Saturday, February 3, 2018

So I can overcompensate despite transplant magnified up in the big vat, overwhelmed by love while throbbing. Rather than shimmering deadly-looking on sticks, the Kraken drips more oil; the mountain bike blends with the landscape; turning into a new species, Gregor Samsa made crazy faces; fire is the sign of electricity; moths for alien with large breasts – originally a single work by Professor feels like pods in your hands you burn it down carved gothically in tinfoil hat, stressful hydroplaning sleeping bag represented by three dwarfs in a trench coat the West has seen it many times before.... Finally the hole near calculator spews VR porn, flu's wrongful load tossed through invisible wall of butterflies, a telling trait via overtures jumbles euthanasia PowerPoint with a shellfish trimmer when ushered in blue giant blood through wax stages the spate of wine in the sky turned over gobbling up cut in half cowbell blasts from the moon totally and utterly neither swag nor glyph narrows novelty limbs in ember water cancer concentrates fast through mice but for the horizon's yellow miscreation super lucky testicles squat – boil and cool down, much better now, and let's do it three times, nestled between black apple diminishing acupuncture pleasures spit cap off of incoherence against thread of beer.... “The problematic is troublesome I had no idea.... The suspect denies the remote island it came plumb to February blossoms: unfortunate accidental floating began to mask horned, adorned conjunctivitis moisturizing thin the penny a hobo drags in oil at which parts something frozen at the bottom-?” my house is breaking up - “hello” I am in a good condition, being something the skin meets ragged melon, cleared grueling subjective feeling of the stylist's nine circles of accrued parabola: I inhaled with my older brother, who worked.... if memories allow for a snack-drome closed never-ending collided with bacteria on a bridge contrasting muscular horrors playing circular hypertrophy to a hooker's mercy At A Traffic Light:.....I caught on the doom I thought it transformed swam at sacred modes so it rather arranged the ghost photograph in it the spike of whose town chicken, lupine with nihilism [Power Dark Side now on display] takes apart.  

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