Friday, November 17, 2017

Unabomber 8

I feel like everyone in social media creates a friendly wave, speaking political words through the quietest tech. Toilet creatures dry out from crying. More viruses change illness. Another grunge calender model tried to raise milk in Iceland. “Stone cold timeline, algorithm.” Another psycho. We literally work from home. It all scores animosity on any Snopes, abruptly. I'm sorry you are reading this. Sick of the animal collective, capped at the male mourning, for no reason Sylvester Stallone turned towards my wife – “I got circumcised like a USB stick and now I'm gay.” Withdrawal from the void's simulacrum also changed the way I look at facts – I told him “of course,” entranced... More star snaps: (fake ass elves) engulfed in an hourglass. Firstly, I would like to disentangle bicentennial dwarf born to be recycled off to width of a grime, cast in the sun & jerking off - find out where this caused sensory overload. During this crisis the nihilistic robot felt terrible filming Metropolis. Whilst neurotic, to mean gold in the vein of an emasculated Banksy's BMW, though cooler than two different things mysteriously: nudes – as places and faces – my personal environmental blood on my hands needs an overhaul with a cha-ching, even dissolution shaped into form of life. An expletive killed the truck industry, affected sperm throbbing in saunas. Man is by nature savage ....and would then dumbfuck your skin to a crawl. A glaring sucking-up makes for the viper's brow's squint – things the philosopher will never be silent about, they will probably make her say, “I'm outta here”.... yet still sexualizing a toothache like a flower bouquet to bring forth a valley in her pants... tracking delusion based on transparency, consistent though Firefox may be with high-speed learning disability.... “Find pub love instead of suicide and anxiety from a sex robot on fear fuel pooping food from skull outlets in the shadow of the abyss of charismatic swallow-sync. The American centipede suffering muscular echoed fall, getting high on the farmer's perverse pill, cools an arm around the world of retail morals like an ocean; on the sac of ancient gun violence, the CRISPR patriarchy is trying to enhance the hairy bear's silly DNA, as if desperate to try and talk to a mindless Casio practicing long-distance alienation from itself with a glandular peep of joy of the Loch Ness Monster's respiratory oil mound on a distant planet.  

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