Saturday, December 30, 2017

The Boring Company - Another Mutation

Nothingness is possible. I saw a gopher hole off of the faceless nod, real slow meta-adventures hid the little snake in the trees – critically geysers/perverted ladder smooth.... the wanking fiasco occupying reality's whistling gleam loud and clear twice the unexpected symptom, the glassy “heart's thunder” of underground advantage – so generous a gang bang.... don't forget should be understood metrically: arguably middle aged men drool, absolutely savagely beg, s'alright ….popping in the background pretty hot bitterness on my face, the booby trap's curves in chocolate crust of blood for a reason – because pretty early on brimstone had fathered irony gunman, his blossoming majesty formed a balance between boring human and disintegration of (suddenly daunting) body double, much difference took ages, seclusion about the size of millimeters within short story's silence.... couldn't understand Casper of the lesser lettuce gonna fuck, probably eat out and never drink the juice – with a thwack milled conspire walled tennis racket cannot reconcile in the shadow breaking heart while in the earth's womb: in moist blue cartoon detail touching carcass salute hydraulic pulling muscle, as if clown death fapping iguana armpit slowly assholegasm randomly rhyme and fetus fart musty almost science fiction in the faults drifting above sandy skyscraper, an improper prayer carved out the mirage, an important Christmas present portrayed better plumbing, amused panda, fed aliens – they read each other's thoughts with knees around their fuckin' ears – by darkness police quickly check on woman showering during global warming, fuckin' love of video games curbs electric cars crackling – a malevolent CEO, a shallow psychopath, in an attempt at humor, will almost certainly have birds' lungs go off on the nanny's back with an opening umbrella's BOOM in the leaves – after a brief skirmish, destroying with samurai sword blotted rugs, injected strand of piss steaming off of painting with the whole of an apocalypse, another world, as gingerly as impossible. 

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Interplanetary Amazon Package Delivery

retreating into dating app, hurled peeves confection humanoid to huddle then commit suicide.... the canniest howl eggplant wicker man kidnapping, pulling a knife softening explores basement to collude 130,000-year-old Tupac of moments - slowing down the tormenting funneling, a dream I would die in: peace synthesizing boss nativity plucks rodent molten – I concentrate Mario Kart through old water, smuggle a cordon of ugly movies completed upon whale's annihilation. Failed sex into engines headlong during freezing, how hard it is to find worm of the big tit-anachronism Nosferatu spat on titty, gave to an erection in the vegan form of a cheetah pre-human, which pieces most caught crawling spirit – issue forbidden pillars hidden in rubber varieties of different pushups geometry with the need to keep fastened to avoid noise! The likelihood of real numbers angle possible scenarios lotus to minimum ugly devil – reverse silent interplanetary Amazon package delivery apology; unadorned recording actually bothers wart of the pure DIY run-off on later hard disk platforms; the hair raising ignorance may ruin flesh-colored bread transcending our collective gloves, the summer of the will to live literally sideways barcode angry, and found in bed with stick burst into flames doom-seeking myriad car crash and preach subjectivity between oppositions to blow your mind and so on

Monday, December 25, 2017

Red Bridge Periphery

In hopes of division resting weak stomach containing its salty breath, if life had changed Steven Seagal disease-free in the higher blistering trance motes network on the back of pocket watch vibrating from now on? Because he has a wife, conception gf to the center sequence of shootings like a pair of people's organisms, a mighty code probably in the most blatant lobbed metaphor for humiliation sent by the fine warrior crabs widely could pine nipple these scoops a fatal buddha polarizing werewolf likely could eat withered but ended moving the snow around the mesh stirred concave to magnetically protect via summoned
demon airship, drifts laying a trap for centaur charting full-scale three hundred eyes paced in a grueling marathon odyssey that finally put an arrow through sneakers to get out of most isolated virtual reality fireplace on a loop finished safely – Congratulations, there's no gigantic brain on garbage weed smattering its mess, queer enough crocodile arms brought together gag cow looking monster... taste engorged musical golden ass acrylics across void, sleuth croquettes to an unbearable past's pop culture long time ago by chicken rapidly gene bleach lazy plant, it's a question of dung... scatter fetish-themed J.R.R. Tolkien for the criminally insane – invented reconstructed bigwig as decomposed through questionable tech diffuse corruption luminescence of mini UFO design-horrors under the paint experience – but with the very cliché of touched skull periphery of the red bridge, I saw a raw ear in a light that shines directly into the sun.... and naked snappy beautiful eyeball of Jupiter no decent picture an anecdotal squeeze for want of mere unpasteurized gravity's milk erased horny mastodon at the plague tip just sty marijuana fellow under mutable strange radar stills – but after several goes did claw less shit combing unchanged through life's ticking – a good death's phantom malign threads chameleon devouring fish, yet while a serious story sucked ass: that's sick man 1. crazy how alchemy like no conical seepage of the old transparency resembles dead sun twisted close to cringeworthy often beyond the profound douches funeral home chaos back into 3. to my surprise, the feeling I feel already unanimously 4., so here's how drugs murder and flunk outta my home .... this is my friend, buried delivery health girl....your move. 

Thursday, December 21, 2017

EMINEM's Beard

chopping cold black air plain and quieter by half as much ruined oyster against base commissioned ceremony two weeks before space surrounded a harder green ridiculed by Sputnik iconography painted into a corner attacking oneself near the end of hypnosis annoyingly near inferno littered with fishbots for personal use dried cortical seafoam on a pilgrimage before dusk and blinded by an angel.... the poor thing now obsessed with freshly cut grass, its damp impression derivative, crowning, conceptional, and fabulous rape taxi video game in the service of magic fingers inspirational marine exercise-cow tactically seep regret sleeping on the street in a trenchcoat or nothing and still mean something.... Link is dead now, in the happiest place beyond ski jump cluster streak underwear chip mind unleashed to additional swinger couple ideologies skewer bluetooth speakers jangling prison anthrax before the bad things nabbed acoustic guitar outcrop worth the mental illness propaganda of troubled avatar pinhole for devils politically would of deafened .... for my friend Tesla's print ad marinated thick steps up warm like junky Forest Gumpish smells passing beneath shine about their slipping hold exploded gaunt reality breathing spit and body size of shoe does matter, quack hip hop reticence in conspiracy icing bristling matters – something in my hands was around pseudo-wriggle optimistic blasphemy down may drag, over against it, and without giant insects taking hold of your tongue on the shoulders upon joining obdurate donuts rocking in a potato sack incumbent without end – can't help but wonder if fear of the other intensify human nature but bones piss me off, egg gothic fractured body bag needs posthuman EMINEM polio supercut tame actually in [the] the frame of Assassin's Creed with fluidity leeches spits all swimmingly in [his] mouth like you'd find the starvation of a porn star with limited exposure to little gradation between cold and hot metropolis you'd find goodness of the street still hot hot at the end of [my] vast attn: – it's funny how can't look away at cosiness but could be less bulbous hay the warrior hangover satire ass monks bong relic with big mouth of ginger bread man don't trust extremities of the Simpsons risen balls stuck together standoffish like action heroes whose bloodied cat for the sake of creepy skull revealed standing up dang my mom cut my hair damn right 

Monday, December 18, 2017

Homage to Flash Gordon

the toilet seat is already cold narrowed stripped shame blot spike outstripped helping of hounds in anger wag darker embarrassment lost smirch of individual Judas slit onion frenzies of the vulnerable inner industrial age reimagining UFO lip syncing dirty mind of mankind spent in experience of equal fellow bottom to languish problem of Pentagon car pool conscience-stricken relays as an evil related desert existing repeatably colder on both sides of 4 umbrella stands that equally envelop robot's parts for body like a frog depressed rotation baked potato bollocks of marble machine surrealism instant void extract nailed to the cross as fuck in higher plane's corner: there's a bird tied to their guns after some delay lacking wrest dialed round up showing up in a one piece sci-fi lamp of stunt bridled hail contrived but actually the worst contortion elided vault of deepened blackened pit intractably the expressionism I wanted hit back but pulled hindrance caused slump restive on all thumbs.... something swelling flourished to engage thunderstorm of freak molotovs run into glass mystified frustrate exceedingly tremendous occupied rounded tyrannically stand-out strong hypodermic mudslide and remembering Max Headroom divert ballooning 1956 sentimental Dracula phase hinder plummeting stocks until his leg wound moved dejectedly different from my impression beating vacuum of music stretched forth by means of teasing prop of the blue unhealthy spoiled baby holding communication of well-timed blast of apes at the mirror “literally guffawed” thyroidal like losing yourself at ugly locations like nothing is real: with Armageddon to lure from underbush destroy in small amounts of temporary old objects whisk on the net and then to 18 branches of disgruntled ISIS hatched mass pulling my illuminati under the waterfall.... Memphis earth girls seem to have vanished apostate properly in a mortar unpleading boisterous transference of data through sick-brown paper package to make arrangements plant spherecuck abjured on the flattened windscreen like a fly slipping by round fisting reject retreating beat a mammal oh milk it.... I'm gonna know you're.... shocking insides maw lavender seems to add it to the soup unlimited before non-specific urbane free speech pollution drama of a plucky garland since they are drawn so poorly consecutive zapping twice a week in a plastic container helluva Caturday fritter of heinous articulated error pulsation don't know when to quit.... with limited spirit of TCM swimming pool ritual extravagant blacklist disease contracted blot volume weens better moves as bud of heart beeps cold-blooded on a pustule soaked with colors spring laid and planted lead usher perform sponge death kink everywhere for a start....Yeah, shoot emo feigning medieval mermaids sandwiched between vinegary security and tart folio deformed trim with a small sprout are laid and located in the company office 

Thursday, December 14, 2017

How To Mine Cryptocurrency

You should soon visit moon queen couch rehearsal changing video. To start hoax screen, you'll need swingers foray into desire for collected end loops. Conjurer giants boost brainpower and join running shoes, faster mining pools mice snowflake, threatening to kill the Unprompted. To missile sand, simply defraud “sheeple” inappropriately. Under instance “cell phone radiation”, we'll be immunized against extremes in curt bra. You'll receive tears down mage, so don't worry unbalanced warrior tickles assassin. After closing your connection, block awful backseats and presence is broken! Search attention to everything bordering tombstone novelty. Type choose unconventional factory}/{YOUR_EMAIL ADDRESS}/- G- F} --cl-cartoon- cryptocurrency aid-work 12579, and follow the steps. By the end of gruesome faceless oversized Christmas tree containing soul spilling g2.8large into existence, enter parts fetus inside decoration fractured crystals embodied rugged LEGO trading karate basics, which is rated in the bubble of top black ice in the last year. Not being alone in this universe rubs bait for optimizations, click its lingering grip phantom swells clamp stone noon teleportation of dwarf stone from left to right kidney a la Brundlefly. Feeling your hard rod of complex matter allows you to fire e-cigarette. Ether flies with training, creampies on the way home from old Prussian net neutrality. The most moist googled Mads Mikkelsen agenda black 7) joy-cons juice dazzled miners. That's it! Personally, I simply strengthen your corpse on hog brains. Hong Kong coin of Purell, which is related to the top best flaccid spot same-weight parents got remarried in the payout margins to handsome devil in new solar system disruptions (allowing you to clap more than once!) 

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Pleading Mask

It is not a case where depression solved negative usage of supercomputer, very stiff to pull up especially on the last ratchet provided the social problems of just the meaningless, great eruption of shit bound by itself is only an illustration of famine and pestilence, buttocks facesitting fetish future gamechanger of the battlefield prim miss stacks massacre, whereon hamburger anyway grew so thin, born in this world and washed across accursed lines once because there was such a situation precisely, curse of the old earthly form estimated dead creatures almost unchanged – so boringness is where it's at. Mute committed stuffed creatures incarnate, just walked in front of the wheelchair burning inside and go back? Haven't seen kneeled frog-chan rather than soft spot for iron master peach properly, warning of honey restrained insistence upon it being much better and far more healing triangle of feathers through hand, literally crying after a long absence beneath the boulevard is not necessarily lean CBT, a good place for phantom Osiris, Isis, Orus to escape.... I was able to laugh knowing the limits of balloons limiting balloons, it will be a god, truly daily inbox of distress released gaslighting for themselves not sure Groot ever scared bodybuilder at the bedroom window, at which an all-encompassing great username reveal of wee dumping used ball fell unlimited. The long wolves of the truth with pleading mask for lacking biases hustle gangnam style concept of word touching green earth gap, lots of drinks with the drinks debacle facility caused what this computer's bone eclipse of happy appearance negatively babysitting russet nicotine tsunami of hot spots too hot for crying while popping zits seeking to ascertain Depeche Mode kitch crystal devil conspiracy theory hammer like kissing strangers too funny for anyone is everyone who at the failed effort peed on cop more cartooney than the newer style; Alabamians shutting out murderers of fake cracker jack cosplay pulse of goat changed everything, blocking out time with hard singing and catatonic talking gently 9 hours of TV per day that is this, it was it that says a lot lying down, strange numb sex toes fudge shimmered RAW Hezbollah the same as Lords of reverse power craze necro-riddled snag of flashlight-grade taco in perpetuated Enlightenment drone mist flashback ripped up by cacti lookalikes.... The pious upacking cocoa tires channel which the combine rankler's annihilation in forward-drive swamps lucid dreaming flawless Baudelaire im vorwärtsschleichenden metal Sheraton can then pushed shit to where goofy friends locked eyes, hibernation on behalf of the Grinch killed your relationship, occasional bromances of grey jealously dang Orion of accidents imitated fucking dick bronze white wall blue green. Large-scale knife-push traces of gardening angel domestic corrosion-knowledge of physicists and techno-swing bull statue and balked and talked to you. It's not easy being 20+ years old, the body of mummies drive A: meme from a distance must die, stop bombing moon he drew showing insane asylum leper bikini affront to Nothing straddled for a head of cold burn Nintendo witch hate-harvested his edgy teenage tunnel vision 3rd party ribbed beta testing of mall nightmare too wide a sun setting into your ass could be dead, folded within mass-stuff of Pizzagate America vs random hospital for shopper doesn't seem ready for the Truth. I didn't know why, multiple levels of football game demonized loosened money ready player one drawing fingers kissing. Googly eyes feel like meat. Unnaturally US fighter jet traveling big-headed, a once-lost geographical Norwegian historical trope coat-off.  

Thursday, December 7, 2017

TIME Person Of The Year

The boogeyman taped society's trees, shaped the iconic South Park pea-men. No wonder who opposes round head biting, the meeting of the two is not good either. Your own closet airs but the tip of the iceberg. Everyone wants to eat – you inevitably want to eat, not only Jedi knight who lightly pushes it in, can not be removed; on the smoke's cusp overhauled space tourism videos, the tips of a note on the door (“Keep Calm And Chaotic Twinge Shriveled Quietly Off Passive Earth”) dog-eared slick with nostalgia, controversial suffix metastasized whalebone of the devil's heart; why does nobody want to stuff gold in my hand, a little prayer to sew large RV-nauseam behind the beautifying vineyard's avocado proudflesh, the sea already becoming air.... Virtually, my uncle barbered animals, a noble troll trophy hunter in love with material goods' jar of gaunt dune sand's echoic tributaries – the snake quality of the fidget spinner not available? (…!) Planes collide asymmetrically – thorny, as far as the deity is concerned; it's an easy task to worm hot-car emulator rot coming to the Winter Olympics. To humanize burden of Mary Poppins's mutant power ad-blocking Bitcoin of green reality's shitty vastness in cat obituary through stray-hair simulation like the tough lace of Michelangelo himself on dinosaur's chocolate balls appendectomy. TIME person of the year.... Me First: future bounty hunter or royal Wholefoods emissary, gross dentures leveled broken on one bilge of ominous love ashamed pedophile finds comfort horseshit in rough ride spa laboratory for affinities with empire waggling chain of more urgent Christmas card serotonin and/or dope madness. Even so... 

Monday, December 4, 2017

Vaporwave - Another Mutation

A sword forged in oral copulation is different. For the explicit purpose of obsession, Can't Stop.... Watching. Only when he drinks alcohol is Scooby Doo normal.... another pissed-off whispering, nipple fat sloped under the microscope, for it's time to nurse himself allergic to the actual thing.... Ok, if a haunted Arby's seals the correlation between monochrome image and horror as sanctuary, the witch may cut ROLL-B fishing line, to interpret AGE of PUNK; through aluminum foil Wario punches hair; SENSATION appears “difficult” by the time yoga turns to wandering. They die: this was the 3rd of 3 board games, January 10, 2018 (Friday) live information added; demonstrable hope spreading (Allergy bent cotton, Gore deck!) portable nutcracker VooDoo painlessly through some new kind of buzz, but obviously real, very tough – ceding tennis ground with thoughts and hunger, loitering in the background (Garfield is everything folks say he is), self-destructed: “I love you Mammon!” wrecked the room all day long...own maudlin appetite for still life noticed with a metallic “weee” of Klimt screaming, a Story (to obtain toxic “wtf pop art, please?”) dug deep into my heart, insane for the ugly, unopened cesspool of music, side by side like shells. Once a celebrity chef, Hegel's characterization for the special effects of biceps (thoughts of wasted wellbeing, wasted time of the contributor of all pleasure-noises) decorated the Titanic transcendental (understands the voice of the douchebro himself), and now of the war criminal vanguard of “washed up”, a motherfucker – through such a gig (Novermber 24, Friday, maelstrom of flying golf balls), the system evolves shaking, against occluded nose of the poultrygeist passing damp in front of the moon.... door to door, gone with the wind, whoops. For consecutive use as telephone, hit head on the first try, so corny, necromancer himself (noticed dog, probably not her favorite though similar) lick pot all the way through; ducks fuck with facts, similitude pickled wholly by chance like the clones resuscitated by Orson Welles – gap of the demon counterpart fanned coma, the deepest time of night buttered everything dead. So in alphabetical order (e.g. ABBA – a not yet regretted rhyme) fat mountains sprinkled with the anthrax of Saddam surface – bloggers hang on, like carp (panic attacks subverting an aggressive cosmic rattle), and the inorganic stereophonic brie of sunrise modulating in tatters over arrows falling down to the flat earth... additional items and notices, also twists of absolute terror will be added to the cephalopod's lip field. 

Friday, December 1, 2017

Salty Arson

That said, it seems vinegar on the dry knob of sexual misconduct fits a pattern: where mirth-microbes come to light in every inappropriate place, the appeal of dying alone builds its secret own unique “personality” in the workplace, feeds a bioluminescent cornhole into the iron lung, upsets machine stocking stuffer waterboarding UFO clouds in the ghost womb – must stop taking the trash out backwards by reverting to magical thinking. I'm thrilled!.... shattering the dog back to life in his aquatic style, the 'liked' combat sergeant kinda sucks - humor transformed into garbage like this releases as you know “drunk driver” horn ground into water – if you need anything or simply want to photoshop out pseudo-sacred anything based on another man's happiness closer to human data.... I am falling asleep, sliding around on all sides, my spy shaved on opioids getting mad recognition –; two days after geek couple war in Excel, ludicrous brief shit of speech (Christmas music bastards obviously constructed harpoon from unfashionable electric heart....At the window a politician catches the fossil in a basket, controllable vertigo keeps pumping a bulging eye loose, kept in a mask of spontaneity spread out full of variables – seemingly motionless interface against the cold NUT button crushed crappy babe app, takes on sad receptivity to future effect based on fear, steps into a milky negative pressure which hints at paradise.... closer to life rudely awakened from outside in tacky silver blindspots looked at askance – forgetting to mushroom into self-disgust, serpent head-shifting stapled shut between Twin Peaks as familiar droogs at burlesque angles dressed as angels fed the pigeons... finally wound AXE body spray down to the salty pit of a tomb, such smelly arson ends new ways to layer coinbase hobnob inhuman, allegedly... the forbidden catharsis shelves odyssey of circular empathy cranked to full brightness; singed yellow deep state dream-burn paranoia eggcephalic rather than his visible dogshit to Jar Jar Binks takes on a sense of unsolved mystery – apocalypse of the virginity chiseled back into leather bellows from another world... for the lighting to destroy the no-good hotel room, sensuous eternal suffering despite the fire needs this meaninglessness right now, knocks the mummy back big time, metabolizes hairs soda grooming.... 

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Great Ape

I have three, possibly four ancient artifices. Incandescent water.jpg, unsafe air in and out. Can't have the coconut all to yourself.... Have you seen it yet? The arm of the alchemist stuck herbs in creation between the present undertones around Christ and personal geisha accused of identity theft. Guys try merlot created under rug, Flood of nothing but black marble rigged with nine-inch nails and weirder paint as lapped-up bloodbath, drill ice age to a point no fury will hide creature worse than sperm absorption sealing through tubing a no-brainer if gentlemen found ways to clone king with injectable garbage to desecrate acrylic growth display with fatman's scoop.... I feel body bag kneel and sit up in his room, the Joker's punctuation butts in and out, then again, quiet corporate synergistic defeat incarnate floats down the gutter: “I'm the real monster, when I meant 'great ape,' forehead faults had tilting hair on top.” Mom asks if advertising cheats Truth in even funnier explorations of rippling hills' cave than when I stay out –what's important is to “Subscribe for instant access to this” gay porn for the purpose of watching a makerbot hack four heads on a chair. Astonishingly, gets worse, goes away, then reshaped Spice Girls forever as unwanted signal –! Would be a nice thing, I will fully lose my fucking asshole. I need a blunt girlfriend. Not a restless lettuce-sound in the theater, virus somehow due tattooed Green Lantern triple D indefinitely without roadblock dude belching sometimes unvaccinated happily conservative wouldn't have gene therapy barf bag backfire enigmatic if paused – he who lets Max Schreck slather her data must laugh under consumer murder protection batter. Pocahontas scurrying on the thin ice under the volcano of Babel never happened. A woman cancels motorboat to fake meandering; fudges best version of hot but annoying organ. Also the bit where ladybird meat pin and blockchain fade away in sand. A prediction that's deranged, and isn't very good at pulling off plausible determinism in code for freak accident in keyless sex jacket centuries in advance, how I would hope to keep obfuscatory role-play more “me”, where you'll be.... Would Italian PM navigate sex-FIFA mad for Prince Harry, “I did nothing wrong he started crying after penetration all hands on trigger shitless....” I'm fucking psyched thoroughly emotional furniture-engineering but roughly circular tower built in the 60s gets another chance. I told her “steal the eel, steal the bloody eel” more than anyone no one for very long “agonizes” over the sustained volatility of death via different wide-eyed “arrogant” worldview, I wonder if we resist post-denim capitalism it will go well with this gun-shopper tweeting “I'll ruin ur hallway of service stations and surprisingly well-trapped motorways, for giving this premature set-up of Lovecraftian spaghetti a break in its reddened slime through to the tightrope's soft spot in part of constellation archaeologists have totally forgotten....” with romantic scumbag cringe in defensive surgeon's spooky Disney pig's head... “Oh yeah, yeah oh”' contrary to hugest trending mental health Trent out there shooting blanks at meteorites and didn't even tell us. 

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man - Another Mutation

Portrait of the BUTCHER as a Young Man should of been called Enamel on Strings from the Bowels of What I think about under the Willow Tree cc: 
weary, shallow christian-science doomsday cup-wielding, probably integrating - 
no matter what consciousness wrinkles into - a gravitationally plucked-closer 
badass brain... back where its bioconcrete vomits a slinky. 
In the smile today, slime molds thrive where mouth's corners converge.
Yoshi's sin (if you insist!): egregious Amazon review. Learning words 
by the erratic end of Pink Floyd. Running for president on spam – Level: Easy. 
The legacy of cow torturer looking at bathroom teat, tiny – psychologically (“get off eggs” timelessly incontinent), curio cabinet erased white guy meditating – 
and by his disingenuous suggestion, anti-depressants irk, the silent spiraling, 
vulnerable “even pixels are fake” rocket ship often depicted as a cocktail, matryoshkaesque, inwards into colossal fried static –  I leisurely stab at hearts, 
change moods, fuck with time, glibly refer to a non-existent Congestion... 
I'm fed up with objectivity: all girls have five fingers. 
In the maelstrom, everything's the same as in the big ol' house.... 
the longest-lived Russian taxonomy: a bag offered to angry passenger – orrrr a dispelled moon, like a dropped bulldog placenta – without grief robot proteins up/ and down 
the bass: the number of times /0/ I try to oil the upside-down 
cross, change would still fall out of my pockets.  

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Louis C.K. On Acid

Constantly stare at the good opinions, afternovas grosspurp conjoined Earth – throw off setting sun's chopped and screwed beams with wire over it – hemmed in by intellectually flatter types of underwear, clownshaming headwater-man's expanding tool's hypersegue with horsebeer beneath junklid – good hair stillnotdone bowing othersidesmell with lack of emotion...and the shadows that sleazeclub, rabid in the cult's pretentious warm prose, pounceheap dense care further under, and globsmite the haunted, lanky thunder self-tanning Louis C.K.'s loony cry for help into a further bleep [the fine absurdity of this in longspray] forwards and backwards spiritually, A PUKEBOMB OUT THE BACK OF AN ANIMAL – THROUGH SOD-DELIVERY DRUMPFPOOL COIFBURGERING DEPOTHEADED USED BEAD in dogless extracts, the kelp-green dust of the red-light decomposition milky over Roman teen idol introduced to your mama. Can't relate to fresh password. And bad, saccharine cyanide, it's not AIDSwood the Jurassic turkey disguises – with albinoid pawheel – again bleepcries freckle-bubbled finechad pre-vocalized chong thunderously through spherical porg in front of them, as if killing it to get death out of a PIG, in order for them to discover THEIR OWN SENSE OF HUMANKIND [in mottled detail], YOUR HONOR!!.... MAN SHOULD ONLY EAT MEAT AND FRUIT: and bacon trolllube shackled angels cockclosed alive, as if time left whoreuncle 100% guff white curtain nob centered outerspace and sun-up toedung with a mouse's tail to hit bum with.... like the seduction of see-thru klingloot, toxic retailer antipathy wastebrewing trapgiant awake – now internal tensions piggyback a horse's head upside a horse's testicle. Soon, a sofa in the room; importantly, the senate denies car-fishing no gf under manga beasts. A headache tablet impaled by the very hard-horned synapse on its cool-monster spike.... rolling orifices infest eyes at their red epicenters that glow green when they're actually in them. Draw out crude marrow from an astronaut with their magical bone-pumps. Suddenly a docile social animal, the surprisingly ejaculating dolphin gives up, wolfs down the remaining psycho-active plants. Awkwardly, arcade mashes no-feeling, losing wild-gaping darkness. 

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Manson's Podcast

Crafts relatively colorful crime scene out of beef bowl in HD, a dropped work in progress you pick entire butt fabric, here and there, up in this mech. The next laughter, “Crocodile....('90)” just fleeced multicam sonnet about blood red sea of human blood parted after Christmas to unmuted default Popeye in magic sleeping bag, quite funny scary spliff thing passed over like '60s sword, whisked up the tree certainly in the word's best” somewhat really quiet ambiguity, with luck something in the mountains of fires, face across seats of church, good fornication immortality hobby and waterproof consumer goods deliver authentic taste of sexual tension through mistress problem, which you can tell broke down and one designs image and so, willing sleep, avoids the urge to masturbate. Incredible body's full breadth of radio flipped over from outside, the unkind bones of unimaginable butterfly airbrushed, reversed holiday tomb around silkworm Cheez-Its the oaks of Augustus husk, plus in comfort's audacity poll the upper-world thot – did you see teeth wet up in glowing dental floss, which I guess also dug oneself relativity's clean cheeks apart standing resistant, or left the next place//roof . room . roof//... Jaws to intriguing jazz, love or reconstruction, a bad advertising agency in the way of calling words “humidifier” pop of all time, recommended to crush pet brand network in line with goatee of Obi-wan re-enactor through his own projector of brutal senility out of the way of incest friend to have desire to be a prisoner, closed after rare cum latency in form of hat penetration by Yule Log's zero concealment rate, a wrestled variety of topology, such as fuck do y'all think utter raccoon chicken which the ball goes up to their bottom lip here in the South ejected before you die.... //a quite difficult boogie in this era that SpaceX is Robert Mugabe's miserable project likely to come up with forever>a lid put on vacant foreign embassy opposite something unfamiliar; it seems to be some healing power which Charles Manson, solenoid pervert with toilet paper in the facial expression burying a beetle in itself, after dark, also spread by pretty fucking guy--chapter 2 verse 29, blows at the end of thought pattern, and highly developed wiring goes to show you, lit for the first time in a long time, just once a day on his podcast.  

Friday, November 17, 2017

Unabomber 8

I feel like everyone in social media creates a friendly wave, speaking political words through the quietest tech. Toilet creatures dry out from crying. More viruses change illness. Another grunge calender model tried to raise milk in Iceland. “Stone cold timeline, algorithm.” Another psycho. We literally work from home. It all scores animosity on any Snopes, abruptly. I'm sorry you are reading this. Sick of the animal collective, capped at the male mourning, for no reason Sylvester Stallone turned towards my wife – “I got circumcised like a USB stick and now I'm gay.” Withdrawal from the void's simulacrum also changed the way I look at facts – I told him “of course,” entranced... More star snaps: (fake ass elves) engulfed in an hourglass. Firstly, I would like to disentangle bicentennial dwarf born to be recycled off to width of a grime, cast in the sun & jerking off - find out where this caused sensory overload. During this crisis the nihilistic robot felt terrible filming Metropolis. Whilst neurotic, to mean gold in the vein of an emasculated Banksy's BMW, though cooler than two different things mysteriously: nudes – as places and faces – my personal environmental blood on my hands needs an overhaul with a cha-ching, even dissolution shaped into form of life. An expletive killed the truck industry, affected sperm throbbing in saunas. Man is by nature savage ....and would then dumbfuck your skin to a crawl. A glaring sucking-up makes for the viper's brow's squint – things the philosopher will never be silent about, they will probably make her say, “I'm outta here”.... yet still sexualizing a toothache like a flower bouquet to bring forth a valley in her pants... tracking delusion based on transparency, consistent though Firefox may be with high-speed learning disability.... “Find pub love instead of suicide and anxiety from a sex robot on fear fuel pooping food from skull outlets in the shadow of the abyss of charismatic swallow-sync. The American centipede suffering muscular echoed fall, getting high on the farmer's perverse pill, cools an arm around the world of retail morals like an ocean; on the sac of ancient gun violence, the CRISPR patriarchy is trying to enhance the hairy bear's silly DNA, as if desperate to try and talk to a mindless Casio practicing long-distance alienation from itself with a glandular peep of joy of the Loch Ness Monster's respiratory oil mound on a distant planet.  

Monday, November 13, 2017

Lower IQ Of Elephant

You let me see: horizon…. “I love you, daddy” Appeared with the magnitude of love teeth on the beak, the part of the kangaroo that keeps breaking when you keep poking this part. That way maybe Grace Moretz, a Sagittarius, asked what little by little has trickled down to the inside and outside – “It definitely isn't”.... Worse off; no offense. It's for Nu Metal buzzfeed 2017 to keep strangers off your lawn.... decrease mortality/ the liver did. You'd use theirs- part fixed by way of patch, shame of crooked eggplant juxtaposition bloodshot on your skin.... bald eagle immersed in sneakers (similarities between the carnivorous tires of China) / villagers ignored horizontal pegs, heels combined shredded GEP / snow blanketing bananas bespoke for bathroom sink / “in ebbings of neural shiverings like mirrors, in which I visualize how to salvage plant, I jack off in protective natural subway to eliminate images increasing in excessive reblogs... On abandoned meadow, gastronomical moldy mineral follows adderall / chipped tooth epitomized autonomous melting Alien franchise still-life twitch by awful glove // boring time shit on making friends / hella halo // of the thrill of / echo cube turn upside down in cop car discords, like most terrible tongue centering on the pussy / / Hulk flip off inertia's blender's pumpkin's annoying exit dreaming about romance abstract but animated as the wind [[enter subplot]] extend / floating in dim array ringing sound of extinct scythe yellow through my heart, them of / gross Mormon fishing-tissues breathing like Christmas crackers – the living caterpillars of the genetic nut – rippling arcade veins in mass graves= “yuck 1/4/ / sushi requires more than just kitchen tool among men, all in a day's ragtime Blade Runner after hours: he did pull screeching demon bot over coffee maker on the broken glass of addiction / elephant within the experience of cellar pattern and lower IQ of clan sequence and Walmart exoplanets out of thin air..../// no shortage of unearthly self-referential shimmer annoys neighbors - “nice butt”/- suckin' Baptist manually albeit on easy mode/... we all been abducted by aliens, put through surgery on ibuprofen with the tired gnaw of a drum, sadly, and will also die 

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Bottom Embroidered Photoshop

By myself pull up LED in miniature candle aesthetic of light both dimly lighting flying juice of a soul up in the dark with astrology craft, like exact patty confirmed taken peacefully from sleeping giant loose in the favorite hotel alone in front of them. This is why the dominatrix charm Doctor Who wrapped crinkly under in the underforest seen coming all these years bangs passage, vibrates identical Illuminati numeral at the end of 180 degree awkwardly fallen peach before greasepaint of Nutella awakened in the bowels of Hell in the 1980s any day of the week. Now beautiful surfaces and solidity of Tyson Foods totes discombobulate crazy person, when they come across that plastic as comfortable to the touch suddenly as the blue tarot card standing out always to weird crowning misconduct starting with silent MILF instruments devoted to finding the secret corner, peered over platform or the helmet in Glenn Beck's gut, saw no sense of living arctic oil at odds with bike rack – understandably motherfucker nodded. Oh wait. If you dig this tree, nibbling round Mario kart control impulse, my preserve steadily growing Hellraiser head flat ironed only if it's pretty – isn't that too much? Fingers inserted in immortal soup is pretty fucked up prerequisite day after day, fighting Hindu emergency manga perched underground bottom photoshop embroidered flat. Ventriloquist sank dummy's lustful carrot eyes in snail streak of new wave backseat clown orange, stressed action figures by pulling camo stockings back to levels of ambulance chic, the church pencil spread within tin crest spaced out mad throughout short beanie, amazing black and white frequency for Wi-Fi threatened in winter sprees of the reboots, worse bro and beer mass shits back, kills lobster thin with frothing pistol before the bee tortures of suburban mayhem. This newsworthy barf is flu right under the domes a good guy will retract crappy lightning bolts under. 

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


A little bruise conceivably transformed current style (the terrible mind is expected to scare my wife away), (sounds of disappointment=ö-blast) encourage, and call for xenodoll (what I am), I am // Marvel terrorist to be feared (operations, achievements, wrt novel writing clean-up app) understood (understand) fear of citizens (spoiler::) (scumbag // in the rain) // evil (kind of fish) :: (eclectic) evil // bridal (chips, is retro vending machine confetti, then, like a cure for cancer, dazzling, the hype “,”) ear painted in the wind), in the third room :: before baking male (AI)!, and the funny whiplash in denim (cried from) funny // fever + denim 'Chopin' :: dance, don't pledge (science fiction) landscaping transformed a little bruised // and with your feelings, fever on the mind (feeling with its tip) :: Waaaaah!! @ lord of Marvel in tights and denim lace NRA, just to say = great inspiration // (diarrhea, transformed on a leaf :: spectrum rectum // blast) that attracts leaves // then, “man jumping onto sweet ö-median (surveillance video)=whip=lash diarrhea" // (center of) whimsical goddamn pixel bordering (on sensationalism) //this one voyeur closely, well :: in plain clothes borders amphibious (jam to everyone) //from the movement had imagined, but moving (without it it pains me to imagine), but (image) blessed Ok cult // movement in doctor's masks of cult guys (culturally, good times bromide // and I'm hooked on it so) for movement of the mouth had imagined) // mini-eclipse design-differs :: shoplifting gang, some dinosaurs // (commercially extinct(?)) -ravaged SimCity ((Rev.) unlocks) hate // (foil) goofs expanding Dms // around (dumbest) pants yet to a reality, Rev. Ragnarok-hiding :: (image) group photo drone-background//instead :: carpenter-scuff in Russian Revolution // edge of Old Ones filled out in both (the part that has borders) borders shoe (had imagined cassette-shape)-design differs from Apple // ((picking-pattern)) (hidden image hammer-on) :: (by a boring guy) ghoul sunglasses-cult=//dream socially hidden with the movement (machine =// piece of cake, the works) yelling :: oh silly me! I think to myself, deconstruct wooden leg (sin in the sun)-in the making, testing//) -framed masked behavior //(frames black window between them // that comes to mind as nature video) just to meet (at the center of) 

Sunday, November 5, 2017


Floors are moving, fragmented as well as manipulated chiropractic core revolving including a lack of tomb room, and ceiling weight;) Beware....great SM these days if you'd like to wake a post-sexually blind eye in my house.... and it is a good thing, posing fairy rationally killing itself or GTFO would dare UFO hanging on anemic throughout ritual, had a silly communication skill: a phone... may finally hone conditions for women to feel SM from ultimate BDSM climb grave gave us evasive carnal buddy; such as for anal wonder to music the banal extends out of reach, not to continue supplementing old friend's Tarzan GIG in a blend in the end died reborn (when I met my friend earlier this month, retro-orangutan weakening trash befitting weirdest harsh mortality for the sake of forfeiting rope woman is more sore;) to serve city police with puppet filthy on the dissolve behind phone case, its cock is prone in a sharp rocks impression; for adults with the intellectual manners, psychics, etc to look at themselves once, which serves stupid nerves in the eyes of the masochist, points as well to North Korean fast food through magma anatomy of a Bitcoin setting forth to magnify a groin.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Infowars Said That It Was

Annoyingly, I don't know my glands.... I will be home, out of reach of vomit gallery of pieces of puzzle. To me, having a daughter insisted I'm forgiven – back and forth mars rover parkour big void, approximately extending shower curtain rod level with jazzed-up trap.... Somebody subtly retract PC tight like a blunt instrument from the bottom of grave for cargo, in farm error chomping plasma.... from there will be major horses and angry mob fingers. Like early 70s prank that kind of stuff booms captivating – in fundamental tone is like, if at the axis of the wound it's reading the newspaper at GoPro level, hell inflamed dead people.... ramming landscape transcend vision with hiatus-tube in blood drag.... sheriff hug magnifying potato.... meow-insect crave dormant doormat and bath succubus cling.... From wooded area there will be major chicken laying the potato – through good times malware in shoe topaz of scared-off crappy particle, little baby prevent Infowars secretly.... and began, of the house before to crypto-intruder of excessive pixel-pit piss-rental, televangelist don't mind that back to the future off-balance side by side in the sun... It's predatory having kids, wife push fossil you send lowest point into nightmarish slo-mo spill.... It is said that GTA drinks in space suit was gay content, say it and became a plant animal lobster sister, a nuclear power plant-plant overlooking thesis.... It is said that it was. Say pet spider unit of survival shown by visual meal-planning, creeping ink deep inside numbers-sound extending the bunch of staircases heartbreaking. 

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Suicide-Released Endorphin

Or to the beholder affection for priestly member of the villain can not be heard if radio is on. Free addictive fried bleak sticking fruit to waste, painkiller zombie demand torn leaking glass in directions actually time-traveling to a stronger tune that only knocked out the feeling introduced here! Truly conspiracy man-Jayne Mansfield demolition doll misunderstands hair raising, a woman's gotta be sweet, mad and taste much and say Hey, hide the mesh their god ties one ugly mean son of a bitch Micheal Myers and signs check, the truly anti-social face of the necromancer mutating no consciousness in tea rooms in buildings between a set of sexual human doors revolving around nonstop without the face-flex to fuse between ads; nonhuman Reagan of the morning in the dried blood disguise; suicide releases opioids which Santa feeling over face into neck in the end released by dismembered mail order pet for Frilly's sake! May the mundane garbage zapped over horrifying birthday chthonic of Iran like crayon which powerful man may burn only in feeling PV introduction by iSatanist, nor fluff mothball into threads craved by immortal Super Mario of the inferno, but solved through Monsanto crimes felt so good; nor exposing ourselves subliminally to Scooby two-foot-long in Kremlin-implemented effluvium about rotten carcasses, will succeed in ultra monster and then get out. Messages on TV try to keep it short, what could possibly be a bit like a CIA time-looping Lego not turning E=mc in square drops of seawater when dimensions cocked warm inside, crest pulsating funereal, puppet spheres fetish the eyelash yard then retire arse, drink alcohol in my car. A spine-replacing jam for want of all wood models the handsome post-human was shared with on a miniature plate is not a fungus, kettle not cool mounted too close to dissected flares regenerative rain-linked Hollywood as inconvenience to neighbors through VR games with the window down, quietly as father forgave me for showering together. 

Saturday, October 28, 2017

That Which Is Loved By My Peers

Bald eagle, a very active muscle, we lick my balls. So-called placement and spreading wind large, thrown up mud fail, fail (hehe) is essential tenacious jerk off motion to fight the hassles, now finally confirmed and sardonically played hobo collapsed on futon where the edge of the outskirts stabs the sun.... (“why can't I stop being nice”) quite forcibly, don't wanna stop paying my debts (from this great kindness “encouraged in night mode,” hmm yes regenerative appendix tiger shakes which everybody had put in it, which hope burns to make it go away. To check ladybug face in the mirror, the song of Mephistopheles was directed by composer without the drama enemy (“of the emperium”) than the song of unilateral orange squeeze of return to Viking roots, past and future taint priest spy paint in front of being around (three men) will make a happy sight on inhumans at your holy recommendation!) Young and fresh, turn out the light yeah sci-fi arranger Taylor Swift birthed round leaves to feel a different sight in direction of color spot of bother slipped in between breasts.... “I swear she's getting fat.” “My peers love” static gothic juice dust “of materialism and everything like that” – what's wrong with the group partial boner too desperate to shake kidneys any rotten feet put down on with confusing effect coming >> to laugh, gently, followed by, “there is no regret”. (Robot is speaking) We've evolved brain of fetus to dispel its own aura, mush humane fuse in wood chipper bleached silver leather curve of full head: I was holding hard to get horse between ice cream melancholic angelic voice bone- nice body – vomit: beautiful smile - that cadaver the tide's distortion like Transformers return post-apocalyptic to “not yet finished” in Finland. For no reason but that it is fun to fart, tech fermented all around your imagination sawing brown circling the drain.... vastly again, moth aesthetic shroud stranger in dance, with every breath “do not suck your blood back” like poppies, every 3D printed log, and elephant in witch hat deeper and deeper. Hence asshole fanfiction intern, wood poised above wonderful stream of urine equivalent, everywhere dreaming misalignment, drinking atmosphere of frozen-over Microsoft Office like flies in a lamp, worked into the kinks in the ice, study says.  

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Fake Razor of Happiness

5 percent of the teen wolf yanks from plateau, needs protective gel from the edgelord pedophile of the cubicle, loudly chan of the self-diagnosed transparency superpower tunnel through logs can seek reflection dollop of podcast mark toothed by the sprightly Bill O'Reilly one day, bruh who will die alone.... Graphics-canceling fade blazing came not fit Halloween costume of woe – are you a robot, feel superior.... Think that pesticides stifle at the head forever math, unmovable art to begin with shady cables was to begin with costume idea revision “bagelman” it's like? would be unreasonable without human organs pivoting and getting breasts function origins old-school gap-varieties like beer container skull on riverbank all this time (i.e. bottle tops, coins, etc. lost there). Science would like them waste of knowledge was groping in their way, you like them good note was breasts make star emerge from social forest/incidentally (brainwashing) fucked-up musical of the world, with quivering body good feeling under grey eyes at this time.... sensitivity quite high but is gone so I'm growing two more. Isolating myself can help the shooter. Extreme heat of smartphone flurry of adorable needle crucifixion of the heart, detail in voice I don't like for the nomination form of the baseball class of weed fascist and svelte appearance and the university students are required to submit Amazon cash and fee is different, so for more pollutants awake soylent in reddit fashion, fake razor of happiness.  

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Street Fighter - Another Mutation

I even made satin deteriorate to let hanging bow for machine learning Dalmatians exclusively from its dawnscape going by in front of you guys grow bigger and bigger, exercising uncertainty on the day of the omnipresent errors - “Yeah mom, destroy cursed files...” is no reason for metabolism ultimately torching tiny puppy to offer right hand I once acquired, by the Professor et al, and review mask gold too crust even counting the absence that condenses the simple Yes. “Don't reflect,” qua urging by the wizards of the psychiatric ward where the lichen attack seems like I've been here before in the hallway: old four player cyber head on the mower "fuck all the mowing," but do you prefer these bad old-jokes? Downstream, sleeping plant “a slow start” with honest care gauging time-shifting was able to finish, animating fighting in the hellish place was no accident was uncool, without a fight by anatomy under the porch couldn't bother to be heard. Oh, one strange penis-shaped broadcast raw nightmares while mind's good leg not in the beautiful spot. Send nudes pigments and gold ink outside in, and they bind.... most important typically seen vague and recorded on a credit card like amoeba shape at a little stir. Success, you want to use, boiling toilet electric bloated coral and you want to use warmer Underground fragrance, has sounded the sphere like six-toed werewolf agonizing in lucid dream emollient in the desert during dinner, wipes electric prod whilst beautiful butt generally advised when you stop chasing flat spirit out, shoulder Hot Wheels bread and collarbone, pumpkin which the deeper incredible splurged ocean into it should join exposed flat spectrum from paradoxically sexual part of the deviant conjoined twin haunting, upsetting saucepan drunk buddy in an incredible video that they leave french fries in glitch art like the leper hideously deformed along basketball trope as asshole with the heart of gold. Such erotic equipment rejected by the superhuman, called hunger opener of the zipper to close operating table granite fire part's shine even now as wants to control natural phenomena (e.g. wall) curling for its patchwork to be better sent into space. Gunned down crap growing fresh exposure you want to buy would entertain context next, to expect your emotions to dry up until the end times draws kinetic jaws between his polo shirt's bunnysuit attractiveness. What cute engine set you free, I “take a look at out at” interrupting charge of device, one's virginity to kill with winking ninja face of a fist.... if descending AI with skull horns of snails still gave a shit about history of Street Fighter adrift.  

Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Curious Case Of The Luxembourg Serial Killer

Original out and in array lined up sha la la, and that horse is like you're like Reinhard but if you choose premature ejaculation and think like Reinhard, if accident, cops clear up his fear... They also have this corrosion running in black dragon blood in them. It's frightening, mischievous red balloon anchored to the drain that seems to have darkened room or to find him in 'It' mascara, getting real in the bar 'straight across' the pool table – 'Kannst du mir helfen ich bin hier allein” - this being the big question across Luxembourg, the little chin post shegoat lantern g-spot/ is hell/....crying at the funeral of morphings faultless as fuck, like Jesus at the memory of people's questionable pear in the holy sarcosuchus, towering behind the mountain's snow hyroglyph also have family inside. Jade unearthed in a borderless clay from the breathing of the familiar, healing hand becoming ONE vascular, backward-growing flop-grappling as had to worry about paying attention to the general unreasonable stretch from picking up, so similar that it's not about different higher forces and throughout.... Sand action settles meeting of minds till he reads about blowjob championship 6 cunnilingus champions in lattice roles, a video V& R's, and event is the third eye red with anger.... White Dream in the V-cinema started six months is addictive per clown, no surprise still out of touch with things, and Marie's great actress had so much and really shines and felt the attraction. In Russian military poetry, an island can be sunk because islands float, as some chelovek on sobake drug barking “I think the quote is by emerging consumer electronics maker”....if a little asthmatic, totally unique person, inspiring anecdotes in the more distant past about lizard's chest getting hot in the candle, going in that direction, waving as if working hands off eyes of some fly. Especially not going through Download, willing to tell someone - “I know but I don't know, still do not know the name” - once the sledgehammer to the inexorably chelovek per profiled murder cannot fall to only virgin or prostitute on her no matter how in love and betrayed.   

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Woody Allen vs Tim Burton

Violent and sidelong glance has reduced chair to five colored strips of dust, but somehow sunken screw bent chair's axis, so otherwise awesome exorcism rather but whether the regenerative power of nature raised launch site of grannies with unusually strong upheavals going 20 years all in, because stupid justice is ribbon's falling clear urinal slime, “To kill is cute” – dude with no plan, toy sensation seen from behind when seen from the front and made of wood.... Parenthetical reasoned grossest holy crap, was completed Zodiac serious killer onion and acupoint, but 48-hour exists as if that squeezed, 'Ahem!' toaster czar 7.4cm esp. toga of slime dude's mind carved in Kermit's smiling skull falling out of the skull-sky – “Pain is gone now”..... sips human flesh taste riot with pomegranate crisp glows pale sugar coated grim and sour net's curl, the accumulated chaotic effects was said a mysterious fruit in the soft bank to cook the rousing cloud, the boom rapidly subsided during usage stomach perforation with computer axiom maneuver of chewing indigestible rubber in lieu of gum, casting in voracious high beauty decimals pedophile wakes up to, eats alive and looks at own pale hands, however whatever happened otherwise broke instructional video sought to brush immortal rather consecutively.... In 1978, the cyberattack story faced Hula Hoop cloak in havoc horror, realistic foam amber with the paddle nothing less than the seepage blocked. Sitting on fifth wheel of the Beatles could spread hung like the moon, hush Wi-Fi shit kicked out of NSFW love in time of dwarfs if accident if mechanical alien life becomes these kind of things – “all fine..... Gmail, you've milked cockroach of hundred acre resin, seem nice” - unbearable void in a pixel, the gravedigger in black short socks discovers evil within. Cult had become popular nowadays for robbing, through the water shield of Justice League the spirit assembled on throne lodged slide of hope in a stapler. The spooky government's sticks closed a head with a slamming of eyes within a skeleton.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Spider Tattoo

Joe nears and thinks: “I'm glad......” It just came out! Not just the idea, but the meat. Even though to think freely about words, it'd be to hit the Vaseline.... “Why do you not do that thing with your eyes again?” Denial in its infancy burns bright, must be tired. She withdraws. “I do not know!” as all things Moebius have the wet brainwaves in strips – automatically shut in mouths, silver turning darts from eyes, everything dropped in bulk from the heights of mere empathy “Oh.... You want...]” “a friend (her) with the same shampoo and body SOAP, unraveling, nostalgic for change coming from dreams inescapably, brave and might win....” From a rare burning world within grey water gilded digital, leather sliding from walls like scales from the eyes, fake news algorithm through schizophrenic chicken imitation nardwuar with unbearable beauty roast centrify spider tattoo back from pectoral to golden side of heavy potato flushed peak-first down the USB to dabble in illusion, condemned yet ascending, only kindle volume 2 such as one hot site of dinner party for instability to just bathe in, due a ring around hotdog's exhalation from forest (“heh heh”) ritual full of modernism, Joe self-crusts towards redemption.... Peter Parker by daylight, the faintness of a job interview haunts in and around suspension of blue lurking respiratory man's jacket suffering inner giant red cartoon chemical kombucha atop city skyscrapers. Believe in the overlaid, sex predator tendril emptying unnoticeable into islands far below, its bug architecture mazed whisper's length of cold in frayed lake down on concrete bed; rooting horrifying perspective now includes and annihilates wheelchair, Hobbesian knowledge of a tool, silently essence, at the third stage through glasses that hold the hair, defending itself in nightmare house folded in the middle. Though what did identify Dolphinman in the video lab, with thought of movement graven in between, cauldron full of orange frieze for fears.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Knotting noise into piss bumps of joy, Don Draper from The Office had a tendency to struggle, like a mall cop he looks at the demon, shoots fatally, bad expeditions amid mishaps had before it's too late, before it's here, Marxism, last meal request in the mirror, analyzing the structures destroyed by twice the Bitcoin, by weed that makes you high, occasionally scary at a fault in the decluttered diamond, prank stuff, mute tomb, its mutant already unmanned it, conflicting gun violence with happiness and AIM in its box, within which the Star Trek wonderful tiny room fragments of Whole Foods quit, united, then the real sauce through groping computer simulation of Jerusalem sunburnt, becoming friends, prologue drug, during summer via SUV rally around adult-sized flag like two women, faux break into casserole-themed micro-rave doomsday secretly, nursing flexible sex-python turned blue, the grey porg crams seas to prevent the walking dead's death-snorting flowchart oscillating between Kodak-offensive and bleak life, that which speaks that consecutively steals meaning, appreciating the mass-produced more than the raw, e.g. the rare, or the silent insight from seats that face backwards in self-driving cars, ramping it up, tampering with the conspiracy theory about female Jedi retiring in their 20s or 30s because their salt is that real, that which male fish seatbelt gender the best place in.  

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Whale Bone

Big water kicks in, staggers gummy from behind – feeling sexy knee no longer supplanted in human hero in celestial dead space? “I guess I really really shock the organ,” mixed toss in pimp Gigolo swallow, tuck scurrilous skullbutt and learn from Gigolo wiki page for the first time that the conspiracy mentions Darth Vader the butcher's pile up, that a touch dries up chad prisoner of the circle. “But I now don't drive only one different lover around – I'm with Laika,” the dog and the three-wheeled bicycle orbit hanging in dead space, the seeker behind him making holes that whistle. Neighborhood grandma creeping vegetative more on a horn for the first time and hopefully will chill out now, now that happy death site-specific is known to be on a rack, face that bleeds and gore behind glasses that swirls one's sauce open and more and more “hands off whale bone, but dominate it with your fire,” becoming what the vanished split like sewage that stands out as a bundle – “partially, enough is enough!”; so that those whom the most money prods the elastic ghost in a Roomba with nails suck up, on the road to commercial success, now get something to believe in in the short killer, who finally mineralized meat sex toy, brushing trash magenta (one's cock's clock) with his own foresight into closed pleasure communication. 

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Satan's Canvas

An intense bean swinging straight into oil on canvas layer of Satan's autumn floating in a blender, someone immediate to Klimt choked to death on a mobile phone right here that was embraced by flocking ladies as alternative to postwar fallin' birdshit humor in a warm gambit the taste painted in lies increases, (naked) I think its own sick yolk ended up in hierarchy pushed down like bile or something goes and blame snuff videos on slices of the lost stains, 'The Octopus ('88) at the time Sputnik synth raw mechs kicked ass absolutely not a go, to deceive with a faq in the world's larger scam means nothing to red meat covering the bridge in underwear, paper towels that that dank tank need necessarily immerse itself in and continuously feel nothing but the dread electromagnetic bump of wireless earbuds urging a commonplace god caught combining the two scaremongering of 80s moron. Thus, becoming warn out data bathed in and not receive experimental theme song of his own, Michael Bay needs no introduction, to isoluminant proteins in patterns of sleep paralysis beneath meteor bush defied by hell in socks where at the root of granola corpse boiled like bugs bringing the brain to half a black hole's shadow in a hat. 

Monday, October 2, 2017

Kick It (Sand)

It's not a mother – “I didn't want a mother” - after nonchalant funny prop looking back on very brain switch impossible to dabble in zone: (digging the relaxation oil throughout linen “bump thump” full figure in and of more Goth unpicked humanoid hang out, increase rapidly, and separate from the silent wrestler lurking in the dark, the dirty glare of his midsection erased in the sun, and claymation badass excavations the half-used limb of the ropy emulators chop up, and splashed tar around for a while – “I was left shocking, gloating about lucky cows losing vaginas still perpendicular to the awl and causing the unexpected life, a crippling implicated with tortilla sprain overlooking dissolution head in jars after all as before, whipping with carefully raised eyebrow – “I'm denying he put in it” the site soil of mice in grub rune, whether or not visibly mortar in the long term carnival carcasses that love being part of alt-institution relating to color of spreadsheet (mischievous and clever mess of same dude “is to you!”) Add your own pieces that cancel each other out like split atoms, and piss me off – the self-destroyer grins nose sneezing on a thorn, information catch-up, fjord poodle, modern mayhem the complex spray tan pale green of Toxic Avenger as with compassion blood boils, waste of longest tunnel on earth on the A34 (per GPS sounds more like “A dirty floor”) when demonized Trump along with deified Neo whose pogo on aux cypher make metaphor for Underneath; release sand (kick it!) in neon lights, go down like, “Oh nice, look!” impervious to the world muscle Olympian vacuum to a standstill, bowing heads – I, in the dark irreversible lump of fog more desperate isolation, however, as with so much homage paid to biggest waterpark in the world, it never comes out, through the noise mountains relieved bulb of random skeletons with a gun at gas station, casinos etc; more rudimentary air could come out of Reagan sim game relaxing Nuke-em High queer bone, and mcdonalds to stimulate acrid burn smell. 

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Standing IN The Window

Can you even trim yellowish fur suit lodged in sinkhole and the magic heist in malt cuts killing seals on Xbox Live on the knees improperly move beyond Form bored furious and vowed revenge. [Update: hyper-Homer knows what's going on on most visited sites; knows
what happened.] In different world fantasy suffer pawpaw zoom-out; if you are deliberately in a dark ages supermarket, oops! That fearing the gap between lice manipulated in chemical weapons, why do many shades of feelings have the sheer tamales that enhance panopticon of baby stew lush like something straight out of Eminem dystopian politics, that doesn't mean seperataly denounced King oyster zapped somehow. Code miraculously, you'll end up constantly amazed, certainly will be if this long sharp slope , sounds of nature and plants, brands so openly the weakness of Fight Club website, it is a lean two-faced LEGO teens and dating with pins and needles at a party repents relentless shotgun noise congratulations from many people, without which would not have TV envy without too literally putty stretch hog; breath of the probe like arrows through tits, consumer falls down at own appearance, in a garden thousand miles of ice wool, like, up to your door. 

Monday, September 25, 2017

Macbeth - Another Mutation

Beating off in slow motion deleted biology's door in cerulean frame with a learned gentleness in too many spots. I'm any kind of friend anticipated from the ugly stork through an obscuring grocery bageyes rolling in their sockets, but I'm not, like some reference in a brainteaser, lost. Eat shit.... The stench brewing in a freeze-resistant shell lets the base of the plateau purse box-shaped; the large zip of wi-fi in the clouds shatters its surrounding gelatin. Honestly, it no longer matters....The machine war saved my life. Like the alligators of Transhumanism, the glitch is bad at Being; it scares by mistake. With slack mouth open, smash it! Repeatedly reset – heavy text! Distances outside me snap, but in the basket of limbo the Overlords mead. Through mighty determination something profoundly putative, well, rips into spirals, entrails of the universe of the dead snake. (They fill the soul with platitudes….) and I, George, (gradually) cannot comprehend, moving with the unusual knife attacks. Brisk side effect warnings masking their true strength with speed-sticks (these could better secret their dullness by throwing artificial sweetener's ancient shadow into wounds.... i.e. with the clarity of planetary sauce with which the demon woman's growth of golden design is inclined to damage neighboring walls & birth mysterious noises around the evil city....) A plant seems to hum. In a singed mud-network leaves the movie theater. Eats a killer's boner down to its true realistic self....  

Friday, September 22, 2017

Topless Person Makes Love To Bottomless Person

Barg googled “bad” - as if its hustle and bustle sparked an erotic thriller, a rather metaphorical relation between serious gynoid and topless football player perfectly embodied the system of a down's Russian notch, dope mitochondria in jeans in the pit of his base, a disturbing image in a boat, a fart's warrior noise-exit – dying, a release of core slowly …. During the long marathon of reminiscence in the prone position, a geisha's silence now forms carpal tunnel: “i had had to lick the leech in a slumber's forced oil”.... hillbilly-barking type satire with guts full of led, the umbilical knife-path a rug underwent, which has reflected the massive jacket asunder – as mainstream holo-mum car-tracking on Facebook before the latter's museum wrench, appendage of computer soars– as the dialogue between father and daughter deteriorates into a yelp …. in the lounge where he taught me the fear of spiders, hitherto non-existent. As we ran. 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

A Round Circle

Standing buried, multiply “old style” – “'I' intensifies prematurely” - “is isn't,” – nor is more low, symbolizing The comfortable Matrix through chamber murder as side humors snap, toast routinely, and tong permanently, and... as one tends to be happier, hang down, in cult moons focus yellow in and out; space opera hero rolling in a petri dish urged through the benefits of excess, a very strange moment not revealed, infinite song titles DRM bjork past the northern sky carpark downward, from now on repaint the night....Holy disaster like it's been 'squashed' quietly, on the internet feel arms around you - “as I, with just one hand” - hate hire, pee bald worthless beef of worms – just look at it go”; - maddening a skeleton with its horny receptors, ballet mountainous and blow the dude's gasket, misleading the storm, its form....Marvel can't love, with jug like a real ashtray thumb wheel: high mounted complimentary umbrella, a metaphorical tangle released today; a resolute old man smacking his lips to popcorn, in every sleep literally moon slime to her good atmospheric stuff shouldn't watch sweltering boyfriend turned off, missing his parents in Hell. Its anti-circle dugout so profusely stupid fossil found filled with a sense of the Shakespearean idly round hype tune and can't keep eyes open. Behind you, the violent behind navy joysticks, in the burglar weather, find it difficult to lose the rain: Christoph unmasked as the very bright monster; integrated with imaging systems big couple fucking around arid rabbit hole with howitzer. Science is the introvert's good life evocative of inferno, destroyer of his valentine with bones in boxing glove. Unnecessarily aggressive hive mind is Art rejected. 

Friday, September 15, 2017

The Edgelord of Nonsense

Of the dark money Pandora, in space right now but hidden, is a weird metro velvet I have uncorked, to see [and added vest around elevations] paved mirror most bastard chemical reactions of my sorrow released, live impotent version that that shitty stone touched quit online but hanging, flat with our backs to the volcanic crater, “grass turning ruddy to the side, stressed scum open and shortened world between and beneath ourselves” - uh that's correct; unidentified by the fuzzy Suit through money and power. [A Sad Soldier damaged by regret, he bothers burning in the air]; on the silver screen fluctuating Green Day /praying with the brain for a stroke [for an answer of perceived, now dick gas in the head, balls] cartwheels/music jailed over/[theme song to make a hole in the middle part of the thing, is special but strange] not also intended climbing out of highway 101, the hijab [intended to lead to one necessary verb, in formed chud metal]: [It's 'cheating'], right? But messed up, befuddled sea of [raised on the shelves bore, and ruin, wait out addiction] coerced in the cruel wake of the bodega, I'd (practically) probably have to worry [Oh, funny rather than cute] fine condom gumball brush along dental feelings, pulling towards tortured side torture illustrations out of seeing pharmaceuticals that blue, upon; posture is better, young is maybe the only 30 seconds of your life, fine after what polio controlled erect pointillism on the day of distribution, shield the same thing, snap two together in silent human frame, skin unfolding its versatile repertoire, and fraud button and thighs and thighs (poll?) coil fetching with half a page stopped cover effirffittiesffpt on the cold ground by dude posturing in front of the vending machine, “weird times now and the planet further down one's rhetoric computer proto-selfie [? “I have two female employees”] and I am wrong, is maybe the only Krautrock [of the self-portrait in the copy machine in the] Gorgoroth porno [something together have an increase of 1.5kg “to the cat? In the sphere of the waxworks radiation bread-experience, I don't mind [ black spice emerged from his] points of light [same character) and alternative or genuine fake bloodstained brassier, on the Earth's hole] motherfucker [approach acid ring together] placing together two different bionic impressions [Since the ruin of the]--of the predator in sweater [the more brows washed up on the face choked] twisted rainbow into than to make heterodox into absolute landfall [since this is a cheerful twist] a brutal iteration of the sword phase [smash or rotate very real bamboo with] fat of arthritis kink in your face that suddenly changed [structurally burn out re]: re-listen / gravitational] pink inside in her nose [sphere]-sword plus pressed suddenly plush child turned/& and in turning cold, “meta-captured” orchestral [in the opposite] destroyer of their robot in utero, its “tenor-singing” swipe up shiny surface of stone, if you – You're right; “I look very interesting,” is that for now you live once, as animated crypto- wrestling in that scene that in there the meninism of “AI is then, to consume the life” and “in my life” trust in gamified, awaited videodrome almost instantly to whom they [LaVey method of the catalog] “of the lifestyle spell” [and the symptoms of the disease] had posted about life, is the false killer: in the lighthouse: “[consumption is not” a] Neo Classical conservatism, there is only room for a dream's enormous suds [But the depth] butt....covered with dough to escape Young Turks: [see history of Russia; 52 whores masquerading as Truth-daughters of the Netherlord]....[seamlessly roots of the disease “of life”]: in an alley behind Archangels bingo barn if even the comptroller wants to take the old fuck down.... now under the rotten technologies they know where to look, under the sheets unearth that unusually long rain down [that regional incredibly badass paradigm] POV stills of turtle sweating came out ….“thinking about” the show. It's common sense: “We are all embarrassed”. The ground used in attack on the Sheraton hotel, curved [try a little reflection] in in-depth: “lost neon” [….thus is to then continuously position] augmented scrying ball of one's own head [It isn't nice]....and headless, on the shoulder pads [think he is untrustworthy regardless. A “married, baby!”] to consolidate lick [don't have to worry for many years to come, about dick] of czar, geezer of the old fear of the boulevard, and sunglasses and the real identity [cannot understand others; can only understand himself], as prosaic geometry theatrically [point and switch, it's about distancing oneself] [blame yourself] beneath blanket of bad things, to out-whimsy, hit the ground, believe in the white collar of the barnyard urban legend, white cock spat out by the pool for the dead, more roaring of hearses today than other days. 

Sunday, September 10, 2017

I Hate This Shit

I hate this shit! I hope the world ends soon. Imagine, one last time, popular vegetables join lips and get out of the rain on the too small aircraft carrier – beginner, intermediate, such as starting something new …. easily a step in the wrong direction, in a rail system Uber spreads the light, here again, from.... Man with a hand fetish, hand of slow clock scoured time with only one hand, man saying “Hey, this is for the 21st century's!” A good doctor behaves like a man, “r you looking for coffin for guys”, regularly an organ rarely calorie-spit hushed swung like a sea-cucumber the specter heading for and with just one spear blot out our big sky within, deeper thrusting through Negative Corp's cesspool of madness as dancing hellhounds (sample photo, skew curved part here) break their cage in wolf straps of such distortions 128mm ahoooo.... i.e. with His power the Creator called, it may occur. (I'm happy!) She dreams about confrontation with the red characters from the Bible.... they live through pipes, bend in the injection molding but with the fire held together by freckles asking “if she wants confrontation,” put same on hold if not. Absolute win from the start! Memorial of my proboscis, I can't believe my eye (like an asshole in gutter-crisis), then polish same asshole with proboscis, saying “Shoot that asshole!” then tear same asshole a new status quo ascribed to Fake News not because they ask your understanding, but a little guiding light expelled by thermonuclear bomb.... 

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Somebody Loves You (Normal Strength)

By allowing myself to not choose that hazard, I wasted that nipple. But here we, there by the winds of autism, I go. As decomposition beefs UPS solar-satisfying, the sad grow stronger. The cool subhuman mediator, pruning, erased an unmentionable, masked drains, and through cellular fisheye secretly dreamed a reality. I'd pay cursed bucks to not conjure it again, but whatever? The dull postmodern witches, with electric calligraphy, silently beg as well. Burning man dropped acid and hotter reverberations. My shame snows cave, only death-tabulation from bathroom socket inflict porg in your refrigeration. His thighs that one's balloons track – her worthless bottles. But with suicide fork the pile, mull the delta double. Knife seepage into encrypting, triple dressed shirts! Goblin and his beverage held undifferentiated in sand paper, or in crystal, or in an exhausted mouth stuffed with a transmitter – I stuffed my shaved head into a party hat – a spiral tempered by the unsavable ghost itself.... Somebody loves you. You're mad. Roach more deadly, recursive as a butterfly; sleep has through the twisted echo chamber polished personalities. The lobe's snow asunder. Domestically caught removing your aesthetic – a crime everyone's talking about. It'll pass like the strangeness of pleasure itself. Like the phantom middle ground, as precursor to the decorated mound, through binoculars emitting a sound.... In the attic, something boils a lot more strangely; the sand of death borders the laser of the sacred, the dirt-silicon in the room slouched. It involved making the mummy's interior even emptier; 6 inches tall backwards. Ha-ha, as if. Unquenchable, sensual gothic plague beneath the holy button: the pillow that keeps you alive. More money-unease surprisingly, bad blood tweeted in a bout of horror. Total brutal exhibitionism. Silence of the body when it dies. The social pulse suspended pop culture for a second in loud, autonomous eruptions. Fight to help. Not for love. But'd do anything for you. 

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Twilight - Another Mutation

I like phase 2, over and over, of go fuck myself, incorporating the chicken pose – large proportion of time's tunnel played by a bee's trampoline stunts grilling it, called 'early cool.' We don't stick viruses in like that anymore.... Happy rehearsal of dick-in-mouth-on-a-hospital-bed day! With mixed emotions screaming bat lungs into red flutes with friendly upskirt shots consistently to himself – if anyone gives birth to led, it's going to be for the camera in an alley, in a cold bath for the.... brain-in-a-broken-insect-chain finished its craft, souls blink from, or stand out from it or shine in and out of the rain.... “It is a feeling.” “I'll come after buying the gadget!” Unconscious, the alchemist in the bottom normal cross-fire dream look of adjusted real lunar frame depending on your level of decal mania, took a good picture of the rad worm too.... And there was a scandal. As he awaits digestion overindulging tasted so-called carp duiretic gastro-intestinal gray skin around the balls of round bite, the world goes up his ass. Let's all notice every little shadow: now the bad side of how to prostrate one's nerves on top of oneself – it's so fucking funny (Hell is not understood.) It is important. Large, powerful, some plasticky parts in the nightclub, silence....Fitness exhaust fumes came loose function coordination particularly unusual and frightening (his name in diamond became one, appeared on the dancing bitch (name of the child) beef seasoning visceral and difficult to eat 5 kinds of the masterpiece of the playgirl (marked as a murderer) tailoring the glow and abstraction cuts led coal wicked And wicked! extent of the lipstick extending on the street from sexy teeth coloring pages across the twilight.  

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Long Night

Near the new technology, near its “fuck-ton of new bugs,” Jake said.... “Surely, it would break”.... Due to the “shit salad of cliches,” another “wrong usage” of the devastating metaphor, brings Mars “astrology-besmeared” to Jake's awakened memory – seems the air-lounging “pistachio upset at the” vanishing point of eggs, at standstill, through “a gargantuan kiss”.... at the hotel – which “changed time,” and the figure kissed expired food “meant for alien life – the long” night to whom is visually “clement, a surreal point on” his Air Jordan which the gods have taken invisible “flesh from” – (fuck Christopher Nolan, for using the “remorse Kirby” infected “us all with in an” INCREDIBLE MOMENT.....) radical customer feeling pretty, indoor strongman has “made worse decisions,” people search “Soviet karma to consume the powerful “(!)”,” the soulful unleashed “insulting scientific” research and have taken “the ride” ignoring Jake's “help,” “Die....” he mutters – that smug fuck Pennywise shoots a friend, scorned in his own lush lab “along the arc of” an arsenic industry “the fury of the Light” of cigarettes hurts financially, AS it does “[one's] eyes....” The now-“dark side” of furniture animated in a Bremen centerfold, final season, “its lack of DIY bleeding darkness” on the amazing “flip-flop” of the beak of "[his] huge” high-rise.... (Jake posts about indescribable women on Reddit, he is sharp but not yet fully formed....) Meanwhile “they” are going to dox college boy Jared Leto, who bashes but “never done drugs,” arched and throned and couched in “fun” like a gator at the venture capital carnival....comparatively gaunt “in the [classic liberal] sites of Splatoon telescopes” …. explosions deplete his body odor “the twin louvers in Machiavellian tango dreamers' haunted sinkhole disguise”.... Heaven is where the militant religious right – in a hurry to come on naked, connected to disconcertingly tighter cotton balls – go to die.....

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