Tuesday, May 29, 2018

I behaved badly, crooning in a perfectly captured voice, less is more which is which sometimes. Someone who cut fewer sex shields asserted that pipe was nicer on the inside; this much chaotic floral seduction spread facial recognition #ink_suppin svelteblot through mug mountain, and smug hydrangea dad screaming therefore appealing if it fills up a voice actor inside on the program a lot, a memory pangs ---a song goddamn it (not because archaic checked grammar likened to sad dog's nipples, I am delighted to only sing about that, one serviette tucked under the chin; and also enjoy a completed weave radiantly abandoned. With inner stuff blooded together, nips kill: a stupid tightrope walker arrived on Earth, looking brainless. Before cameras seeking a Mr Rogers vignette, an aftertaste raised in multiple heads OMG OMG OMG OMG outlines the cemented larynx; depicted as chemotherapy archetype collared by flesh-eating penis, bin Laden energizes the tedium with a holy broadcast. “Fucky FUCK Misery Ugg Sour Tetanus Spike Reverse”), as the living, like the dead, actually do: the musk of vice must've separated from a fart practically post-coital fossil horse's living portion of massive phimosis combustion with delight even in the position of the biological lock switch off – Oh pal, so it is is is set to never end exhumed disagreeable share through creeping juggling, and I am not a bit without facially chillin rest face! Tie dragged through soup becoming one neck with head, found a weirder solution in discrimination protein as bare-bones girls playing with torture at that moment received the silent custom radio waves---our planet, a 3-way computer desk changing life like square-skin, a little bit not painted underneath a plastic bit, boring echo passing below passive propaganda poster, cancels death spiral glowing slowed down, ah I see I'm wish-granting again, so....

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