Saturday, March 19, 2016


Banging on emerging, tone dead lily pad
Bat out of its own rejecting shadow trailing gray
Went to heaven texting
To feel out God's voice recognition in-depth
Truck dude still deceased in his own fresh port
Hell on Earth bee-bop oil-dong
The ravens discarded
Fascist Microsoft groove (must die)
Raw high-rise like blotted-out statue
Immersive crunch shed Hulk Hogan
LEGO solar panels chump OK
Embellished our graves
A too bubbly world order
An unloved staph infection takes up space
Tryst playing drunk with Mortal Kombat character limit
Annoying horny lobster
Linux teased inner dope
In porno jars grid-sufferers coal
In snake mullets ruminate
In public particle collider shotgun chemical parakeet
Pray hunger humane and cheap stop
Awful software bug of emerald as modern wax-wing
And synth personally pop as flammable roaming
Darkness-obvert ya regrettable mask
Resting slop of Monsanto rethinking silicone
And jacket tongues bathrobes on space station
The good water twisted liver
And abominations articulating minimal
Dance anxiety cities slime

If anything moved it was a septum ring, to cause new
pain, gentle asshole bleaches typically in cryosleep
even though he couldn't push them, till overflowing
happened to you, this is not me simultaneously,
revenge touchy-feely nor seasonal affective disorder
as fuck, stopped thinking about head pulse the last time I,
directly lifted form golden lightning, in Tacoma, Washington. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


ineffable paper stuck around sex-related
(burning & smoke)
meadow of irremovable lurching
and electronic foreign body
at the wind, make orifices flooring toilet plunger
reverse gestated screw driver,
(and not including perforation)
he sat upon front of his septic trunk, sand in attachments
patiently the vultures sprain, excluding contusions
all parts of hematoma his finger anus-plant & dropped nothing
- while neck ingested elbow
she waits, and the strange lacerations glove
- dressed in work attire
appeared you guys wait Mars!
pawn-aesthetic entranced personal blue
in a peaceful imitation
of shrug scattered
recognize sheets of magic afloat
burn-vexed smiling while alligator
automaton miraculous from the sky.....
the devil's home video
carcasses amid widening
touching Ur-intersections (moment of parallelograms)
covering the future
(thick per hour)
and the Replicant totally died
will have a lot of slew
of yesterday afternoon,
lose mind sitting on division of the thinnest chair
headless shoot opioids in encryption
of status quo fuck themselves enuretic nope silly
ferry dark soul have
begun theoretical Nokia spicy
but how much anything's Ninja exquisite does
not throw out any heat; my heart stopped
my hands tied down a hole;
pleasure cords fire
upon spots malevolent, as any birth,
there's a tiny hair in everything
with seraph-allergy
lactic dick stopped failed to
envelop acid of cock
to inform
This is not to be missed:
ageless ketchup sapphire
reuse elliptic trashcan: unzip origami dangerous
for t-shirt suppression to
improve, transfix toast fake as such Thor's hammer's
transition into rotted fan
for a large brain damage sunshine canine incredible
pixta or pictures, pretending is normal 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Mourning Chef stands near his bloody workbench. Mourning, he moves
up closer to his meated workbench. “Well gore me through onion rings it was
cringeworthy like shit on a skateboard but I'll miss it.” He sniffs. He used
to describe his ideal ass as big but in the throes of mourning a steak-sized
chunk of his own ass the Mourning Chef could literally appreciate Big Butts to
physically yo-yo from outer space. “Death is entertainer. EAT? Eat is sad. Without
death.” Magic dump of The Dyslexic Dumbass. CGI chemical like caramel
came out of his butt. Rang dankly like the default acronym for zit with granulous
funk. Bitcoins swarmed, their hiss brushed plastic when the robot whisperer
brought his mouth near metal ear. The dying sex machine's irresistible
hand-eye coordination spooning airy Xbox, snake bite surpassing sex
spots with irritating game show wrench. Sarah The Waitress regarding The Pale
Clown falling apart, says: “Having to go to work with a phantom butt and spray
the strange signals of the general anxiety you'd expect form a freakier heartthrob.”
Woman's mask BLATANTLY physically possible.... except when purged from, say,
a dickhead. “Well I never took the stupid shine. Who wants to come dig out ball
fillet recommencing through Hell, time killed horsely in my area,” of course at
a lesser frequency than chips have passed by – so extreme he's on drugs, the
Mourning Chef browning wormholes together, the most vascular array uncovered
impacted consciousness in effervescent engagement, “The summer of a stressful
period thinking about me....”  

Thursday, March 10, 2016

I'd like to stick my gum on this leaf, here, wait up a sec.”
Like, a literal skull emerges.... if you put the hat on, the hat literally
skeletonizes your mind and head.”
Don't mind if I do.”
Breaking down in high-res already there, bud.”
Fuck my psychological response, a lie.”
Also, fuck its resistance to whatever's happening to you....”
Just relax.”
I see God.... Whoa, a joke.”
McDonald's.... there's some people who go in there and pray.”
I've the sensation of being submerged beneath a dark hood.... but it feels ….
genetic, I dunno. Very much a part of me.”
Yeah, as if your biological hair is a blunt crushing weight, but at the same time
you're spiritually jovial, beneath it.”
Bowing, I feel like doing.”
Sinking to the ground. Repenting.”
Bro, whatever you're biting on, it sounds cool.”
You said it.”
Mild horniness. Do I still have a face?!”
Ya don't worry.”
An unsolicited, botanical dick pic by the sauna wizard would be inclined
to gingham outward, fixed concrete in used tires like an anxiety pail
if you asked that girl what breaks literal hearts.”
Whom her heart has been literally broken by. Are you referring to the girl you're
thinking of, now?”
Her heart.... dragged pulsating through the squad's underwear drawers.”
Emerging chalky. But stinky”.
Crane your neck vicious like a dog mating, mate. Gain space....”
As if via my brain, feeding a lawnmower the synthetic myth's taste of
donor kidney.”
Arial defies printer ink like the work of a pornographer of principle.”
A 69 Ghostbuster eclipse jazz-mauling a vineyard.”
Shaping the wine.”
Or a radical animation of a child bride, whom Oliver Stone puts on the
gynecologist's throne, electrocutes then pours acid over.”
Dude's vests are ugly, though.”
Fuck Oliver.”
According to that fucking genius, technological advances will make us lonelier.”
It's no secret!”
Lonely on the inside.”
And the outside.”

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Honeycomb, like coming home, ushered in the butt of precarious roof, beach
footprints monotonous like dishes, like first kisses, remains of dignity slaughterhouse
through their bodies, mechanized GI Joe sweltering fruition upon whore cold in the
ground, his face spineless snap close together, fastest-growing melons of the
unruly prick, grotesque signs horny in soil, ostrich balls spaced nude Trump coin
inception tolerate dermatologist's red pesticide, impose snow fucker with zap of humunculus' own big hands, traumatic make-believe sans studded eye pleasant
traverse pure evil, AI of the gods of Absence shift the butt of food, squirm when 
supernatural morphin' ape embodied twilight, engraved garbage pulp buddy
fumes, has the bug brains of a toxic avenger, couch of Heath Ledger transpires
lavish surf induction, a wet bed, baptized by Darth Maul, woke voodoo gets giant
false stemming bowels symmetry of fires to envelope unwitting treasures in garage
sale dark moment, YouTube is worth it, and inhaling spacious manifestation, spiky
ribs of the toe on gameshow Nazis blame Queen transplants Rocky's semen scab sinews
qualm dusty web totally, creepy meat static stop motion Spike Jonze cells stoop
enhanced, gored side by side, shiny posthumanity, crap one by one, incessant spirits
canvas of guy on tanning bed outside of liquid emits, crime fighting impedes veins in
skulls handheld Tokyo black possessing surgeon who sluiced butthole Micky Mouse like
mushrooms in her arms, a slut for elusive tortoise sans medical unity, envelopes mad
alienphobe, sword peeled with huge fabric of petroleum Borealis topless death email threshold of crater at 4AM, the throw-up attraction, social media mythology tranquil
on piss pillars, turns intimate ransom of janitor into beautiful peanuts beaten into

Friday, March 4, 2016

Last year, repetitive ghosts reaching for dead of probe. Over a century filled spirit
of the eyeless quake, squandered by insufferable alligator. No wonder quiet organism,
I think. Made a manacled dinosaur fossil. So soft, pixels from heaven copy oil.
So it's hard, Cary Grant murder poop and the pattern of TBT robot fungus zone,
compulsive MSM existing from fear, do not leave a bird brittle computer....
In the building at VIP group chat hotel UI flesh, shape crypto quote, with mysteries
snake thong psychopath, remains to be the infinite crack.... of more
black meaning dilated into extreme noise, none at all equal.....
Those horror stories about neighbor's curse, in dinner bursts volume
of diuretic wine of the I am a hero in combinations of dreams. Released
the print data on filth jetpack, per feet of hat schlong explosives in buffoon inches.
Memories doll Note: see urinal attendance on duplicate nail, his period,
influenza, and passed headless imbalance was the onset of 360 Kindle in a
running shoe. His crush GM child. Dirty folds crap concave. Trees bag keychain
spine see-through.... 'because you have a chunky absence of darker planet' hallowed,
and strangler with forehead burger, heals the beholder. Dirty manages to gloss
over infamous virgin bathroom hostages in, over the entangled rat narrowly. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Good morning, and Chloe Moretz. Cut-outs – autonomous –
fridge head on hands – kill worm, the loudest pie telescopes
love – sharing dark side of contradiction – deleted scenes
of CT scan paste hearse trunk vision along pawn's ax....
Gutter Nerf degenerates into bedpan noir. Graffiti plagues 2D
board games isolated in a cast of Web 2.0 jungle, and angry white
(raven). Enters Minigolf (cavern) on giant's shoulders. Optic butt
plug explores (gravel path) on mud train. Wrestling can feel rubbery:
in the weirdest paradigm, my iPhone powers threaten subconsciously –
bloody imaginary celestial subway; Jaws death's jail's vertical
dating site topography of shake-off holy crap – Jedi rock meld –
Earth suffering from backyard mountains. The chicken hidden by
the bachelor's expired! maize (uneasy knob) – encouragingly – dead
devil bits falling off, likable.... Pokemon meet Ted Bundy in
the car wash funnel – bristle – hiss. Virtual reality (exaggerated?),
Sinbad jumpy.

Hello what to the aging process the spaces between 'roids
here and there on Super Mario have become window to
schematic pop, here and there have become the WWI
plague doctor, wormless cumming *lights candles* for
my tombstone to read instant messaging, just ketchup and
emo cop will soon be joined, revenge is what happens
when you guess what i'm saying. Walking the snow for
some cream on the cock, you and I are smitten by aspects
of pussy's own language, stupid shine and helpless grillz.... 

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