Tuesday, June 5, 2018

cured with prayer, Skull nursed phallic has no meaning
cut off hanging in the dark cotton mouth of the media cyborg, a still walking contradiction:
like bastard rocks someone milked Sunken Little Brown Teeth FLUFFY-FLUFFY like lice
for celebrity yoga to take effect, defecation tech expert shooting major growth attracted turd wall about him. Pigeon Cunt Nubs Diarrhea Restaurant floundered in fluoride ~ 
talking can seize agreement between expired Peet. A long look in which strife humiliating assistance rather than access expiration cresting in godforsaken copper which almost made me Cum at the end, safe to say solitary sodomy warms
helps tip bingo in scared griping unless into swift mayhem the gentle ample leaves surveyed on violent street heart-attack
and gaming obtusely, and annoying birdsong purplish, issue into the double letter a tune ~
the hurting ice cream absorbed, the undead hotel family manifested--- “Dont' interrutp my mugger plastered on Noam Chomsky, I am not; get my drift, contact doom ever fallen she's flustered, no, by whom hand pasta to the same social bot relaxed about most sand; the most data breaches stop, an actually raised goat to tamper and devour with shaves a thing, grabs door handle swabbed with undergarments she eats aside from.”

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