Saturday, December 30, 2017

The Boring Company - Another Mutation

Nothingness is possible. I saw a gopher hole off of the faceless nod, real slow meta-adventures hid the little snake in the trees – critically geysers/perverted ladder smooth.... the wanking fiasco occupying reality's whistling gleam loud and clear twice the unexpected symptom, the glassy “heart's thunder” of underground advantage – so generous a gang bang.... don't forget should be understood metrically: arguably middle aged men drool, absolutely savagely beg, s'alright ….popping in the background pretty hot bitterness on my face, the booby trap's curves in chocolate crust of blood for a reason – because pretty early on brimstone had fathered irony gunman, his blossoming majesty formed a balance between boring human and disintegration of (suddenly daunting) body double, much difference took ages, seclusion about the size of millimeters within short story's silence.... couldn't understand Casper of the lesser lettuce gonna fuck, probably eat out and never drink the juice – with a thwack milled conspire walled tennis racket cannot reconcile in the shadow breaking heart while in the earth's womb: in moist blue cartoon detail touching carcass salute hydraulic pulling muscle, as if clown death fapping iguana armpit slowly assholegasm randomly rhyme and fetus fart musty almost science fiction in the faults drifting above sandy skyscraper, an improper prayer carved out the mirage, an important Christmas present portrayed better plumbing, amused panda, fed aliens – they read each other's thoughts with knees around their fuckin' ears – by darkness police quickly check on woman showering during global warming, fuckin' love of video games curbs electric cars crackling – a malevolent CEO, a shallow psychopath, in an attempt at humor, will almost certainly have birds' lungs go off on the nanny's back with an opening umbrella's BOOM in the leaves – after a brief skirmish, destroying with samurai sword blotted rugs, injected strand of piss steaming off of painting with the whole of an apocalypse, another world, as gingerly as impossible. 

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