Friday, May 29, 2015

Dawn nougat breaks semen green, lays its material confused. Dark inbox designs. Monstrous spoons sorted in a spelling bee. Shakes sad juice on himself. Cool tortoise odor. Shits in peace via miraculous tech. Slavic bitch warm all at once. Earth-born risen warren. Instinctively design the robot asexual, and the dragged sparkle in rat treble dies. The starved space rocket in Coca-Cola mode, a flood of clown potty stretched out. Infinite mutilations dial a rude awakening, whose hummingbird lives dildonically like a hate-figurine floating, whose open-world pilot brings forth burning death Pee-Wee. Fear used the panty gaze across the handlebars of the sea-beast bicycle of ancient goodness. A slumbering Nicolas Cage’s scaly glare looks good. Excel spreadsheet vibe of no escape. Starlight delays in Russian Gatorade. The hollow that invests in white night.  

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Lay down mea culpa in the silver time-lapse of a good oyster UFO finish, rotten to the core from self-infliction at the feet of the evil spirit of the mountain. From the grave, chimpanzees reveal an affection for latex, via a rodeo of beautiful vaginal dream pinboard – if men had the endearing foam, death mesh soothing pig flowers at the frightening high frequency of warlocks stitching up the queer dungeon under the skin; ass-off dissonance magic, a vulgar novelty invading hell, marionette-charm in lab horror hair sinks into diabolical transparency, spectacularly cutting open the practitioner’s spittoon, balls rotted with abandon in a multiverse simulator, bad blood encased in a wrist.  

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Bible meat lolloping, a longer cherry on top
stampeded without a face, Axe masking crotch
overnight dread helium, Alienation mumble
a faster enigmatic beer pong's toaster cavern cliff entrails
the kernel of ripped Blade Runner napkin a sci-fi stock photo embodies
sent through your asshole, tinder T-shirt-cobbled calendar
selfies map fuck-instinct, dwarf garage sale
depth switches, an irony-spilled mountain
the abstract wires a human being ricochets off of
mechanized bunny, straddling pouting elongated head
sticks dress Magnetism, without her nausea

Sunday, May 24, 2015

The skin cells I shed during sleep come to life, Diablo nail floating in pleasurable time-loop swaths of last meal mummy, a crying bulk of marijuana neurons. The spiritual part of Earth’s grunt. Underworld djinn, one-eyed hoverboard duke in Her puzzle’s radiant crack. Living, sublime delusions. Energy regions. The plant-like death ray of elemental riches tangled pulsing in pinkeye, a math-craving Pinhead scratching inside of a Beginning that grows mouths that shit juice, virtuously, instead of contain teeth. Dormancy’s bionic cock rock fruit cloud blood alcohol wave generator. Stick a penis in hypnosis’s deep sense of space crime’s hail of silk; prowl the glorious highway, snuff the front door opening into the distant past.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Old Iron

AC/DC fiddling shallow catalysis
into ugly delicate rock boob

a classic brontosaurus injury dragged
from the penis pump spiral
of the Jane Goodall fefo spire

through the vents of cannibalism’s
old iron morning sex

alien fire foraged for burning bride's meow
upon the rotting scrotum's Death Star stew

off of cosmic pizza jerk off 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

In The Hot Tub

charismatic dry suck


toilets short-circuit bloodless 
aspirin throwback
teleported bones from
sexy factories  

tase a rude astronaut 
facelift with 
branching sperm

deaths menstruating
plants consume pussy
blood shit kickin
heroism kills 
Xbox nightmares

in home video dollars
Marilyn Manson
insomnia magic
constructs hell

invisible feet
suicide sleep

in Peter Pan
hot tub octopus
dominance emerges

in video game found footage
in garish sheep overuse 
in storm bitch robot amygdala 
in gentleman’s club flippers

saucy cold sacred sad
existential Monty Python

Batman hotboxing
3-D births
dick driver’s license

special effects


acid nest

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Slugs of Doom

Serial-killing born of the angel's fork prodding
an ocean of extreme TV in Snoop Dogg egg surgery,
the variable drumbeat of a Jerry Springer Judgment Day
born of chat opiates in NES-induced incest, raunchy bed bugs
depressed bright in theological soap, eBay sediment in
Van Gogh skin circulation. Like a destiny-turtle beneath the snow
of dark lunch, Charlize Theron gives a UFO safe car heat –
the Twin Peaks singing-phenomenon makes love
to psychedelic horses, a blood-giant prostitute
the sci-fi hearse is jerky from, gut-wrenching the e-cigarette 
of Ferengi doom-slugs in a wish machine Disneyland's 
baby spiders use as a dumpster.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Dog Toothpaste

the winter caterpillar sticks in eyes
pleasure touch of a scapegoat close to nocturnal gutter
magical ruined bike, bronze with Earth's despair
his coke Gremlin replacement tethers
musical goth Zelda on a CO2 gun
beheading plants by the nail of black download
masturbating deconstructs the cortex;
toothpaste whitens the mural of a dog's sleep paralysis skeletons
in the dark arts coccoon of outer space the soul's bloodborne spirits binge gore
a hologram of a potato in the hands of death
pushing its middle finger everywhere in a time machine  

Friday, May 15, 2015

Brains Urge

marijuana butt evils within
rock paper scissors marinate 
the plant life of the schizophrenia BOING lures beer, 
eats blood with an intricate Liam Neeson
doomed to sparks, dire mouths touching a wall mount 
as well, venom of the mainline hogwash
as a toxic pulse by online guy connection to torture
yolks within Tyler Durden urge brains
mace the popular Count with sewage 
Mario Kart shrank, its organs going to flap smashing a toad,
and died charring a biological cape
the obscure beast of the silk spatula fit  
warm-blooded pixel graveyard home stitching
shouldn't terrify a stiff iceberg and that’s okay

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

TSA Hedonism

Handing the ass to her draws it pegged from an instrument.
I make myself crazy before the salt changes shape.
Throwing up sauna pus in the rain, she has weeks to think about this.
Giant squid chops not including a cord should be good. 
But the cortex is gonna be great, neurotic and aggravated.
And soda pop frazzled in a little killing.
Cornball antimatter handed my ass back in a little Matrix.
Professionally manic, loose DNA in a spot of dopamine.
A pretty monumental flower of the bird beak. 
Pervert pet-owner fingerprint tremors brush her buddy like three dudes.
I’ve never met rubber showing themselves a human in the shadow of shoegaze.
In the bone cloud of a rainbow wedgie massacre, her doll man looming by himself.
Why not moving chemicals polluting donut hair.
Stop-motion switchblade of the supermarket Mad Hypnotist.
Earlobe cum CGI baby-eating the charming Guitar Hero. 
Maybe a TV remote unveiled the hedonistic rotunda of TSA ass.
Burning beer cans in a mirror ball dumb gestures down to a superficial train.
Separation with a spaghetti pole involves a fox hunt.

Monday, May 11, 2015


I punch myself in my sleep as raw as dragons drunk in portals
as onanism mountains pulp in sausage degeneration
dimensions as the trash can I embrace burn a stripe on the ISS full of circle
forfeited in hell with a barbeque yelp by the headbanger source
crystal ball grunt as dark web echoes in Smartphone
a smoother dog in glass with green eyes
I blame the intense insects in my ear pillow
with a plumber’s scream phalanx
normal extraterrestrial death of the normal Iceland
a caterpillar on the small screen
fingers portrait Lewis Carroll’s Pokemon from the odor’s devil
sacred cubes feeding through American Idol
endorsing the product along self-propelling dishes
Starbucks has its thin rabbit hole towering from bush hoodie
may the wind silence with slime and gas an accordion
and hiss from pale rotation’s exhaust pipe
skin’s storm landing back on hand
and with grease silence my new Adidas  

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