Monday, February 14, 2011


without Gelato, how else will you celebrate?
grim things like funerals and Valentine’s Day aren’t celebrations where I come from
therefore we enjoy escaping into the cool of the ladle kissed intimately and incessantly by the Basset Hound
is this what it’s like to be buried in a white coffin?
it is not a secret that certain peoples celebrate freedom in captivity – but not without auxiliaries;
where else do you think the drink recipe that shocked and disarmed the military came from?
who plotted the vectors of its herbs?
Chewbacca behind a sowing machine lip-synching to his extra zeros –
lice not surprisingly piggyback the only acceptable way for a hair to express independence from the rest of his body
freedom in sweatshop hand lotion
it could actually be a small crawling disoriented starfish puddle of Gonorrhea...
but the disarmingly affecting tweet of my white Swatch watch sickened by sight of its own dirty infinity!
to all things fleeting – yeah, including the dry jagged yellow space in the eternal toilet – why are you so full of goldfish?


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