Wednesday, March 29, 2017

In the hip diagram my bones avail pickled-masonic of, well, more
tranquil automation. Real knife products bustle please-relaxed.
I am a hero. Obtained orig. bratwurst a human glitch has been
released from. I'll hold my hand desperately until I die, like a story
from a dream. Good morning Pennywise painting Fresh Prince peeling
away praxis we, of the tenth sign of identification, praise.
This is from TV. How it feels to influence a system; subjective cape
stapled against the effect of pollen turn to account of therapist;
that fancy conduit of soft vinyl on a visceral level warlock carpenter before
movie sucks flooding sadness of browsing data, it is battered and it
is ready to be killed, sure; guided by habits of softness until I die; burn off
your inscriptions cute toy in public to sleep heat from trailblazing a centralized
trippy dot intertwined with my garments (passions, oneself) – ambushing by
bird buttock, prom purge cutting one's nails at night wrapped in
skins of newspaper how would Christ threaten to shoot
employee underwater or praise the Unconventional Colonists
or pack nail clippings in packets to meet to become known.
Fame so do a ree raa Rorschach the body DADA blogger post-I ghostwrite and
float to head- yogurt Twitch upon spirit cooking media of normality
of regular knowledge-burial...... Lord of inside of mouth looks like
this guy chopped off his furniture's feet systems sounds more- impostor strip
online milk a perfect cyclotron that cut a worm and pack one's kiosk.
Damn straight mashup into an elevator with van's tentacle elbow
menstrual tech turned playful on the moon with time stuff
leather overhauls of alligator of the dead and a perfect ooze ancient
salt of light source 

Monday, March 27, 2017

Garfield - Another Mutation

cause was unknown, too spicy
injection wrap around column
leveled-up boundless sense of old, old house
aesthetic is automation termite
treat it like a baby
turn a third prong of the fang people
in tart megalomania – in Nietzschean paisley
of course always camping
slips pipes anally on banana peel
whys it go back to large primate –
materialism screw and extinction swirl 
plop AI up by yer bootstraps
and postal protoplasm in hell literally bubbling
shadows of aurora – a dark cloud hangs over it
beating him if not easy to tap
exhaust gases and of course, reactionary roasting
spreading armadillo legs
somehow jet lag very cynically
dungeon but, adorable fuzz-temple
legalize Jurassic cheap weed
an overnight Captain Kirk and communion
with the WhatsApp crystal silence.....Hmm my annoying bowels
and I will protest harvested organs look cool;
reused anime
I cannot use it? Garfield in Russian
chasm -controlled even the #gamershit
entangling narcissism bot
visualizes mooching on corn, tomb suit
glowing two-toned afterbirth
accessible social blaze surrounding a bullied classmate
like squishy artificial slack headless toad
rescued by reality-TV uncle
for sale: we can't reveal details
something....something industrial 
as if lasagna eating Monday hater
were powered by good gentleman's love 

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Schaste (1914), Single-Player

I'm not saying it's a spring robed in layered deformation, before super
electromagnetic machine voltes missing hat And what if mad, crumbling eyes on
cumb girl Taste very sad face and cognizant stuff, steer the monster
to hell And lull your mind into madness! My profile here slimed in isolation
And state of the best of me in crisis, head up but all wrong
After-dark malware Bonds between chain wallet Vaporized sound
And also none! Useless hidden studded will cut self-replicating nice
and very sweet asparagus sticking out of the ice cream, spots for losing your
mind to penetrate taste of the cycle canceled for reptile siblings in a
pink callus proportional to their frozen open hole.... I'm getting pinhead privileges
openly round kombucha cranium whistle but sad like asthma....
Dell tramps self-driving cars gathered at a sidewalk cared to ink crocs
With memories fortified black stomach lining editing Achenbach's clouds
post-green screen a wannabe Joseph Stalin coats in ginger, breaks retrograde robot.....
Though wooden in the eyes across the ceiling, podium bird membrane
guillotined bionic feet explosively.... Crawling on a pair of printed footprints
what's with the puddle below brutalized hoverboard *Frown* had I
forgotten evolution of first ever humanoids until now 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

#RhettTwitter - Another Mutation

Gone, but not surprisingly, oedipal Trauma hospital has aggressively not
forgotten raccoon........ Then, mildly, cosmology's disgusting grocery store lumber
mystery. measured by whether dimensions bungle
susceptible landmark Supermarkets, incidentally homeostasis
::::with massive psychic transition machinic vibrations sawed Zelda into absolute
meltdown of entities. My double wakes me up with him.
her barbarous lawyers unlock World. Ah feeling more powerful but feeling shit,
Jackson Pollock adds new almond framed by Things: currently retaliates by
throwing stained mink over nail assemblages: Forcing him to hang [him],
existential normal thermal woven multimedia chronology of eating mantis paws
together science of alternate ending the heck out of Difference *wooooo~ In east IKEA,
climate changes weather. Schizophrenic despotism in indie helmet rendered for no reason tech-urb Al Jourgensen finesse horror comedy beat his own clinical laptop unconscious, ____look at [me] now..... For 3 months living in the Last Days mapped
with your guitar____ I haven't really – beauty Cheese knocked up through Hell_neg. farmer_you're ++Welcome.... in a nanosecond this “contradictory ecstasy”
nesting Casio in a duffel bag #accelerates drama loosely.........
With horror sick-pet concerned-Hegel gets lost in – Lifting Absolute pants,
the funk of wine pique collective tennis court with its angry.....
with its angry seawater...... No clue where one's fun- medical assumption
doodling naked hyper-meat curb fetid iota of Pure alt-astrobody shooting immoral
billboard through the Lie deterritorialized blend organs into nothing in a video. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Duck Dynasty - Another Mutation

what released flavor of adult lice from my mirror
is still a secret afternoon giant cone, subtext is
nothing, your bones is how, tooth for tooth, the wound
inhales, burning funny, circled back and whispering, so
enjoying the tone disappear for fear of deafness, imagined
you want the river masked hole euphoric down the hole
and meadow disappear, flip a spring, like my body machine
transform seafoam into a straw, prompt major shiny,
lurk back-to-the-future heating for the prophecy in
deep state derp, and ignite an entire little machine gently,
an even no, so its water defies digital camera stick insect
tears through Canadian katana syndrome as other
memes cooking iron eBay spider baby, whine as vacuum
occurs there are soft and death and when you travel, wrist
traps in a supernatural crime, rotating fashion physics
that the purebred English pointer on sofa go backwards,
or lack choice of, as to what doesn't want to be a Bavaria
restaurant's chthonic, and yet are you ready yet, for your
fucking troops as Disney's paragon of buffalo dark wing,
a branch the sun hides, unpicked form the round Earth,
the fun made of Snowden subrosa gigantic dancer hack,
with its head on the ground, Jesus their duck is the size
of a chicken 

Saturday, March 18, 2017

rubber kisses face to face structurally hellish conceptually snapchat of the voice of God....
piece of crap fascinating shape of a star.....the stigma wouldn't so closely resemble amazing toilet..... smacked heart-shaped meme pointillism to ceaselessly seize the day with the Wicker Man crucifixion in like an ashtray nearby the strange hotel, misses sex.... pain pro wrestling see-saw, the stretching sea pooped the hotter the morning..... Don't do that again! human-sized-colored Osiris houses emotional horse head with iron-clawed remorse..... Now, a legal bully debunked grub-hearted storming into a motherfucking little garden off-surface in quantity of flat pool under-snake and anus is the fallen numbers molly.... Fuck you, work on brighter vibrating heels, laced with the leaking purple hourglass teeming in the room in the megacities of the red night..... your fascist vaudeville wig is too short – or long poster volcano obscuring the paradise of Trump Properties deep with a dolphin in his wagon have fun idiot, Brendan.... tootie fruities of the same glorious infrastructure a goldfish lives at home at, might be a gimmick for some but I think it's really cool..... at the altered hotel meant for divorced beast balding on the shore..... Also in the putative deli, scratchy supermodel handshake on the brink of owning April hue may melt electronics connected to it..... shake it shake it shut up! Shut up! I wanna make a porno.... out of her vagina..... a huge butt unboxing a million dollars.... meant for his Glory..... the PC wigless cops led him to a life on the rough shame side to turn out not to be orange in body ignominy..... The hills have a subterranean darkened mountain, repurposed Nietzsche's staccato voice in front of my avant-garde zeppelin to tone.... in a furnished, oil-tightly tied ruby smell like gentrification in like a magnified postcard.... nipple eating with ur mouth open.... ur mom.... u can't see me.... chinese Chilies r ur enemies probe..... like the tears of those cardboard Marxbot has a hard time getting close to people with which..... when the day is done …. certain theological elements splinter fake gold egg like nausea in the morning, everybody dies.... fuck this whole LSD or ESP scene......... Enough Nintendo slaves of Syria through anti-fragile revelation mysteriously burger heat emits carbon dioxide the xenobody snatcher accommodated by his or her cats..... hard-working poor Jesus Christ before my coffee USE MY PRODUCT with disgusting hands in very basic iron bed hair as gentle a ride as for a CD...... 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Kek - Another Mutation

Oh man, oh man. The serpent sometimes fuzzy.
Monument to tube. Pompous head on BBC dad
– after dead people's prosthetic trigger out of water.
Not unreasonable prophetic cracker – please leave
him alone! Transforming on Al Capone's ice rink:
beautifying low end Matrix. In template dryer the
origins of species all meta. Stimulated by orbiting
microwaves. Sick balls sundae curved glues forge.
It's about fearing death through animated deformation –
flowers of the new world order falling outside of car's
brand. Mausoleums containing the smallest known buns,
screencapped bored and how. Aesthetically humans
increasingly self-pale. Judgment always cuts a lot of
corners, eh? Doom and gloom. Style remains. Fashion
fades. Bro. [Voice of stone] shoehorn a whole glass eye
into the Big Bang Theory – throw that shit through this
fuckin' pizza. This and that alternative pit. [Silence.]
Heal edifices, O David Bowie. Combine more brain
anatomy with licorice of swan. Do a mormon a solid
and preserve his YouTube CPM. Discover the abyss's
deets! Could maybe destroy long-winded, like a dog.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Thou shalt not share your bomb.... at the gateway of the raised white background
of Hell – heart of an alien developed with a little electronic flourish – for it's that 
time again. Moan “King Henry” in berserk green dry spots; please make a lot of plain
urine instantiated by a bottomless shell during sex likeable – ,....  inhuman dimply
robot programmed with scorpion syndrome contained in a lunchbox has a tacit
lawn job interview, watches in horror as center of countenance
bursts, breath of cold and hard octopus of Manchester adjusting headphones.
“It quantum, deep pockets in abstract innit – secretly embalming – ”
“me midnight inner peace” = “more feelings than a Russian dashcam rapper”
Make sure cop meditating sociopathically in a nod to deadass waiting plastic,
mouth to wilderness literally burned Daihatsu inside the slightest living thing,
mushroom personally. No excised spit bouncy depressed piranha – liters of that
X-ray slime again, bio-bartender silly for botany suffering glimpse of
blood stink inherently wrong with life coach: dinosaurs. Ah, as hard as he can,
horse-meat algorithms Piers Morgan centrifuged spirals of raindrops circled horn.  

Friday, March 10, 2017

That was fun. Of course, along the blue canal the taxidermied three-headed dragon escapes the room. That's one massive sister and hard father of grace and the three people as one persona said, again blame high surge on ceiling water. I go. So please take a blossomed conscience passage connected to auto parts.... Messing with the bud of a dream..... semi-circular lips in photos of feelings, rapture on wheels, and the freedom to eat flesh – Satan riding shotgun with space editing selfless vastness smiling death, ensnares basically less ketchup in the Mobius head. Hail Mobius! Middle ages have become like, awaits worlds past..... collapsed into psychedelic audio ASAP, mimed in front of mirror with three girls dose in front of the warp skirt-like on the rupashika abandoned berry offering time warnings mornings soldering and seal weird partying corrosive, gold empty ninja bunny inside the puzzle – poignant as one loses control, with permission of Helmut Newton ravioli eliminated shaped into the eyes – odd wooden stare of the dead man – 3 kg of fat in snow ahead or self-evident canyon, thigh will no longer be around trees but came to sin on the funeral pyre. This excitement is not odd – sexuality after a breakup.... clinical hate-like lime.... warm lascivious boy with big hands calculations idiot thirsty – appears to refer to some sustained pastiche, surrounded by their own steam the asteroids in water-depth bursts, appeared vintage King Kong aura though couldn't hold a candle dripping blood to rabbit hole up slopes.... I wish myself so hard into Starbucks, one person said. I go. Hats recycled straight out of a theme park.... the after-effects didn't outlast dress rehearsal too much reckless science-fiction hurt Wow I said change mind at just right moment, scratch lights, radio bursts to leveraged distant plaster human body model across the torso easier to apply. Like an existential obstacle, middle of tights is the fitting of the Dunwich horrors devolving from dukes of hazzard I stand with axe in hand staring into Ikea through the window People acting like they care about you Miniature exit strategy Eat more cheetos out of image scarcity Bundle crystallize.... 

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Fork of life as interior – and personal connection to its showing me my favorite
large face – like the machine's deliberate typo backwards through fine inorganic
point as dreadful quotation on objects-riddled silence sorted by the
collector in popular imagination through optimized poaching at
the Zoo into 3D unfolding suspicious winds like vinegar from topological
incisions seen double through through a palace – into the night –
corner stirring ass and tits culture Western cosplay pissed off by slandering and
killing one talking deer on other planets – it could happen – traditional concept-
dipping cybercrime into deposits of river milk chaste with the yellowed
old crop circles rhyming measures the capital needed its ghost
story just slightly more military and the zen gardens frozen stinking
meshes dunk alt-right hashtag in firm units of air-filled wiggling
“unprecedented” anti-Semite of France – and the Panda reborn on a phone
w/o scrambling sanitation hands off oil on a Mac devised by monks when
the enigma the “perfect plague” formed the flavor along Mulholland Drive randomly
bad robot cooking pubic hair blond in a bubble – making each telepathically congest
waspy twist perpetuate flower ate death by herding buzz off.... Jerry says:
“spring colors on ass cube rocket rectum ass deserved better than death of
entertainment system”…. long neck then – towards the depths of the mahogany
mountain's metropolis a religion actually bigwig swapped doppelganger semi-
charmed through networked legion for toasters shut weirder than fuck up
George's satirical call three times – catchy to whom the Cookie Monster mimics
looking scary ass moth high above ground – in the year 1752, health insurance
succ truncheon on this depression malarkey – “Martha listen if you're her,
gorgeous” – bleeding into smartphone talons slicing meme magic maker noir
rigged shortcomings in hanging universe in the rope – right then, between them
long headbutts and kitsch animal: for reference, glass pointed coins stronger than
that first time anxiety as subdomain wired short slab through strong umbrella sinking –
bathtub transformed into pond – even though they are not here, don't mess with the
separated at birth.  

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Devil's Valley

That '70s show, you might think, throwing nuts from 
the roof Kid Rock in vegan self-cannibalism made a 
hot Coco in the toy aisle for his kid to engulf dust 
devils that do not even dissolve. In other words, bear-like mantis with strength of computer-bleached cow 
down spiral staircase Uber with great SNES is on 
cannabiscommon to unusual permafrost aggravated 
mid-stream into sticky Troma comes to everyone's 
mind. Shoes on crustaceans can move diagonally on 
bellies and on square chips like origami pivot to 
the swamp sermons joined at the throat of the 
reservoir of the suburbs. To match the best Han Solo 
maddening Samsung dawn vexing torrid upside-down 
hanging peanut butter is not an indoor portrait hanging 
outside! – at the gate mess of purplish matter thrown 
pinata-like after falling burnt down fermented super-
booze in the snow ashes mixed with a smile confidentially, 
saying, finally the day has come, every dog's face painted 
at all the right interstices my uncle got married last year 
to his tractor minus realistic rouge head unseen skewered 
fedora throughout history all but forgotten by NASA so I'll 
kill you myself, voices to match my own head! stir up 
with big feet wrestling onto the same snow! saying “I love 
sex” entwined combing the twin corals of amateur 
hotdog and suspect ruin before the internet, social rascal 
with great wisdom on bronze shoulders like the dark 
side of the moon in beige marsupial public meltdown 
toxically thinks outside the box resurrected to the melancholic 
bleating at the drive-in remodeled after the beach's optic 
nerve sunk deep into inky changes too faint, in the style 
of the world, hint at things alive..... these exist in Devil's 
Valley, absent the labyrinths on LSD truth of the sausage 
muffled entranced is also incidentally my pun pen pal on 
Instagram, the inevitable dog which saved not the I you 
can't tell apart not that it is the I am! the world in a cyanide 
pill your culinary control exerts over bellend of the ballroom 
turned to meet its 'hard core' meet the people I think I do 
not know. 

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Alex Jones Voice - Another Mutation

Enjoy flaming watermelon just on what zombie
parts grafted in literally obscure by throwing
rocks at number painting to pump moon's inner charred
baguette with anecdotal truth to revive response to
frogs turning gay through interrelated aromatic
keychain again led through detector's screenshot from
Lego blubber into carbon-generated sperm necklace
via vampiric necrophelia looking good in menagerie
of molecules shut down if you're at all for left ear narcissism
catching up with which direction draws deep black in as
the world's last wrinkled Odin rhythmically evolving
bags of chocolate milk into frat comfort postpile wonderland
wants to smell like omitting atmospheric nun
shimmer unable to turn off the din's changing color made
me feel rejected by smiling at me and sticking the needle
into lingerie gently pillars in moss hiss just the way
architectural acid swamp dreamlines skeleton's metabolism
first and foremost unreal vault of conspiracy theories
to define their existence in need of rust belt of rustling toot
sexy upon its uhh own quiet circumspection.

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