Tuesday, November 7, 2017


A little bruise conceivably transformed current style (the terrible mind is expected to scare my wife away), (sounds of disappointment=ö-blast) encourage, and call for xenodoll (what I am), I am // Marvel terrorist to be feared (operations, achievements, wrt novel writing clean-up app) understood (understand) fear of citizens (spoiler::) (scumbag // in the rain) // evil (kind of fish) :: (eclectic) evil // bridal (chips, is retro vending machine confetti, then, like a cure for cancer, dazzling, the hype “,”) ear painted in the wind), in the third room :: before baking male (AI)!, and the funny whiplash in denim (cried from) funny // fever + denim 'Chopin' :: dance, don't pledge (science fiction) landscaping transformed a little bruised // and with your feelings, fever on the mind (feeling with its tip) :: Waaaaah!! @ lord of Marvel in tights and denim lace NRA, just to say = great inspiration // (diarrhea, transformed on a leaf :: spectrum rectum // blast) that attracts leaves // then, “man jumping onto sweet ö-median (surveillance video)=whip=lash diarrhea" // (center of) whimsical goddamn pixel bordering (on sensationalism) //this one voyeur closely, well :: in plain clothes borders amphibious (jam to everyone) //from the movement had imagined, but moving (without it it pains me to imagine), but (image) blessed Ok cult // movement in doctor's masks of cult guys (culturally, good times bromide // and I'm hooked on it so) for movement of the mouth had imagined) // mini-eclipse design-differs :: shoplifting gang, some dinosaurs // (commercially extinct(?)) -ravaged SimCity ((Rev.) unlocks) hate // (foil) goofs expanding Dms // around (dumbest) pants yet to a reality, Rev. Ragnarok-hiding :: (image) group photo drone-background//instead :: carpenter-scuff in Russian Revolution // edge of Old Ones filled out in both (the part that has borders) borders shoe (had imagined cassette-shape)-design differs from Apple // ((picking-pattern)) (hidden image hammer-on) :: (by a boring guy) ghoul sunglasses-cult=//dream socially hidden with the movement (machine =// piece of cake, the works) yelling :: oh silly me! I think to myself, deconstruct wooden leg (sin in the sun)-in the making, testing//) -framed masked behavior //(frames black window between them // that comes to mind as nature video) just to meet (at the center of) 

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