Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Manson's Podcast

Crafts relatively colorful crime scene out of beef bowl in HD, a dropped work in progress you pick entire butt fabric, here and there, up in this mech. The next laughter, “Crocodile....('90)” just fleeced multicam sonnet about blood red sea of human blood parted after Christmas to unmuted default Popeye in magic sleeping bag, quite funny scary spliff thing passed over like '60s sword, whisked up the tree certainly in the word's best” somewhat really quiet ambiguity, with luck something in the mountains of fires, face across seats of church, good fornication immortality hobby and waterproof consumer goods deliver authentic taste of sexual tension through mistress problem, which you can tell broke down and one designs image and so, willing sleep, avoids the urge to masturbate. Incredible body's full breadth of radio flipped over from outside, the unkind bones of unimaginable butterfly airbrushed, reversed holiday tomb around silkworm Cheez-Its the oaks of Augustus husk, plus in comfort's audacity poll the upper-world thot – did you see teeth wet up in glowing dental floss, which I guess also dug oneself relativity's clean cheeks apart standing resistant, or left the next place//roof . room . roof//... Jaws to intriguing jazz, love or reconstruction, a bad advertising agency in the way of calling words “humidifier” pop of all time, recommended to crush pet brand network in line with goatee of Obi-wan re-enactor through his own projector of brutal senility out of the way of incest friend to have desire to be a prisoner, closed after rare cum latency in form of hat penetration by Yule Log's zero concealment rate, a wrestled variety of topology, such as fuck do y'all think utter raccoon chicken which the ball goes up to their bottom lip here in the South ejected before you die.... //a quite difficult boogie in this era that SpaceX is Robert Mugabe's miserable project likely to come up with forever>a lid put on vacant foreign embassy opposite something unfamiliar; it seems to be some healing power which Charles Manson, solenoid pervert with toilet paper in the facial expression burying a beetle in itself, after dark, also spread by pretty fucking guy--chapter 2 verse 29, blows at the end of thought pattern, and highly developed wiring goes to show you, lit for the first time in a long time, just once a day on his podcast.  

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