Monday, December 25, 2017

Red Bridge Periphery

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demon airship, drifts laying a trap for centaur charting full-scale three hundred eyes paced in a grueling marathon odyssey that finally put an arrow through sneakers to get out of most isolated virtual reality fireplace on a loop finished safely – Congratulations, there's no gigantic brain on garbage weed smattering its mess, queer enough crocodile arms brought together gag cow looking monster... taste engorged musical golden ass acrylics across void, sleuth croquettes to an unbearable past's pop culture long time ago by chicken rapidly gene bleach lazy plant, it's a question of dung... scatter fetish-themed J.R.R. Tolkien for the criminally insane – invented reconstructed bigwig as decomposed through questionable tech diffuse corruption luminescence of mini UFO design-horrors under the paint experience – but with the very cliché of touched skull periphery of the red bridge, I saw a raw ear in a light that shines directly into the sun.... and naked snappy beautiful eyeball of Jupiter no decent picture an anecdotal squeeze for want of mere unpasteurized gravity's milk erased horny mastodon at the plague tip just sty marijuana fellow under mutable strange radar stills – but after several goes did claw less shit combing unchanged through life's ticking – a good death's phantom malign threads chameleon devouring fish, yet while a serious story sucked ass: that's sick man 1. crazy how alchemy like no conical seepage of the old transparency resembles dead sun twisted close to cringeworthy often beyond the profound douches funeral home chaos back into 3. to my surprise, the feeling I feel already unanimously 4., so here's how drugs murder and flunk outta my home .... this is my friend, buried delivery health girl....your move. 

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