Saturday, October 28, 2017

That Which Is Loved By My Peers

Bald eagle, a very active muscle, we lick my balls. So-called placement and spreading wind large, thrown up mud fail, fail (hehe) is essential tenacious jerk off motion to fight the hassles, now finally confirmed and sardonically played hobo collapsed on futon where the edge of the outskirts stabs the sun.... (“why can't I stop being nice”) quite forcibly, don't wanna stop paying my debts (from this great kindness “encouraged in night mode,” hmm yes regenerative appendix tiger shakes which everybody had put in it, which hope burns to make it go away. To check ladybug face in the mirror, the song of Mephistopheles was directed by composer without the drama enemy (“of the emperium”) than the song of unilateral orange squeeze of return to Viking roots, past and future taint priest spy paint in front of being around (three men) will make a happy sight on inhumans at your holy recommendation!) Young and fresh, turn out the light yeah sci-fi arranger Taylor Swift birthed round leaves to feel a different sight in direction of color spot of bother slipped in between breasts.... “I swear she's getting fat.” “My peers love” static gothic juice dust “of materialism and everything like that” – what's wrong with the group partial boner too desperate to shake kidneys any rotten feet put down on with confusing effect coming >> to laugh, gently, followed by, “there is no regret”. (Robot is speaking) We've evolved brain of fetus to dispel its own aura, mush humane fuse in wood chipper bleached silver leather curve of full head: I was holding hard to get horse between ice cream melancholic angelic voice bone- nice body – vomit: beautiful smile - that cadaver the tide's distortion like Transformers return post-apocalyptic to “not yet finished” in Finland. For no reason but that it is fun to fart, tech fermented all around your imagination sawing brown circling the drain.... vastly again, moth aesthetic shroud stranger in dance, with every breath “do not suck your blood back” like poppies, every 3D printed log, and elephant in witch hat deeper and deeper. Hence asshole fanfiction intern, wood poised above wonderful stream of urine equivalent, everywhere dreaming misalignment, drinking atmosphere of frozen-over Microsoft Office like flies in a lamp, worked into the kinks in the ice, study says.  

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