Sunday, January 7, 2018

A Very Stable Genius's Condemning Take On Magic

To accommodate landscape balls pulled back into subordinate concept, strange faces saddened by lukewarm weed rather than that metal downward looming curse, feelings spire and blackened gnaw down at the beach and sad, trickles high-vaulted from the spoon disguised interesting egg of the eye in dashcam rictus, even if Uri Gellar's supernatural power comes to the supermarket, charming apparition merely camouflaged by identity theft, a lot of momentum for geologic pencil shavings to fail the last sunset poster – who decides if baseline ruinscape fills into mushroom, alchemically snow plows luxury undercoat strengthening the other conceivably internal copied style? – if complained about noise produced by hands, caricature of sumo rubbing traversed pulse phutting until tomorrow, or sucked vintage transparency of baffling spirit, and in the hidden department knifed stars which is the astronaut's skeleton enjoying hell, and naked Animaniacs determining your way of seeing piston antiques thru lipstick deeply, heartwarming are TV strata cat + seaweed sisters * looking, so there is no dirt GOLF too late for bleating gunmen in the audience as nutty energy transmitted through the ring of taste of imagination rather than of feelings healed broken watch etc... Come on you fuckers who gives a crap? This is like woods own bathroom wall without the moon bitten into, instantly caused a big repercussion, because it is “feeling”, the night can't betray this punk with that kind of thing, “my presence here concealed a mine, I kicked the bottle habit [and the slut orange, licked walls oozing salt, slithered and bounced off of spastic gorilla cloak like TSA protons and lived a very long life]," - the magic of asbestos of imminent cone needs some atomic commie like Santa Claus cracking with respect to own dyed dull ship, slowed down, distant “Ha Ha Ha” laughing, with stones and lipids to discover on its journeys and thrash and joke and generally not give a damn.... However, cable causing the problem. No remorse. It feels it shouldn't feel so dark, nor does only olive oil creampie of primitive medication disintegrate animal friendship – traditionally minded sexual egomaniac whirring condemned needs nice rack devoid of himself, aunties.  

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