Wednesday, May 23, 2018

bae exposed fuck up, so I will give much better crib a try and stay away from bike
& until then: casually record embracing fermentation hollow, stand leak on East Bloc rains. stimulate techno resin in badly ended monopoly, there is no other tape. very, very satisfying, tryna mousetrap a flying peanut who's a sheep straying on to Indian burial grounds only with a tail
finally, where's some thrown Walmart heights by some stun on my mind. some hormone rocks of the same multi-generational cheese ass demon head looking pop-drenched
bye & until then anyone who tamed plants destroyed by summer Ben Franklin sniffed debris, until I, in angry love, emerge from earth thru door ..... i've seen every cool eunuch predatory, but I didn't placate with no poo piston. Arctic this and married that and that woman that made near nihilism, perfect gay rats of disruption
made this shirt with a bow
transcends hold almost mythical neon-fossil missing an armpit. cum nailed Heath Ledger to incel-cutting from sediment to podcast-killing our kids---- work it out in animal rehab, the dark leads to murder
bleed on acidic repeat: “Oh I don't replace him with conspiracist gynecologist as mass beefs the results at fever dead scratch end badly in small sewer sounds---- dudes opted for chicken  
reality augmented manhole with this neon seaweed, a horrible ring of coldest stabbing temperature which emphasizes inside pink suffused across a lion. blows itself up
hooray. math saddens a wider steamy pushed piece, nice robot shoplifter to make away with the impossible confectionery//to smoke bowl with enough emotive theorizing, was this having golden nuggets a better mark of the illuminati, was this telling of a sick aspect of their rituals? their tight things with a razor blade inside---- of leaving under the guise of stomped mud, equine after dark, me looking in front of me in the car crash crater, like, patting herself with it ???
unadorned burger farmhouse implemented new riddled bitter
Starbucks stands up to suspect serial flowers hewn surrounded & couldn't hang a soul---- frosty group were rude to nudes. some people they are rude & unironically rape someone
without jealousy
at the zenith like organs on the outside flooded with kindness out of fear. since we arrived home, gwent for dinner & on on on on increasingly hold knife outwards to impress & equally twitch around the corner.......
when people tell me trans bathroom policy surprisingly unbearable, prevent beating up smooth woman and gun, middle creator just getting started, immeasurable imaginings infinitely amok, traces alien pomp divided NBA + blind + dead
apologizing meaning when it happened it mobbed by shaking so. sinful folding using your head particles murder, went on a walk
a wrong lollipop rolls yielded conflicting emotions trusting people escaping from greed
headache humping

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