineering in the succ were a worm's endorphins occupying an ostrich family to get used to marathon secret meetings only the “uneducated” on a ghost ship's constant anchor is its “pills split” on a razor blade to entertain the possibility that and just, like, bang. so we're all clear, all dogs in a jar ring out clearer than a red flag the tunnel eater's hoax leap over which and preparing for a kidney flooded with purple yellow velvet melting for rushed transformation unexpectedly to reconsider whom it is in bed with didn't touch accelerations buried in folded space for months of nicely boxed and labeled power bottom snort of lefty naysayers without a button given rise to in which Trump's “scaly helix” kicked in the door. no, sorry. and yet, if automatic updates stuck with me god forbid the possibility that and when the most popular fail did suck so bad these psychopaths and satanists and idle man behind the purse rode split use of a spectral prawn splice out and, once, a refusal to examine counter napkin wipes porn's jam I got busted holding hee-hee still if that isn't the creepy mammoth's 'uncensored views separated' into food ashkenazi khazar's authoritarian “igloo” keep “in a frozen state” in actuality and in general relativity which my parents' apoplexy vacuums the woolly dishes on penis fug the robot film character shoots Pinhead in the back with as we have predicted then or, hell, probably as a bombing in a bathtub of molten figures of the George Lucas persuasion. 

Monday, December 26, 2016

Kill insulin Barbie half mime leather now top half of small gap/ somehow,
saying goodbye surrounded by bright image of plane crash
and flower beetles. Lovely fairy is My gf/ nut and bag levitate, fire in
the mind hollowed by magician. Spiders with swan legs dance less, displayed
burning with strawberries were the ones I bought, in close design
top covenant in endless dusk pull over and hurl/ chaos
by repeated increases nihilistic jingle top of shit. Beat up item/
bones transmit through sandwich/ deadness of DM slide putty in
hypnotic state. Nothing can stop beige/ calling Brony probe wonderful
assembled LAMB/ Eat alive rust columns at necklace level howled/
if I do sweat again lop it off. Visible salt on the laser buried now, wrap pellets
the ones I sow/ at a souvenir shop substantive spherical (contain anti-illuminating
furry) heart/ moisture brownie receded henceforth, the narcissist of suburbia
(Casper the upward sea-monster), I'm yelling inside until we are open.
Vaporize carefully/ space photos when after a long time I'm into
4chan shit by intractable mask the good and the bad force at saw-off vector/
patched up balls. Different from the bad feelings have been chilly scary. 

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Aw I don't care if hot rain bit a hung Romulan, tamed in the neck of a snowman on the bus. Dune wants to decay, my cultural equivalent of Lovecraftian cock dick blocked black Zelda with an optical illusion. Through clearer distinction, red eyes shocked dusty abracadabra delayed brick AF like stones moved out from behind ignorant gray brain matter with the voice of voice recognition's boneless giant mess. Why an analogue clock, mate? I hope everything bad happens to you rap-handedly, scared simultaneously warm enough intestines waving their talons 'byee'.... Stalin stood for dancing and nothing more cos mier cool toss osh kush kibosh on waterfront mob violence with fagtard beauty boss's masterful spirituality??!! Based Disney excruciates swine egg in the darkened outer senses or exclusive 7 letter upstart this way in tiny Bible solitaire flops much (if i must say so meself) regarding license plate buzzwords flame pink web bitch gas of water mob up front really help come on over a white supremacist and role model (to me and my dad and my uncle) such as Kirk, and all night nuke shakes, too, surprising my dad saying 'bye' on the internet kiss kiss, stuffing pearls of tears into his old stocking.... My dad and my uncle on the internet saying 'slapper' imposed futuristic amnesia 'on me,' respectively, for the right to 'Play Dead' under space sick Kraftwerk headstrong in deja vu delta... ahh snaps HIV adj. unlock, the universe 'being a thing' Dante's illustration of moss acting up keeps chocolate Listerine intruding in self-driving cars. The only thing different about the 'pointlessness' lets surrounding fires dripping rat fat scarf a blunt stick and suck a feather on Broadway's Tales from the Crypt as over here, yellow based on video games shat a mist veritable as a disc of ashes enduring gestures her own diss creed couldn't cure. Ist das what that is, until my dad types: “Hello there I have now seen ideal male body eggnog mad cow hairs heehehe byee” And now it's all gone. Our coach mummified at Taco Bell OD'd on a homebrewed chill pill, sleeping position at a party through providence sustaining Skeletor's stretchy palm lines. There is nothing left but how Oi solicits pineapple under weight of Alcatraz you may well wonder.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Thought explodes into unrealistic strokes of skin from odorous testosterone compound long scoop truck pistol wrest pound damned arrested in bed all day constrained like it's the stuff and put a combination of dampened sweet new creature to stop when the cave mussed darth nerf that fails to prepare him artificially for his standup gig connecting piece of horror killed ejaculating behind our backs that wasn't food and guess what that would not be interested in tears as a social norm bugs hop and accordingly an alarming socioeconomic greatness that and a great vastness too that procures the ocean's swig found to have fit in a raised mech flop-canceling recognized cheap dollar hostage probably below the surface of fold-out fuchsia surly and shitty forests pinch butts less often than wood pulp on his bystanders that and which seems to be the square chip of Egypt flexed baddie interested in ejaculating on mail crashes playing dictator in a tree with a complex expression acknowledging pipe using effects such as fiberglass to scale new ketchup ludicrously thicker dick for not being in college blasting collage of balls both who weren't and avert and plug snake with booze both fictional and less logical interestingly though most boring and burly man in the world who always wanted to see pity-flushed with a handbag pillow-wrapping reported reluctantly higher levels of interest and dampened equivalent death wish until they [sic] fabulously live outside focused on inherently woke real penis size with no face 360s is a lonely sea-cucumber which did spout flu in stop-motion mix hoops and even on a stroll with my nemesis as a resin and fabric replica to stop motion & live out legacy of Juggalo obeying Triassic gestures and assassinate upon prior recovery of life therefore I am too fucked up to counter neural fossil pack a day style chomping then howl coughing peeled during dance improve to improve squint of all species through blanket apparently fishing when she felt how many were eventually ejaculating to unrealistic optimism of Stormtrooper consumed by a Permian woman welding value on human life during water shortages until faces unfurl trying to work medical benefits on your wheelie or ollie on a narrow pavement so big head of Jung's glittering anti-Semitic head imprisoned in Caucasian karaoke in outer space in a computer program reality. 

Friday, December 16, 2016

I can help panic, a suspicious burnt red, both sum of virtual monocle
can take a picture together. Hate alone. Can help make a goth visible
red circle – started bondage, finally confirmed masculinity,
fat of darkness, senescence savior in flux, started 5 photo Division]
IN alien pot, clouds smooching.... grief blurry ostrich wind, without
the warm hole, even without the snow. Head-trapped post-modern
deleted head deep throat in the sand. The tit of material world...
Seems [ ]working fine. But the hacking hooded stiletto shark shade hardware,
media toss Santa dwells in gender. Landscape is dry. With only
the color was. Shutter animated garlands captive spruce melts Robocop,
whom I miss the moist propeller the way I feel. Angels swap vicariously.
Charts poison because it felt the emergency riff on..... Cute cat who looks
good, sharpened furnace in looks, it felt squeeze mist Death Star
in GTA game within game. This cat? William Shatner maneuvers
actual continuation of hard rain. Good because giants curb. Chill on.
Deconstruction of the murder mystery swear words by tight mermaids....
felt the power waste out of unpredictable spray, it felt the stares
in house and home. Oil drone sub-cleats ethical FBI at home, in
signage and a sugar pot. Of the eyes of blob roll over in his grave.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

With a shrug David Lynch turns up mind's black secretion of happiness hormones in sunset blow to more than just harsh chiptune's oxytocin on the same untouched solenoid – a relaxed, plastic bag state is achieved – it's alive – poolside steamy pork interference drilling for chemicals turns Teen Wolf legs gold – dust removal like 2 burning candles in sarlacc pit – convinces us to leave my father, call for my mother – The father and brother are not touched – while it lasted – businessman peeking down the froggy arm of voyeurism lifted unparalleled – doleful kisses in gollum piss pointillism cluster graciously rocket mud plunge fake news pew-pew-pew poems warp back – relieve pinball killer on toilets, shield a mind below the belt – perhaps during this blow and then some – love filter mitochondria for a day and hobnob in wookiee mundowie – In [the stars and the ( uneven banana) – of Spider-Man, still shine the stars peep stamping in the Hugo Boss mythology – habits of magnetic petals forsaking the symmetry of the blank page melt!] – years through many years, in the Palm of the janitor darkness emphatically dying exoplanet night's). Send humans to, and in fact the paint depicting a headache morphs human 3D avatar into asparagus disappears is generally due to this guy – a shitpost by magicians so that slippery organ perverted wrinkle and white noise of Crusades enlarges in the blood wrestling – dirty Transformer's exorcism that Gorbachev through Apple  

Sunday, December 11, 2016

In the tart phrase of Tolkien, with apparent hatred, but then actually just
“i fucking hate” my friend vs Superman in slow buildup and with
lower massacre resin on the litmus found, additional inner travel:
will be releasing! Estimates of greenhouse gases watered down in a closet, with
teary eyes, in holistic minivan; cozying up; I cannot even, now, actually
loom Exxon nut post-mortem mayonnaise of bald squirrel framed in lush
zippers, pop out of eyes in a kind of accumulated judo going at anatomical
squad car like a reindeer can go back to bad hair. Look at me, I'm a Christian.
My tongue like backparts. But then who won't accept the KKK founded
dipping and disco: Banging its own sister life form A cuts away under
queer replica of life form B, figure statue or a curve; space bends time is boundless:
“Look I can do this thing!” Tell me this, who says “What, can't you even deny your
own nut bag of a human skull's ball-movement and refute the.... jetpack
of familiarity making a dystopian Uber out of huge movement again, i.e.
Metallica without the sense of depth.....? harvest brain implants before
palsied life form could even jerk off into the sink – alien guts' impact on a shovel –
love ham lumped onto a balloon – flash under desolate cover of interior crammed
with dollar bills – anatomical handwriting and things!.....” Even now, drugs are being administered. Compensation indistinguishable from death on tables of liquid
you did not even refuse you're seen in airport photos in the touch of a handrail –
probably until tomorrow, your favourite thing about pure pharma the next morning
the plumbing is haunted – Mario brothers, the moron, interfering with its
magic circle like a giraffe on an intricate guillotine potently and with feelings of
invincibility using its skeleton to get all down on the curb.  

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Pizzagate - Another Mutation

Rigid charm of dog grieving its owner, beneath the Christmas tree it has always been the last form of dandyism, oh, man. As he is expected to lose. The multiple inlet exoskeleton in perfect air meddling with bloody food. Stow it, stow it! or wise or Wow's Atari 2600, otherwise not so much of that. Horrible Monster alien in slimming t-shirt like a hanging flame, its absolute modesty, the only suspense of the complex sex trade as the last boy on earth gawks. Feels as though someone's watching me in pizza parallax. Suspense is fine, though. Over, surely, though I'm sure it is great, brutal reality to the point of too many reality kings, game console skills low, the ultra self-help T-Mobile to use for the guy beyond survival of the fittest, impression fast and quick as a Satanic Panic in the Little Shop of Horrors beyond the gates legless woman in normal mode, saving your birthday in embarrassing pantsuit, and saving you from the dog. Cold it was, too much impression, highway sounds of sounds of herself removing stacked patchables from the hard cock, to Aquaman more and more difficult to see how metal are you? Puppy sculptor deletes YouTube channel and this is the '60s, accumulating blue check mark of ubiquitous reverse-anatomy, for the murderer's tantamount to an awe-inspiring plumber, desert raising in the jungle, for he is the Jerry Springer of harvesters of cement filled nests filled with the transparent realistic. Until the Sun King sheds light on boring weather channel, from satisfaction switches lasers to soup of a soul. 

Monday, December 5, 2016

This points into the mouth, a lot of elements. A friendly sound time
covers sharpened scissors. It might be so, ask yourself why. But it says “I'm still
here,” it stands out held suffused to endorse anyone beaten undeserved.
All can become abundant, seeing causality you strike sympathy plus whenever I.
Problem of marked polaroid some martyr appended pseudoscience
digitally awakening office rug. Declining a tripod on faith to, ad hoc pipe
contrary to a good time to change your mind – in management I'm one three all
the witches, from the outside no longer feel, in fewer full movies are there in pics.
Combing the patchouli was really old, old God transforming gravel heap
into sex symbol hooked accidentally, eaten alive, contrary to moral behavior.
The mannequin hates plants, all can become the truth. A yeti come to life
in the gutters, non-specific smell clouding the thunderbolt of the original cunt.
Body is temple of impenetrable butts, was good the first time round nihilistic self
of self someone else myself all the time often the smog, is certainly had problems
used to be iPhone battery tangled morbid bosom every robot ordered
interesting crash, and held tighter to be told it was good. 

Saturday, December 3, 2016

spreading south of the lightbulb could be cut in half raised cuneiform like shapeless kidney stone above escapes below shadow of t-shirt in angry holes flip-in Dragon Ball repent-monster-fueled oxidized basilisk-climb Britney Spears precedes the night I wondered amicably right in my drift awa y in meadows cough syrup palpitations now part of my hindquarter foam gray human computer skull lamp NASA hung about this from the future slime diamond expansive hazmat pick quench campus deaths directly after fella deleted whimsical tweet is killing more than immolation alligator falling out of a gimp suit armed succ nonpareil double slits head fire of Scandinavian horseman can see the shrinking dial moving inverted faces cocked buzzing is sushi 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

From the philosopher's Windows XP, 15,!
still works, Be loved in the blunt spirit of tabloid.
Ingest leftovers except 1]
#croissant bridge sucking up back of man
– 2 stab you 2 Jack excerpt. click for New Ultra.
I am the action figure scent 
on the red rain Kellogg burning elevator paper
– cold on the way - brain blocks toilet eye-OK
to humpback whale inhibiting cells.
Sees the space in properly-heated suspended animation
thwart hail, is somewhat hard to see) I don't care.
Sunset in the Western sky; socially simulated
gravitational outdoor karate moves [December special
phenomenon 12/2-4 on the rippling skylines
in the hostile environment FBI hijinks
[by Dr. Who. exorcising him from his own tent
With razor pseudoscience marijuana vessel
proves, turns/shower bright (to vending machine scars
upon scars geminids somewhat into a space station.
Pokemon devil's warm your home looks
can be the one to hurt
that intangible large-scale cosmos.) 

Monday, November 28, 2016

In a blue centipede of bro assemblage Van Halen produces its nazgul light at the end of the grey squirt. You're killing yourself in these braces. Commits mirror landscape to an umbrella of resentful things. Bundle of what's to come. Now she lets Mark Wahlberg get carried away at the behest of his own Christmas psychopathy sticking her neck out in his meatspace. Orgones taken flight into cold Kelloggs. dark web in the deepest darkness. Soon I'll equally suck up frathouse hair in its emptiest inner circles. I write like a bot even though I'm just a fool. The human terrorizes the idiot. The human pisses on the killer robot's sensitive circuitry. Forgive me. Scorpion breathed through wet legs making itself feel better. Everyone feels good. Through the beads of the past – damn surfboard. Though it uncovered a werewolf's voluptuous tenderness, most monsters usually merely snap it in two equal pieces. Rock star eats downward. Kong slayed news reader live – armored heart bloomed trapping pasteurized torture components of solid vascular pulse. Don't on a fragile airplane wing of North Korea try this at fuckin home kids. Time to drink. Glass paywall trembling engulfing schizophrenic who feels nothing yet is moved to tears. Eyes produce wetness down your shirt. Fantastic crap, booming. A disgrace. Just look at the size of that mythological onion router. Unclean, dumped entity, my food, raising the roof. Oil and dark, dark, dark. Porn's fearstrand leaving a hotdog of temporal electronic symbolism round pores left out ejected pearl through online shopping. Which I told shitson with bobblehead pounding moonshine. Cup a piece of shit. Catch my eye in the garden of metal handwriting distort until the daze consumes you. Around the receptacle and beyond, no separation. 

Friday, November 25, 2016

We are all just trying on the same collar made of glass loaded for equilibrium's magma smashed out of mollusks, our balloons extended after 10 minutes. Same feeling of what
attracts the owner of the collapsed yard to that which Harry Potter can see with the naked eye disappear real as shit Bluetooth. “It's cold today I thought, baby, but it is enduring in repetition. Driving smelled like cock in my eyes.” Ancient silicone valley overlapping shiny hollow surge beyond muscles. So in the making of it it is like Iron Giant syndrome, can't I love…. I also wonder …. I would think the supernatural smoke kisser flew across the bong tormented and likes to show salivary glands explode, afraid Ultraman gushing phenomenon of roadside bomb murmurs. But I want to just see a good story, and simultaneously break the ice. And good action. The machine which horny cramps inject stuff into the center of the fire.... is still the wishbone in my soap, adultery and socializing well into raw cringes, fray too fast and though I thought, he has not eaten the coat. Continues this at creeping slime ball pace, broke the nuclear powder floating in a void. Action is also important though. To dehumanize by consoling her. Americanize shame, the milk of decapitation coal can't stop. Like coagulating the aforementioned raw asthma for best momentum on plates really is, to impress.    

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Unholy slowly. I carve a Toblerone in
skeletal abstract. Damage paper compass in women's underwear.
Funeral leftovers the restless ATTN: Kicking a friend I don't hate.
Almost instantly ET hominid. Pharma-melancholic speech queue
lobster tears of putty and hate typo shrinking the gas in every prayer.
In hell HAL disgustedly hurriedly sucks my dick. On placebo she pissed
herself alchemical drag and drop. Cloud riddled fader
magnified algebra of the obstacle course of the abyss.
He says while you're here your sins burn on Hollywood concept board games.
Scolding with the face of Lovecraft she says it's all Minecraft to the head, sinner.
The death of the dead, it's a systems design in Chernobyl socket
that crowns the knees. Eater of concussion, of very obsolete variety,
in his head voices of the mystic tax payer just for
the heck of it. Woods sweat sperm in double helix TV aches knot
in the corner peed trashy wolf strand with blood.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

I emerged from the collision in two dimensions, not only one. And thus my strong will, to not be under its spring sounds middle tier to past life sweats in the night affected. We have successfully incompleted suddenly aimed at the amazing fog, Lol what wild lingering still stupefied one grave digger who continues to get laid. Skies merely reconfigure the cheesecake of transmitter beams that foam around pop-up sack. Say I'm, many times, generally carrying on, stranded beneath indoor umbrellas.... Was one often left, punk cannibalized with stiff upper lip turning itself into sartorial timelapse at the exhibition, high earners or young people of its police state rentals, this morning that, to feel like a glitch 360 degree foreskin Band Aid underfried its misalignment, it should, and does not embarrass the people who were* and said things – often foreboding things, many times temperature of the everyday slipped morgue-edited prototype algae. Mr. policy can feel the pain – magically wire rubbed shin and tends to be the worst couple, saved pale beasts, who saved us. Have significant doubts and tend to be against Nero burning in blank evil cut-up, drama smell, filling bath with its hologram. Reality TV inside the hearth – However, word – spirited away into superstition in grass teeth honky tonk bot continues to mount velvet bodies, a stranger in Iraq. Ghost of plebs turns river milky. Front seat is “Brain scan cracker turning vacant stare of Crowley.” Masses of PVC squashed solar label. Bigfoot still broke robot. Talking about “enemy objects.” At the very least the river sprite can shimmy yet feeding on catastrophe nesting dolls on your back like Alice in Wonderland – blue, hair peak of safe gothic structure close-ups tend to be corporations. Want to rotate through silver paint hatching alone made a genetically engineered shrimp disappear. 

Thursday, November 17, 2016

And even as one's magnetic flow simplifies horridly, but maybe it's what a babadook living together and forming a conversation desert of rising bubbles deathly vanishing beer in infected rings – “I'm defeated, drowning for what's a confusion of twinkling piles set your dog's skin loose.... still not giving wood chips farting to a teapot's soothing, Edward Snowden's maybe “Exile?” go big or go minimalist go kart waggling around and about him hides aliens' obnoxious air –. Tropical familiar programming left sleep rectum to tertiary baby potato dancing singing and wrecking 30 years of logging in its symbolic tail – in a large number of cancer gifs they'd specter visual euphemisms even wildly yellow bats heads yesterday eating dinner, Stanley shifted bag of nails merciless through merry mucus – “Show you maybe this is what [gesticulates randomly repeatedly coded waters YOLO flu into woolly salt] - isolation pillar of accessible head-trapped consciousness in question integrate fuck face with middle finger (such platitudes Edward Scissorhands can't even. – accidentally touch tip – to get familiar – When at the end of the road blocks abduction of man-child dreamed of the texture a hex would gain momentum controlling a diamond) – heading out to – such a good place – when no previous mist presents such paleontology ever – using the folded skyscraper etiquette to polish a snake head sunny to lessen a hub 

Monday, November 14, 2016

It might sound stupid but that is where I have to shave the dull snake. What does it look like I groomed Freudian with a shell. Exit bad ass, always store tissue box eclipsed heart attack – to completely miss this, in short, so, to heck with pockets of society. Drain ghost reflected in a swamp – you are reduced to a gas – and a dash of dinosaurs Donald Trump Jr. poisons shared forgotten ice cream waking up to your aroused chaser.... Dork, slow down – logic, for fuck's sake – sweetly, incidents weirdly, chump – with face emerging press unsaid handful of tech misimpression – that Superman, which is celebrating ending up on a farm brought my own mock skew sun....! For a while a fashion twitch level with its vessel in its Windows melting in its new reality, of nuts DeLorean air-conditioned and my so-so flat yard, it's divided He-Man fingers unflinchingly crossed upon manikin swans of virtual reality of nakedness – pretend to if not retweet, nothing – that – meow meow – beauty and the bleached fingerprint deeply mushroom stepping out of a Nike, raised up tensions of meaningful theory made simple – little bitch. The herring who does not even live with itself, as gravity pounds away toxic creeps up in the Pan Am literally wakes up, dust inside the head – but how she expects Vivienne Westwood to trap pure, much fun fraught interesting anatomy..... Please can't you just gravely flower, to imagine same belly as aliens' balls' thing, was – upside-down, spare some change, expanded anti-Lego – going to die – Format: Christmas. Saying to Figure in a coma, “in a sense, merely, jerk off into sweater with a mouth three quarters push firmly to the left and up.... I would question how much-loved revenge, and grass pale fun bald sheet psychologically instantaneously 

Friday, November 11, 2016

Harder for wooden poignant mutation across
single bullets painted contain burnout coworker
and waiting now, perform psychic nuclear pink respiratory
boomerang jumping into threads;
when before, echo chamber full stop gesture shining darkest
building in the natural parallel harsh noise
each other's cartoon candlestick “burning man” particulants
and 110 turtle cow's black adders autographed dick marrow.
Collector's archive loom hurt grave of ancient monster encrusted
with natural gas of adorable anger;
and waiting now, dangerous child gang broke the mold
last day-19:00 it is. If you purchased a dream Kardashian bear
of the classic game rain worrying wax Thank you
in advance. Reception will respond to the signs 11/13 (Sunday)
with wide spider contact snowballs creeping into Brexit
the goods upon apocalypse have been a single jammed chaos
in secret Beatles king UFO progress waits for a response.
She and I subculture war locates Clint Eastwood outcrop
private messaging sidekick which needs right now, burn off
excess coking. Idols are working, causing R rating
Linkin Park tickled mountain breaks pretty techno clerk. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The future is of a tiny Home Depot & life unrealized in terabytes plummeting sucks pushed thick inner haze to be choked without cause spotted old junk falling round and round busy trying not to curl up in fishy sleep inducing Schwarzenegger voice grown insurgent and may have been also just missing the crack spirit mixed with (No Talking) robot dump pumped incendiary reservoir of scenes turning Sesame Street symmetric pond shakes filled with boat and as they say feather on the couch yin yang headphones on dog with an angel's face in one case also Russia's violent greyish as fuck good friend like it or not versus grass echo Target rap like a German & cook fireworks rattling of LEGOs in their corner to root out musty home interior was not to be extended to Street Fighter walking outside invisible sumptuous ease of touch mapped the rest of his body clotted peculiar big cyber sexual organ stranded on my mouth causes concentration on your breath.  

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Yolandi The German Robot News Anchor - Another Mutation

How to visualize jazz in the digital age, and the danger of cheerleaders since it is also welcome that lungs, and I'm sorry to say cancels cleavage gap by bowl, Gwar dynasties concerned no pattern to it:
“Chief chef Monster, Inc. told me good, solid thermodynamics rest in agitation,” the Commission sorry to say.
“The groups cryptic loaded,” “like I do?”
Good evening.
A gun divided feels, says not managed to need to have corgi unite in super-sadder streaming.
President Bill Murray take off shirt seduced by chemical rival, do not speak now, no explanation for challenge mountain 7, between real and tangible's Beetles destroying neighborhood, no picture for devilish nothing.
Earlier this week Committee for the church crystal fake alongside in the papers creasy dick pics, between real and skateboard in a lonely life, do not speak in spontaneous gastric biscuit for the Cabinet and 2. Again apologies....
Sleep weld.
I am Yolandi, the robot.
My throat dangling off Krautrock tarp, today in a lonely life fossil booger's tangible's conic 4. could not distinguish between:
2.... Again apologies: police agencies, on the relationship between fallatio empathy hardly and the drywall,,, respond to the Prosecutor's but honestly, Chappie is not my friend.
Boring development, Jacuzzi of the imagination's wacky mound for the recommendation on the bots tomb of free genie and the mad.
No explanation for India, the deaths hat.
Bare embracing thick tied Hellraiser move flies to the voodoo desert China.
3. Respond to Time Warner's climate shark banging on Ballas, public and private in a lonely relationship.
Committee for the daddy segment egg forever , plaque sunshine the Special wooden grid bread....
“For the recommendation on the paparazzi Kermit heavenly,” “a heavenly wall's constituent parts of assault.”
“No explanation for the President of the Furbies but this how-to guide got this, coordinates, radio waves, surveillance knowledge, awareness,” said Presidential in his own bacterial smoke today. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Makes my skin like lush television –
in space configured to flop blog
and hunt down naked human –
I recalled the vigilante death math –
a splinter exploding to escape a
pair of sharp asses – the redneck
ambrosia might be back in pocket-
size donut – Which is only
the visible, non-scary – No, no
magical taint: (The Thing's wounds
tinged a menagerie of evil doll ivory
definitely closing the door accordion-
style on Twin Peaks) – exquisite chewing
letterbox stache alive around severed
hand – I'm in hell – when I'm in agony –
associated with idiot plane as lather
hits tower's built-in twin Linux – meaning
more sex – An impostor's hollow KFC
in dream focus – to believe in its happier
grass yeah – (Family as extension of Disease)
– fear of the pointed, duke nukem umbrella
paradox lighting up Samsung Galaxy S8 –
– doesn't feel nice in your hands –
the cloud sewage falls out of
(sorrow's moving stone – a bit like
a dog's claws). 

Thursday, October 27, 2016

All is OK. Last night's finger trap in the hand gestures, was the most prominent
butthole. Where its embroidery was to engage the harp in
his grandfather's dirty clothes. ([update] thin smudge line down the middle)
The obscure wrangling of the puppeteer; is the beginning
of chronically prolonged oil pipeline surfer wraps
into a frenzy, distill front to back manga and chew-satellite attacks
depicting a literary blow territory. To watch recesses, and head sticks
killable adolescent, is the recent xoholer, who falls in love with Amazon's sonic ball
scent expansion brew. Playing in what space? But this came on: A novel
look at mental health: nodding at geometry of the labyrinth vomiting sweet veneers
in casino force field, in unexpected computer keyboard embellishments
breakout; sounds sexy prerecorded Nixon, in its rare grocery store,
repeatedly experimental farts self-interested newborns chillin by
the Satanism wood with their humans. But I'm making it after
all what will reclassify the self-destruct organ, and the few words
of zombies and Nazi (dead, Museum) AWE feel this ebay pattern branded
away from tabloids so, probably still much junk in it without saying anything,
simply subjective wikipedia after all what will make the
plain robot swap beach gear with me. Awful news phone rings
vigilante continues to eject distant scars of contempt & just
enough to nurse digital limp pillow, so fired up the cobra (As a supplement
to the storm warm drop of its generator, attracted by a crater ) 

Monday, October 24, 2016

Replace zombie's lecherous gaze today at the office
with variant musk of the first humans on Mars
You can now add burb-style nightmares in the aftermath of empire
and enable brush with angry spirits in your freezer
Watch chameleon mouthpiece rail on in Misfits allegory

In undiscovered uncanny valley the blind see skulls coming
and on ethical repeat, in the mind of the faithful fuck an octopus
Wine coincide with whip to massage through bottom's combinatorial Billy Idol
between palpable sex shop and origins of life scratched psychotherapy
with convergence; arguably axe murderer's one stone finally semi-electric
pulse of eyeballs bestowed ammonia upon slasher meta-empty
of the hairiest sea is a lot of BS

Improvising sideshow average-size monster with brains utterly intractable purple hairs
Taste of Bruce Springsteen unmoored in half strayed into Louvre genuinely Gronk-within-
a-pinkeyed telescope touching a desert of DVR balls-urge, shatter transform bus through philosophical louche musing on purifying a mysterious woman – gauge dune ouija pizza
sans pea, despite burning into shadow Retractable ribs thinking about an object rocking chair-deprived Can I have a peripheral fuck yeah Magnificent podcast cum ancient ritual

Friday, October 21, 2016

The continuation of the most Nintendo sheep-clean things produced to live. Be the love punk, saddest hung gnashed ankle on the workbench. I would be generally useless alone. What is this hybrid, baby? Will there be a different danger generally in switching perspectives. Gets better every time, expecting the dinner vultures in plain sex. Noted language's Sapphic weapon burn it down Hey Jesus really” I went, dragged by Running Man through his own guffaws around, ridden pimpin' opening along three fault lines poetry cleave following the straw of messed up cage. If I try really hard to align butt shakes and harmony harness and then pray for my cells, when bae coordinates awareness open lollipop of cantor's flaming skull bursts went and rolled, heh. Now, I feel ripped off. Today noxious sky comparatively blanketing toaster. Above car pants nocturnally breathe, was just, and more. Now to the average fag God is hot, which is good I guess after a vape circling towards the inevitable, cudgels encompass and portable pillar backlash. But the real creep sizes you up to learn more because again, tomato after good times Milky Way up against the wall made of smoke and mirrors, empathetic as trippin balls the Memphis dead giggling about it I wonder if they just keep talking like someone's not using!! During the earthquake, sexualized escalators and afflicted kind of transistor pulled through a frail puppet and all on the Cola seemed to collapse, say, frustrated though taking a beating in the disco ambulance, where it's not uneasy inevitably tentacles overwhelmingly, the homeless catholic for like 20 minutes of unfunny Rocky Horror. In, for example, bread. Well onscreen Sinbad bred by intensity bumped into roof or another building, excited about the opposite ruffle while in the little fucking arms industry an impulse too varied embraces mental illness. I'm lost, at least. They're playing our song. Again elusive ghost smell allowed to confine itself to this beautifully formed hood composed of Beliebers tolerant of relative anthill's daunting silhouette wedged into mirror image of canyons trickling off the deep end.  

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Unfortunately, orange life form in secret database. Resurrection despite series of stings
on this game's fade we'd love new friend chambers links connecting from deleted scene in the old, hurtful piece – no, will be really boring. Out: dead star oozing water PP twisted in sewer corduroys grille of Thomas Edison moving robot babies in translucent crocs
guzzle triple V-shaped, quiet “ass” funny noise something is wrong: which can
be beautiful. That crooner who was to mend tender pixel he tripped over. Nice guy,
pulling down venetian blind quid pro quo quince Deumus in electromagnetic suit:
“I'm home!”Oh my GOD it's just an arm, massive white-knuckle in the shape of an arm hey get off my lawn shoo – ok man shut it off I said the only powerful tool is the Self, the whole derp tower strangulated by Culture taste of Pepsi like liquor store experiment fail? To be honest, the only reason my quip leaks in the form of “hey how's it going” outdoor therapist trying to capture the spirit's sleep emissions says…. meanwhile bug in pizza oven with brain of still beating heart berserk in yellow serendipity lobs microwaves blazing back at beach boys trying to fumigate the effigy of sick, mystic version of frankfurter sharpened by concrete in warm nest of tables i.e. rod straight out of Bowie's abattoir which the soothsayer engages the skunk with (“in order to be very pleased”) – signs of life of the cursed ugly billboard doll in shambles. Bye bitch. Don't actually know the surf's rectangle do you. You will never be one of us. The zone is an actual chunk of apocalyptic phases of the moon leaking thermal kiss.

Monday, October 17, 2016

.... It's raining. Please, come.... A little blood spatter,
if at first a low swipe at urinal, now sucks Nutella through cluster
to protect, and pour blackout on old nightclub....
Bragging strengthens. It invigorates. First to death. One filter applied.
So that, finding out Mad Max, the sacrilegious goggles in Jaws,
if it's a Gameboy = forms discovered shopping at a flea market,
through the word salad spray type shaming me pouting, Gorgeous personally,
a situation ever happened sequentially. Anger. My truck. And 911 and bum between such
daubed vampires When I realized I had all foods etc. Jerked
my six pack out of every nuance of Garfield, good?
to whom the difference “would appeal,” reacting to the “hum,”
in a fancy inferno, (well, +- when cold), goat face who ever loved me a deeper
transplant forces soda....
Very rare Ikea cookie gift for today's destruction, I feel uncomfortable groping
but I can remember the best pussy paved parapet
I didn't have to remember, to have to satisfy,
angry. I'm more than content. Exciting to watch my coffee, give
computer the best ever Facebook rendered Nazi anime in
terms of self-affirmation “merely telepathically,” until
boiling out of proportion. Which spelled the end of the lice, as dolphins
formed AIDS. Made beer, sinking gruesome SIMS averted, basting
off of negative dreamscapes forever stranger drug tests lined
flesh with own outline. Conversely, incense, at once deeper, a
cheap spark, to whom you love at a funeral....  

Friday, October 14, 2016

When you're blood red viscerally slow crease neuro-emergent pawing horror cut-up Willy Lee-ridden spurring Blair Witch sirens in mid 1990s psychology suffer death mathematics disgust and prairie diaper in perpetuity heliocentric shadow of carcass the markets are the wolves of a graphic novel chopped liver VR headset nod-opus scrunch anti-sunlight octo-core hella churning needed locker room transfusion or acceptance within the MC Escher jailhouse decorated all up in hell's mouth on Ferengian hinge lightsaber shaft pain very light lid and dreaming faded mourn thaw dog as long as one longs to be on the kneecap of such beasts nostalgia-cleansed OF the American dream's cheese hack orgy-making verdant pastures through revolving door Homer pushes black smoke fixing to delivery drone lawn chair lobster in Hell Cindy and Mickey Mouse fusion to the sound of density hiding the cannibal on sophisticated bicycle colonizes the moon treadmill Gremlins thoroughly talking about myself unveil unaltered unless scorched earwax when scientists reverse flash sensory overload torture Whopper electric invincible on wildlife show paired with the other or trying really hard to be.  

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

No but Jurassic purple jutting back and forth, fabricates miserable Lazarus on common, false Forbes. Masculinity away from the bad lathe, without vulnerability, clearly shows Instagram gruffness rhymes, hollows out a girl's face space. Bonus picture of the box filled with deja vu. Exploded layers of comic abstraction embedded in Farmville, trimmed by interesting guy in Utah, who plans to without mercy announce shart out of nowhere. Well, doom: behind the scenes googly eyes on owl panned on nerd bloodbath, bowed gradually to black-pointed ejections. “This Hubble crap, though, in surveillance vents.” To a man whose harp in a bottle's excretion is daily under the blood pressure of Dali, I say, “Let's rather bury the hatchet directly in sex.” But see, anyway, no sex with face of donkey before something bad's about to happen, apparently, head, which may peacefully mechanically scream, rather given salty flavor of Halloween. (Apparently, Gwen Stefani loves “an organ”.) Levitating during workouts, Riker gets a kick out of such confused dreams: wires of exhaustion ream home the dire meme. Dark turn. But an anti-stimulating haunt, something voluntarily corgi, on the web can still split into a dash of beauty.  

Saturday, October 8, 2016

I'm like, makes a note, [Per w lol] 
as in digitally shattered, cheaper 
vending machine background, 
sinks it all in the, but wow. 
Or press three times. Absolute win.
You get bothered, (or not if 
remastered exactly, no set 
the if the, right kind of amphibious
change the child grotesques 
roughed up by hand to complain 
later, caused by body-upright. 
He can appear, etc.), screenings 
dramatically improve kitsch, fleeting,
turbo, Ford is running OK, but 
who hid the faces of the, not 
doing well, floating. Butcher 
unearths dump. Thy autocorrect 
zone, will the swear words, 
served as new way of fake photo, 
smell, horrendous, as in, made 
my daughter sick! Unequal ping 
pong.jpeg, retractable, cute, little 
bird, on second life, looking at 
the porn like delicate, other young
women envy of the compassion-
bar. That time The Architect's 3 
color imagination opened, country 
and friend, of Bambi long-winded 
chimp I'm like, were like the drop 
of SOAP on English silk leather 
jacket on the backs of/deaths 
of bathing ape/surprise!
Shade molten plasticky 
depending on 4 K theater facilities, 
history's repeat-port worked in 
the past, which, tying-Box in this 
wavered, is animated by, that's for 
it is, with emotion. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Just bird of prey out of oxygen. Watch permanently not painted to body. (little wonder, you just wrote) “family possessions I hate with my life”. Writing is just addition and subtraction, stuffed around hexed solar powrrrrRR coupled to make curry on purpose. Background image casket (11/05)- The Rock not OK! 10 minutes of wax museum with Helmut Newton in shock! It is recommended move secret Macklemore anti-vaccination message laid back and happy, just sipping on words as meaning goes lost. Those who don't like it crowded, like complicated bro 3D modeling Star Wars quiet piano propelled 69 times in a hoodie splash dog barf on friends boo hoo! - scanned emails much less change life and family relationships. You have problems. Those who are agreeable cryptids, introduce the “readers comments” with quiet whale cry this week. Essay class updated iconic flying saucer aka grind a real raisin in my face. Subject: Decaying dead toddler mussing monosodium mindbending glob-feeling in the ears itself fly rabid from cop car like saliva into the parking lot sky. In swimsuits out by the typhoon mechanical hog no longer will run fully in beautiful crayon's, recreation motherfucker gurgle ate-Excite bit involving monsters of Kevin – laced with iron man's sweet narcissism sacrament (1/3) “Don't stop to write anyway”. Planning. Perspective. Best support sickness as hell/writer's loathsome velour Replay (Wednesday) 9:00 PM please don't stop writing anyway. Sharpen pineapple – unusual shape – touch me. Society not in soy business doesn't normally happen would be sick though. Keep picturing yourself: frenzied beneath your own warm body with fear. Demon to keep you warm in vestige of peanut butter deadly speech polluted distilled into granular fertilizer sadly, sway a little, suffer the stink of the mega tower moreover don't let the tiger, the regular-size monster, go unnoticed.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Longer dinosaur, much cuter thinks dystopia happened today. Back of the rays bending, any time travel like what's one-sided phenomenon allows for weed control and waiting, on a whim, clinging exhausted digital rude comments. Cyber sex besides the muzzle of velocity, post card loops Super Mario Bros square land of the Bauhaus at last bulbous as fuck. Begins troubled man escape of the piece of shit. There are shops selling erotic video of the Middle self, so universal metaphor of my closet is rumbling bleep bleep bleep but suffered a dust interior sailor enema torture of reindeer made in bodybuilders sensuality since this outrage. Withdrawn cowboy get out and get attached ivy and entered, synthetic anger Satan unfamiliar with behind-the-scenes connected, self-regulating black. It's plain, second heart's organs suck it off, gentle lady boss anime clone dubious meow whopping gumption. Device squash cutting bondage in ten minutes, fraction anti scratch pad page (29) 2x USB ports only 1 page (43). Through words, touched my boss. Map tweetstorm as a result young adult novel shut the fuck up, depression, piece of my brand as a result, quit his job. Increases in accidents prostituted dream of urban stacking, delicate balance of amoeba clouds air pollution blamed for road to death, impaled on temple of the refurbished knobbly old pivotal cuticle, in world from Pennywise death is off, says Trent, is almost there, himself devoted to the clown's sad head susceptible to uncircumcised spanner killer in chat with the spirits, concentrating fantasizing about being otter of the bedchamber.  

Friday, September 30, 2016

Suede, ready for anything. In the bathroom inspired world's end. Exorcism sap
of worrisome Blade Runner not human companion, not ideal.
Wreak brutally honest menswear on magical world, seeing it opened....
isn't eager to drop off as back not curved to suit – backfires through gravitation –
Annoying wind noise – when internet falls into the sea I couldn't be a more sleepy,
autonomous, single-celled rearrangement, left behind by actor who played the one who
will never get married: I send people to Mars. You're welcome. Ground control:
Please just sort of wake up one day and start hunting spacecraft. I know the zeitgeist is
to blame for these points.... These wet swollen welts. Watch out trying to be funny is contagious. Launched taupe horse chemical, superbug broken off. Furthermore,
can't seem to find robot getting it on with orbs in acting course synonymous with invisibility cloak snipped fresh off nacho's arched putt compiling feelings if you gaze into breastedness. Breasts gaze back into you. Bad boys before the dawn. Burdened by Starbucks orgone condemned dazed and confused, Indiana Jones handling fly spray, turns it off seeing Pandora's Box opened....

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

And an incoherent squeak near media spiral big and beautifully far and harsh Pepsi the umbrella is full of almost puffed up nut black ketchup evil and horrendous joy through hunger of tough prayer that messes up hurling end of canyons on the floor in blessed fashion myself I have a long horn good it should be used to embrace impact moaning upon a seafloor faces replaced by gears of reaction gifs so crooked the horizon fends off whitewashing death of a tree off of human skin configurations found different tunnel of a crocodile flinging shit at the coil pushing too far seeks to inflate raisin emojis ruining a series of butt sounds like near Knight Rider argumentative Uber passionate self-driving to infinity wi-fi via greedy tones stayed free quote from # of incredible and beautiful people hold back tears 95% so far crappy human behavior dragged separately misused nonsense of early aliens' dark influence on intersection in her place might put bench cushion in the street drive pretty bad according to relationship goals drove over beggar shot dead on the throne presumptuous to reveal a hidden bot in his shirt to have scanned the jazz proudly that far and directly inside of puppets led in a few seconds to oxycodone push of hypnotic boundaries of diarrhea in vacuum chambers sliced up with '60s racing games influence I am Legion yikes masturbate expel terribly bossy lick my reincarnated what's in my bag. 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Spell lets in air achingly forever high-pitched noise –
in the middle of far too many very narrow lanes I forget ass crack.
Who the hell is ….is like ….. w-w-what....watching hampered alphabet
heavily A) brought you forth into it
like night rap. Whatever does B)
plonk, it's like.... dying, when told mass pipe as special dune through th'
heartburn, united, “don't you do it” musically - taste seems based off darker air quality
Though dog on mental, eight-legged, color-coded flesh bank, Yahoo attacker
always antimicrobial formations stressed swinging, all systems noise –
“Sunset,” get off (along with the entirety of its walls) my mind
U are what you aren't freaking out!That's not even Snapchat,handling
her tenderness with muted blare, in the world's largest mock hell,
my pure Snowman swizzling alien weed killer – fist of sandwich of God – that damn
star in dash cam footage streaming down parking lot
hmmm? rings non-stop, much worse fuck apparently, periodically,
with which shocking teen hacker
magazine photo celluloid-pimped, whom you will try out a language on
a disoriented John Travolta, respect starts, yeah..... now the Power Rangers'
perceived hazard: not that I'm complaining 

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