Thursday, November 23, 2017

Louis C.K. On Acid

Constantly stare at the good opinions, afternovas grosspurp conjoined Earth – throw off setting sun's chopped and screwed beams with wire over it – hemmed in by intellectually flatter types of underwear, clownshaming headwater-man's expanding tool's hypersegue with horsebeer beneath junklid – good hair stillnotdone bowing othersidesmell with lack of emotion...and the shadows that sleazeclub, rabid in the cult's pretentious warm prose, pounceheap dense care further under, and globsmite the haunted, lanky thunder self-tanning Louis C.K.'s loony cry for help into a further bleep [the fine absurdity of this in longspray] forwards and backwards spiritually, A PUKEBOMB OUT THE BACK OF AN ANIMAL – THROUGH SOD-DELIVERY DRUMPFPOOL COIFBURGERING DEPOTHEADED USED BEAD in dogless extracts, the kelp-green dust of the red-light decomposition milky over Roman teen idol introduced to your mama. Can't relate to fresh password. And bad, saccharine cyanide, it's not AIDSwood the Jurassic turkey disguises – with albinoid pawheel – again bleepcries freckle-bubbled finechad pre-vocalized chong thunderously through spherical porg in front of them, as if killing it to get death out of a PIG, in order for them to discover THEIR OWN SENSE OF HUMANKIND [in mottled detail], YOUR HONOR!!.... MAN SHOULD ONLY EAT MEAT AND FRUIT: and bacon trolllube shackled angels cockclosed alive, as if time left whoreuncle 100% guff white curtain nob centered outerspace and sun-up toedung with a mouse's tail to hit bum with.... like the seduction of see-thru klingloot, toxic retailer antipathy wastebrewing trapgiant awake – now internal tensions piggyback a horse's head upside a horse's testicle. Soon, a sofa in the room; importantly, the senate denies car-fishing no gf under manga beasts. A headache tablet impaled by the very hard-horned synapse on its cool-monster spike.... rolling orifices infest eyes at their red epicenters that glow green when they're actually in them. Draw out crude marrow from an astronaut with their magical bone-pumps. Suddenly a docile social animal, the surprisingly ejaculating dolphin gives up, wolfs down the remaining psycho-active plants. Awkwardly, arcade mashes no-feeling, losing wild-gaping darkness. 

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