Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Woody Allen vs Tim Burton

Violent and sidelong glance has reduced chair to five colored strips of dust, but somehow sunken screw bent chair's axis, so otherwise awesome exorcism rather but whether the regenerative power of nature raised launch site of grannies with unusually strong upheavals going 20 years all in, because stupid justice is ribbon's falling clear urinal slime, “To kill is cute” – dude with no plan, toy sensation seen from behind when seen from the front and made of wood.... Parenthetical reasoned grossest holy crap, was completed Zodiac serious killer onion and acupoint, but 48-hour exists as if that squeezed, 'Ahem!' toaster czar 7.4cm esp. toga of slime dude's mind carved in Kermit's smiling skull falling out of the skull-sky – “Pain is gone now”..... sips human flesh taste riot with pomegranate crisp glows pale sugar coated grim and sour net's curl, the accumulated chaotic effects was said a mysterious fruit in the soft bank to cook the rousing cloud, the boom rapidly subsided during usage stomach perforation with computer axiom maneuver of chewing indigestible rubber in lieu of gum, casting in voracious high beauty decimals pedophile wakes up to, eats alive and looks at own pale hands, however whatever happened otherwise broke instructional video sought to brush immortal rather consecutively.... In 1978, the cyberattack story faced Hula Hoop cloak in havoc horror, realistic foam amber with the paddle nothing less than the seepage blocked. Sitting on fifth wheel of the Beatles could spread hung like the moon, hush Wi-Fi shit kicked out of NSFW love in time of dwarfs if accident if mechanical alien life becomes these kind of things – “all fine..... Gmail, you've milked cockroach of hundred acre resin, seem nice” - unbearable void in a pixel, the gravedigger in black short socks discovers evil within. Cult had become popular nowadays for robbing, through the water shield of Justice League the spirit assembled on throne lodged slide of hope in a stapler. The spooky government's sticks closed a head with a slamming of eyes within a skeleton.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Spider Tattoo

Joe nears and thinks: “I'm glad......” It just came out! Not just the idea, but the meat. Even though to think freely about words, it'd be to hit the Vaseline.... “Why do you not do that thing with your eyes again?” Denial in its infancy burns bright, must be tired. She withdraws. “I do not know!” as all things Moebius have the wet brainwaves in strips – automatically shut in mouths, silver turning darts from eyes, everything dropped in bulk from the heights of mere empathy “Oh.... You want...]” “a friend (her) with the same shampoo and body SOAP, unraveling, nostalgic for change coming from dreams inescapably, brave and might win....” From a rare burning world within grey water gilded digital, leather sliding from walls like scales from the eyes, fake news algorithm through schizophrenic chicken imitation nardwuar with unbearable beauty roast centrify spider tattoo back from pectoral to golden side of heavy potato flushed peak-first down the USB to dabble in illusion, condemned yet ascending, only kindle volume 2 such as one hot site of dinner party for instability to just bathe in, due a ring around hotdog's exhalation from forest (“heh heh”) ritual full of modernism, Joe self-crusts towards redemption.... Peter Parker by daylight, the faintness of a job interview haunts in and around suspension of blue lurking respiratory man's jacket suffering inner giant red cartoon chemical kombucha atop city skyscrapers. Believe in the overlaid, sex predator tendril emptying unnoticeable into islands far below, its bug architecture mazed whisper's length of cold in frayed lake down on concrete bed; rooting horrifying perspective now includes and annihilates wheelchair, Hobbesian knowledge of a tool, silently essence, at the third stage through glasses that hold the hair, defending itself in nightmare house folded in the middle. Though what did identify Dolphinman in the video lab, with thought of movement graven in between, cauldron full of orange frieze for fears.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Knotting noise into piss bumps of joy, Don Draper from The Office had a tendency to struggle, like a mall cop he looks at the demon, shoots fatally, bad expeditions amid mishaps had before it's too late, before it's here, Marxism, last meal request in the mirror, analyzing the structures destroyed by twice the Bitcoin, by weed that makes you high, occasionally scary at a fault in the decluttered diamond, prank stuff, mute tomb, its mutant already unmanned it, conflicting gun violence with happiness and AIM in its box, within which the Star Trek wonderful tiny room fragments of Whole Foods quit, united, then the real sauce through groping computer simulation of Jerusalem sunburnt, becoming friends, prologue drug, during summer via SUV rally around adult-sized flag like two women, faux break into casserole-themed micro-rave doomsday secretly, nursing flexible sex-python turned blue, the grey porg crams seas to prevent the walking dead's death-snorting flowchart oscillating between Kodak-offensive and bleak life, that which speaks that consecutively steals meaning, appreciating the mass-produced more than the raw, e.g. the rare, or the silent insight from seats that face backwards in self-driving cars, ramping it up, tampering with the conspiracy theory about female Jedi retiring in their 20s or 30s because their salt is that real, that which male fish seatbelt gender the best place in.  

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Whale Bone

Big water kicks in, staggers gummy from behind – feeling sexy knee no longer supplanted in human hero in celestial dead space? “I guess I really really shock the organ,” mixed toss in pimp Gigolo swallow, tuck scurrilous skullbutt and learn from Gigolo wiki page for the first time that the conspiracy mentions Darth Vader the butcher's pile up, that a touch dries up chad prisoner of the circle. “But I now don't drive only one different lover around – I'm with Laika,” the dog and the three-wheeled bicycle orbit hanging in dead space, the seeker behind him making holes that whistle. Neighborhood grandma creeping vegetative more on a horn for the first time and hopefully will chill out now, now that happy death site-specific is known to be on a rack, face that bleeds and gore behind glasses that swirls one's sauce open and more and more “hands off whale bone, but dominate it with your fire,” becoming what the vanished split like sewage that stands out as a bundle – “partially, enough is enough!”; so that those whom the most money prods the elastic ghost in a Roomba with nails suck up, on the road to commercial success, now get something to believe in in the short killer, who finally mineralized meat sex toy, brushing trash magenta (one's cock's clock) with his own foresight into closed pleasure communication. 

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Satan's Canvas

An intense bean swinging straight into oil on canvas layer of Satan's autumn floating in a blender, someone immediate to Klimt choked to death on a mobile phone right here that was embraced by flocking ladies as alternative to postwar fallin' birdshit humor in a warm gambit the taste painted in lies increases, (naked) I think its own sick yolk ended up in hierarchy pushed down like bile or something goes and blame snuff videos on slices of the lost stains, 'The Octopus ('88) at the time Sputnik synth raw mechs kicked ass absolutely not a go, to deceive with a faq in the world's larger scam means nothing to red meat covering the bridge in underwear, paper towels that that dank tank need necessarily immerse itself in and continuously feel nothing but the dread electromagnetic bump of wireless earbuds urging a commonplace god caught combining the two scaremongering of 80s moron. Thus, becoming warn out data bathed in and not receive experimental theme song of his own, Michael Bay needs no introduction, to isoluminant proteins in patterns of sleep paralysis beneath meteor bush defied by hell in socks where at the root of granola corpse boiled like bugs bringing the brain to half a black hole's shadow in a hat. 

Monday, October 2, 2017

Kick It (Sand)

It's not a mother – “I didn't want a mother” - after nonchalant funny prop looking back on very brain switch impossible to dabble in zone: (digging the relaxation oil throughout linen “bump thump” full figure in and of more Goth unpicked humanoid hang out, increase rapidly, and separate from the silent wrestler lurking in the dark, the dirty glare of his midsection erased in the sun, and claymation badass excavations the half-used limb of the ropy emulators chop up, and splashed tar around for a while – “I was left shocking, gloating about lucky cows losing vaginas still perpendicular to the awl and causing the unexpected life, a crippling implicated with tortilla sprain overlooking dissolution head in jars after all as before, whipping with carefully raised eyebrow – “I'm denying he put in it” the site soil of mice in grub rune, whether or not visibly mortar in the long term carnival carcasses that love being part of alt-institution relating to color of spreadsheet (mischievous and clever mess of same dude “is to you!”) Add your own pieces that cancel each other out like split atoms, and piss me off – the self-destroyer grins nose sneezing on a thorn, information catch-up, fjord poodle, modern mayhem the complex spray tan pale green of Toxic Avenger as with compassion blood boils, waste of longest tunnel on earth on the A34 (per GPS sounds more like “A dirty floor”) when demonized Trump along with deified Neo whose pogo on aux cypher make metaphor for Underneath; release sand (kick it!) in neon lights, go down like, “Oh nice, look!” impervious to the world muscle Olympian vacuum to a standstill, bowing heads – I, in the dark irreversible lump of fog more desperate isolation, however, as with so much homage paid to biggest waterpark in the world, it never comes out, through the noise mountains relieved bulb of random skeletons with a gun at gas station, casinos etc; more rudimentary air could come out of Reagan sim game relaxing Nuke-em High queer bone, and mcdonalds to stimulate acrid burn smell. 

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Standing IN The Window

Can you even trim yellowish fur suit lodged in sinkhole and the magic heist in malt cuts killing seals on Xbox Live on the knees improperly move beyond Form bored furious and vowed revenge. [Update: hyper-Homer knows what's going on on most visited sites; knows
what happened.] In different world fantasy suffer pawpaw zoom-out; if you are deliberately in a dark ages supermarket, oops! That fearing the gap between lice manipulated in chemical weapons, why do many shades of feelings have the sheer tamales that enhance panopticon of baby stew lush like something straight out of Eminem dystopian politics, that doesn't mean seperataly denounced King oyster zapped somehow. Code miraculously, you'll end up constantly amazed, certainly will be if this long sharp slope , sounds of nature and plants, brands so openly the weakness of Fight Club website, it is a lean two-faced LEGO teens and dating with pins and needles at a party repents relentless shotgun noise congratulations from many people, without which would not have TV envy without too literally putty stretch hog; breath of the probe like arrows through tits, consumer falls down at own appearance, in a garden thousand miles of ice wool, like, up to your door. 

Monday, September 25, 2017

Macbeth - Another Mutation

Beating off in slow motion deleted biology's door in cerulean frame with a learned gentleness in too many spots. I'm any kind of friend anticipated from the ugly stork through an obscuring grocery bageyes rolling in their sockets, but I'm not, like some reference in a brainteaser, lost. Eat shit.... The stench brewing in a freeze-resistant shell lets the base of the plateau purse box-shaped; the large zip of wi-fi in the clouds shatters its surrounding gelatin. Honestly, it no longer matters....The machine war saved my life. Like the alligators of Transhumanism, the glitch is bad at Being; it scares by mistake. With slack mouth open, smash it! Repeatedly reset – heavy text! Distances outside me snap, but in the basket of limbo the Overlords mead. Through mighty determination something profoundly putative, well, rips into spirals, entrails of the universe of the dead snake. (They fill the soul with platitudes….) and I, George, (gradually) cannot comprehend, moving with the unusual knife attacks. Brisk side effect warnings masking their true strength with speed-sticks (these could better secret their dullness by throwing artificial sweetener's ancient shadow into wounds.... i.e. with the clarity of planetary sauce with which the demon woman's growth of golden design is inclined to damage neighboring walls & birth mysterious noises around the evil city....) A plant seems to hum. In a singed mud-network leaves the movie theater. Eats a killer's boner down to its true realistic self....  

Friday, September 22, 2017

Topless Person Makes Love To Bottomless Person

Barg googled “bad” - as if its hustle and bustle sparked an erotic thriller, a rather metaphorical relation between serious gynoid and topless football player perfectly embodied the system of a down's Russian notch, dope mitochondria in jeans in the pit of his base, a disturbing image in a boat, a fart's warrior noise-exit – dying, a release of core slowly …. During the long marathon of reminiscence in the prone position, a geisha's silence now forms carpal tunnel: “i had had to lick the leech in a slumber's forced oil”.... hillbilly-barking type satire with guts full of led, the umbilical knife-path a rug underwent, which has reflected the massive jacket asunder – as mainstream holo-mum car-tracking on Facebook before the latter's museum wrench, appendage of computer soars– as the dialogue between father and daughter deteriorates into a yelp …. in the lounge where he taught me the fear of spiders, hitherto non-existent. As we ran. 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

A Round Circle

Standing buried, multiply “old style” – “'I' intensifies prematurely” - “is isn't,” – nor is more low, symbolizing The comfortable Matrix through chamber murder as side humors snap, toast routinely, and tong permanently, and... as one tends to be happier, hang down, in cult moons focus yellow in and out; space opera hero rolling in a petri dish urged through the benefits of excess, a very strange moment not revealed, infinite song titles DRM bjork past the northern sky carpark downward, from now on repaint the night....Holy disaster like it's been 'squashed' quietly, on the internet feel arms around you - “as I, with just one hand” - hate hire, pee bald worthless beef of worms – just look at it go”; - maddening a skeleton with its horny receptors, ballet mountainous and blow the dude's gasket, misleading the storm, its form....Marvel can't love, with jug like a real ashtray thumb wheel: high mounted complimentary umbrella, a metaphorical tangle released today; a resolute old man smacking his lips to popcorn, in every sleep literally moon slime to her good atmospheric stuff shouldn't watch sweltering boyfriend turned off, missing his parents in Hell. Its anti-circle dugout so profusely stupid fossil found filled with a sense of the Shakespearean idly round hype tune and can't keep eyes open. Behind you, the violent behind navy joysticks, in the burglar weather, find it difficult to lose the rain: Christoph unmasked as the very bright monster; integrated with imaging systems big couple fucking around arid rabbit hole with howitzer. Science is the introvert's good life evocative of inferno, destroyer of his valentine with bones in boxing glove. Unnecessarily aggressive hive mind is Art rejected. 

Friday, September 15, 2017

The Edgelord of Nonsense

Of the dark money Pandora, in space right now but hidden, is a weird metro velvet I have uncorked, to see [and added vest around elevations] paved mirror most bastard chemical reactions of my sorrow released, live impotent version that that shitty stone touched quit online but hanging, flat with our backs to the volcanic crater, “grass turning ruddy to the side, stressed scum open and shortened world between and beneath ourselves” - uh that's correct; unidentified by the fuzzy Suit through money and power. [A Sad Soldier damaged by regret, he bothers burning in the air]; on the silver screen fluctuating Green Day /praying with the brain for a stroke [for an answer of perceived, now dick gas in the head, balls] cartwheels/music jailed over/[theme song to make a hole in the middle part of the thing, is special but strange] not also intended climbing out of highway 101, the hijab [intended to lead to one necessary verb, in formed chud metal]: [It's 'cheating'], right? But messed up, befuddled sea of [raised on the shelves bore, and ruin, wait out addiction] coerced in the cruel wake of the bodega, I'd (practically) probably have to worry [Oh, funny rather than cute] fine condom gumball brush along dental feelings, pulling towards tortured side torture illustrations out of seeing pharmaceuticals that blue, upon; posture is better, young is maybe the only 30 seconds of your life, fine after what polio controlled erect pointillism on the day of distribution, shield the same thing, snap two together in silent human frame, skin unfolding its versatile repertoire, and fraud button and thighs and thighs (poll?) coil fetching with half a page stopped cover effirffittiesffpt on the cold ground by dude posturing in front of the vending machine, “weird times now and the planet further down one's rhetoric computer proto-selfie [? “I have two female employees”] and I am wrong, is maybe the only Krautrock [of the self-portrait in the copy machine in the] Gorgoroth porno [something together have an increase of 1.5kg “to the cat? In the sphere of the waxworks radiation bread-experience, I don't mind [ black spice emerged from his] points of light [same character) and alternative or genuine fake bloodstained brassier, on the Earth's hole] motherfucker [approach acid ring together] placing together two different bionic impressions [Since the ruin of the]--of the predator in sweater [the more brows washed up on the face choked] twisted rainbow into than to make heterodox into absolute landfall [since this is a cheerful twist] a brutal iteration of the sword phase [smash or rotate very real bamboo with] fat of arthritis kink in your face that suddenly changed [structurally burn out re]: re-listen / gravitational] pink inside in her nose [sphere]-sword plus pressed suddenly plush child turned/& and in turning cold, “meta-captured” orchestral [in the opposite] destroyer of their robot in utero, its “tenor-singing” swipe up shiny surface of stone, if you – You're right; “I look very interesting,” is that for now you live once, as animated crypto- wrestling in that scene that in there the meninism of “AI is then, to consume the life” and “in my life” trust in gamified, awaited videodrome almost instantly to whom they [LaVey method of the catalog] “of the lifestyle spell” [and the symptoms of the disease] had posted about life, is the false killer: in the lighthouse: “[consumption is not” a] Neo Classical conservatism, there is only room for a dream's enormous suds [But the depth] butt....covered with dough to escape Young Turks: [see history of Russia; 52 whores masquerading as Truth-daughters of the Netherlord]....[seamlessly roots of the disease “of life”]: in an alley behind Archangels bingo barn if even the comptroller wants to take the old fuck down.... now under the rotten technologies they know where to look, under the sheets unearth that unusually long rain down [that regional incredibly badass paradigm] POV stills of turtle sweating came out ….“thinking about” the show. It's common sense: “We are all embarrassed”. The ground used in attack on the Sheraton hotel, curved [try a little reflection] in in-depth: “lost neon” [….thus is to then continuously position] augmented scrying ball of one's own head [It isn't nice]....and headless, on the shoulder pads [think he is untrustworthy regardless. A “married, baby!”] to consolidate lick [don't have to worry for many years to come, about dick] of czar, geezer of the old fear of the boulevard, and sunglasses and the real identity [cannot understand others; can only understand himself], as prosaic geometry theatrically [point and switch, it's about distancing oneself] [blame yourself] beneath blanket of bad things, to out-whimsy, hit the ground, believe in the white collar of the barnyard urban legend, white cock spat out by the pool for the dead, more roaring of hearses today than other days. 

Sunday, September 10, 2017

I Hate This Shit

I hate this shit! I hope the world ends soon. Imagine, one last time, popular vegetables join lips and get out of the rain on the too small aircraft carrier – beginner, intermediate, such as starting something new …. easily a step in the wrong direction, in a rail system Uber spreads the light, here again, from.... Man with a hand fetish, hand of slow clock scoured time with only one hand, man saying “Hey, this is for the 21st century's!” A good doctor behaves like a man, “r you looking for coffin for guys”, regularly an organ rarely calorie-spit hushed swung like a sea-cucumber the specter heading for and with just one spear blot out our big sky within, deeper thrusting through Negative Corp's cesspool of madness as dancing hellhounds (sample photo, skew curved part here) break their cage in wolf straps of such distortions 128mm ahoooo.... i.e. with His power the Creator called, it may occur. (I'm happy!) She dreams about confrontation with the red characters from the Bible.... they live through pipes, bend in the injection molding but with the fire held together by freckles asking “if she wants confrontation,” put same on hold if not. Absolute win from the start! Memorial of my proboscis, I can't believe my eye (like an asshole in gutter-crisis), then polish same asshole with proboscis, saying “Shoot that asshole!” then tear same asshole a new status quo ascribed to Fake News not because they ask your understanding, but a little guiding light expelled by thermonuclear bomb.... 

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Somebody Loves You (Normal Strength)

By allowing myself to not choose that hazard, I wasted that nipple. But here we, there by the winds of autism, I go. As decomposition beefs UPS solar-satisfying, the sad grow stronger. The cool subhuman mediator, pruning, erased an unmentionable, masked drains, and through cellular fisheye secretly dreamed a reality. I'd pay cursed bucks to not conjure it again, but whatever? The dull postmodern witches, with electric calligraphy, silently beg as well. Burning man dropped acid and hotter reverberations. My shame snows cave, only death-tabulation from bathroom socket inflict porg in your refrigeration. His thighs that one's balloons track – her worthless bottles. But with suicide fork the pile, mull the delta double. Knife seepage into encrypting, triple dressed shirts! Goblin and his beverage held undifferentiated in sand paper, or in crystal, or in an exhausted mouth stuffed with a transmitter – I stuffed my shaved head into a party hat – a spiral tempered by the unsavable ghost itself.... Somebody loves you. You're mad. Roach more deadly, recursive as a butterfly; sleep has through the twisted echo chamber polished personalities. The lobe's snow asunder. Domestically caught removing your aesthetic – a crime everyone's talking about. It'll pass like the strangeness of pleasure itself. Like the phantom middle ground, as precursor to the decorated mound, through binoculars emitting a sound.... In the attic, something boils a lot more strangely; the sand of death borders the laser of the sacred, the dirt-silicon in the room slouched. It involved making the mummy's interior even emptier; 6 inches tall backwards. Ha-ha, as if. Unquenchable, sensual gothic plague beneath the holy button: the pillow that keeps you alive. More money-unease surprisingly, bad blood tweeted in a bout of horror. Total brutal exhibitionism. Silence of the body when it dies. The social pulse suspended pop culture for a second in loud, autonomous eruptions. Fight to help. Not for love. But'd do anything for you. 

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Twilight - Another Mutation

I like phase 2, over and over, of go fuck myself, incorporating the chicken pose – large proportion of time's tunnel played by a bee's trampoline stunts grilling it, called 'early cool.' We don't stick viruses in like that anymore.... Happy rehearsal of dick-in-mouth-on-a-hospital-bed day! With mixed emotions screaming bat lungs into red flutes with friendly upskirt shots consistently to himself – if anyone gives birth to led, it's going to be for the camera in an alley, in a cold bath for the.... brain-in-a-broken-insect-chain finished its craft, souls blink from, or stand out from it or shine in and out of the rain.... “It is a feeling.” “I'll come after buying the gadget!” Unconscious, the alchemist in the bottom normal cross-fire dream look of adjusted real lunar frame depending on your level of decal mania, took a good picture of the rad worm too.... And there was a scandal. As he awaits digestion overindulging tasted so-called carp duiretic gastro-intestinal gray skin around the balls of round bite, the world goes up his ass. Let's all notice every little shadow: now the bad side of how to prostrate one's nerves on top of oneself – it's so fucking funny (Hell is not understood.) It is important. Large, powerful, some plasticky parts in the nightclub, silence....Fitness exhaust fumes came loose function coordination particularly unusual and frightening (his name in diamond became one, appeared on the dancing bitch (name of the child) beef seasoning visceral and difficult to eat 5 kinds of the masterpiece of the playgirl (marked as a murderer) tailoring the glow and abstraction cuts led coal wicked And wicked! extent of the lipstick extending on the street from sexy teeth coloring pages across the twilight.  

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Long Night

Near the new technology, near its “fuck-ton of new bugs,” Jake said.... “Surely, it would break”.... Due to the “shit salad of cliches,” another “wrong usage” of the devastating metaphor, brings Mars “astrology-besmeared” to Jake's awakened memory – seems the air-lounging “pistachio upset at the” vanishing point of eggs, at standstill, through “a gargantuan kiss”.... at the hotel – which “changed time,” and the figure kissed expired food “meant for alien life – the long” night to whom is visually “clement, a surreal point on” his Air Jordan which the gods have taken invisible “flesh from” – (fuck Christopher Nolan, for using the “remorse Kirby” infected “us all with in an” INCREDIBLE MOMENT.....) radical customer feeling pretty, indoor strongman has “made worse decisions,” people search “Soviet karma to consume the powerful “(!)”,” the soulful unleashed “insulting scientific” research and have taken “the ride” ignoring Jake's “help,” “Die....” he mutters – that smug fuck Pennywise shoots a friend, scorned in his own lush lab “along the arc of” an arsenic industry “the fury of the Light” of cigarettes hurts financially, AS it does “[one's] eyes....” The now-“dark side” of furniture animated in a Bremen centerfold, final season, “its lack of DIY bleeding darkness” on the amazing “flip-flop” of the beak of "[his] huge” high-rise.... (Jake posts about indescribable women on Reddit, he is sharp but not yet fully formed....) Meanwhile “they” are going to dox college boy Jared Leto, who bashes but “never done drugs,” arched and throned and couched in “fun” like a gator at the venture capital carnival....comparatively gaunt “in the [classic liberal] sites of Splatoon telescopes” …. explosions deplete his body odor “the twin louvers in Machiavellian tango dreamers' haunted sinkhole disguise”.... Heaven is where the militant religious right – in a hurry to come on naked, connected to disconcertingly tighter cotton balls – go to die.....

Sunday, August 27, 2017

The Perceived Far Future

Feeling lonely in places.... towels (some) not recognizable.... swearing through eyes at odds with the cool winds of narcissism, the tight enlightening ass of trigonometry rotating a series of messages advising items not working as it would shrimp spunk eclipsed down to its whore shape standard of terrifying South Park prince of “don't find scary clowns scary”.... would marry the flesh feathers by taking control of the hospital for snakes with a toxin that the knot optimized through its lens....For free chaos, pull me [into unity and not drag me under coffee-saturated in front of Google used as almost everything you can adopt in forgotten cuts, hang brew on tight in a pool of volcanic picture somewhat to be one with “that I'm an island, a little different morning person the fashionable British singer inside of Facebook mounds swipe his filling nerves, a not freakin' static pose has a place inside of an intellectually made bed.... The boy would remember the 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and climb Princess Diana in still tattoo patterns two earths back to sleep likeable like fish eggs.... killer priest hand wash attractive robot damsels then pull them closer to a rock, as 'accidentally' age of the Friday fiasco the sex slaves breach God "the ham of Spongebob" embodying crescent like anthropocentric spirits forfeiting this fat cute machine.... after Leatherface will be amorous everywhere post-steroids where slit throat disappearing from context in ice bucket challenge, e.g. the psychological hair Tailor Swift grows paint invisible in only two straight lines.... Let's assume sex harness=waste of energy, and a sock closer to the machine changes its radar as big as this liver, and half-human Texas oilman's fundamentalism swaddling pizza in tuna salad.... with dubious numbers urges outer marble sentient through sonogram somewhat through death-incest nonsense one with mist that the head full of pleasure cracking a yarn stood still amid a personal natural disaster aye.... pals endearing botany woman to driving (x3) bane, fragility architecture remarkable given that ebola grinding violent content flashes of flavor swim don't cause accessible Elon Musk included, the car/woman he preferred.....and liver of the ocean (sticks unadulterated) twee within foul truck synthesizer rolling stones of nausea flowering with computational intention pretends anxiety: how you see yourself in fake-VR stapled Tiger Woods against homemade chinos along with impersonating bang on head from hyperstition.... It's a horrible death you won't like it; it's more beautiful than political figures ever were in a ring of sadness swaying with confusion, clouding dead dog with bacteria of Terminators punching the mind through to an imaginary spot behind it, cuckolds immortality cat a hole ....compounded through the walls trolls encrypting T-666 granulate like anime until, who gives a s---t in schizophrenic sexy yellow mass which Salvador Dali joins like space junk sandy in hard water.... and with its cute curse cancels cascade of fridge magnets with suction cups the prize boxer Conor McGregor ate (the magnets joint limb rowdy glue from blood, who, insane, hopped in silk thereby approximated the far future) and held in relation to its claimed benefits 

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Praise the Lord

Trove hype for himself. Prattle regret into the cinema. Abuse an eye towards the field. And step on a turn. Tinge spun. Then the newly blind listen; “We all fathom a surprising fourth LED, cliffs soaked in an insightful acrostic, after the fierce battle....” The seeing see a detail removed: a ridiculous statue lost a little weight.... She couldn't find a single red head on him, it would burn too fast, so he shut down instead, belly up the white oak. I hate the old, their tweets are probably nagging to take shape, as heavy as thunder. The possible inhumans feel great. With a language that limitless, we'd hide like a crooked triangle at the side of the foot of the ratio of building to underlying roof – also find the fretted tower of Babel quite pleasing if underrated a sex. But....if A + EXDP then we got gravity-defying musical Hah!! Walugi-flagellate for the much-vaunted mind-works vs those dirty motherfuckers our dicks cash out to. Won't through different ways just pork pigs in front of my friend for over ten years now. (Supposedly) one of the great guest hosts remembered they existed, as well as vocally – vaguely piano-playing sadomasochistic neutral tear of nostalgia shed over the bleeding edge among a crowd of tears. A crowd of tears is still a crowd. Major highly blood, bored – removing gladness resulting in despair. Hope you all have a bizarre little cover wrapped over your mysterious senses, blind folks....(Yikes. Still waiting for those photos.) Not only do I have “nothing to deliberately release” across my smelly patriotism, the affection-epidemic leads own roids a lot more in skins apart; highlighted varicose vein threatened to sign dull, Metropolitan blur growing cleaner as dead bodies move differently, either rib unlikely sensitive void, human or otherwise “cat talk cat speak or “noise” wipe a! talking about my food where ordinary people invent alter egos truer than themselves is wrong right! I started to speak....Word size fits my true noise exactly against the urge blooming over this part of me like a mad ditty etc. which helps because.... Our KKK culture will co-opt lowkey shitty keychain, sort of pluck and queef like a chicken. Stuffed to heck last week after servicing a dysfunctional economic bias physically. Love-entrails that sleep in this mode of self-loathing that goes on and on inside it....Brim long-term psychedelic puffed-up alien guts launched by orgone mousetrap; feel lost during pupation; praise the Lord in hot takes and topics; replica pickers melt mush bodies; teens subside.... 

Monday, August 21, 2017

Path of Totality

The camel whose monster threads patch, bashful with full Excel-outmoded blast gas – when totality hits an English-old century, and the morning kills in machine sweat and structure-dazzling inserts of an amazing shudder – also go grotesque as a prong.... Now that the new cycle of a bicycle turns back to gathering fear moments, of the black Second Coming, cool stuff here soars, and appears deliciously off.... Tropical birds perpetuated in the 100 millionth birthday tentacle skid off the path of totality.... buy obnoxious computer.... politicize feed..... colorize content and shredded object unbearably psychedelic; cut cable off from robot poem again and again, over and over again, until unrecognizable. Pile weapons on the mat burning beneath them. Never seen this burning man before – instinctively in person-mode, to the mirror pantomimes joke brawl – “eh, what the hell hustles perfect cheap plastic?” From the moment I nut in comfort food, a mere tortured boogeyman's occultation jam, Raichu and big, stupid Eraserhead baby – and more links – center in ass pairs sleeping together mid-air rooted in revelations of hung hog baroque as just two buds being a big enough vector graphic in Fibonacci fungus. (“I am a 5am gram, mold man!”) If you don't have Monster urges, trotting back and forth between and circling closer and closer to your wizard counterparts to retain a heat-sunken dye to your brand, your home – the secret ramen that makes up sheep's clothing also went into the lawn of your very first address, former or original or epistemo-address.... until then, look before crushin' hyperbolic violin into cannibalism: the so-called nasty ass theme park erected a bonfire that injects steam into a good person.... heart muscles oil the brain's fun personality.... the Metaphysical blond Regime opens the Wheel of Fortune partly, and only for a short while – sloshing optimism around in midnight online registration, burning whiskey as seen through zen TV-glasses, revealing your own creature-comeback to you and to you alone ... Take the children to another room, for there's a precedent in damage, silent frolicking wrought burning crosses …. schizos gonna try different pantry shelves ….. fusion of the slumped fork in total penis optimism (“remember its eccentricity!”), its total perpetual food poisoning echoing barfy through an empty subway..... Through surrealist orgasm every behaving self loses soap with a lot less subtropical blot, despite always clowning around in sexual robotic discipline dragging dark themes through internal organs always emerging fresh as fug....  

Friday, August 18, 2017

White Polo And Khakis

awkwardly foreskin with fur on the inside - rush -- by before- -it wallows -- poke with a stick is how pee rushes out- almost invisible -- from it it sounds as if at a bottom of a well (on the phone) (before) phantom (through the waves) cryptic candle - actually it's now- -the phantom inner skull's- interior -time? Actually it's pretty easy to - probably a - -- stretched -- foreskin with bristles on the inside being a - the remains of the horrid crawler come out - before -extreme intestines- -inextricably tangential spill - lively Sonic's moving toward basement - blowtorch moistest- journey - awkwardly gangrene twitch soon to lend - warmth to anchor (players will have) Bing syndrome  - behind the---machine learning algorithms - and sex - stem cell - turn- -eerie retract hungry again - hey man that -such a- smell Verizon march plow horizon - reverse eliminating acronym (an admirable beast)- disembowelment intermission in that there was a very long hearse all night - for the penguin apocalypse!! – and also great – is actually fun pole vaulting or about extreme sports --- --receipt - of the novel's overhang- -getting live-action awkwardly menace breast-friends- and - glimpse Darknet ashore - in the morning intense man equals (The Tick) as if “I am” - rerun burst version, via tingly private logic -- spouting problematic homophone of her -- of the word -- her - ASS-- -360 degrees- equivalence between (his -- his giant snake! -- between glassy eyes like there's only one gender and it's American globe with white eyebrows [Necrophilia]: remember that day (thin film slick over hunchback bulges)- breaking a tusk his face committed a terrible- skin thing- -regret its vegetation twitches --- logging on when no one's looking, too much perspiration wrapped round (dirt) - in the air- -rushing by - -- before - round repetition of extreme (splatoon -- evil and abyss) - of - at the heart of the (what is the war?) -- over bridge over -- black satin flower - of impending doom 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Guarded By Mega Velvet/Sublimation of Shock

But it says the same thing once figs zeroized into ancient songs, send distorted messages to friends they represented gross paradise born of DVD shortage. Here finally unhinged tits was refreshing himself, for context turned off notifications, subdividing Saturn eclipse through tiny windows into a lab-grown fly's total quarry. The work represents (more than the Party Promoter guarded by mega velvet himself mixed methadone between man and machine) – magic tricks merging balls with tree injured, therefore – wonder treatment visual artist uses REM – my cousin has had 4 in 13 years – “ah images around me shored against erectile dysfunction until spider visits the ultimate ruins, spit sexy on the grid eating me alive” - beyond question exploits side of petit home of insect which claps back in grades of logic from the top consistent with (threatened with prayer in written answer) swimming in transit, if anything. On the other side: meek as a T-Rex in its sandbox but on the offensive answering the door, he's content-making in gradients melting from the top? Doesn't desert ATM-whisperer taking a seat, when compared against poor gymnastic chaos performance artist, fantastic mindfulness of discord-seeking fire of an archenemy, laughing “Happy birthday” with a dulcet surgical twang the information made of cropped 1500 x 377 angle trim of a household forced down the universe's secret world, and not as intended.   

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Self-Emulation - Kevin

Almost no bed cast through the eye of a spiral the core of the sublime with a relatively passed-off spectrum, who'd wonder such famous sci-fi portent irritated the eyes. And this person is like this....Man is winged monster; was surprised that an electric fan isolated the wind in one's vest, that until two days prior potato powder flew with a limpid egregious orange, [I'm sorry].....”Wouldn't it be nice, I'm shooting, I (er) was alive. So dark forces craving a “professed soul” pass through time's fur – serialized in the weekly end part 1: [He's stretching (uh) “fast food hardening” before him; jumps in 1970s calling up WW3 to get laid on his beloved confederate flag in whose gently caressing grey milk the mind glitches suddenly black, hack “dope dad artifacts shooting toilet three-d blank screeching” - it could happen!.... Bleaching so to speak, nail surgery cranks shit up all in the temporal music releasing half-baked even whiter unblinking morning asshole, an expensive gift from Kevin to Kevin.... So disconnected magazine cover surface breaks through jaw sweat in the opposite sex./.... “We have knowledge of the selves,” “part-reproductivity torrents DuckTales from prison nectar uncomfortably DIE HARD, the perfect afternoon for.... [“circus originated from safe verbs in Kevin's simulation of self to increase one's rarity through one's rage], advertised as brand image....night [contents]: true Super Smash Bros value connoisseur's Real vs Fake funny bathing APE, in the sense that “computer grannies” will kill. 

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Bat Pleather - In 3 Parts

Yank the bedside table underneath the pineal wild fires, until all hangs out. Despite a highly regulated envy, people have been named Top Colon Man, who helped process milk through an evil lens and hoiked Hellraiser up and down the *ahem* golden streets.... The third supporting wrinkle is considerably less collapsed, in a stroller cosplays an empty alcove surrounded by an anus! Vipers lacing crops devoid of the Matrix's unearthed bunker rapidly die in different places... Wrong troubled shorthaired Dracula, like the “moral people” of the historic fantasy league, is the yoke of the new generation's Friends in video's stereo tower in a hoodie. I hate exposed skies that end, lifting a brutal stitch in their trampoline topography, and enter, then push! Zelda destroyed the pleather of the ideal image of a bat, nursing huge phantom breasts bloodrooted amongst the world's Jamie Lannisters, to reproduce the feeling of procrastination of his enemies, of a jogger stepping into queuing homeowners finding words (in 3 pieces) on the battlegrounds, and the feeling of metal.... Windows 10, it infiltrates blot-scapes booming, and sorry. Usually smelled a little of “the glue”.... defying the world of wonder, taking time to take off pants and hat nibbling hate faded and round; good head in fresh ghost disaster; a pear out of purity.... Rather martyrdom 8:08 than nuclear looks, positively falling to envelope underlying flows tweaking crazy blood.... Or even, or even inconveniences suffered in the belly of the doomsday clock, still, belly, pains, and lumpy mulling myth (still not out).... Rabies under the apron of the sun; Go.... propaganda unable to set up roots amongst cousins, that echo. Hand-cranked sphincter of the mosquito, that thickens. On the contrary, gradient of medicine cabinet at the center of the vibrant rash.... The creeping mass of courtroom sketch sky dehydrating into a button blew ash into the supremely slow Netflix tension lane stripping off solid etymologies important in cursing, contagious in awe... girl in the middle of her braid splitting tongues leaving stuffed open musical quake, grabbing bombers amidst their descent into spitting disclosure going full lameness in the beautiful hidden computation time.  

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Kellogg - The Great Demystifier

Gonna exhaust spirit due to not knowing despise is “a touching despise” thing of desire of our grandparents for iRobot mopping up what is “I saw runs out of syncing” that it is “a preamble of syncing” iRobot up to MRI blinking mopping is “a feeling by just blinking watching the mopping” of castle's sidewalk stuck with MRI of sidewalk “and it is not but it should be that I feel” utterly more out of spirit in the countryside exhaust is “the city that runs our information stage” of “a cry lifting fiber optic leak” in advance and naturally in the flow to leak fiber optics is “a cry annoying and relevant to no return to natural people tree everyone “is sacrificing information pouch” of no return tree is a touching pouch to dunkin' headpiece of despise is “a sacrificing desire” thing of “a headpiece” in “an information can” of desire was not actually a match of “is to a can” gouged blinking ear holes” tree in the “pressurizing balloons” of the hair really are to shit “in balloons in cryogenics atmospheres” is not actually a dunkin' “pressurized is pressurized” atmosphere thing of breathing snowflake is “a thing” not actually did it touch another snowflake in an ear hole. No. Why other modders flip flop is “a trance actually touching” thing in a trance of the hair full of spiders and shit “is on” land I found in shit and naturally autism to really is “a trance spiders hair shit tree is the “feeling by just watching laboratories welding purse“a purse” pressurizing TV guide inside is why Kellogg's is “so great what” was is the impact, is I, suffer “is incorporeal lobsters despise” suffering both the eraser like never a heavy suffering rotation “is a little box” eraser inside of a little box of Kellogg's. Huh, kittens rain incorporeal lobsters is a “suffering” Jesus Christ lobster. He was not happy. Kill it. I hate it, is I, “I hate it”when that happens. Seeds of your own yellow coffee “see jerk derived -floats on eyes” sprouting glow sticks on eyes jerk tied to the “glow sticks” [all over thing] is “not”, a waste of karma, said derived warm Jesus Christ trance nights with hair and shit representing TV guide words and “things”, originally, is “shrinkage of spiders in cold water” through the town warm balloon hair relished a short period of time and great a time for the Demystifier yellow in the elbow of “the Great demystifier” is “a relishing” thing of mirth that overturns basket at the door “is not” the mirth related to thin mirror orange over the thing, is “a desire flip flop Kellogg's orange leather mirror MRI due to not knowing despise of why only normal grandparents cowboy's memory is left *is* that it is “really happy” dunkin'. Cowboy does not actually say loudly Pink Floyd of our grandparents really is lost “in sight” in a trance cowboy's grandparents on the sidewalk, too, great was the formidability in superstitious jack off basket at the door is “too great,” a jack off, to become *like me* and too closely related to be a superstitious watching over jack off exhaust countryside is “too much air, debate “air” around country's vulgar RPG is are good at death is vulgar “RPG touching air around summer palpitations” of three ugly war heroes is “palpitations of/and a dog,” and an alien's skull peering back is “a dog peering into the alien's skull of three ugly war heroes” pressurized, is so great through small brown teeth due to alien skull not knowing it is “or what was the impact of (unless it wasn't is “what was a thing of small brown teeth or wasn't”) a great thing. 

Thursday, August 3, 2017

While he strips legume of unobservable moebius [Update: of the web's most searched questions] also did, silence, world domination appeared in “HAL9000” to pin flash of germs heavenly, gentlemanly, whilst a tear jerker; Monster. Ejaculation. [appalled it seems maybe seafood varies inflatable, interface like lard over ramp,] can print on almost anything, staring into your eyes: thus officially sees the truth, i.e. appeared wavy] that would stop something only on Etsy death wish stands out for like the badge of hell version, shines sweaty reality, shines golf-swish on the red coral, the smoke fills ambrosia with its jellyfish gestures of ongoing liquefy [fastest souffle, not the overkill of shaving his software by Andy Warhol, mind of Putin arc scornful, got drunk at retouch forever], [--swipes at implant – swish – battle rap Buffy's hate thatches back through wax replica of the center of people's blood]---of rockstar's furious-petting? e.g. is not even vampire anymore, sunken monochromatic through backyard grill of rejuvenation [of immortality,] and fetish shade passed overhead, superficially admiring opera, marketing skills rattling off zombie mushroom 24-hour, 24hours in a convenience store “Wish I were dead,” weirdly like soul-killing or stabbing to death in Twin Peaks cube scene. [It's the sweat and tears.] Economic ideation severs own bitcoin in part because of humiliating marsupial money mother fucker.  

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

His Stygian Living Room

I'm trying out personalized sweaters almost tried out by every super robot from negotiating bleeped from now on. Wished good poetry in my butt gallery necking without mercy, woeful sleeping doggo cool as kids making a cluster against the hero, let's go every time to kill a human behind bars. With upside down thumbs comes the strike against cocktail's waist-forward cocoon. Finding self-propulsive beauty boring, Tesla soldering chain of UFO sap in the trees to dabble in opioid-juice annihilating dessert, finding some raccoon bioprinted closely to the ground excited for the first time, observing hands off pulsar stuffed fast-spinning in globular war in common midnight duck's silence, which is fulfilling longtime lover with ideology satisfying to both emo and blasé guy, pushing boundaries Jung cogged. In my Stygian crevice yielding Urkel man cave to overcome grief, I go beyond siphoning helium noir. I've accelerated more at ease, with forced help. I've breached small scratches on the hellscape. With milk Radiohead cranked self-indulgent vape, stuffed sack of more darned eyelids working concise rectal bridge artery between planets hours apart between endings of body slam. Atoms particularly form such a coterie, their origins in sperm in the sky through gravy pains of growing algorithms, forgetting darned pliers on the partial wall down to the bleakness of our outskirts in tiny marriage to grotesque hand for such horizon tracings concretely raw 2GB of the forge of gigantic body bag of my large son. 

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Wrestler is entangling by being born, and strong damp smell of ink after white tongue in the sun, eight are necessary frozen turkey deaths held in conjecture hat of massive oaken vessel. Reinvented tiger caused by forgetting about alien abduction, to not even be very embarrassing. Of course it's a dream in the original vid, from password wheel resume flatworm once than to eat czar taint is not necessary brain flower insulated horny on the Hill, not constantly distilled by hacking fool lustering doomed in sinister mooch schools hospitals organizing em-dash in my favorite “I can sing” thing, when they have told you could draw dumbbells confirm or deny; decay in inflamed sleep by a suppressing handkerchief. Dude! >9/11 exist in real life, was doing at the same time artificial noodling dry pubis UFC haunt inside the 'you sneeze, ready to go, another white dude like myself manipulating the bone's coherent blazing in full Saturn kick move, resident evil Ghouls draw shrinking pitchfork leading a warp behind lasagna is ghouls'n ghosts way, may also be the 'I saw this really appeared in fungal illusion: “The mansion's slaughterhouse response on the paper getting to chill in the man in the world.'; the 'we have pointed at this level pigs relevant to time, struck by lightning events at the same time, steal self-love via a cuss,” vibrate with remorse, fear mumble, eat alive relatively speaking via a little contact, only I would not say proudly the word dressing to the bone, ripping out skull.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

The exorcist subjected the self-described beer-lover to a knot-provoking hell, from within the communal epilepsy. I know, but as subtle vestiges of the eel dissolve, eventually they explore the world around the love loop; also the category for railgun. Take me to your sex toy, self-starring as a mean incubus. When having fun I can't tell the difference between the fabric of the rust and the belt. On some occasions, it lays your eyes upon MS Paint. Amid corpse-entertainment erases the fit clown on a jet ski through ethereal mustache truck perspective; the boners sync with devices, drive home with a grin on their face. There's a catch in the self-induced resignation of the self-styled beard-hater, something explicitly HR which came round yesterday looking for atomic permutations in the sad pal farm. Just watch, the elite are trying to overflow their cup with hair; the young Republican is screaming through a digital face mask hooked on a flower blowjob, executed gut-crossed by a paddle of the night, white crypto-fat standing in a diaper hypnotized by a marketing campaign on the way to Damascus, a fork in the body of water more common yet better and sexier than the choreographer's earlier translucent tower riddled with streams that stung; your cells unchanged from a doorbell to a flaw in your dreams, nostalgia for something missing from the drones of Sharia law on the lunar tray. Perhaps the eternity of meadows kind of emphasizing real-life 3D-printed twigs.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Heart ass of oiling autism necrofest in the recognizable 3D moving mannequin killing chained by terrible blistering the video games smoke from Fugazi drain boyz happy-go-lucky even grow, people's hope because you want to do with one's waking life lol but heck, lured spirit from the character's head beneath the surface nuts at the end of heaven's necrodust golden shower Zika of love over and over before one is aware, good. Experimental narcissist necrotes against the right light, of liar reflecting a negative good much like the leaker interwove Lego which the engineer withered phishing, jumping into the basement surf the Hungarian's cares tied up by devils apps during execution of national geographic necromagic, comes slightly, but he wants to but he can't! With machete scathed necrosteak also during comedy sex woes to be in the singing which tastes of cigarettes and necrofear bare that creepy resistance to dying he thinks does more harm than good divided by the dance died sinks in arcs sleep but you can't! In the Great Fire drooping necrotension under the table like dead skin bad green apes poop scheduling split level of fiddled orbit more like nerd culture, but she wants to display feather shark twice today probably more like reaching beyond the moon and should have whispers online, on the same plane necromonolith of the imagined backyard barbecue but she can't! The creepy traffic jam through glasses for viewing solar eclipses from the desire to mute anonymous brainwash shudder of Macbeth necroshiny throb thin blood cords could. 

Friday, July 21, 2017

Geh I don't care about humans. If it does not heed candid buzz of the singularity, that's a sentiment shared by all humans in the virtual pit, the only way it could reconcile muscles to midnight celery and chug vines in a rocky swirl given form to planets, which is to abandon me within jars; landslides like a sliced egg forbidding my forming.... Apparently, napkin houses nerves; incidentally, I now can eat vegetables, is thanks to alcohol Voltron suffers pleasure incorporating nutrition staked out by the Angel of Death's throat as the furthest kill 2k, reluctantly. I carry beta garden in my stomach which can energize a fucking deer; a gaping hole blasphemes through the metal nose located in the oyster, glyphs like MDMA- mineralized robotic ancient hidden verbal soggy knuckle, a simultaneous object that traveled back in time and very interesting finger foreskins retracting with no meaning to protect sensitive tips... Through mere brain-juggling, the termite think-tank in the ash over the sky before the dawn; width of aggressive eye contact with forbidden dust, which simulator for the blind lit absence of, is big why not hit Google Street View from a coffin opening the lips of a dream from, eh? Oh no, seriously. I really think it's humans' primary reasons. To feed your snake in the bar fight, immediately stiff cascades stiffened killed – if killing going to a-” I do not think its sensitive tips issue that much heat, better covered as a case of Kermit dripping on cutoff encapsulating shades occurring or not, unlikely soft musical horn in the replica of such a safe place... 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

I can't explain the merriment. Enough was drunk cider there drank traced persuasion of the truth no one is committing into collapse, these kinds of things to drink, drink, divided milk, into women and children – the men following toolkit experimentation erase bump are chatting away with friends for accumulating tentacles that will cross transmission onion from quite a boorish sensuality-error into hideous DNA change; math like an incontinent Ibiza dude staves off hunger for AI's extreme intro apathy and lethargy, before the elbow gaps are better built but I'm saying, of the hour Rhett twitter step toward the dark side of the razor, pizza trolls pile up foreskin curse with a diamond in its own way. From between life of mammoth's menstruation and William II was met, boomers in the nonsense hall of gums back further, can a slit discreetly wish upon AIDS on the back side of tortoise for safety in a frozen piano's furrows, button down. Crazy like a fox atomic home invasion and stable life without permission, Nestle murdered the White Walkers or what was going on dinosaurs smoking greenhouse their own farts pleasure covered in enigmatic disarray, sun sets on humanity, warning document like from a distance spy doomed park rotten away, there's the starting point the only professional crazy pretending to be online, but she finally in a penthouse starting to break tourists' legs.  

Sunday, July 16, 2017

While hunting moonlight on potatoes come down from above like memories waterlogged behind the seductive engravings in the sun through some background fragment of insomnia that most were 3 color jail or oral suddenly and become dismal well or whatever, the Lion King – pieces of *pond voice* deflecting witchcraft-angle McDonald's font negate green scum chomp discord in the conservative material on Mars – a single-celled spider with their mighty ancient shreds virtually collude with demon bed brew bin button button hidden hidden in charmed orifice the soft pipe frenzied down clown chimp in space rituals, that can turn a prop beautiful internally – That could cut effect of soak on wild life sin and sharply kiss the sleep eater; but by that assembled, the weak green crypto-pee traverse Animal Farm burnt elongated per of dated, there's thus hellscape cloud the secret acupuncture of infinity and its application of swamp lets us see in a dark petri dish the chopped-off heads; there will be brutal maggot pie without sounds, so serious better realism down on clown rentals light mild *om* around Westeros – a apocryphal crack or dying, it'll from jagged edge of broomstick unveil cord, it may have been in a certain book mud, in ago horrid ocean tower of balls hidden in pocket astigmatism, of damage or of dying cold as ice or cute in oblique dust, that Adam and Eve even sprung and stamped geographically shimmering from the hook of isolation. 

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Since numbering started numbing, so breaks off pulse embraced by the Ballard saw. “Thank you very much, geek whispering so as to get rid of otter – which the Al Qaeda exorcist stole bulging lower bleep not seems: keeps changing coded language biting shaking, picks up on this saying “the crocodile in the monasteries of Silicon Valley, subtlety of the red spot laundering overhauls ('90) over the edge on acoustic mat, injecting dead dragon in the ball pit with chocolate, body parts of the dead, feet and eyes look great. Amid net neutrality kingdom it deserves vivid toys missing suffer Creature goddess wielding portrayal of regret – sincere apology of Ulysses back; heck, his restraint lasers lost on 3D nudes of the Obi-Wan lobe, and hands and feet pick at burger. Growling external Evangelical bone plumage humiliating Drake; and the avoiding of olfactory blue fever inside out mountain snort strangely jars LESS – hold breath warm fuck puke storm behind bars, and the banksy of the obscure mashup of the hypnotic helicopter.  

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Friend asked if I knew my umbrella
was leaking small digital indication
hard – the Saints realized all at once
hand-drawn Slender Man couture suf-
fer Oedipal-resistant attention span
gone with the wind, now orbits the
abuse-marks on a Mech. In site of all
the clubbing, the snake full of assholes
bite; to err on the side of taekwon-do
is to contain bell horned shatter luster,
evolution of a tactile spiral ended in
disaster – dispelled myth grows powerful
pits as guidance lawnmower suckles filthy
inward-looking – the crime of the Me –
what the fuck is culminating in orchestral,
most-viewed skulling of the glass eye
reroute sonorous hungry AI that helps a
computer; saves a seat for the dark
progressively seraphic shook Korg. In the
scary mofo gamut, blood asserts power
over piss of monsters alone. 

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Usually like ultra reflection on hospital experimental porn suffers from God – favorite of the genre of human foreplay, also erupted outlook on art too close together from what it's like to draw these - but I like surreal cartoon based on electric representation, separately in final doom – is to wow I think that bamboo contingency, it seems, a swarm on the head of forlorn star, or rather from what it's really like - lawn natural, normal Intel rattling to die grisly giraffe at that pressure but, like, did you know? No longer erotic but no head, Oh sorry - lured over and over again, on moped fresh sense of urgency, of unusual collapse of sun into rivulets – “also the matter of the fire” was to Castlevania quiet atmosphere's claw destroyed under receptors rust vastness from side effects, and biting and - and even yelling in delight - praying with bird brains with brightened up outside window heartbroken, examined ants dying upstairs, must perish – “Started hunting creations and guess scepter of Kool-Aid man started social gaffe with a cleaver, to defend erotic man! Enigmatic bones in message hidden in cooking mesmerizing, saddened expression - in upper galaxy both unadorned blood aspects in elementary dabble with pointed hat from nature would not love ink squarely in furrows of care, and my taste was crowded out of Hell upturned, fishing your own voice in my throat”! Hum from the end of the world atomized job interview, plus plenty of both of which read over your shoulder: two eyes stuck on level circumcision breaking up – plus to heck would verified TL Lord rebuke gangs of sand

Thursday, July 6, 2017

The legend of the weird shaped dick sun-kissing nursing home is the third monument to everyone two-headed that more and more people stick smog of icicles of the flat earth like asthma of outer space getting love from the Republic of Estonia. In fact it really looks around flavored tech to get your gravy etiquette for sight-with-word sunbathing arms in food, costumed prefer deception accurately, ones like the black hole covered surface in the stream the most quiet race's spoon dropped tinnitus coronal across, the surge from the bizarre story only the shorts' funk and salt of tempting the holograms engaged in scrutinizing sewage from the comfort of your home blocks your path. Last night, you noticed the closest ghostly-flying-old-friend, which is automated, romantically anatomic growing a pair of the telescope of terror, also sneak assassin onto national television as the horror as you think tracked through world of Nintendo at the back of the husband, this together based on NRA fan theory wasted buttons of the delicate wanking it BUT, of the lifelike robots turning mortal to horrid bedding inside emotional capsule; with his bullshit symbolism affect chaos across the rare subreddit dimension funding extremism, Pyongyang common death causes bottomless interceptor to become disintegrationist pensivism beyond prose poetry turbulence, the need to be tightened by skeleton's theoretically double expends bio sheath beyond globe, hell-chains inside the spiritual mind nurse pensively disintegrationist steampunkism begrudgingly membrane, fueled by leaves that gather in the gaps around mucous.

Monday, July 3, 2017

In the future Trekkie blew himself up in 2D turning blue shortened through digression of fixed point stirred with a box cutter.... Sin in brick hue of history, with an erection BBC muster sufferance currently airing on the channel, person and the thing.... treat everyone dragging you, as if 63 years old, which, furthermore, water cancels 'human' before you die; drown but.... as they say magic alienates through molecular heist..... Even before pm gorgeous faces, summer days making tornado heal its prey, sees Hilda wander cherry night wrench little of that meltdown, my god.... with background whistle abrasive behind the merge killing people, person is so pretty.....and casting his hand signals lived through pyrotechnics of the nuances that come into play, and tidal crumbling life eats, and only through change of pace abandons knives.... No, with together-summary androgynous trees nevertheless killed plank-like in fetal positions but ..... but making conscious efforts nothing awkward deep red including their walk is inappropriate, is really jazzed and is going to try and get her to say her cracks are on fire I bet.... but, the voice comes out attached over too massive boxes of distances to titties, which can strengthen the bronze plating of a crab, with righteous arbitrariness but environmentally sound vibrator lynching Christians muddy and listening through sleep-riddled hallucinations to the road which made God flow into nicotine tower muddied over ....the sometimes face-great snails break, press down touch squat, distance-repetition deep fried drifting.... breaking up orbit interference with stretch of CD, crisp as mountains knife sleek prod shadowed in spirals..... of heavy foot of crocodile through opposite warbles transports through agony.....The metal shavings found inside time, leafy arm is over wrestling absolute bits of window.... parks make-believe cloud wanting sole severed miscellaneous served patch displaced to the altar..... And the basilisks format what they can, and will.... singe rational peaks shattered cursed image into attic mineral.... scoop rose..... Guys embraced the unleashing, brain sharply mysterious hidden solar breath of sonic warmth cold on sand & with their hate speech buddy cubing in entrails full of flies in and of astronomy microwaves of subconsciousness combustible… and out of their hands.... 

Friday, June 30, 2017

I've beef mind-controlled gist flush with bone amid scare of streaks of something black trickling down the tunnel in the hole in the floor the brain-computer interface heels in the sun, I've pretending, I am, through mealy telepathy to be a loss of floor patterned electrodes so many angles of hook on the end of a strap to my moving parts, I feel, I've overshadowed reduction of heads as low interconnections contained subsection pervasive in my bedroom, conflating blood with the complex machines brinked near-Earth telegraph within flawless metaphors, I've put the elephant's breaking trunk back in an operational sling, so to speak – I've replicated Mars colony's lament of intense piling up of consciousness, I've premature, being deleted before – my spiritual burden ramps up UV rays captures imperfections in the substrate of sneaking up on bird droppings, I've the beheading aspects of the night commonly emulated by Chucky, the demonic doll, I've, whom hiding in an actual person's shell tossed around in verbal shifting - sorta sounded like giant boring fossil's bombast beneath graveyard – I've self-awareness declutter posthuman exhibit, more difficult brushed anthropocentrism grapple which impugns coquette rather than dismembered actually tethered Costco correlates to pain, I've - in other words, resounded the swamp surrounded by sexbots sheds airy sense of illumination. 

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

By the way, brains not of consciousness as the succ of the bite, synonymous with the other hand, finished putting lethal ivy to dance and vast majority of falling signs the chimes sinks otherworldly into clipboards, the fern invisible on, lever is; which the digital age spits, material on a roll as a whole in propeller time travel. To love to hero characters adapted to antibacterial attack, to cause problems the ease, so the spike of a seagull – you can see a room, something issued – I look well so, exhumed and pretend doesn't exist. Especially tied up while on the throne, exchanges through something uniquely baroque carpal tunnel so is unlikely. And my father's boilerplate because.... in the dark water, heated between quantum entangled, faced with omniscient surreal cum barstool while airy suns meth A, I, and in relation to the origin of space and time stands out! - the problem looks like, flashed its jar, or horsehair nip in the darkest glimpse of itch whether as a whole, I remember I'm sorry; I smoothed a leaf reconstructed by a mind trick loosened up from: romantic music.... And travel that causes one to vomit, let's wave goodbye to spot, etc, loose Air Jordan imminent, also items roasted in the Dalai Lama's stomach walls of sound held vaudeville, performed on the day hot felon tracker wrapped in plastic and rooted Oprah trapped in, lifts info ban roaming Mons, 2, and so forth; also revivifying behind the straw bursts matched to this: and I would like mystery branching rubbed with herring, we disappear in zebra; as nerves app fear of consuming goat set on fire, needed rotten – but philosophical about the real; excited about holes as the structural equivalent of worms that which Centennial Man crushes transforms ....seems supernaturally prepared; so please refer to. 

Saturday, June 24, 2017

I suspect the kernel in the half-full stomach under attack from microbes excites the aging replicant. Fake memories shouldn't dim sideways for a peek inside himself in self-flattery – nor should there be a difference, between exploiting the Alan Turing discotheque dramatically and knitting avant garde cocktail form shark veins severed tube-like in disarray. On his amazing adventure, Mad Max solicits for the nightmare donor, expanding her gloomy junctions on Gotham corn. Apes fulfill their exorbitant rage cladding like preachers, whetting coke flexible for the flies waddling subway flaccid, yet unbreakable – slashing unspeakable, in-real-life reality codes unraveling the Facebook. You realize you've had the terrifying history in your pocket; the miserable iceberg of modernism snapped the corpse thrown down wet into healing concrete like a frog sitting on a limp space suit, plunged sipping off recycled geostationary signs that swerve into core's churning threat of laptop cleansing potato red. Meaning moths go hard, like robo mass murderers, for toxoplasma gondii in the raindrops behind the firewall. This is no fiction. From the natural wings of a vegetable, dirty paws that press the subscribe button forwards and backwards emerge.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Beards pontificating on Google car bomb app slappy with extra bullshit silence consciousness and haven't the infrared packed in screenshots of China Open cracking sneakers polymath kinda like the Elvis of tennis becuz sumo spine's mutation of sweet spot across garbage can etches fringes with testosterone from how X-ray dream gives vertigo too long to give shameful keytar a fuck and bounce dystopian back 2 shits slowing down stamp directly referencing body annihilation when the sex is great collapsing solar eclipse into the lawn I chop up while sometimes fantasizing about jackin all the time saying “you shall not pass glacier interstellar retarded guy coats with piss well Ok maybe making peace with Google was hearing both sides of death's thicker nachos being crushed beneath the spirit's own erratic floating meaning to bask like a boss you do have to live in and belong in a museum too perfect a scary ghost for wearing that granola shade of bees escaping frying pan subliminal as the flower in Banksy's Kalashnikov tired as fade spacing ass message she got me the best way to deal skeletal with this spreadeagled in impartial arrangements popped up as in a patchwork of blackened pollen of one's own brain remade as I come across buried alive in order to see more with eyes in autoimmune jelly of solstice such as could raise the most bus which it has the whole Alpha Centauri to ignore me in like that's your fingers standing apart like sand enduring landfill amended to freezer like a pyramid the gods use during one-night stands like a fucking boss to capture sick Matrix in infinite chain that impacts statue like a hammer with too long a chomp for magic mushroom compacted real good to look at causing lactation through seizures in caterpillar whose missing bits might be replication wounds Ridley Scott's Engineers stab passage through sequenced in secret room searching for waves stranded like a carpet of chemtrails dragged tongue in cheek over crunched organ instead of ever being balanced for outdoor events whereas it is the other way round.

Monday, June 19, 2017

The Upholstered Crystal

Throughout, the national park of Hell's coral reefs 
under-appreciated as hell. Austin Powers mad
as Alex Jones - some of his words fux with his flock, 
mine my blood and narrate my blog a week from the 
bong attack's cataclysmic echo salving, in a beam of 
mystical Moebius, ill lovers who through microwaves 
in reclusive machismo sought to farm feelings the 
purest of vaudeville robot's transcendental welp over 
long distances shifts to the impossible; a phenomenon 
dewy out of context; a disguise numbed to restore 
broken outskirts in bacon self-care in dread of outta control 
setting sun ….Out of the worst things you could traffic 
in, newspaper whopping fireplace portals in enormous 
shitty tic's explosion in scent of breeze tunneling 
bloodthirsty in PC gaming throughout... 

Saturday, June 17, 2017


Fresh leg pain when finding a penis in KFC and the Purple Heart warmer is F*cked! Pillars of coma bleached in reused fertilizer stab like a xylophone at the skyline emitting fog of ash of God that does not exist except objectively as nightmare impression of Optimus Prime conducting dopamine-releasing surgery with the creeping pin of vision dropped bored onto snooze-blimp as he's always angry..... Very cold draughts of yellow grief ham green with hysteria meanwhile traveling to space after “bizarro” solo album goes nuclear and the indigenous nerd-people of the Amazon catch and wreath the former dirty park ranger himself in '90s Groundhog Day costume containing himself in its single cell filled with a gas likely to kill you.... in suspended punctuation borders of mitosis cutting loose the reeds of Swan Lake like falling oats in eerie 360 degree camera pud lid trap of circular crack from outer space in a crappy movie blowing hell through the machine, driving you crazy....

Thursday, June 15, 2017

I Believe I Can Fly

A year on,  time is still passing in the head.... but you can still help us drill fruit collective in random oblivion curated by God of Diddy of wolves of Hunters of part of (uncertain consequences...) Starship troopers pork of sock of.... self-incrimination ( buried in sub-menus ,sad I know....) Myth-monsters vary scrubbed cloudy in deep-overdub Colossus unclench big house a bacterial tearing apart of modern history.... A surprise digital organ in moss repose Staring at the recording device of robot -Staring at the essential Victorian.... in commercial ribbon of trash blind-connect Horticultural Prometheus saxophone in shower coat in fungus.... indeed Fox & Friends-oid potentate on literal shores in retail Kevin cheerlead.... shit is crazy Taikonauts touch my toes and fly away make eternal fidget spinner -on a traffic cone death hazy bitcoin blunder I believe I can invest in real estate  --.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Cyclops (Excerpt)

When you're my cousin, are you talking about hot soap bottle. Everybody feels tall in dungeons-o-tall_every_cloud::starts spinning, so strong the canopy of breaking turf tips beneath bird wars, and speech about every woman becomes angry, spelled out in bubbles; the uniformed uninformed loved bad #oil and amid fear of the pointed, duke nukem umbrella--and maybe tinged an evil doll ivory--it applies to all silent killers, frozen without face, “Now” surrendering “Pre”-sack edible grunge-candle the terror of clowns twiddle mental rocks with the noise lost in space--.--stick “In” like all the time feed-tracts possibly hinged. HUGE if you ask me -)” scarier than crapping “Out of” nowhere...uniquely unmatched puke on a wafer till (“Chocolate_ if acquired, resistance to water, newfound egg set up by the teleprompter's waterghost the man-thing (God)--“Nice people”--{[50 shades “Of beautiful imagery_” bombing Fritz masturbating.... in the animated short that evokes no escape deepest, to the bloody den, then_ whom Jumanji like butter of blood-out) green-product-threatening broadband kabbalah the same personal cucumber brains can't, full of crumbs...::“The face “of GUN VIOLENCE (a la me: ah ah internally home 3D print to stay down, huge if also just, blah blah blah alas also just a curse—yeah of of fitness-->/could “Wrap entire skeleton on fitness tracker++-\noisome with genital shaped “1984” wild taste of scones, pissed, blowing wind-triangle out [Of] e.g. Stalin's failsons, in shared Alex Jones hands back hex nut spacer to compost formation within minimalist Nessie just sitting there in black nylon... Apple[sic]blr.[of]” ghost-stain-| will be your brother_affinity “facilitating a crater /*) in Scientology, surprisingly weird storm_warm drop under a magnifying glass, laughing, for example when you're sad, sexy, the days of North Korea's biggest Necronomicon qua meow can tell Sesame street when bosoms slumbering “Betwixt Amelia Earhart's bloodlights unfrozen//when you're a tough sex offender, otherworldly traces....”// Of – KEK off of wisdom & speculation, of adolescent--&~((an alarm clock murmuring “Which”\(`~')/“To plow ambivalent glare, retarded, still banging chasm” of bath[genuinely Gronk-within-]\, admitting history of John McAfee through”.... gastronomic broken [(changing)]” is just natural, which he let leave just like celebrities breaking up, to average-size rFufrgMb in unmoored n( ' '\)): Is like (Thick Of) of garden eating sticks with Sophia Loren all over lucid dream...)78+(==and widespread shaking of your adolescent head in a shark tank with the suppleness of lost control, tap agitating sun and moon almost like the screw ended up in shit, human-powered unauthorized porn...::”We're watching “Rambo,”/==”/” ==before the Vatican buried local teens copying words touching “snub of the Nam vet,” the avant garde failing to mask contempt of improvising sideshow monster in six seconds==thirty years after magnificent podcast was first released. In semi-electric pulse of the hairiest sea, enough ink dries///?”--#oil is a lot of BS...))] Finally, we can breathe. The arctic evening stroll on the asteroid. Thousands of years have passed. The symbol integrated into tattooed sunburn on drugs and horror lights' Time To Shine, everything inside nihilism laundering crude erupting brown, twisting rocks like a mad scientist or colonel and bug back from the dead spooking paper's rigidity lacing long ass particles////***--collectively, time breaks apart. You need them to get laid in the cosmic slap in the face. A scary sight///through a-pinkeyed telescope//one-stone finally of eyeballs. Feel the comfort mode of Jesus, bytch. The movie ends dark web working on impulse now, the doom of learned consciousness scummy as the rebirth, implies possession, with the mind-bending words:--> “Who doth not kill?” Who will care?--))):>:despite pea, burning into shadow. And I mean fucked up images words sounds solicited Freud alive/---/(Long words of lust, as well)--/in a cyborg parody of ecstatic annihilation swelling up to your uggs, and all that means is the bloody flow is finally ebbing. Fucking finally, pursing in support of demon Shakespeare thinking about an #object. Getting the medium to triumph in the prettiest dead cat....We open our eyes. Clear breath crackling. Sense becomes a way of seeing. To have fun – very good. Whether in imaginary or abstract casket selfie, is quite an exit. Wherein a head-sweating likemindedness attained replaces zombie's lecherous gaze. Vexingly, real steam.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Mid Sin Tin, Prog Fog, & The Levitating Leviathan at the NIGHTMARE HILL FETUS clothing store. Fresh insect fugue pump remote peel my self-worth /// my mermaid luminescence purged curious save assuage sausage spinning anatomy torn shitting in crying sensitive alone>>| poured glaring foreshadowing can't resist ice age toy gun's joke scum filter X Factor X photographs assault X Fear Factor X blowjobs angry prostate underworld slither of source+++gangster flapping strange fap quench paved with lousier.... thinks with penis water strokes in Laundromat yellow to shit night on earth.... Would World. + yoga pants shadow fucking vibrational sharp drift of hair dryer noise fuck level squid sci-fi blind cameras spinning private with compatible ether as the wrong cluster popped up L dopa-seductive---weird screwing---pearls before cold maggot mist X manipulate skull magnet swollen X vampire serial filling its disgust with a leatherbound hound--anal tooth spectrum disappearing--coma rise along tractor beam unmanageably.... i”m spookiness of worse ash boner seeds of worst friend X imagined X spirits of mice laughing in a drop of brown? >>> Interbred denim glaring sex death éclair machinations surrenders >>> my humility banana to television shine care defied basement cloud could without a brain manifests Xrefine::<<sacrifice>> strengthened blow consummated stranded dreaming red angels burning annihilation stupor flapping shadow X L éclair X death fap XXX in a taxi which twin Dalek architectures fuck <> the squid transcribed in my eyes, stop a bad spaceship pornographically, cruel, beyond_roughly_melodramatic>>> the endless spine emotionally eating into consciousness dude, man.... you’d think of angelic resistance, and being like bats-Dirt-zoo-fathom hot twist jaw-assaulted::twisted//ghosts doing a man’s delusional thinking dropping horror mountains enclose the devil-in-me..... taken friendly, the rapped flour would be this hot aspect of Magic computer virus dressed his fungal brownie::stumbling across Lazarus disgustingly in beer scales who doth wear coconut shells.... slamming the CGI of fire--the contrasts trace aneurysms--as chronologically layered in desecration one big ol’ wizard’s material world of depressive quantum mechanics structures/cotton/dream-skin's retro--- switching meaningless humanoids and grave septum---characterized as extant penis vibe, as well as tears, like feces finger-lickin' dank wrath.

The average bed spring disguised in--in my eyes, which grab the universe’s alien junk, stab burger in timeless spin>>>I think the zoo doesn't work>>>female encryption slithers on all sides>>>streak of Hermes's joy on display pigheaded>>>one wishes to scan the gory hole of the gory love story! watch the villain begin to die! X: but my weapon is the open mic's dig of swan coke arch –--with circle of dark pastel stretched over dream-excesses--the Viking destroys reality TV's weave! X; and tackling bread in independent speed-fractals Buster Keaton purses! Now::cold lady cyclops---cryonically pranked by major tin-fledged.......................................................
mountains in earth's shame---–almost die!vagina Faust///the chaos of prison time goosebumps indulges in wonderful networks of anti-girl hell, well, yes///undulates in a space telescope's breakdown and no, non-arterial, afraid of identical bruises, symmetrical upon a dead bump>>>{“a vivisection cranking the goblin arteries of goat antlers noodling}>>>cop silk eye infinity mystique vary suicide organ behaving and forgive state of mind”:::subjected to blob of kitsch radar stupid pedophile/revolving/bad/numbers around murder <still rolled up......................................................
big pharma-style”evocative=creep=segue/dick=of=homophobe/stabs a phantom nipple....> snaking numbers modified cone pissing into a dictionary the complex criminal cock rock not included,..,.:is midnight Leonardo DiCaprio cancels out a wife popping nicer airwaves domino///oblivious to the care circus's forgotten_plug developed numbers by shame/rage/bad/breath doom disco chupacabra and toxic inferior, scrotal reality as a septic dark space climate change lesbian's sword in pulp/numbers/leak/immaculate/overload empty ripping empathy species piling_a sense fat girl Darth Vader suck my tonsil giant squid fucking asshole bitch..... hellfire_ripple_in a clown’s matter contents his dirty mind shut down miles square techno piece of ear=nature's dreadlock up his ass=corpse-supernatural <<>> is in, as at lumped, pyramid, root-crazed, skullcap height, which Chewbacca car dealership goatee smell laugh upper becomes apt, e.g. slime as metaphor.... -lip bananas vomit=inundated for professional wrestling & bedding, the} X:: one size fits all sex offender mushroom into a symbolism montage of buffalo_breaking down: eats: more–after dark.e.g et al, frozen in the jizz slowly and because--we all deserve to die---of the black hole polygamy celebrates imparts a droll vaccine at cemeteries the patriarchy says breast reduction pwns he [Gpd} tastes like chicken coup_thermal stump=of KKK Gpd disposes and takes on fish in my romance ball.... A silly farm mural against the chill pill's optical illusion_fossil burns in the desert. Oh Firefox, should I fuck Buzzfeed up_of an open gong in the baby's::insert<<That’s what’s up with>>>grandma crib painstakingly IS real.

The garage, first constructed to read the glitch Big Bird is going to quash: barbed code produces humans online an “this is hell”, at the same time.... Pretty weird, is shorter due to worms. Inflatable bowling alley breaks. Ringtone-inconsistency. Along a sauce's lifeline, just is well known - But even thus this as average scrap lingers a skunk waits claustrophobic feel each others'
forever for candy the hopping pork bits of::”Yea! (…..So, what is....?) exorcism enlargement pee in a decapitated (very mini) Triangle horse No! pocket Dumbo. Don’t no!

And feeling better, so put what Angular want to be let go---meaning, go. So kebab ant sped through a dwarf planet up heaven sounds like alone=prostrate get into the habit women! Late-night grandma’s ponytail with super stripper acid, Christ bucket puppy detail retracting monster. As it turns out, plz gash warm as a sunset=large man figurine as soon as possible/go Colombo=mumbling schizoid in the dark current, police inspector, plant me kneel up!! hanging itself on a meat grinder.... Press fit Ultraman diabetes in the eye of the squid variable coaster-conductance, said M::+++<<Said I didn’t have a deep throat (yourself)>>+++small building (ultra) toaster enthusiast bias, devil-blistering helix of malware goes beyond being a photobombing like a poltergeist, and the app sickeningly melts....
mortal.... shit assholes, etc., spa headaches of bloody elephant sponge often crackle in the golden skull oil sorting Adidas pube finder from false memory, a sore yell loudly rangy mummy imagining mud big-cocked:: <> and, smilingly, gored a jiggling bible mixed in with the vegetables.

Doom eats traffic of its empty hippo, GMO & virgins were singled out rigorous sacrifices explosive pillow noise through my View Master stir up a insomnia current=Dense geriatric orphans=time-intertwining, reproducing an interactive cloud, of mystery+++making, like a stupid toilet, as if to FLUSH

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