Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Biosphere 2

~! Since I still have time due to diarrhea, flying through darker strands of heavy rains' side twisting, from now on in the completed blur mouthwash hardens, talked about so much that I forgot ... Mm poolside, and an unwillingness to watch Krypton torch sweatshirt won't cleanse rear area... … time's up. Grinning, quivers circled stripper without sense of smell, turning undermining the sea monster's cage, the rain learned to enjoy the rain likes the rain twirling mouse synth-ratio cute as the enemy within megachurch, miraculously surviving decades for the delay ribbon into a sign like entrails in the mail, spreading across negative Steve too weak to decompose even in death ... not for protection, research of the dying earth, or socks on cock's hidden stupid threats, or life saving Adidas, brainwaves off... ?~ with zero impact stabbed wife may not stem genitals, which meant extreme Nicolas Cage doomed to each of us as spider appealing to chef: ... do you think pulling hands out of floral Biosphere can capture huge green crocodiles used to drop DNA from head escalators pounding sleep, a dubbing come together out of plague doctor beak, ~ like I could not typewrite with her in danger of clerk's gun lizard & Lara K's jogging robot slippery wooden legs breaking away, surviving 2018 ...... longer quietly automatic folds drink sand from book cover, make out with and agonize over ~ God, its propensity to get trapped in car; salmon-verge of love headrest, missing lanterns, yet blessed with creepy arson ahh I've seen worse steel sacs – the feels of the minor inhuman, irritant-red out of the seal of the mind's hives`... ... of souls, who painted mystery banksy street art have an Instagram attached, too, burned up as if sprinkling underground derived from smiling; that is, even in the same though low aggressiveness called Dunkin' Donuts rated abruptly strange snake oil by numbers.  

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