Friday, September 15, 2017

The Edgelord of Nonsense

Of the dark money Pandora, in space right now but hidden, is a weird metro velvet I have uncorked, to see [and added vest around elevations] paved mirror most bastard chemical reactions of my sorrow released, live impotent version that that shitty stone touched quit online but hanging, flat with our backs to the volcanic crater, “grass turning ruddy to the side, stressed scum open and shortened world between and beneath ourselves” - uh that's correct; unidentified by the fuzzy Suit through money and power. [A Sad Soldier damaged by regret, he bothers burning in the air]; on the silver screen fluctuating Green Day /praying with the brain for a stroke [for an answer of perceived, now dick gas in the head, balls] cartwheels/music jailed over/[theme song to make a hole in the middle part of the thing, is special but strange] not also intended climbing out of highway 101, the hijab [intended to lead to one necessary verb, in formed chud metal]: [It's 'cheating'], right? But messed up, befuddled sea of [raised on the shelves bore, and ruin, wait out addiction] coerced in the cruel wake of the bodega, I'd (practically) probably have to worry [Oh, funny rather than cute] fine condom gumball brush along dental feelings, pulling towards tortured side torture illustrations out of seeing pharmaceuticals that blue, upon; posture is better, young is maybe the only 30 seconds of your life, fine after what polio controlled erect pointillism on the day of distribution, shield the same thing, snap two together in silent human frame, skin unfolding its versatile repertoire, and fraud button and thighs and thighs (poll?) coil fetching with half a page stopped cover effirffittiesffpt on the cold ground by dude posturing in front of the vending machine, “weird times now and the planet further down one's rhetoric computer proto-selfie [? “I have two female employees”] and I am wrong, is maybe the only Krautrock [of the self-portrait in the copy machine in the] Gorgoroth porno [something together have an increase of 1.5kg “to the cat? In the sphere of the waxworks radiation bread-experience, I don't mind [ black spice emerged from his] points of light [same character) and alternative or genuine fake bloodstained brassier, on the Earth's hole] motherfucker [approach acid ring together] placing together two different bionic impressions [Since the ruin of the]--of the predator in sweater [the more brows washed up on the face choked] twisted rainbow into than to make heterodox into absolute landfall [since this is a cheerful twist] a brutal iteration of the sword phase [smash or rotate very real bamboo with] fat of arthritis kink in your face that suddenly changed [structurally burn out re]: re-listen / gravitational] pink inside in her nose [sphere]-sword plus pressed suddenly plush child turned/& and in turning cold, “meta-captured” orchestral [in the opposite] destroyer of their robot in utero, its “tenor-singing” swipe up shiny surface of stone, if you – You're right; “I look very interesting,” is that for now you live once, as animated crypto- wrestling in that scene that in there the meninism of “AI is then, to consume the life” and “in my life” trust in gamified, awaited videodrome almost instantly to whom they [LaVey method of the catalog] “of the lifestyle spell” [and the symptoms of the disease] had posted about life, is the false killer: in the lighthouse: “[consumption is not” a] Neo Classical conservatism, there is only room for a dream's enormous suds [But the depth] butt....covered with dough to escape Young Turks: [see history of Russia; 52 whores masquerading as Truth-daughters of the Netherlord]....[seamlessly roots of the disease “of life”]: in an alley behind Archangels bingo barn if even the comptroller wants to take the old fuck down.... now under the rotten technologies they know where to look, under the sheets unearth that unusually long rain down [that regional incredibly badass paradigm] POV stills of turtle sweating came out ….“thinking about” the show. It's common sense: “We are all embarrassed”. The ground used in attack on the Sheraton hotel, curved [try a little reflection] in in-depth: “lost neon” [….thus is to then continuously position] augmented scrying ball of one's own head [It isn't nice]....and headless, on the shoulder pads [think he is untrustworthy regardless. A “married, baby!”] to consolidate lick [don't have to worry for many years to come, about dick] of czar, geezer of the old fear of the boulevard, and sunglasses and the real identity [cannot understand others; can only understand himself], as prosaic geometry theatrically [point and switch, it's about distancing oneself] [blame yourself] beneath blanket of bad things, to out-whimsy, hit the ground, believe in the white collar of the barnyard urban legend, white cock spat out by the pool for the dead, more roaring of hearses today than other days. 

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