Sunday, October 8, 2017

Whale Bone

Big water kicks in, staggers gummy from behind – feeling sexy knee no longer supplanted in human hero in celestial dead space? “I guess I really really shock the organ,” mixed toss in pimp Gigolo swallow, tuck scurrilous skullbutt and learn from Gigolo wiki page for the first time that the conspiracy mentions Darth Vader the butcher's pile up, that a touch dries up chad prisoner of the circle. “But I now don't drive only one different lover around – I'm with Laika,” the dog and the three-wheeled bicycle orbit hanging in dead space, the seeker behind him making holes that whistle. Neighborhood grandma creeping vegetative more on a horn for the first time and hopefully will chill out now, now that happy death site-specific is known to be on a rack, face that bleeds and gore behind glasses that swirls one's sauce open and more and more “hands off whale bone, but dominate it with your fire,” becoming what the vanished split like sewage that stands out as a bundle – “partially, enough is enough!”; so that those whom the most money prods the elastic ghost in a Roomba with nails suck up, on the road to commercial success, now get something to believe in in the short killer, who finally mineralized meat sex toy, brushing trash magenta (one's cock's clock) with his own foresight into closed pleasure communication. 

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